Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seeing Black

Whatever this dark cloud that is choking up my clear blue skies is right now, I am sure it will be over soon.

Just another one of those long drawn out 24 hour cold-like thingys that stretched itself a little far too long and outstayed its welcome.

I will be the first to admit, I like a little emo from time to time. Keeps me grounded and sane.

*repeat to self over and over*

It has got to pass soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sometimes I wonder how she is doing. She doesn't seem to be doing so well, or maybe I just assumed.

Not everyone is able to get over certain events in their lives by running away until they are ready, or get to the point when time really dulls whatever pain that was incurred.

Some people don't even get the luxury of running away or even ever hope that they will eventually get over it.

They just suffer in silence, praying for resolution someday.

At the back of my mind, I have always hope to be able to sit down with her someday and thrash everything out. Listen to her story, tell her mine.

Because deep down, I think we are not really all that different. We have so many similarities that it seems almost ironic.

I think the bottomline is, we all just need someone to commiserate. Even when there may or may not be closure.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Spirit Is Upon Us!

One week down, three more weeks to go before December.

Apart from officially starting work at SGP, December also marks the beginning of the end of 2009, which has been a really eventful year for me.

What started out as a shitty year had quickly righted itself to become a pretty good one.

Thank all that is good and wonderful for that.

I wonder what 2010 has in store for me. Hopefully, I am ready and all geared up for it! New decade, new leaf!

But first December! I am sure Christmas and New Year celebrations alone will be the highlight of the month.

Apart from the usual Pinkies Christmas Eve we-love-each-other-so-damn-much yearly celebrations, I am hoping to start a new tradition this year, celebrating New Year's Eve with Lyn, Chris and Cindy.

Why a new tradition now? Although there are a lot of great people in my life, there are some who has stuck by me throughout the years, and these people are the ones who I really want to spend the year end holidays with.

Because to me, these holidays not only mean a public holiday when we don't have to work. It also symbolises the end of a year, whether its good or bad, and ushering in the new one with the people you care about.

Sappy, I know, but I believe in counting my blessings.

Such simple bliss is hard to come by, and I really want to treasure every moment of it.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Travel Log.Phuket

I suppose it's time I blog about my maiden trip to Phuket. It was a relaxing trip with lots of suntanning, massages and good food. I look so healthy now with my tanned shoulders, when all I did was just lie around and let the sun rays do their job. Haha!

Although it was a bit lacking sightseeing wise for me, I will definitely go back again because it was just so relaxing! Other than the above mentioned activities, me and Lyn also went for elephant trekking, movies and tried to act like shooting pros playing House Of The Dead 4 at the arcade in Jungceylon.

Oh and have I mentioned the tons of cute, tanned guys milling around in nothing more than beach shorts? ;)

Some choice pictures (is 40 considered some?). The rest will be up on Facebook whenever I can get them up.

On flight with my travel buddy and Xiao Qing!

Streets of Phuket

Our hotel, Mercure Patong

The room, we got an upgrade too!

Night streets of Phuket

Our favourite snack, crepes! But they call it pancake there, so pancake it is!

Flavour of choice: banana and nutella. Yummers!

Everyone in Phuket is wearing one of these singlets, I am fashionable in Phuket!

Elephant trekking time! So cute hor, this elephant!

The elephant trekking was pretty awesome. There was...

Jungle view

Sea view

And road view!!! Call me suaku, but I was damn impressed when the elephant walked onto the main road!

Happy girls atop the elephant

With our elephant master and the elephant. He seems to be the leader, walking in front all the way. So cool!

Another elephant in the pack stopping to poop and take a leak. Look at the amount of piss!!! SWISH~~~

Only in Phuket, you can see a random toilet bowl out in the open, in the middle of nowhere...

Like that.

Time to feed the elephants! Yippie! 大象, 大象, 你的鼻子为何那么长? 妈妈说鼻子长才是漂亮!!!

At the beach!

Tried talking to the dog, no response. I wonder whether it will respond if I speak Thai...

The roof top pool deck at our hotel. Love it! I was there all the time, tanning and swimming because there was practically no one there. I even went up just to do some reading and take a nap by myself when Lyn was off diving.

Chilling on a pool deck with some margaritas. Life does not get better than this. With alcohol so cheap, even a non-drinker will want a sip.

My "Legally Blonde" moment. Hoho.

The pool downstairs, we only went once because it's always so crowded. Me no likey.

Best dinner in Phuket! Seafood basket! Lobster lobster, I lub chiu!

Lobster, lobster, I'm gonna eat chiu!

Brekkie on one of the days

Jungceylon. Not really into the shopping there though.

It's Halloween~~~

Lunch at Harry's Restaurant (I think). Pork tenderloin with asparagus and shrimps. Slurp~~~

At the beach again!

Both of us had friends who were there as well, so we had dinner together on the last night.

Old coconut! No taste!

Tom yam gooooooooooooooong!!!

Tutu and Us

Interesting object spotted: Mobile ATM! Both Lyn and I agree that we will never take money from something like that. So dangerous!

Chilling out at a cafe near our hotel

Last day... I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!

Lunch at Pizza Company before we go. I love the pizzas there! Had it twice. Their cheese crust, basically our stuffed crust, is so nice! Cheese that melts in your mouth!

Our 600 baht transport to the airport. Byebye Phuket! I WILL BE BACK!

PS: A special note to my travel buddy. Had loads of fun walking around 38ing with you. More trips to come! =D