Friday, September 30, 2005


I felt so sad when I read this blog.

Go read it. See if you can find yourself, or someone who you feel that you can cry for.

If I am to write something like that, like things about myself that I don't talk about because I don't feel comfortable about them, here are some of the things that I will write. Because I feel that compared to some of the things that many others had gone through, this is nothing.

"Sometimes I will imagine the people I hate dying violent deaths. And I actually enjoy it."

"I am easily jealous of people who are better than me, and will sometimes do the above to them. Even my friends"

"Ugly people freaks me out, but I pretend that I am not."

"There is a possibility that I will marry someone because he's rich, and not because I want to marry him."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Movie Alert!!!

Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

Plot outline: A lonely architect (Ruffalo) falls for the spirit of beautiful woman (Witherspoon) who used to live in his new apartment. --

I don't know when it happened, but Reese Witherspoon has become very watchable for me. I heard that she's very serious on set, and not at all funny. But anyway, I think the storyline is enough to get me go watch, and judging from the pictures, Reese Witherspoon looks fantastic. It's also based on a book, and that alone is good enough for me. Possible cry-movie. I love cry-movies!!!

Hopefully it reaches my beautiful little island soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Something Or Something Else?

FRUSTRATION!!! I think I might be turning animalistic with all these frustrations. I cannot decide whether to go with something or something else. Trying to decide is very hard!!! It's kinda hard to explain, the whole thing is complicated. Just that I have to make a choice between this or that. It's like choosing between Eric Bana and Christian Bale!!!! ARRRRGH!!!! Help!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yaay, my first ever Eric Bana collage!!! Actually, I think it's the first time I ever did a collage for someone other than myself. Ahhh, the joys of being selfless.

And this is my dinner. There're two types of eggs, fish fillet, sweet and sour fish, and fishball soup with vegetables and FISH SLICES (that is not visible). Looks like someone is being very creative with the food she can work with. And look at the nice tupper containers used, who needs plates anymore?

And last but not least...


And the innovation goes on...

I do think that there may be a possibity that I may be crazy? Hmm...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Tie Dan

The "tie dans" (literally means metal eggs) that Celia bought for me from Taiwan! They are eggs that are stewed with herbs and spices until they are really hard and rubbery. It's a really nice snack. I ate the smaller version once thanks to a colleague, Weiman, who brought it to the office for us, and I just love it!!! But it's really high in cholesterol and calories and all the yadas, so it's not very healthy, I think. Anyway, THANK YOU SIAO CHAR BOH!!!

When I Am Bored

I try to be innovative...

Just in case the, erm, innovative image gets stuck in your head, here's a friendlier one:

Property Agent #453920
Quote: "The best interest of your property is my best interest!!!"

What? I said friendlier, not prettier.

Just A Few Things

Okay, I have a few things to blog about, so try to keep up. And to help those who might be inept, I included titles. Yaay, TITLES!!!

The Magnets
Went for The Magnets' performance today, and they were awesome! I have always wanted to attend an a cappella performance, and I am so glad that I was not disappointed. The Magnets are kinda like The Ten Tenors, but music-less style. They are certainly as funny as The Ten Tenors. The similarities makes the differences so much better. I especially like the beatbox (I guess most people do), the guy is like woot! How does he do that? I think that he is almost definitely, though not absolutely, a cheongster. The way he moves to his grooves. Woot! Let's all give a round of applause to The Magnets! They were fantastic.

I went to watch The Red Shoes after after after the concert. Big day for me, huh. It's a strange movie. I am not sure I totally get the story. I might have to do some research. It kinda reminds me of Dark Waters, but with shoes. And the shoes are really more pink than red, but I guess "The Pink Shoes" doesn't have the same ring as "The Red Shoes"

Richard Gere Visa Platinum Advertisement
I am a wuss, everytime I watch that Richard Gere advertisement where he bought many many birdieeeeees to help give good fortchune to the liiiiittle girl's bratherrrr, little tears comes to my eyes. It's just such a sweet gesture. Never mind that it is only an advertisement and he has probably never so much as bought a feather for any stranger Indian girls, and that the birdies probably cost next to nothing compared to how much he earns. Still, such a nice advertisement. And does any one catch the idea of getting Richard Gere to be the spokesperson for Visa Platinum, while Catherine Zeta Jones is just regular Visa? Keke, gives me a chuckle everytime I think of it.

