Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why? Why? Why like that?

Sometimes the stupidity of humans simply escapes my understanding. Or maybe it is just plain selfishness.

My class is having our Advertising and Public Relations module now under the same lecturer. And she is really strict when it comes to attendance and lateness, so some of my classmates have been signing for latecomers so that they won't get penalised even though they came to school.

And today the whole thing really got out of hand because the lecturer caught it. And what I think would have just blown over if everyone just shut up and mind their own business became something that could potentially get some of the classmates into really big trouble with the school.

WTF?!!!? Why can't people just mind their own business. Are they really so selfish that they have to protect their own interest at the expense of others?

I know my class haven't been perfect, what with the hatemails and really irritating people who annoys the crap out of me with their selfish behaviour. But I think we are all really good people who just want to get in and out of MDIS with minimal trouble.

I just don't understand why some people who seems to simply thrive on drama and attention have to stir things up. Or why certain people can, at the sake of their protecting their own friggin arse, cause problems for others.

I have an idea who these people are, but I just think they are not worth my time. I just hope that my friends will get out of this unscathed. I really wonder if some people who I really trust are playing me for a fool. Where does that leave me? A dumbass who chose the wrong people to trust? I don't know. Mima is right, I shouldn't get involved in the shit of other people. Keep to myself, graduate and thats it. Haiz, why is it that no one in the world ever trusts the wisdom of their Mothers. -_-

But I kinda feel that this whole thing would not have happened if:

1) the lecturer would just be more lenient.

2) people are more responsible and careful.

3) when trouble looms, everyone just bloody hell shut up.

I strongly believe in the last point because I really believe that the whole thing would not have come to this if no one said anything. Horrible lar, just horrible.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Update V1.2

Vanity is an expensive hobby. Bought an eye cream, a nose mud pack, a pimple gel and stocked up on lots of different types of face masks from The Face Shop, that Korean beauty product chain today. I cannot bear to reveal how much I spent, but it was sufficient to qualify as a LIFETIME member. The things people do for bouncy supple skin. Of course, there is also the need to consolidate my status as a BJN.

I think I am becoming kind of a mask addict. I like doing face masks. I tried those cheap ones that they sell at Watsons and I really liked it, so thought I will start with a recognised brand now. And of course, it's Korean, with one of my favourite singers as one of its ambassador (is he still? Hmmm...), so it's all goooood. Keke, bought a wash-off, a peel-off, a mud and masks sheets! Woopie! Masks galore! THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HEREEEEEEE!!!

The preparations for Oklahoma at the end of the year is in motion. Already decided on the rooming list. Kinda have no particularly strong feelings about my roomates, but I reckon I will be spending a lot of time with some of the guys in my class, they are so brilliantly funny to be around, that is when I am not doing my face masks, of course. Hiak hiak.

Ahhhh, I am not happy about someone. Trying my best to hold myself together before I do something violent. >_< I don't even feel like blogging about it. I am worried that I might smash my laptop or something, defeating the whole purpose of fixing it in the first place. I am calm, I am cool, I am good. I am a good person, I am. I am not violent. That shall be my mantra for the upcoming year.

Mima always tells me not to make enemies when I can have one more friend instead. I am so trying to keep that in mind. I am trying, people I am. Hopefully it won't eventually become "I've tried".

PS: The new mini mac is really adorable, eh? I am so tempted!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finally! An Update!

Once again, blogging falls into a rut, much like when sex becomes uninteresting after a few years into a marriage. I have it on good authority that if one, or two to be more apt, do not seek new innovative ideas for sex, the activity of procreation becomes monotonous and, dare I say, BORING!

Maybe that's why people stray. Anyone who dig their nose the same way all the time, may just realise that they are not really satisfied with the way they are digging their nose, because there might be certain areas in the orifice that they are missing out on, which may produce the most sensation of satisfaction during the process of, erm, probing.

Anyway, so my laptop was out for 4 days last week. Needless to say, it was almost excruciating, except without the physical pain. I moped around the house like a zombie, so much so that MiMa actually tried to kick me out of the house. By the by, MiMa is my new nickname for my Mama, it's short for Miao Mama, supposedly it is a cool thing to have nicknames for Mothers nowadays. Apparently, the good old Mummy, Mum or Mother just don't cut it anymore. Funnily, my Mum and I used to play this little game when I was younger; I would go "Mami Mami Mami", and she would reply "Mima Mima Mima". Keke, Mima was always kinda ahead of her own time.

Well, and so the good thing is I managed to fix my laptop problem with a little help from my friends and it's all good now. Hopefully. I know I got to get a new computer soon, but I hope its later than sooner. I barely bought this thing for 3 years. Sigh...

Oh, and I finally watched Phantom Of The Opera. What a fantastic performance. Everything about it was wow from the get-go. I just wished I had spent more and gotten a better seat. But I am counting on maybe catching it when I go the States end of year. Jasu (woof woof) asked me The Phantom was good or bad, and the first thing I did was compare him to Frankenstein. Misunderstood people who gave rise to the anger inside of them, making them the way they are. And I think there are many Phantoms or Frankensteins around us, hoping that someone will see them for who they are, but usually succumbing to the rage before anyone does.

Ah well, onward to better things! Back to my CSI now! Gil and the team awaits me! Woopieeeeeeee!!!