Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Men Are Just Plain S-T-U-P-I-D!

If I have to hear another picky picky picky picky picky guy complain about the lack of FEMALE CHOICES in their life, I am going to FREAK OUT!


If you are single, because you are just too choosy, full of nonsensical criteria and is simply constantly just seeking for that perfect piece of arse, THEN NOTE THIS, YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME IF YOU ARE SINGLE EVEN BY THE TIME YOU ARE 70 YEARS OLD AND DYING OF LONELINESS!

Yes! That's right!

I mean, what is your problem?

And get this, I am not referring to guys who have NO GIRLS at all, with or without trying, because those are of a different breed, deserving of an entirely different blog post that I am not inspired to write.

I am talking about those guys, who do have perfectly legitimate, good choices to pick from, and maybe a legion of them, but just simply choose to OVERLOOK them because something, somewhere is just not right. Maybe their arse is too flat or too in-your-face. Or they have tiny hands or gigantic feet. They smell like your Aunt Judy. Their hands are too clammy. WHATEVER!

Have you ever given them a chance? Have you tried to spend time with them just to see if this person may just be the one to make you happy? Have you opened yourself up to the possibility that she may be the most beautiful person that you will ever meet in this lifetime?

This is just so ridiculous!

And what makes you think that YOU CAN COMPLAIN TO ME AND EXPECT ME TO UNDERSTAND? Hello, I am 25-year-old woman with alien-looking body parts, that just doesn't fit each other no matter how you look at me. What makes you think that I will pat you on your shoulder and COMMISERATE WITH YOU!

If you all you want is a perfect body who will make the right noises when you are boinking her, GET A DOG! And please, allow me to call SPCA on you. BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST PLAIN CRUEL!!!!

Arrrgh! I could just scream right now.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Sick Post


Discovered that I was not having fever, but actually stomach/gastric flu (as diagnosed by my dearest Pinkies).

I was actually okay yesterday, just a few bouts of mild stomach pains through the day, after an entire morning of frequent visits to the toilet.

But it came in full blown yesterday night while we were at Odeon Towers' Loof for drinks to celebrate Wyn's birthday (Ting Ting, sorry I got sick!). Could be the pasta, ice-cream or cold drinks I had. Who knows? Anyway, I started to have diarrhoea again, and worst, puking out (not for the faint of heart or easily-disgusted people) some gooey, sticky, transparent thingthat I don't remember consuming.

I seem to be always having stomach problems, ever since last year. Could it be a sign of something more serious? But the CAT scan, blood test, urine test, this test, that test that they gave me in the US hospital did not reveal anything. Maybe it’s just my eating habits. Seriously need to get that sorted out. Beauty is no reason for an unhealthy body!

Anyway, Loof is a great place for chilling out! It's quiet enough to talk, and I kinda like the music that they play. Eclectic enough but not unfamiliar. Yesterday night was cooling enough, so we sat outdoors, in this interesting circular-shaped sitting space, and it was definitely cosy. Highly recommended for a quiet night out drinking with your friends!

Pictures coming soon after Sze send them to me!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Stuffs

I think I am getting sick. Felt chills just now while I was doing doorsales at Suntec for KT Tunstall. Serves me right for wearing sleeveless for the past few days when the weather is chilly in the evenings.

But the weather is always so hot in the afternoons when I go to school. Sigh. I really don't want to get sick now. I have so many things lined up to do! Grrr! Mind over matter!

Got this fantastic book called "It's Called A Breakup Because Its Broken" by Greg Behrendt and his wife, Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt (wow, that's a mouthful!) from the library (thanks Chris!). Came across this book on the internet while I was looking at some Sex and the City stuffs, which he was a consultant for at one point.

It's a really funny book that gives a good insight and take on breakups, why they happen and how to get over them. I highly recomend people who wants to stop feeling like crap because of a breakup to read this book. Hopefully after I finish this book, I will have some insights to share with my friends who are currently having relationship problems, or who just broke up with their boyfriends.

It's kinda sad how a lot of people around me are having relationship problems. Is it the weather or the dropping US currency causing all these negative stuffs, I have absolutely no idea. *shrugs*

A Conversation

Beanie asked, "You seem happier nowadays."

I replied, "Well, I am."

B: "Why? Aren't you sad anymore?"

I: "Hmmm, I don't know. I think I am just in a better place now."

B: "How come?"

