Friday, October 27, 2006


There's this person I know. I dislike her. For no apparent reason, I just dislike her. I don't know why.

I think things have been going very well for her recently. Although it would make me a bitch but...

I hate that.

Make Me Scarlett!

OMG!!! I was just bitching about how lucky Scarlett Johansson was the other day, after watching The Prestige. Reason being that she got to kiss Hugh Jackman (in no less than two movies) and Christian Bale in The Prestige. And now it looks like SHE'S REALLY ONE DAMN LUCKY GIRL BECAUSE SHE'S STARRING IN A MOVIE WITH ERIC BANA!!!

That's four of my favourite actors, including Colin Firth and that thing with Josh Hartnett. >_< How can any female be so lucky? On top of the fact that she's borned in New York, the city that I would most like to live in, and she has a twin brother! I WANT HER LIFE!!!

I am officially obsessed with her!

In other news, GOD LOVES IMDB!!! Hehheh, just updated myself with Bale and Bana's upcoming projects, and I cannot wait! Bale is in this remake movie, 3.10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe, and the plot really sounds like a winner. And Bana is in a historical movie with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson who will be acting as sisters. I've always found the two of them rather similar, and apparently someone in Hollywood feels the same too.

Yippie! 2007 is looking up for me!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Friendship is a funny thing.

Sometimes you just don't feel like being bothered with all the shit that comes with it. Other times, you feel like you cannot do without all the good that's part of it. I think friendship is as essential as kinship. Only difference is that you cannot choose your kins.

But I am starting to believe that you cannot choose your friends too. They just come to you, and you have to accept them, because it's your destiny to become friends. And you know you just cannot do without them.

I always trying to remember this when I am struggling in a friendship and thinking of giving up. I did not choose my friends, they are given to me, much like a gift. I should never take them for granted.

But if one day, I finally decided to give up, that probably means that I finally had enough. And that there is nothing left in a friendship for me to work for. I just hope that the day never comes with any of my friends.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Prestige

Watched The Prestige earlier on, and I just have to blog about it before I go to sleep! BEST!!! Seriously, I love the movie! It's the best movie I've seen this year! Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman definitely did not disappoint!

I am still so thrilled by the movie. Probably gonna watch it a second time! Definitely going to get the DVD.

Hehheh, cannot decide who is the better actor, but I definitely know who I like better! *hums Batman theme* He's just so awesome!!! I definitely admire Hugh Jackman for his talent (who am I kidding, and because he's so damn hot!), but Christian Bale! I don't know why I am just so mesmerised by him. No matter what kind of character he portrays.

I can go on and on, but I won't.

And I just have to say this, I know Borden's greatest secret long before any of my friends. Not because I am smart or anything, but because I know my favourite actor's profile well enough to know.

People who have watched this movie should know what I am talking about. ^_^

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Ever since watching Beating Hearts, and hearing one of their songs, I suddenly have this interest in this 70s Korean Rock band, Sanulrim (산울림). The band name have a variations of spellings, like Sanullim and SanWoolRim, but I like Sanulrim best.

I heard a couple of samplers online and I like them so much. I want to get their complilation album, BUT YESASIA DO NOT HAVE IT!!! Arrgh, my other option is buying from, but with the delivery charge, it's kind of costly. Comes up to almost 40 SGD. Not that I never bought a CD at this price before, but I am kinda saving up for something. ^_^

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, the band leader of the band, Kim Changwan acted in Beating Hearts, hence, I believe, they used one of the band's songs in the drama, hence sparking my interest.

I just love how everlasting music can be!!! 30 over years after a song was written, it still has the power to influence someone who wasn't even born at the time. Pretty amazing.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dongwan Collage

I don't know why I haven't posted this sooner! I did this like ages ago! Keke, my Dongwan-shi collage!!! Available in two types of Photoshop blends! =P

I like the second one better. Keke. It's my current wallpaper. Ahhh, the joys of staring at him EVERYDAY! *evil grin*

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nuts Pricings

Apparently, Jeong Ji Hoon-shi's concert in Singapore is going at $188 for the cheapest price category and $888 for the most expensive.

Is his company crazy? They think he really RAIN ah???!!! I sit downstairs my house, wait for rain also not that expensive! Even Robbie Williams' most expensive category is only $300.

Considering he's only the second Korean star to stage in Singapore, and that he's not really that veteran, they should really consider the prices.

I so wanted to go for his concert at first, but now I am not intending to go even for the last category. I mean if the prices are between $200 - $500, I might have considered. But now, it's just not worth the money to seat on a balcony for 200 bucks. Not even for Jeong Ji Hoon.

