Monday, May 31, 2010

Can I Hug You?

Awww, which female can resist a guy like that?

That's Tae Yang from Big Bang by the way.

He's so damn freaking cute.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

QSD Episode 51

Ohhh so sad, more people died. =[

I know I am damn slow, but I am still in my mourning period for Mishil. I cannot believe she's gone.

And Chilsuk is fierce! What a glorious way to die befitting for him! He spent more than half his life chasing after Deok Man, and his final moments, he did what any loyal warrior would do. Die fighting his master's greatest adversary.

I get the feeling that he went after Deok Man, not because he really wanted to kill her. It's just his way of paying his final respects to Mishil.

Ahhh, Mishil. I miss her. Show's not the same without her.

And as usual, Yushin and Bidam fight their asses off trying to protect Deok Man from harm, while she stands limply behind them, looking a tad too bug-eyed. Lucky lady that one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

QSD Episode 50

Mishil... =[

Monday, May 17, 2010

QSD Episode 48

The public trial!

Ohhh so exciting I can barely contain myself. Yeah!

BTW what kind of assassin wears red to kill people? It's so silly that it borderlines on being obnoxious. Like they are more concerned with trying to save money on dry-cleaning in case the blood splatters on them.

Patrick Bateman also not so haolian.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


TST has been watching QSD recently too (YAAY! Finally someone to discuss with!) and commented that Alcheon-rang really looks like Wyn's boyfriend, ZY. Let's review.

This is...

Alcheon, Hwarang extraordinaire!

And this is...

ZY aka Yishun 小Pool仔. Sorry ladies, he is taken!

So how? Long lost brothers? Or not? Personally I don't think so, but I do concede the eyes does have a bit of resemblance. And they do have the same smile... Hmmm...

Anyway, speaking of lookalikes, some people had commented before that I look like...


像吗? 像吗? Photo taken is entirely unintentional. It just so happened. But I think 不像 lah. My eyes like cock-eyed like that, can't even see pupils.

Sigh, I WISH I am like her loh. Lee Young Ae is one of my favourite actresses. She is not the really, really gorgeous type, but there is just this regal air about her that makes her very beautiful. I love her in Dae Jang Geum, but it was not until Sympathy for Lady Vengeance that I really respected her for her work. She is soooo versatile. I like versatile.

But come to think of it, where have she disappeared to the past couple of years? Hmmm...

QSD Episode 45 Part II

Yushin-rang does it again!

Just when I am starting to find him boring and his new onion hairstyle funny, he goes and does something as heroic as staying back to fight off an army of men, led by Bojong no less, while Deok Man escapes.

I really cannot see why those two cannot be together! And how Deok Man can fall in love with Bidam.

It just does not make any sense! Yushin and Deok Man's devotion to each other is so apparent! The way she went into a fit when he forced the gate close. I thought she would start frothing at the mouth and collapse on the ground or something.


That is good television.

Monday, May 10, 2010

QSD Episode 45

I am so proud of 奶娘! From a bumbling idiot who trembled at the slightest hint of danger to a brave and faithful servant who volunteered to help the Emperor smuggle his golden tortoise chop out of the palace. Her loyalty is so touching! Considering that I really hated her character at first, Seo Young Hee is one awesome actress.

And what is up with the tortoise chop anyway? Why tortoise??? Is there no other animal to represent the grand Silla kingdom?

Anyhoo, not only did 奶娘 volunteered, she even managed to use her feminine wiles to bluff Chilsuk! Hahah! That was so awesome! Chilsuk is so intense! Especially when it comes to her. I would love to see more of them! The 奶娘-Chilsuk-Juk Bang love triangle has a lot of potential, but I don't think they really explored it in the end. Sad.

On another note, I find it utterly endearing that Deon Man is STILL not walking like a princess. I love it that she seems to be dragging her feet around, like she is trying to walk like a princess, but just can't seem to be able to do it.

Not sure if Lee Yo Won was doing it on purpose, or she is just a tomboy who couldn't walk gently, but it works for me. And she is finally back to her man-garb in this episode! Not really into her princess look except for her dresses.

I noticed that she has more pretty dresses than Cheon Myeong. No fair!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

QSD Rant

Arrgh! So pissed off with Yushin-rang!!! Why he go and make baby with 小skank?


And how old exactly is that Hajong? He looks younger than Yushin loh!

Now I am trying hard to recall what he looks like during the teenage years arc. Hmmm...

Monday, May 03, 2010

QSD Post... Again (w/Spoiler)

I know right. Queen Seon Deok has consumed my every thought. Not just waking. I think I am even dreaming about it a little. I know I had a dream about Yushin, though I am not sure what happened. You just cannot watch a 62-episode drama without being obsessed. There has to be some amount of devotion involved.

Anyway, episode 37. Munno dies! OMG! I cannot believe how sad I am! Waited so long for him to reappear and he dies just like that. And such a stupid way to die! Damn! He totally deserved a better exit.

I know it's weird, but I really like him. Who can resist the man who single-handedly fought off the equivalent of an army's worth of men, with a baby in hand no less? So much so that the fact he "went to 太白山" totally made me forget that Yushin is married in the same episode to some skank.


I usually love Mishil, the 老skank (hoho, just cannot resist calling her that!), and her plots. But I think I hate her a little for this. I don't see how making Yushin marry the 小skank can help her cause any at all. She should know that Yushin will NEVER be truly devoted to her cause.

But it's not all bad. I am so amused towards the ending part where Bidam charges into the room that Chun Chu was in, blood splattered all over his face and blade looking like Death himself, and all Chun Chu did was smile sheepishly at him.

That dude's got some balls! Hoho!

I am watching a little bit of episode 38 now and I cannot stop laughing. Kudos again to the writers for having Bidam beat up Chun Chu like a father! Boy needs some discipline! And Bidam is the last person I ever thought would be the one to give it to him!

Damn funny!

Ok, back to watching!

I know right. This show makes a person sad, angry than happy. Who knows what I will feel next. It's all gooooood~~~

QSD Just For Fun Series: Chapter 3 - We Heart Tadpoles!

Deok Man: Oh lookie! Tadpoles!

Deok Man: Yushin-rang! Come see!

Yushin: Not again... Hmmm, you do know that you are looking at baby frogs, right? 
Deok Man: So cute!!! So cute!!!

Yushin (to self): Ohhh, she's right! They are cute! Must keep masculine facade so she won't discover that I am a sucker for cute things too!
Deok Man (totally oblivious to Yushin's internal struggles): So cute!!! So cute!!!

Note: All text and assumed dialogue appearing in this post are fictitious and purely imaginary in the name of humour and laughter. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If deemed offensive and/or unacceptable to social norms, please remove stick from ass, then try again. Thank you.

Photos are copyrighted by their respective owners though.

PS: How can it be that at 30, and being a mother of one, Lee Yo Won is still so adorable and pretty??? No fair!

Shining Brilliantly With A Glowing Splendor

"为行大业, 走大义之路"

Will I ever be able to achieve such greatness in my life? Am I destined for something more or is my existence merely to complete the cycle of existing?

Or is it a candle that is lighting up a path to somewhere worthwhile?

For once in my life, I wish to be resplendent.


"I have lost my ability to bear sadness.

Hence I choose to smile. Even when I can't."