And Finally, Something About Horror Movies
First Japan did it, then Korea did it. Hong Kong and Hollywood have always been fooling around with it. And then, Thailand also did it, and Singapore is not far behind in following (copycats that we are). And now, PHILIPPINES???!!!?? Sooner or later, we will see Bali and Batam also doing it, maybe Pulau Ubin and St John's Island can also join in the fun. Tsk tsk tsk. What is about people and horror movies. I could say the same for myself, I am forever watching them despite the fact that out of 10 of them, 8 have the same storyline, 6 have the same ending, and all of them have the same long-haired, pop-out-of-nowhere and/or lurking-behind-you ghost to scare you somewhere in the movie. Sigh...

Okay, I am done! Yes!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Similarities Between Eric Bana and Christian Bale

i) They both have similiar features and are dark-haired.

ii) Their last names begins with the letter 'B'.

iii) They both played comic heros with the first name 'Bruce' which also begins with 'B'.

iv) Both of them can change their accents according to the nationality they are portraying even though Bale does it better.

v) Both of them became known for portraying characters who are murderers (Bale's Patrick Bateman and Bana's Mark 'Chopper' Read.

vi) They both have nice native accents.

vii) They are both hot.

viii) I like both of them.

That's all I can think of, but these guys should be brothers! Will post again when I think of more. By the way, how many 'i's do I put behind the 'v' before I have to switch to 'x'? I don't really get my roman numerals, or is that what they are called?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Something About Bloggers

Just read somewhere that people who blogs online are actually exhibitionists that probably lack attention in their real lives, and rely on blogging to seek that urge to be heard. It also states that people who spends a lot of time on blogging might actually be suffering from actual psychological problems.

Oh yeah, I am definitely an exhibitionist. I actually like to walk around my block in Las Vegas-style drag costumes ala Miss Congeniality II, with lots of feathers, and I would actually offer to sign autographs with the feathers and the ink pad that I carry in my bra fashioned from aluminium foil.

And when I feel that I am being neglected by my belly-dancing father and Greek tragedy actress mother (which validates my Las Vegas drag-showgirl urges), I would come online to blog about my wounded feelings of being such a perfect, resplendent being that everyone around hates me and refuses to join in my "It's Raining Men" dance.

Other than that, I also have a nail polish-sniffing psychologist whose only response to my problems is "And how does that make you feel?" and "That's an enchanting colour you have there on your nail. Do you think they have that in coral?" And when I feel that even he cannot satisfy my urges to be heard, I would run home, sobbing and weeping to make a record of my thoughts at this sweet little spot call "".

Oh yeah, only the nuts blog only, alright. -_-

PS: Hey! Broke my personal record! 5 posts in a day! YEAH!


Just showered and shampooed my hair at 4 am in the morning. It's DAMN COLD!!! I think it's good that my need for personal hygiene overrides my urge to live to a good old age without any form of ailments. Kudos!

Smile, You Are Going To Get Confused.

Wow, everyone is blogging about something serious, so I guess I should also contribute some sobriety into my existence. Not that I am a drunk or anything, but the way I live my life, it's almost like I am consuming nothing but vodka and olives for sustenance. Bleh, inside joke.

Say something smart, say something smart. Hmm, what can I say that will be absolutely smart and impressive? Neh, I've got nothing! Zilch! Niente! When they say that you have nothing to say, then speak from the heart. Well, then, I HATE PEACUPHEAD!!!

Who the heck is PEACUPHEAD? He's the guy who ruined my life, that's who he is. I don't really want to put down his name, because I don't want to give him any sort of satisfaction that he had made any impact whatsoever on my life. Yeah! I still have my pride! But he did. Damn, humans are strange creatures. We are extremely capable of twisting things to make life easier for ourselves.

Peacuphead was the guy I used to liked. A lot. He's smart, funny, not harsh on the eyes, and he's not boring. Where do you find guys like that anymore? Anyway, obviously nothing ever happened with him, and a few years down the road now, I realise something, he has ruined all guys for me. I cannot seemed to stop comparing the guys that I meet with him. Despite the fact that I seriously do not believe that I still have any form of romantic feelings for him, I just cannot seem to stop using him as a statboard, where I pin all the new guys I meet on and start comparing. It's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong for me to do that. But hey, don't judge me, even ugly and fat girls would like to have the option of comparing, not that I am ugly, though I do admit I am bigger than I would like to be...

