Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Arbs: Please stop showing off your man-boobs. I hate chiu!

Vennie: Funny, right? So ugly loh, this picture. Somemore my friend post on his facebook. Want me to 嫁不出去. So evil loh.

Hazel: Hello Hazel!!! Haha, seriously, I have no idea. It all happened very quickly, there was no witness present at the time of occurrence. =P

Anya: I don't want to put silicon. Wait accidentally knock onto something and lao hong, wait one side big, one side small. EVEN WORST!


Last day tomorrow. I am feeling kinda sad. I really got to know some good people in Wiley. =(

Oh Noes!


By she, I meant this new colleague. And by singing, I really meant weird noises that sounded like this:


*think cats in heat*


And she's really weird.

PS: Good thing I am outta here in 1.5 days time.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I am so glad that I found this ring. It's actually one of a pair and I stopped wearing the other one after I lost this. It's such a wonder to find this now because I recently started wearing its pair again.

Friends should remember that I love rings, and used to wear them on all five fingers of my right hand. But I stopped wearing any altogether for quite a while now because of work and a comment that they are unladylike.

But since I am not going to be working anymore, I really want to start wearing rings again. Some of my old rings can't really be worn anymore, so I am going to start shopping around!

So anyone who has not given me a birthday gift this year or just feel like giving me a present, please feel free. Any size is alright, because I can wear it on any finger. And to anyone who wants to give me a diamond ring, don't worry. Rest assured that no matter how many rings I already have, there will always be an available finger for your thoughtful gesture! ^_~

Anyway, there is something else I really want to say...

OMFG, I AM SO FARKING UGLY IN THE PHOTO! How did I ever found the courage to step out of my house looking like that???!!!


So just to remind everyone that I am actually quite becoming, here's a more recent photo:

Still cock-eyed, but at least I have a more distinct face-neck definition now.

But it came at a cost, okay? *stares at top photo, reminiscing my lost assets* I used to be a C-cup, okay?! Now I think even BFF's man-boobs are more bountiful than mine loh.



Pinkies talking about getting married and having babies in the email threads.

Much as I adore children, I think it's a rather scary prospect to think about.

If I have a girl, I have to worry about her getting cheated by boys or 嫁不出 and live off me for the rest of her life (which is a genuine worry that Mima has).

If I have a boy, I have to worry about him cheating girls or marrying a 母老虎 and not take care of me when I am old.

See? Either way, I still worry. There is no winning with this.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 1810hrs

Social calendar now open for farewell parties, yaay-you-finally-getting-lost parties and want-to-see-my-pretty-face-for-the-last-time parties.


PS: It's so nice to know that my Pinkies can get so excited over the fact that I FINALLY started cleaning my room.

Sunday, March 29, 2009



Like one-tenth of my room.

I am so industrious!

Nine-tenth more to go before I fly.

Me Postie

Oh sheeshcapik!!!

I am behind time on two pieces and I just started on something new.

And here I am still blogging.


I am spending entirely too much time on blogging, conducting masks and watching magic videos, especially the latter. I am also spending too much time trying to learn some basic 花式切牌. Not easy and very time-consuming, even for the basic techniques.

BAAAAAAAAH!!! 都是刘谦害了我!!!

Even Sze asked me this just now: "u realli super onz abt liu qian ahz?"

I should never have called her to asked if she has today's Shinmin newspaper because there is an article about 刘谦 in it. I am just being curious mah.

I am becoming a siao fan-si. I do not relish! It takes a lot out of the cool factor that I already do not possess...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Worth Mentioning

Oh yeah. Something pretty funny happened yesterday that I forgot to blog about because I was having a really bad stomachache. I think I ate too much. -_-

Anyway, I was walking to the MRT station after work with my colleague, Yanqi, and I was babbling away about magic and the new 刘谦 (I don't know why, but I just like to type his name in Chinese) book that I bought.

Then when I took out the book and waved it in her face, her eyes suddenly went round and she asked me why I bought the book in a voice of despair.

I still thought what happened.

Apparently, she and the rest of the PA ladies bought the same book for me as a surprise farewell gift.

Oh noes! Gua gua gua~~~

I really did not expect that.

I mean, they don't even know who he is and Yanqi, who went to buy the book, don't even read Chinese. Yet they heard me babbling away about him everyday, and decided to get me the book.

It's really so sweet of them.