I: "Eeeeermmmmm... I read a lot of self-help nowadays."

B: "Huh? Helps meh?"

I: "Yeah, when you just feel like the layer of crap underneath the two hundred layers of shit and three hundred layers of garbage. Sure, self-help helps. That's what the word "help" is there for."

B: "Hmmm..."

I: "Haiyah, just take me at face value lar. Happy means happy. I am not so confused anymore. Clarity leads to a lighter mind."

B: "I see..."

I: "Yes. When you know exactly what to do when you are constipated, it makes a hell lot of difference."

B: "..."

Hahahahaahah! =P

True Love?

"Men are experimental creatures. If they know that you like them, they will probably give it a chance just to see if they will eventually fall for you. And while they may convince themselves for a time that they are actually into the relationship with you, when the novelty of it wears out, that's when the verdict is dropped. That is, whether they will stay because they love you or whether they leave because they don't."

Is this true? Are men really that easy to be enticed by the possibility of novelty that they becoming willing participants in this experiment? And when the novelty wears off, is there only one thing that we women can hope for? That maybe the men had miraculously fallen deeply in love with us and couldn't live without us?

What about the men who sticks around, but still doesn't seem to love you back? Or are they still around simply because we kept going back to them?

A friend told me that the latter is true and that the women have to make up their minds and leave these men who don't love them back. But it is never easy. It is like a never-ending chain of resolve today, broken tomorrow.

Sometimes I think that maybe there is no such thing as true love. It is just a concept which people, who are able to live with each other amiably enough and find themselves a relatively compatible fuck, coin up so as to show off to the rest of the world that they will not die alone.

Sounds dreary, doesn't it?

And I really wish that I believe that. Every time I try to tell myself that there is NO SUCH THING as true love. I am somehow reminded of how it really does exist. It is almost like these evidences of true love is specifically planted out there, like a surprise specially planned to pop up whenever I start to doubt or lose my faith of its existence.

And maybe the reason is that the nature of true love is as such too. You cannot choose who, what, when, where or why. It just happens and it just hits you when you least expects it. Just like a very specifically planned surprise just for you and you alone.

But what if it turns out to be some kind of experiment for the guy after all? What if it is just some kind of staged research project for the men to find out if we could be the one true love for them?

Honestly, I have no idea. But I guess sometimes we just have to take some risks, go with the flow and see where it goes. Not all surprises are good. But nothing can stay bad forever.

The good thing is, while men, as the simplistic creatures that they are, are associates with sense and practicality, we women can simply go with the expectations of our very fundamental romanticised nature. Which means there is no need for rhyme or reason, and also no need for specifics.

Anything can happen, and it can happen anytime. All we have to do is to hope and anticipate. It may not make much sense but at the very least, at this current moment, we can be happy just thinking of what the future may bring.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Life, What Is Life?

My very bitchy and skewed (HAHA!) friend, Bernie, asked me today, "What have you been up to lately? Sleeping at home?"

Before answering, I actually had to think about it. Yeah, what have I been up to? Apart from the frequent late nights clubbing, and one single trip to ECP, I seriously cannot think of anything constructive that I have done. I am such a bum!

But of course there were that two times I helped out at Cindy's child care centre, and absolutely loved it! Sigh, I missed the kids already!

Then later on tonight, Sze said that she feel very sian because she felt like she had "no life". I immediately retorted "We are clubbing, we are going to the beach for activities, we meet up for dinner and chillout sessions almost 4 or 5 times a week, and we signed up for gym packages. How more life do you want?"

And I realise that my life is not that bad after all. I have this portrayed life of a 20-something person living in the city a la Friends. Which is something that I have always wanted to have. It would be perfect if I can actually live in an apartment together with my friends, but I know there is just so much a girl can ask for.

At least I am not really just at home moping around, but going out and actually doing something.

Hopefully, my lifestyle will steer into a healthier direction, what with all our grand plans to go ECP more often and the corporate fitness that I have just sold myself into yesterday. It still feels surreal, but I will be fine! =P

Monday, March 24, 2008

Slave Of Corporate Fitness!

I finally done the crazy and signed up for a one-year fitness package at Amore.

After contemplating FOREVER to try out yoga and pilates, I am finally going to do it! Actually I probably wouldn't have done it by myself, if not for Sze and Tien, who also signed up for the same package. It is always about the company.

