Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Sweet Folly

Ever felt like you are living your life in a maze? Blundering around, just looking for every of that next moment, when you feel a temporary sense of true contentment and happiness. Forgetting everything else. And when it ends, you stumble around again, looking and waiting for the next one.

Not sure when this constant search will eventually consume you, and you suddenly realise that you don't even recognise yourself anymore, because you have changed so much from what you used to be.

But what an eden it is, just being in this sense of constant euphoria, short-lived as it might be each and every time. So much so that even knowing it is wrong, and knowing the exit is right there, you still continue to blunder and stumble...

"The folly of humans is that they never know how to extradicate themselves from the very situations that might eventually be their downfall." - Hensen Moer