And Yanqi told me that she had to Google for "Taiwanese magician" and go through a lot of funny, funny Chinese websites. She also had to go to Kinokuniya and ask for "the magic book written by that Taiwan guy" because she couldn't even remember his name.

Hehheh. Even though I am very amused by this, I am still very touched by this gesture. It's nice to know that despite my short time in the company, I made some really good friends.

Thanks for the effort, ladies. Much appreciated.

断了思念 - 信乐团

爱已爱 分已分 我还离你不够远
怕只怕 恨只恨 回头一瞬间又再沦陷
我断 断了思念 断不了那最后一眼
你的影子若隐若现 也是我心中最美的熬煎

PS: Not exactly sure if it's a good idea to dig out my 信乐团 albums to listen. People throw crap at me when I sing 没说完温柔只剩离eeeee~~~ 歌eeeee~~~ in public.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sharing A Bit Of My Culture


Limbu bakdo sibei tia!!!

Ai si liao lar!!!


*This entry was so-inspired as I was looking at this webpage*

I am a Hokkien afterall. There is no shame in exploring my roots and speaking my language.




一了百了 - 信乐团

离开我 你说是为了我好
从今 就一了百了...

A song that always evokes something whenever I listen to it. Loved it when I first heard it years ago. Still love it now.

Un Moment

It's really been a while since I allowed myself to stop and think about what happened.

I have been feeling so happy and having so much fun lately that it just never came to mind, or maybe I wouldn't let it. Doesn't really matter though.

But I shuffled to a song in my playlist that brought it back, and I suddenly felt floored for a moment.

Soooooo that's why they say it's bad to link any song to someone. It reminds you of that person when they are no longer in your life. Arrgh, now I cannot listen to the song anymore! I loved that song!


It's just such a pity that everything shot to hell and went even further down after that.

It wasn't really all bad.

Oh well. We stagger, we move on. I managed to uproot myself and found another song to listen to.

My life is going good right now; nothing is going to change that. I really think I made the best fucking decision in my life to make the transition that invoked the changes going on for me right now. You see when I use the f-word all serious like that without faux spelling or asterisks, it means I mean business, okay?

Mai ka wa siao siao!

Wa par ler ah!

See? I bounced back.

PS: This is not the serious post I was talking about. Just felt like documenting this for future reference purposes and impending self-mockery sessions.




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Went to Vivocity after work to have dinner at 店小二 with my team. It was sort of a farewell dinner for me from my team. Ahhh, so sad, I am really going to miss them. It's really rare to be in a team where everyone really likes each other and gets along so well together.

Anyway, the food at 店小二 is really good! Especially the duck. We ordered two different types of ducks, one lotus root dish and another vegetable (豆苗) dish. Thumbs up!

After dinner, we all went shopping together. And despite not having any intentions to shop at all, the shopping queen in me still managed to get loose.

Just look at my loots!

(Please don't ask me why my bedsheets always look so ugly. Ask my Mum.)

Cookies, travel compress bags and a pocket magic thingy from Daiso, a pair of Crocs slippers, 刘谦's third book from Page One, and chocolates from Candy Empire.

I know I bought so much food right? Sigh. But the Pods came highly recommended by Wendy and she said I had to try them. In fact, I am eating the Pods as I am typing this. And Wendy was right! They are really addictive! OMG, I can feel all the extra inches piling on with each bite I take. -_-

And not all of my stuffs are useless, okay? The travel compress bags will come in handy when I pack for Macau. I was already thinking of getting 刘谦's second book since I already finished the first one (fast right? Considering how difficult it is for me to read Chinese words), and Cheryl said she could get me a discount. But the whole store only has this ONE book of his, so I decided to just get it first.

I can always go back to Kinokuniya to get the second one. And it's perfect because the last time I was there, they only had the first, second and fourth book. This is the one I want to read the most anyway, and it's only $13!

And the cover is so nice! At least he looks more like a guy on this cover.

What else did I bought? Oh the Crocs. Joan's brother-in-law works at Crocs and could get discounts, so she brought us there to see if we like anything. I honestly wasn't intending to get anything since I am not really into Crocs, but my only pair of slippers look like they are going to go to slipper heaven soon, so I thought I will just try out a pair.