Sold my life to a full year of corporate fitness! DUH! Hopefully, I will be able to stick to the classes.

The good thing is we can join any classes that we want, and there is actually quite a good variety of different classes apart from yoga and pilates. There is even belly dancing, which Sze say she wants to try out.

Baaah! No shaking of belly! NO NO NO!

But I do want to try out their kickboxing sometime, maybe after I get tired of yoga and pilates. Woopie! Fitness, here I come (hopefully)~~~

Sunday, March 23, 2008

ECP on Good Friday

After the bout of unhealthy late nights clubbing, the Pinkies decided to get a change of activities and spend a day at the beach! East Coast Park on Good Friday! How more wholesome can it get? But it was tough for me, Huijun, Peisze, See Tien and Junie, because we were out the night before. Attendence of the day: the above-mentioned plus Wyn, her boyfriend, Zheng Yu, and Daixing.


But we did! DX was late in meeting us at Eunos, so we TAKE PICTURE! Nie was in the ladies, erhm, doing something. HAHAHAHA!

The "SUPER" couple!

Nie is back! No sign of DX!

This Wyn so talented! Not only is she "SUPER" girl, she can morph into PRINCE OF TENNIS! ECHIZEN~~~

I was actually intending to cycle when we reached the park, but everyone except Wyn and Zheng Yu wanted to roller-blade, so I decided to give it a try too. It was actually not as hard as I thought. I felt like I could almost do it, but not quite. Maybe next time? But I think I really rather cycle. I much prefer to be in control of the wheels than them controlling me. And I like to know that there is solid ground beneath my feet. =P

Anyway, we couldn't take any pictures while roller-blading because I left my camera in the locker. But afterwards...

2-0-5! Act cute! Arrgh! Buay tahan my act cute face. Sibei ER!!!

Altogether now! TAKE PICTURE AGAIN!


This picture defies my intelligence for a suitable comment. Bahahaha!

Don't know whose bright idea to eat steamboat at Parkway Parade after ECP. But here we are! We can never stick to just doing healthy, healthy things!

One last picture of the day, before we EAT!

Overall, it was fun! Going to the beach always makes me feel regenerated. And I am glad that I gave roller-blading a go. It's fun! Even Nie said she don't mind going back more often. Hehheh!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Last Post About You

No one wants to be weak. Or pathetic.

Words are for women.

And this is for me.

I know that no matter how much I ask, you will never do anything that you don't want to. And I am tired of trying.

Someone told me that although I seem to know you very well, I am doing everything that I know you don't like. Maybe so. But I am not sure what to do anymore, because I am not used to who you are right now. Although you say nothing has changed, but you know fully well that everything is not the same anymore.

And much as I hate it, much as I want to change things back, I am not God, I can't create anything out of nothing.

But I think it's time to just start thinking about myself instead.

The past nine months seems long, yet short at the same time. But I've been really happy for a part of it. And it will eventually become enough.

I never ever thought that we will come to this point, but it has. There is nothing else for me to do but accept.

And that's that.

"Had I loved? Or had it been a dream? Was it real? Or just a figment of my imagination?" - Hensen Moer

Friday, March 21, 2008

450th Post!

Just got back from St James.

Can't sleep, so decided to do a short blog. My friends find it kinda weird why I seem to be so into clubbing nowadays. Especially when I avoided it adamantly in the past. I am not actually into clubbing now. It is more of a St James-specific kinda thing.

Well, truth is, I really, really like the singer guy at Boiler Room. I think he's kinda cool.

I am weird about idolising people. The more unknown, the less popular, the better.

I just love his version of Stop & Stare. I find it so much better than OneRepublic's original one.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids Are Fun!

Just got back from helping out my friend, Cindy, at the childcare centre that she works at.

And it was really fun!

Not really sure whether I am a kids person, but the kids seem to like me a lot. So phew! Thank goodness I am not some child-repeller like some of my friends. *Erm, DX* LOL.

Just one morning around them, and I feel so cheery and happy. And I already know the names of the kids that I accompanied for their morning lessons.

Some of them were really shy around me at first, but after sometime, started to cling to my leg and ask me to carry them. It's just so sweet!

Ahhh, so cute so cute! I love children!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Attraction Addiction


A simple word that seems to encompass so much.

The meeting of two people in a room full of strangers. The curiosity to know more about that someone who just seem a little more special than the rest. The need to see a person day after day. The urge to better yourself to be just perfect for someone other than yourself.

