Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Why do I like him so much?"

Someone asked me this question recently, looking at me with almost desperate eyes, hoping that I could say something that would miraculously solve the puzzle and provide the assurance that everything will just fall into place in the end.

That he will learn to love her as much as she does him. Or she would eventually stop being so intensely in love with him. And yes, I don't think it's just mere liking anymore. My friend has fallen in love with a guy that do not feel the same way about her.

Been there done that?

I am sure many of us have.

The sad truth is that it is so easy to put our hearts on the table. All in, even if all odds are against us. Because the win is so satisfying and the happiness so additive that any bet just seems worth it, as long as there is a hope of getting there. Even if we have absolutely zero confidence that we can even get our ante back.

And no matter how much a good friend can be there for you, listen to you, give you the crying shoulder you need when the tears just won't stop falling, a friend can never tell you the outcome of this gamble. Only time can...

"Why do I like you so much?

Because we can talk about anything under the sun and forget about what time it was.

Because you make me smile whenever I am down.

Because you look so adorable when you smile sheepishly whenever you do something wrong.

Because I know I did not like you at first and you won me over just by being the way you are.

And because I think I can love you for a very long time..."

Monday, August 23, 2010


The boundaries of a boss and a subordinate, from parent to child, the ones defining friend to friend, between a man and a woman, or even just the boundaries separating the stranger next to you.

Where do these boundaries really come from?

What if I do not agree with some of these boundaries? Will I be able to break them just because I want to? Or do I really have to grit my teeth, bear with it, and move on?

Will I get the help I need if I really decide to give it a try?

Monday, August 09, 2010


Happy National Day!

I may not be a big patriot, and I am always complaining about something or another, but I do love my sunny little island. The developments in the past few years alone is really something to be proud of! We have our own casinos, theme park, will be hosting the Youth Olympic Games, and is the venue for the first ever city night race, among other achievements.

We are turning out to be the quite the metropolis, considering our humble beginnings. Majulah Singapura!

Thank goodness for long weekends! Nothing like a lazing around at home on a Monday afternoon to make you feel rested and cheerful! I am all geared up and ready for the short work week!

I've been having these mad cravings for vegetables recently. It's quite strange. I am usually not really a vegetable person, and would only eat whatever legumes that somehow lands on my plate. But I was at this fantastic buffet at Marina Bay Sands the other day, a nice treat from a friend, and I kept wandering to the salad bar, ignoring the tempting calls from the duck confit, the fresh seafood, and the absolutely mouth-watering desserts.

I am officially an old person now! Since, to my knowledge, only old people likes vegetables.

I always remember my Ah Ma eating loads of vegetables, leaving the good stuffs like meat and seafood for the kids. But that DOES NOT mean I will give up my meat and seafood for anyone! NO!

Xiao Long Bao Steamboat this Friday to celebrate Ah Yun's birthday! First time celebrating her birthday in two years! Looking forward!