My gawd, they are so light and comfortable! My feet has officially died and gone to smelly feet heaven~~~ *wearing her Crocs even though she is lying on her bed, and tapping her feet together gleefully*

Now I am thinking if I should get another pair for Mima since she is always complaining she cannot find comfortable slippers. She will definitely nag me if I do because it's quite expensive for a pair of slippers, even after the discount.


Anyway, see? All useful stuffs, right? (And why must I justify my purchases? Cannot buy things arh? Cannot spend money arh?) Okay, I admit the pocket magic thingy is quite boh liao. But funny mah. I want to bring on Friday to disturb the girls when we celebrate Wyn's birthday. Hoho! 我是小小魔术师!

Oh oh, and I really really really want to show this picture! Heeheehee!


This littLe boya is seriously the cutest thing since Takopachi loh. Yes, TAKOPACHI, NOT Tamagotchi. What? Takopachi is really cute loh. Go see for yourself.

Back to the boya, you can see this poster at quite a few MRT stations, and I always, ALWAYS feel so tickled when I see it. He's so cute! The small eyes! Wahahahaha!

Alright, I have no idea how this post got so long. Haha. I actually have this more serious blog entry in mind that I really want to write. To balance up the fluff that I've been posting for the past few days. Maybe tomorrow or something lar.

Tired liao.

Shower and sleep time!


I was youtubing during lunch (actually now) to see if I can find some new 刘谦 videos to watch, and I came across at least three videos that I had never seen before trying to either decipher his 春晚 performance or to prove that he is a lousy magician.

Now I've been looking at a lot of 刘谦 videos on youtube for the past few weeks, and I mean A LOT, so I think I can safely say that these are pretty new and recent videos because I have not come across them before. Meaning that somewhere out there, there are still some crazies STILL trying to crack something that has happened LIKE OVER A MONTH AGO?


Enough already with the whether he was in cahoots with the host and the questioning of the prestige of his performance. What got rubber band in his jacket lar, fake eggs lar, got oil on his hands lar.

OMFG! It's over and done with! MOVE ON!!!

Does your mother still ask you why you only got 95 marks for your Mathematics test in Primary school and not 100? Does your father still question you about why you were so stupid that you let your friends push you into the drain when you were 10?

No right?

I am not saying neccessarily that these theories are right or wrong, or even whether 刘谦 finally slipped up and got screwed over. The bottomline is something unexpected happened and questions were asked. I would be the first to admit that I was curious too and watched a few of those "解密" videos.

That was back in February.

But that's it. All they did for me was make for interesting things to ponder about and, if anything, increase my fascination with 刘谦. Regardless of whether I know the secrets behind the magic or otherwise, I will not forget the very moment when he took the ring out of the egg.

I had goosebumps.

That is pretty much what I look for in a performance. So maybe it was not a perfect 100%. So what? It was still entertaining.

I really think these crazies are just jealous or something. If you hate him or think he's not good enough, then don't watch him lar! Why for keep going on and on and on and on.



PS: This is like the 8th post about 刘谦, two more and he can officially qualify for a spot on my "Moreen's Wall Of Hunks". Although maybe just honorary mention because I still think he looks like a girl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just finished conducting a Dainty Design Citronella mask which supposedly have the following effects:

- Help you to get a firm & elastic skin.
- Control sebum secretions from the skin, thus making your skin less prone to the blemishes due to oily skin.
- Restore skin structure making your skin soft and radiant.
- Retain and replenish moisture in the skin.

So yaay! In a short 30 minutes, I have done tons good to my face!

I love mask sheets, especially when I don't feel like doing all the applying, flaking, cleaning-off that I have to do with other masks. Although I don't really see any immediate effects, but my skin feels refreshed and so relaxed. Relaxed skin is a good thing, right?

Anyway I just read from Anya's blog that her face itched after using the Hokkaido Lover mask that I helped her to buy.

*scrutinises my own Hokkaido Lover mask*


Okay, now I don't know if I should even try it. So far I've only used Dainty Design's masks and they are using well.

Tsk. TMD.

So I was talking to one of my friends just now, and she asked me why I like 刘谦 so much, since he don't have any muscles and looks like a girl.


How many million times must I say? I DON'T LIKE HIM BECAUSE I FIND HIM GOOD-LOOKING. Or because I want to fantasize about him. I have Christian Bale for that. And Eric Bana and Gerard Butler and Daniel Craig and... Do you really want me to go on?