Something that we cannot seem to control, that happens no matter what we do.

You meet someone, you talk and laugh, have fun together. And before you know it, you are hooked to the feeling of being with this person.


If you are lucky, the person may feel the same way too and it is the beginning of a relationship. And perhaps, dare I say it, an eventual happily ever after?

But what about the attractions that would never come to fruition? The ones that never work out?

If there is nothing good to be had, what leads one to another in the first place? What makes someone want to know more about someone else? What makes a person want to see another person day in and out? And what makes you just want to be the best for that someone other than yourself?

Why did this attraction happen in the first place?

And when it happens, isn't it better to simply cut our losses and run the other way as fast as we can if we know that it is just a darkened dead-end ahead of us?

I guess for a lot of people, by the time we really realise that we heading over towards the dark side, we are too far gone to actually extricate ourselves. Nothing to do but move forward.

But that feeling. The exquisite feeling of being caught in an intricate spin of not being able to help yourself, yet wanting every single bit of this irresistible sensation that is latching onto your every senses. That helpless feeling of the poignant pain of being drawn into this web of iridescent beauty that is just out of reach, but not entirely forbidden to your touch.

That feeling that we are caught in. That is what pulls us towards this thing. Of an impossible attraction turned addiction to the very thing that we can never have.

"Have you ever wondered why you are special to me? It's not that you are all that different from anyone else. It just that you make me feel everything that I can ever hope to feel. I can't seem to give up that feeling no matter what I do. No matter how little of it I can get. I guess I am not just attracted. I am addicted..."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St James Weekend

Had a much-too-fun weekend clubbing at St James' Boiler Room on both Friday and Saturday. Friday was actually a planned thing with my Pinkies, while Saturday was impromptu with HJ and her friends. I actually did not want to go on Saturday, but boredom won out. And I had lots of fun both nights.

Here are some of the pictures from Friday. Saturday ones coming soon. =P

Me and Tien.

Why are they pulling Nie's hair?

A guy from the next table that HJ got to take pictures with us.

Such good friends I have. Saboed me to go on stage! And that is my fellow 30-seconds-of-fame. HJ thinks he's cute!

Ahhh!!! The hideous wig!

And the big question is... "Do you know how to blow?" ;P

I sure do!

All together now!

Anything to prolong our 30 seconds of fame!

Yes! PS really loves me! LOL!

A bunch of crazy girls! =D

Thursday, March 13, 2008


[Stop Music]


A Tale Of Readiness

The past couple of days brought forth a lot of realisations for me.

I always thought that when it's time for me to be in a relationship, I will know, and that I will be really happy and make someone that I really care about happy too. Not trying to say that I am the best catch in the world. But just that I think in relationships, people really just want to be around each other because they feel the happiness of just being together.

And I really thought that Mr Rainbow is someone who can be that person for me. So I took the plunge.

Well, it's just a false alarm, people! I am obviously and very apparently NOT READY YET!

I kinda always knew that I am not someone who is very ready for an actual relationship. There were a couple of times in my life when it could have happened, and I ended up always being the one who back away. I guess there were, and probably still are, just too many things going on inside my head for me to be able to function properly when it comes to being in a relationship.

Thinking back now at this very moment, this whole thing with Mr Rainbow really felt like a weird dream that was really good at first but gone bad really quickly too. I was really happy for a time but there was so much paranoia and fear that it would end really soon, that made me just behave in irrational ways. My emotions went into overdrive and the happiness that I got from being around him was so addictive that it reached a point where I couldn't take control of myself.

And it kinda just shot all the way down to hell from there.

Oh well, so I guess that's the way it is and all there is to it. It's time to take a break from all this relationship stuffs and go back to the crazy girl who shields her heart by simply crushing on every male species available out there. Until I am really ready, like REALLY ready, and not just I-think-I-am-ready ready.

I know that eventually, I have to be.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

So This Is What It Feels Like... To Live Yet Feel Like Dying.

Why do I feel like I am being punished?

Why is it that something that I more than deserve is being held out of reach?

Just for once in my life. Can I just have the happiness that I have never wanted more in my life before?

Just this once.

Stop this misery.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Are We Wearing The Same PJs?


Again! The Shoes!

Finally finished unpacking my luggage from my US and Tokyo trip today! I know it's been MONTHS, but I sort of started unpacking, and just never completed the job.

