Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Regrets

"On our wedding day, when I was waiting to walk down the aisle to you, I remember thinking, someday that son of a bitch is going to break my heart."

"And I did."

"But I will take that walk again tomorrow if you could promise me another 35 years."

"I never loved anyone more than you."

"Thank you for giving me the greatest life."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Randomised Post

It has been a while, hasn't it?

And it would have been a while more if not for the server maintanence of WOKF! Haha! Yeap, still addicted to the game. It probably should win an award or something for being the most interesting game to a person who never exercises any form of discipline towards anything.

My dearest CY is leaving for the States soon. I am going to miss her much much much! CY!!! WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU? She has never been far from me, and is always just a phone call away when I needed a friend. She is the voice of reason to the irrational baby in me, the eternal supporter to my crazy ideas, and the best tissue paper when a girl just simply needs one.

Actually all my Pinkies are like that lar, just that CY is leaving on a jet plane~~~ So give her the honours. Haha. Must put disclaimer for fear of my safety.

Okay, I am simply getting sick of the songs on my blog. Time for change! No more Stop and Stare~~~

Monday, July 07, 2008

But When?

"Have some faith in fate. It has led you so far because it is bringing you some place. The place where you really want to be. Maybe right now, you feel like you are nowhere. But eventually... Eventually, you will get there.

Just wait and see."

Friday, July 04, 2008


I sat on my bed, staring at my laptop. Clicking on meaningless websites, just to find something, anything to distract my mind just a little.

And suddenly just started crying. I don't know why the urge suddenly just hit me, haven't felt like crying for months. But it feels damn fucking good just to have a good cry.

Sometimes when you feel like the whole world is crushing down on you, trying to break you in, maybe crying isn't a sign of weakness? Maybe true courage is really giving in to a small moment of weakness, let it out then brush it off and just continue to move on.

I am moving on. Quite nicely I think.

"my dear girl you do not type to me in that tone!"
"what tone?"
"that sarcastic tone?"
"you can sense sarcasm over msn??!???"
"yes I am that good."

Reading through our old convos really made me laugh. A lot. I really miss you. But please don't msn me, okay? I will be very very scared. ^_^

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Human are selfish creatures.

There is no "I think" or "maybe" about it. We are selfish. We may know what we want from time to time, but when we know that we couldn't have it, so we may look for it elsewhere.

And when we find something that remotely resembles it, we hold on to it, although we know that it may not be exactly what we are looking for. We put a small stake onto it yet refuse to claim full ownership.

Perhaps we are still waiting for the real thing?

But when someone else comes along who wants it for themselves,do we start to panic at the possbility of losing it.

But yet, we are still unable to claim it.

Yup, humans are farking selfish.