That is just commercialisation for you. These people are not interested in entertaining, they are only interested in the money.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Something Someone Said...

"Love is love. You cannot deny it.
So why be afraid to love?
I love you...
But I am still too scared to tell you."

I like this quote.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How many moments in life, does our hearts feel the most?

And what are these moments to us?


I am done with watching Beating Hearts. It made me cried. Enough said.

Monday, October 16, 2006

For Kyvra, From Cre

Drawn by one of my dearest friends, Veronica. It's great isn't it? Thanks Cre!!! ^_^

Thursday, October 12, 2006


"What are you going to carry her with? A tow-truck ah?"


It's ok if people make fun of me. I make fun of myself all the time. But when they make fun of me behind my back, and at something that was not even initiated by me, it's mean. Especially when they are not good enough to hide the "evidence".

Oh well, I am not really angry at the person or even the nature of it. Fat jokes are always funny. So are tow-truck jokes.

It just serves to remind me of something that is bugging me recently.

I am getting fatter. >_<

Silly Girl Topples Over

I fell down in school yesterday.

Correction, I toppled into school yesterday. >_<

The stupid main gate in my school, which everyone has to walk through to get into school, have this raised rung that you have cross over. And I don't know if I was sleeping on my feet or what, but while trying to "cross over the treshold", I tripped and toppled over.

And know what is the worse thing? NO ONE BOTHERED TO HELP ME!!! There I was, sitting on the ground like a pathetic loser, and the people just stood there looking at me. The thing that irritates me the most is that, the opening of the gate is really small, so I was kinda blocking the only entrance people can come in, and they rather just stand outside the gate, staring at the silly girl who toppled into the school, instead of doing something, even if it is to ensure they get into the school faster. SHIBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so, I have to pick myself up and walk away, acting nonchalant, like it's a daily occurrence for me to topple over into the school.


Oh well, it's kinda funny now that I think of it. Someone like me toppling over into school. Somewhere in the world, someone who really hates me is celebrating right now. And I do get something out of it. I realised that the benefits of falling down is that, you will really appreciate the beauty of NOT falling a lot. >_< Damnmit! The school should really do something about the fucking gate! Grrrr...

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, as of last count, there are four bruises and a scraped elbow. I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of having a healthy elbow too...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fix Me Now

Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day

Bury me above the clouds
All the way from here
Take away the things I need
Take away my fear

Hide me in a hollow sound
Happy ever more
Everything I had to give
Gave out long before

Fix me now I wish you would, fix me now
Bring me back to life, fix me now
Kiss me blind somebody should, fix me now
From hollow into light

Crashing silent broken down
Falling into night
Who gave up an who gave in
Ill go without a fight

Cut me down or cut me dead
Cut me in or out
Kiss me blind time after time
Take away my doubt

Fix me now I wish you would
Fix me now I wish you would, fix me now
Bring me back to life fix me now
Kiss me blind somebody should
Kiss me blind somebody should, fix me now
From hollow into light

Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day

Nowhere only down from here
Pick me off the floor
Take away the things I dream
One time one place one more

Fix me now I wish you would
Fix me now somebody should, fix me now
Bring me back to life fix me now
Kiss me blind somebody should
Fix me now somebody should, fix me now
From hollow into

Fix me now I wish you would
Fix me now somebody should, fix me now
Bring me back to life fix me now
Kiss me blind somebody should
Fix me now somebody should, fix me now
From hollow into light

Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day
Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day
Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day
Things dont have to be this way
Catch me on a better day

One of the my all-time favourite songs since I was 16. I like how I can always identify with this song.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sponge Face

Found this old picture while clearing out my folders.

The new cartoon hero of the century, SPONGE FACE!!!

Yaayness For The Shoutbox

Yaay! I finally have a shoutbox!

Recently, I realised that my blog is not as unreadable as I thought it to be. Some people I know actually told me that they read my blog from time to time. I know the "Comments" function is not really that popular, and hence, I have decided to have a shoutbox, so that they will have some place to yak. You all know what to do, eh? *hint hint*

Well, if this shoutbox is still empty, I will know that I am not popular! =P

Was watching another episode of Beating Hearts. Apparently, Dongwan-shi seems to appear only in the first two episodes. Not very sure, maybe he will pop up again. Hehheh. But I am really enjoying this "experimental drama" a lot. I think it has a really interesting concept, and a great plot.

This episode I was watching is about a transgender who underwent the operation to correct her gender, without the knowledge her family. I used the word "correct" because I do believe that there are females in this world who are borned as males, due to an unfortunate twist of fate.