I like 刘谦 because he's so entertaining and he fascinates me. Don't always peg me as someone who likes anyone just because of looks and brawn leh. I thought I have made it clear before that I have evolved. I look at other things now, like talent and substance lar, entertainment value lar, erm, and overall enjoyment quotient lar.

See, such a statistical approach to it loh.

Ok lah, ok lah. I admit I do find him cute. He got this 拙拙 look sometimes, that I wonder if he purposely put on to di gong di siao so people will not know what he has up his sleeve. And he looks quite cool when he's doing his magic.

But he still looks like a girl with superb makeup skills to me. I am starting to suspect that he wears eyeliner too. Sometimes he got that really 阴阴邪邪 look that you get when you apply eyeliner.

I know he's a magician, must have a bit of add-ons to create that 魔术神秘感 in order to create the 戏剧效果. BUT I CANNOT STAND GUYS WHO WEARS EYELINER! Unless they are Jack Sparrow. And that is only because he's crazy anyway.

And I am also quite buay song that he's 32 but looks like 23. He's only two years younger than my Christian Bale, but he can play Ah Bale's son in a movie loh.

Okay, this was quite a boh liao post. No head, no tail. Rambling nonsense. If you have read until here, I applaud you.

Some Yadas

In a follow-up to the post "Who Says A Magician Cannot Stare", my dearest Pinkies have the following comments to offer:

Yoni-tai-ko says:

"he c cos he jealous....i m a girl i oso wil look at a woman boobs loh...esp wen itz so huge n pourin out in front of me.....

hez gay la....hahahah...."

Xiao Foo says:

"Ya lo ur reason is valid, he might be jealous of the boobs lo, cos he dun haf ma."

Hahaha! 很好笑 hor my Pinkies. Personally, I really don't give two hoots, or any number of hoots, either way. He's just so supremely entertaining.

So are my Pinkietons! Hahahaha!

And I know it's like the third time I am referring to the "boob-staring" incident. But it's so funny!

I am also bored at work lar.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Self-Promotion Is The Best Food For Ego


So recently I have been posting pictures of myself in the name of humour, making statements, self-righteousness, saving the world and for joy, peace and laughter.

While this is done for the sake of all that is good and wonderful, it suddenly occurred to me that all these pictures of myself that I place here in the name of humour, making statements, self-righteousness, saving the world and for joy, peace and laughter are all... well, UGLY.


What if people really think that I am butt-ugly?

What if the man of my dreams happens to chance upon this blog, look at these pictures and promptly close his browser, thus negating the chance of us ever meeting and me getting married and having many many little mes running around, ruling the world and procreating even many many more of little little mes and little little little...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


And thus, I shall present...

Photos A La Moi... MUAHAHAAHAH!!!

See see see? So pretty and adorable!

Okay, so MAYBE I am not really the chioest of them all. But at least I don't look like a monkey's butt, right? Arrgh, why am I explaining myself? GODDAMMIT! I am pretty, okay??!!??

Ahhh, I think I am getting addicted to blogging again. So many entries yesterday alone! I really cannot believe that my blog lasted so long too. It's really nice to know that there is at least one thing that I can like doing for so long.

Men and hobbies come and go, but me and my blog, IT'S FOR REAL... FOR REAL~~~ *sings Mariah*

Toink Yo~~~

Wahahaha! 刘谦 BLUNDERS!

So funny!

*sings* He is human... afterall~~~

Okay, so I think maybe if any of 刘谦's tung-hoons (粉丝 lar! Haiyoh! Toot!) out there see this post, they will probably start plotting my death for not only making fun of his eye-landing activities (actually they should THANK ME for providing proof that he is not only not gay, but is as straight as they all come loh!) and also now posting this video so very, very big big here.

To those tung-hoons, I would like to say: HELLO LIGHTEN UP?

Not like if I make fun of him, it makes him any less great of a magician. And with the so many, many, many blogs lar, websites lar, forums, tributes lar singing his praises to the skies out there, what's wrong with a little humour at his expense?

Yes, I know, I know. I am a weird kind of fan. I mean if you spend so much time on something that you like, there must be some fun and enjoyment out of it too. If it's not fun and enjoyable, then why do it? And to me, funny is fun!

Besides, this video does not make 刘谦 look bad at all. He's, in fact, pretty funny and if anything, it made him seem more human, and less WTF-HE-IS-SO-EERIE-IS-HE-EVEN-FRACKING-FLESH-AND-BLOOD, something which is greatly expounded by the alarming fairness and translucence of his disgustingly good skin.