Ahhh, feel so accomplished!

Anyway, I think I have officially gone crazy! Because I actually Googled the Summit website and found pictures of the shoes I bought! Bahahaha! So here's a more in-depth look at my new shoes!

This is the first pair I wanted to buy. I was looking for a pair of black closed-toed heels. And I really like the red detailing. So this is really perfect. Might become a favourite wor.

This pair hurts my feet! At first I kept hesitating, but I wanted a pair of flats. So I got the sales assistant to help me expand it. It felt okay at first, but now I think it is still really very uncomfortable. Mima said could be because I have such grotesquely fat feet. -_-

Hehheh, so sweet and so not me, right?? Actually Huijun wanted this pair first, but no size. I wore it and felt so girly that I had to get it. Ribbon cute wor!

This pair is definitely for formal wear and work. Very officey and very comfortable. At least my soles are not that far away from the ground.

And because I cannot find the picture of one pair, I decided to take my own!

Okay! I know it's not PROFESSIONAL! But best available already, okay? And this one also another favourite! I like shoes with thick wooden heels. Feels more steady on the ground, so I won't fall to my death so easily.

Hehheh, and to carry on the craze, here are the shoes I tried, but did not buy.

Wahahahah, apparently like what Junie said, I really tried more than 10 pairs of shoes! And these are not all, some I cannot find the pictures, so decided to just forget it since I did not buy. Really a lot! LOL!

PS: And yes, I really wanted to buy a pair of bluish-cyanish-turquoish coloured shoes, but couldn't find one. Either no size, too uncomfortable, or Junie say TOO GIRLISH FOR ME! Boohoohoo!

For A Very Dear Friend

Today I went to one of my Pinkie's blog (neh! The one who just got married loh!) and read the entry she wrote for her husband. And I suddenly felt like the worst person in the world.

Because ever since I knew that she was getting married, although I was happy for her, I couldn't feel real happiness because of my own problems with Mr Rainbow. And I also realised that I slowly became unable to talk to her about these problems. And I felt really bad for that, because she is one of my most cherished friends, and we have been through alot together. I could tell her anything because she will never judge me no matter how wrong I was.

I remembered when I was crazy about Caucasians, she encouraged me to go for it if that was what really makes me happy. There was also a time when I was crazy about a guy who is married. She not only did not judged me, she said that even if I were to have an affair with the guy, she would understand because I was just trying to search for my own happiness (and I did not, of course! I very moral one hor!).

And once when I left home without any money because I quarrelled with my parents, she asked me to go to her place, paid for my cab, and even switched off the lights for me when I fell asleep in her bed.

Such is the good friend that she is. All through the 12 years we have known each other, she had never let me down in anyway. All these and countless memories that made her one of my very best friends, and I couldn't even feel truly happy for her when I heard that she was getting married.

Because I felt that such fairytales only happen to perfect girls like her (yes, to me, you are perfect, my dear friend). Finding a wonderful husband who cherishes and dotes on her will never happen to girls like me. And yes, I was jealous. I was not only not in the same place, I was so damn far away from it, I couldn't see shit of it.

And to me, I felt that I couldn't really talk to her about such things anymore. How could a girl who is so miserable from a non-relationship talk to a girl who is going to be happily married? How could a girl who is becoming disillusioned about love say that to a friend who is the exact opposite? I don't want any of the negativity to touch what would be her happy occasion, and so I chose to just turn to others while she bask in her happiness.

And now I feel bad, because I should have known better.

And so, my dear Chuyun, Pristine aka Mdm Wong, I am really sorry. I could have just gone by my life without ever letting you know, but I cannot do that, because you are someone who I want to know everything about me. Remember during the reunion dinner, you asked me why I was so quiet? I wanted to tell you, but I just don't know what to say and how to start.

And I really appreciate you walking with me to Marina Square on your hen night, although it was a decoy, a lot of things I told you were heartfelt. I actually felt like I haven't talked to you like that for a very long time. I am really very grateful for that (even though I managed to bluff you! Neh neh ni boo boo!)

I also want to say that, seeing the PERFECT example that you and Danny set, it makes me want to still believe in love afterall. And that is something that I am thankful for. For showing me that there is really true love in this world.

But the thing I am most thankful for is your friendship. I don't know what I will do without you! I think our friendship started on the day I pulled down your shorts! If can do until like that, still friends, that means you are a keeper! Haha!