Anyway, she is now trying to build a life all over again, but as a female, and tries to get in touch with her family, whom she had not contacted in a few years. It's not easy because her brother finds it difficult to accept the fact that he's no longer a "hyung", but an "oppa", and was really harsh towards her.

It's sad how the world can be so judgemental, even towards people who are family. Family is family, a person can change anything on the outside, but what is inside will always remain the same. How come so few people understands that?

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I love Park Hwayobi!!! She's got the talent and the spunk, the perfect kind of woman to me. When I listened to her sing for the first time, goosebumps! Amazing, amazing voice.

Her voice is a little simlar to Koda Kumi, but in my opinion, she's better. I feel that she is kinda like everything that Koda Kumi should be. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Koda Kumi, and I like her voice a lot. But I just feel that she should have taken a different direction in her career, or something to that effect. Oh well, who am I to judge? I am nobody. =P


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Long Post!

Finally dragged my sorry self home. >_<

And wow. I actually managed to read 10 over pages of the book, The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, on my way home. I have to read it for class, and it was a little boring at first, but it's starting to get interesting.

I wouldn't exactly call the book fascinating (how can any book without a muscular, tanned, strapping male specimen be fascinating?), but it's definitely an engaging book. And it gives a pretty interesting perspective on the workings of the World we are in now. I will blog more about it when I read more pages and/or if I feel like it. =D

Anyway, quite a few people have been telling me recently, how nice my hair is. I even have people who hardly knew me, complimenting my smooth and shiny hair. My hair has always been this smooth and shiny, okay???!!!??? This is about the only thing I can take pride in, and it's not even natural!!! Boohoohoo!!! YES! I ADMIT! I PAID to get my hair done! T_T

Anyhoo, I think the recent compliments are due to the fact that my hair is finally long enough to garner some admiration. This leads me to think about the fact that long hair is still the prime choice of "best hair" for the ladies.

For some reason only Mother Nature will know, since the beginning of time, long hair has always been considered to be the most beautiful hairstyle, that any woman can have. And in the modern World today, with advancement on haircare products and technology, long, shiny, beautiful hair is no longer unattainable.

So you see TONS of women in the streets, sporting almost identical hairstyles flowing behind their backs, with a faint tinge of the ammonia in whatever products that hairstylists used to create that effect.

You can't blame us, alright? Women, especially the not-so-beautiful ones, need all the help they can get to snare a guy and force him into the traps of wedlock look good. That said, in the spirit of an experiment why long hair will always make even the shittiest of faces look good, Yours Truly has decided to volunteer to prove this fact.

Specimen A:

Okay, not a ravishing beauty, I know. But look at the hair!!! Shiny!!! Kinda takes attention away from the retarded look and roundness of the face.

Specimen B:


See? I rest my case.

PS: The second picture looks a little weird because I took these at the bus-stop outside my workplace, and someone saw me! T_T But for the sake of the experiment, I did what I had to! FIGHTING! -_________-


It's out!

The band with the most beautiful music that ever touched my ears, has finally released their 5th album after two years! Now I am happy!

PS: A lot of people, even some of the media, seems to think that Nell has only three albums till date. I really think that they have five.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When a girl is stressed...

...she goes shopping...

So, what is in the bags?


Spending this much on just instant noodles and potato chips is quite a feat for a family of three, I would say.

Plus, my parents don't really eat instant noodles, so it's all me... Me and instant noodles. The love story of the era...

Siao liao...


I pray for calm and solitude.
I pray for contentment for them.
I pray for a resolution for her.
I pray for peace and rest for him.
And I pray for health, happiness, strength and safety.
For everyone I love and care about.


This is it! Dongwan taking a crap!

LOL! Must watch with the sound. Damn hilarious.

Or is it really that hilarious? Hmmm, maybe I am just sick in the mind. Who knows? ^___________^

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I hate it when reporters take pictures of celebrities who are not in their best, and publish it.

Just saw a few pictures of this celebrity who was injured in a car accident, and they actually have pictures from A & E all the way to the OP.

WTF is that? And why did the hospital staff not stop them? I mean if I am injured and looking like a piece of crumpled paper, I definitely do not want people around taking my picture.

It's just so ...

Why Robbie, why?

At work now, doing Robbie Williams refund.

Simple enough job, but damn tedious. My eyes hurt. Think I need to take out my contacts and wear my glasses. >_<

Lost $12 to Yan at mahjong yesterday night. I am getting better at it, I think. I used to be a big loser. Hehheh.

Will update more later when I get home or if I get bored at work again.