Oh, I do so love making fun of my favourite celebrities!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Cause

I know, I know. I am entirely like over-posting here. But hey, overcompensation is a form of making up for an unhappy childhood and a dis-fragmentation in your fundamental social cognition abilities.

I am also totally crapping here, I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.

But anyway, I have to post because I absolutely HAVE to show my UTTER DISPLEASURE at the fact that the new Chun Li (aka Kristin Kreuk) HAVE NO HAIR BUNS!!!


Chun Li without hair buns? That is just like watching any other regular chick who can fight somersault around! What ponytails? PFFT! ME NO LIKEY!

This is WRONG! This is BLASPHEMY! This is MADNESS!


Oh sorry. Wrong movie.

Anyway, it's just wrong lar! So in order to mourn the lack thereof hair buns in the movie and to show my unhappiness, I've decided to...


Yes! I am NOT happy!

When You Were Young - The Killers

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways


He doesn't look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined when you were young


They say the Devil's water, it ain't so sweet
You don't have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet in
Every once and a little while...



I'M AN EFFING GENIUS!!! *overdone, redundant, self-involved celebratory laughter*

Okay, so maybe I am not a genius. But I fixed the problem, so yaay! I am AWESOMENESS!!!

Alright, I'm done now.

Frustration Looms

Diu diu diu!!!

My blog is driving me nuts! NUTS!!!



Just thinking of it makes me want to bang my head against the wall!!! I've been trying to fix it for the past few days, but I just cannot find the problem.

And it DOES NOT help that it looks entirely different when I look at it at home and in the office.


ARRGH!!! *pulls hair*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who Says A Magician Cannot Stare?


Now, what is all these talk about him being... gay?

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Never Know What You Will Find On The WWW

I was randomly searching for some Liu Qian videos when I came across the following:

OMG! It's 刘小谦!!!



I mean, I've sang more than my fair share of this song in my heyday of pretending I could reach Ah Mei's highest pitch at KTVs. I vaguely remember some magic tricks being performed in the MV.

I did not really thought about whether it was a real magic performance or whatever. I also remember thinking that the magician was kinda gay.



Seriously, sometimes the very person you don't give a moment's notice to might just become the very person you put on a pedestal some day.

Wah, this also mean he's really been around for quite a while in the showbiz industry. Just that it took people a long time to finally realise how good he is.


姐妹们!!! 玛斯克来咯!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally Revealed: My Lenovo S10

I was chatting with Desmond today and he made the following request:

See what I mean about the zooming in?

Ports on the right side.

Ports on the left side. Notice the protruding 6-cell?

A comparison with my laptop.

Alright, so here's the first look at my sleek new netbook. I am still trying to configure it, which is taking me sometime, but other than that, it's using really well. I likey!

Revealing Of The Clay Face

Yeah, if I have a face like that, I would also look depressed like that.


What, it's my face, I am allowed to make fun of myself, hokay?

Quite Boh Liao

Slacking for a bit before I go see doctor.

Yes, I am on MC again.

I know, I don't sound sick.

But you can't really "sound sick" in a blog entry, can you?

Anyway, I am not really sick.

So why am I on MC?

BECAUSE MY LEFT EYE IS SWOLLEN! And it feels painful to blink. =(


That would teach me to peep at the cute neighbour showering.

Okay, so that's not true. I will never do that! My neighbour is an elderly man who had white hair since I was 8-years-old.

Go figure.

Ahhh! Pain!

Weekend Update


I am pleased to report that after my intensive deep-cleansing mask treatments and the crapload of stuffs I pile on my face, my chin breakout seems to be under control, and the spots seems to be diminishing.

But still not entirely though. I think I need a really good pimple gel or something. But I noticed a change ever since I started using the apricot scrub. So maybe all my skin needs is regular scrubbing.


Anyway, I BOUGHT IT!!!


Hahaha. Sorry the picture is a bit small. Got it off Google. I took a picture, but the bluetooth is not working properly on my S10. Still trying to configure stuffs. Sigh, the road to a new netbook is more tedious than I thought.

But it's okay!

Okay, I am starting to sprout nonsense. Almost bedtime!

Tomorrow Monday again. Bleh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tuts My Barreh

Courtesy of Zheng Yu's blog.

