Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quicker Than A Quickie

My poor, poor, sorely neglected blog!


Been caught up with work recently that I just have no time to update properly.

So here's a quick one. In short...

Life's good.

I am happy.

Enough said.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Public Enemies

First look at the poster, and you know I would most definitely catch it because, well, it's Johnny Depp!

A closer look confirms the definition because, look closely, CHRISTIAN BALE IS IN IT! Ah Baleeeeeeeee!!!

Do a bit of homework and you realise that David Wenham and Channing Tatum are in it too.

OKAY! Now you can officially mark my name in the cinemas when it is showing.



More than thrice.

More than more than thrice.

And much more.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nothing Like A Relaxing Sunday Afternoon!

Thank gawd for that! Had to go back to work yesterday after rushing to have my hair done in the morning, so I am really glad that my Sunday was at least half decent pleasant.

Slept my fill, watched some videos before having dinner and cleaning my room. Now I am just relaxing in front of the S10 with some...

Grapes and cherries!

Some of the Pinkies kept talking about eating cherries, so I got Mumsies to get some, and the ever considerate woman she is, she also bought grapes because she knows I love them. Hohoho!

Oh, and the long overdue pictures of my new toys!

Bumble Bee!!! Never knew Transformers toys can be so much fun. Kinda like a tiny puzzle. Thinking of getting Optimus Prime too.

Yeap! Finally got the red iPod nano that I have so coveted! I call it Reddie and I absolutely love it. It's so handy! And with engraving too! So much easier and prettier to carry around than the brick I had before, which had mysteriously stop functioning. Hmmm...

So my weekend was great. How about yours? ;]

New Hair!

Is always cause for celebration!

Not sure if I really like it yet, although Mumsies really DO NOT like it. -_-

So tired! First time in my life I am working on a Saturday in a full-time job.

It's a day of -_-

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Me Heart Bumble Bee!



Not this one either! But hey, this one damn zai sia. I would love to fly around in it man.


DEFINITELY not this one! So gross loh, the hair so long. First time I ever see a bumble bee so up close and personal.


CUTE! I am beginning to develop a liking for all things Bumble Bee... Hmmm...


Finally! The correct Bumble Bee! Look at that face! Look at those piercing blue eyes! Tell me you don't find him adorable too!

Let's look at another picture!

That look of deep-in-thoughtness! Such depth in that expression!

Muahaahhah! That was fun!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Get So Annoyed Sometimes...

When I am sitting on the train, and there is this like not very old but not exactly a human in the blossom of life standing in front of you, and you are expected to give up your seat.

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with that, it is actually the half decent thing to do. Unless your feet hurts like a freaking mother of a fat bastard who sock her in the gut with a can of rotten peas. Meaning, it is REALLY painful and standing for the duration of my journey would be downright torturous.

Then all these people standing around you starts giving you the evil eye. I really feel like boxing them. No, actually, I really feel like just ripping off the damn plasters and shoving my feet into their faces so they can see the farking wounds festering on my toes.

Think the smell enough would scare them off from ever judging me and my poor feet again.

And in my defense, the person is NOT really that old and given the chance, I bet more than half of these people WOULD NEVER give up their seats. Probably feign sleep or something.

Hummph! I feel so indignant!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Wisdomous Wisdom Of The Day

Carry all the cartoon bags while you still can. You may just realise someday that you are too old for that shit, and feel so much regrets that you never got to carry a Snoopy bag.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

What A Pleasant Rainy Afternoon!

Observations Of The BJN

Observation #1: When you grow to become a certain age, you kind of become more fearful of loneliness. Certain activities, which before can be conducted in solitude, now seems so unachievable if you don't have someone doing it with you. Perhaps it is the realisation that EVERYONE around you seems to be shacking up with someone or another. The very foreboding trepidation that eventually you will be the ONLY one left without anybody to associate or consort with is, indeed, very real.

Observation #2: I am so grateful that if I have nothing else, at least I still have the ability to read, write and understand meaning. To lose myself in a book, to put down my feelings, and to feel a thrill every time a significance becomes apparent. It is simply an exquisite reminder that I am still alive.

Observation #3 is a series of observations that I had whilst watching Transformer 2.

I. I love this one better than the first one because it is soooooo archaeology, with a little bit of myths, ancient history and the works. It's just not a good movie if there are no sand and dust involved!

II. Why are the Decepticons always so unpleasant looking? Will it kill them to at least take care of themselves aesthetically once in a while?

III. Why are characters like the butcher guy and the website guy always given the gay treatment? What's wrong with having them actually get the girl for a change?

IV. I LOVE BUMBLE BEE! *gush gush* He's like some Autobot romance hero hunk with lots and lots of muscles. The way he tore that Decepticon apart... OOOOOO... I can just so marry him and have a bunch of tiny little robot kids right there.

V. Does anyone else have this incessant urge to yell "RUN CHICKENS! RUN!" while watching the movie too?

And on a side note, I bought a new iron today! I am very excited about it, and am presently going to do some ironing on the new ironing board that Mumsies purchased just so I can use the new iron.

There is something about ironing that soothes the mind. Oh and try watching the washing machine go about your laundry if you have the chance. There is something very calming about the way it dances and tosses the clothes around.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Friday

Stepped through the door and smelled...


Life is officially fantastically awesome and awesomely fantastic!

And I finally found some energy to conduct a deep-cleansing clay mask. Masking always makes me feel so relaxed.


Friday, July 03, 2009


I hereby declare...

That my absolute favouriter character from Julia Quinn's Bridgerton clan is Colin Bridgerton.

Rereading the series again and simply falling in love with the books all over again.

*pleasant and contented sigh*

See when I get all pleasant and contented instead of angry and disturbed, it must be nothing short of something damn fantastic.

I could gush about the books forever! And about Colin!

Although Anthony and Benedict (missed out on Gregory's story the first time round), are awesome awesome characters in their own right, there is just something about Colin that is just... =)~~~~~~~~~

*sighs in disgustingly over pleasant and contented way again*