PS: And hor and hor, I really felt happy for you on your ROM de hor. I even shed 了一滴感动的眼泪! Really really! Or maybe just too excited because of the buffet? ;P

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

消费! 消费! 疯狂消费!

Today was definitely one of the most fruitful and enjoyable day I had in a while!

I went shopping! For shoes!

Me, Huijun and Junie, the three very free ones, decided to head over to JB for a day of 疯狂消费 (crazy shopping) and eating ourselves silly, amid countless warnings of the terrible jam and advices to be extremely careful.

We met up early at about 9.30 and headed off on the Causeway Link. First time I actually took this service to Malaysia, and it's actually not bad at all. Much cheaper than the usual bus 170. The short journey there took longer than usual as there was a jam due to the tightened security at the customs.

And then we were in JB! Yeah!

Being the karaoke-crazies that we were, we went for the two hour K-Lunch at the Neway Karaoke Box. And it is so much cheaper than the K Lunch here (which I am seldom able to wake up in time for). I think we spent about RM19 each, which is slightly lesser than SGD9.50??!!?? Gosh, cheap!

After our singing session, the madness begins.

We did some cold runs, where we look at a few shops, looked at some stuffs but did not buy anything. But the moment we stepped into Summit, we started trying shoes like there was no tomorrow. They were having discounts up to 50% off on A LOT of nice shoes, and we just kept trying and trying.

I think this is the first time ever I was so excited about buying shoes. I just kept trying them; I think I tried at least 10 pairs of shoes. But not all of them fit and I had to curb myself from buying the really pretty but uncomfortable ones. And HERE'S MY TRIUMPH OF THE DAY:

Shoes! Oh glo-ri-ous shoes! Haha!

We really bought a lot of shoes! I think between the three of us, we bought like 15 pairs of shoes, of which, the above five pairs are mine. Hehheh. They are really cheap though, I think in total I spent only about SGD85 on the shoes. Again, CHEAP!

Anyway, after the exciting 1.5 hours we spent in Summit, we went over to a couple of other shops where I bought a top and some makeup. But everything just pales in comparison to my new shoes! I lub my new shoes deep! That is until they kill my feet. But let's look at them again!

Look! Look! How lovely they are. There's actually a purple and a brown pair of shoes in there that are masquerading as black ones. Hehheh! Guess which ones!

Haha! After that we went to Kim Gary, another favourite restaurant of ours, for dinner and did a little more walking around before we decided to call it a day at around eight plus. And we had Mr Bean's soya ice-cream at Kranji MRT station before heading home. I think we looked kinda funny, three very tired girls sitting around eating ice-cream, with stoned looks.

Ahhh, I am so contented with my purchases! And here's a triumphant me with all my bags!

I am not the worst hor! Huijun had so many more bags than me! Here's the proof!


Disclaimer A: A certain picture had undergone special mosaic treatment due to the unsightly display of FAT ARMS. Thank you.

Disclaimer B: Pictures are not of clear quality to the lack of proper photography equipment and the excited nature of photographer at point of photography. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It came as a realisation to me, while I was drinking a late night Yakult, that I am slowly not feeling some of the hurt and misery I have been feeling for the past few months.

Read SOME.

And read SLOWLY.

I don't think I am there yet, but for a while in a long time, I am feeling quite happy about being me again. And I am actually excited over things other than meeting Mr Rainbow and talking to him.

I think it's great progress.

Although I am not sure when exactly I will get over Mr Rainbow for good, at least I am slowly trudging my way there. It's really the hardest and longest time I ever had in getting over a guy. Usually it was just *click* and done!

But oh well, at least I am not standing still and slowly moving along. And I have my dearest friends, especially my Pinkies, to thank. They never stop being a listening ear, a crying shoulder and the best support pillars that any girl can have.

One call to them and we are out somewhere pigging out and giggling ourselves silly doing nonsensical things. Sometimes it's not just being able to listen to you. Sometimes it's just being there, acting like fools with you and laughing with you instead of being afraid of looking stupid.

And the amazing thing is that some of them are also having emotional baggage of their own, but they never fail to stop and entertain me when I just feel like shit. I guess this is simply just unadulterated friendship in its purest form.

Hehheh. This is getting mushy and hence I should stop. Okay, but I love my Pinkies lar! Enough said!


Monday, March 03, 2008