"If there’s a camel up a hill then it’s Gong Li with me when I do I do
If there’s a camel up a hill then its asbestos flaygon you too you too
Coz if you run your mother break a bottle sicker run day boo...

I’ll honk you berra tara den my favorite cheese
I want you to caress me like a tropical priest..."

Now I sure wouldn't want to be the person he honks berra tara den his favourite cheese.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Don't Know Why People Like To Go IT Show

Arrgh! I want to rant!!!

Today I went to the IT Show at Suntec, with Lyn accompanying me, with the intention of purchasing a netbook as well as help my cousin to get a router. I was hoping that since I am going on a Thursday, it won't be that crowded.

Boy, was I wrong.

Before I even reach the halls, the elevators at Suntec was already choke full of people trying to get to the IT Show. But that was okay, because I knew that come the weekend, it was definitely going to be worst.

So anyway, I headed over to the Lenovo booth because I kinda already decided to get their Lenovo S10. So I approached one of the sales guy and asked him about international warrenty. And he told me that there was for any country and quoted me a price of about $100 over, close to $200, from a brochure.

I then walk away to the side to discuss with Lyn a bit and decided to get it. So I went back and approached another lady. She was really nice but she wasn't very sure about international warrenty, so she got another guy to help me, who told me this time that the international warranty was $99 for three years, but only limited to South East Asia.

Okay, I sort of already guessed that the first guy was kind of blur,and expected that he might have given me the wrong information. Lyn also commented that maybe it's their first day on the job.

So I double-confirmed the price of the warranty,and I also asked about the battery. The guy confidently told me both the price of the warranty and the battery was at a discount for the IT Show, but I can only get it from the redemption counter.

I then made my payment,and lugging my newly purchase netbook, fought my way to the redemption counter. Only to face this very unprofessional lady who acted like she was having coffee instead of serving customers. She was not rude or anything, but she was plain unhelpful.

I asked her about the international warranty and the battery and she told me that I can only buy it from the Lenovo people. I told her that the Lenovo people asked me to approach her counter. Then she and the girl beside her started looking at this piece of paper, wondering if maybe they will be able to process the warranty afterall. But they still told me no, so I asked her to double check with Lenovo for me, and all she said was:

"I don't know. We are different people."

Yeah, whatever. Stand inside your tiny counter and rot lar!

I mean, it's already quite bad that you are not even sure of your job scope. Never mind. But if a customer ask you to check, then at least do something. Don't just shrug away with a "I don't know". It's very not customer service nor professional.

I don't care if they only pay you $2 an hour to stand there and look pretty. If you want the money, farking get the job done.

So I decided to go back to Lenovo myself to check with them. I had to walk around the area a few times before I find the lady who served me, because the place was just so freaking crowded.

And yes, I was getting really annoyed.

I told her what happened at the redemption counter, so she went to approached another guy to ask. I do have to state for the record here that she was really polite and helpful. Although her product knowledge is low, but I can see that she is trying.

Not like those christmas balls standing at the redemption counter.

So this time round, this next guy said...

I can only purchase the extended warranty and extra battery online, and that the prices is the same.

So meaning, it's not really an IT Show price?


I really don't know what's the problem here. So many different answers and I still have not gotten my extended warranty and my extra battery.

I am so going to call up Lenovo tomorrow.

But on a bright note...


PS: I am really tired now from all that IT Show crowd and hooha. And from configuring my new toy. So this entry looks crappy. There, I've disclaimed. So there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Why is it that everytime I feel like taking a dump during office hours, there will be at least one colleague in the toilet at the same time?

I DO NOT relish having someone I know listening to me take a crap, and then silently judging me for it the next time they see me.

And the annoying thing is, if all I want is just to pee or check out my reflection, the toilet will always be either empty or contains people that I don't know, and therefore do not give a crap about whether they hear me shit or not.

Only when I want to...

Arrgh. Okay, I am done ranting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Nothing like a little shopping after work to lift up the spirits! And I finally found what I've been looking for ages!

BRTC Multiplex Balm BB Cream!

This BB cream is sold out in so many Guardians, that I've almost given up hope and bought another one. I've been using BRTC's Gold Caviar BB cream, but I think it's too nourishing for my skin. It works fine on my cheeks, but my T-zone keeps breaking out. Read a lot of good reviews on the multiplex, so fingers crossed!

