Friday, March 07, 2014


Just want to get in a quick update now that things are settling down a bit.

Dad's doing well in occupational and physio therapy. He will be coming home next Thursday. We also got a maid to help my Dad with his daily activities and also around the home. Will be going to the hospital today, coming Monday and Tuesday for the caregiver training.

Although everything still feels kind of surreal, because you just never expect anything like that to happen to you, at least things are feeling calmer now.

The expenses are rocketing, with the hospital stay, the hiring of the maid, purchasing of assistive devices for my Dad, and all the other possible expenses that might come in the future. I am still doing my best to stay positive, because I know that we are very fortunate in many aspects.

My Dad is still alert, remembers things and haven't lost his personality. This is definitely the best thing. Money can be earned, as long as we are able to maintain our health, positivity and spirit.

So for that, I am thankful.