I also got this:

Apricot Scrub: Gentle

I need a good facial scrub and this came highly recommended from friends and Flowerpod reviews, so I thought I will give it a try. I also heard that it can be a little too "coarse", so I got the gentle one. And I really like the name; apricot scrub just sounds so... delicious. Heh.

And of course, I knew that when I reach home, I will be greeted with this:

Yaay! My package from Pichuya!

Hohoho! Happiness!

They even included two free samples of Shiseido's mask (the black and white packets). Good customer service, ey?

Okay, I am off to play with my new purchases. But before I go...

My delicious dinner, duck with preserved vegetables. Slurp.

Oh, what a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

BBQs Are Great Fun

Just came back from chalet!

Showered and is currently conducting a deep-cleansing mask which I intend to follow-up with a hydrating mask sheet.

I am such an unlikely candidate to be doing such girly pursues. But whatever.

Got a book as a birthday gift from Yiting and Co. Haha, FINALLY! A non-vain birthday present!

Chalet was fun and I ate so much BBQ food! Haha, I just kept eating and eating until I felt like I was about to burst, and then I ate somemore. Hehhehhhehehheheheheh.

Shall spend the day relaxing and watching some 女人我最大 videos on youtube. I am so addicted to them.

Okay, so this is not a particularly meaningful post. Try blogging when your brain is half fried from lack of sleep.

Till next time.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Office Tuttle


Upside: It's Friday and my hair is behaving for once. I am also looking forward to the weekend chalet.

Downside: My eyeball hurts for no particular reason. And my chin still has not cleared up!

Been really trying to take care of my skin since I came back from Macau. And it looks like it's working except for my chin. Even my forehead looks less porous. I don't know what to do! *glares angrily down at chin*

Okay, so it's literally impossible to stare down at your own chin. But have a bit of imagination, will ya?

Anyway, don't think the Pinkies are meeting tonight, but no mind. I shall have a relaxing me-time Friday instead. Thinking if I should watch a movie after work then go home for some more masking, planning to do one of the mask sheets along with the eye mask I just got, or just grab dinner and go home to watch dvds while conducting the abovementioned masking.

Eyyy, I really want to catch "He's Just Not That Into You" though.

Okay, no mind. The day is still long.


But I know the weekend is going to be fun.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Likey Foo Fighters!

Been working on a couple of new personal projects recently.

It's nice.

I have really forgotten how much I used to enjoy occupying my time with pursues that challenges my mind and fulfills the knowledge-thirsty part of me which is constantly searching for some form of meaning in life.

I am trying to get these personal projects going so that I have something to do when I leave.

I plan to occupy my days with lots of research and different kinds of experiences, amidst the wait for a more final plan to come through.

Whatever it is, it's always nice to have a plan and a goal in mind. It makes a person more driven and determined to get things done.

At least that is how I feel right now.

Like I said, it's nice. Real nice.

A Masking Experience


I think I literally tore half of my face off!!!

Scary huh?

But I hereby put to you that such pain is common in the pursue of beauty.


Anyway, what I did was to conduct a peel-off mask on myself today. Namely the very popular peel-off mask made famous by 女人我最大. Commonly known as the Shiseido Black Mask but which has the official name of Shiseido Vital Perfection Mineral Mud Blackhead Removal Mask.

I ordered it because my friends said it's really good and it came in the post today. I was really excited about it at first, because although I am using a really good deep-cleansing mask, I felt that a good peeling is in order from time to time too.

So I did it.

And it hurts like a goddamn m*therf*rker. Yes, it is THAT painful that I was actually swearing as I was tearing it off.

Tears actually came to my eyes as I was tearing it off and I even accidentally peeled off a couple of eyebrow hairs along with it.


Oh well, but at least my face looks really clear and smooth now.

But the damn thing says to do it 2 - 3 times a week? Siao boh?


Monday, March 02, 2009

Counting Down Now

I know there are some people who are disapproving of my decision.

Some of them are those that I care about greatly and whose avoidance of the issue and even me has really somewhat affected me.

All I can say is that I really feel that this is something I want to do, at this stage of my life.

I do not seek understanding because I am feeling a lot of stress and dread about my decision myself.

All I wish for is that, if you are truly my friend, give me the moral support I need. Even if I come home empty-handed someday.

But I am really grateful to my supportive parents, especially my mum who seem to understand, and perhaps foresaw this day. And the handful of friends that gave me a lot of advise despite not really knowing if it is a good idea.