Anywho, people who don't know me very well always find it hard to believe that I have never dated anyone before. Well such people, have you seen my pictures when I was fifteen? I could give Henry from I Not Stupid a run for his money, cute as I was. People who knows me better are encouraging me to maybe be less picky and more feminine or whatever.

I guess it's always easy to start wondering if anything is wrong with yourself, when you overshoots the normal amount of time to be so single. But I would like to say for the record that I am not picky. Guilty about the not feminine, but I am really not picky. I don't have a long list of guidelines as to what the guy I would like to end up with has to be. I don't have weird fetishes that may or may not affect a healthy relationship, except maybe that once in a while, it is mandatory for said guy to chase me around (another inside joke). The bottonline is if he's the one, I will be able to feel it in my bones, and the whole shebangs begans, you know.

To be really honest with myself and with probably some totally virtual strangers that may be reading (apparently, I am getting some anonymous readership, hello to you anonymous people! *waves waves*), all I want is to be swept off my feet. I am just sitting here, waiting for the guy with the right broom to come along and start sweeping. But so far, it's like all the ones that comes around are carrying mops. Men out there! We girls do not like to be moped. Sweep! Sweep! Sweeping is the thing! All we want is a good sweeping! Who would want a wet, sloppy mop, when we can have the latest Nimbus one gazillion-thousand?

I sound delirious, and maybe a little drunk, but somehow I do think that I make a little sense, don't I? I have lost track of the whole point of this little exercise. I started out wanting to write something nice and sensitive. Ended up not exactly sure what my point is. Hmm, maybe I should switch to something lighter, like Scotch or Chardonnay. On the rocks. ^___________________________^


Hay-Balls Roll & Roll

Am watching Troy at present moment, and just have to comment about the scene where the Trojans attacked the Greeks. That was some really smart attacking tactic. Taking advantage of the fact that they are at higher ground than the Greeks, the Trojans shot some firey arrows down to the sand below, and tossed down some hay-balls or whatever balls those are. Hay-or-whatever-balls roll and roll, catches fire upon reaching the spot where the arrows were shot, and continued to roll, roll and roll down to burn the hell out of the Greeks' camp. Poor Greeks in the movie probably don't even know what hit them.

Pretty smart, eh?


According to Xiao Zhen Zhen aka Eden, a blog is boring without pictures. Okay, so I will post pictures alright. I will post the butt off the load of pictures. Not sure what I am trying to say there. Okay, let's see.

Eric Bana. Suddenly I am mad about him again. I like this picture, there's just something something. Enough said.

Okay, so I lied. I only have one picture to post. I love Eric Bana.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Watching Quidam for the second time tonight, with a better view, it was amazing and fantastic. I never failed to be mesmerised by the magic of Cirque Du Soleil. I swore that there were tears in my eyes, or was it because my contact lens were irritating my eyes?

Anywho, here's a further interpretation of Quidam, beyond what is told to us, according to my perception. Take note of MY PERCEPTION, what I think that the show is trying to convey. It is not accurate or official. I just like looking at it this way.

Zoe, a girl who is constantly being ignored by her parents, and extremely frustrated because of that. At one point of the show, when presented with a group of girls who dresses like Zoe, it seems that the father is unable to recognise which one is his daughter. So in comes Quidam, who I think kind of resembles some kind of Guardian to this other dimension and is trying to seduce Zoe over to his world. He drops his hat, perhaps intentionally, which Zoe picks up and propels her and her parents into the world of Quidam.

She first encounters the German Wheel, which is kind of like a transportational device that brings her to the world of Quidam, and then the girls with the Diabolos, who are like the gate-keepers, guarding the door to this alternative world.

The world of Quidam is kind of like a magical land, where everyone seems to be concerned only with having fun, playing around and generally being happy. To me, it seems like this is an alternative world, where people who are really unhappy or dissatisfied with the real world escapes to spiritually, to ran away from their problems. And here, Zoe meets all these characters, like Boum-Boum, the Aviator, the Target, all the other people who has dropped in this world like her, and she started to join in all their fun.

It also appears to me that the contortionist seems to be some kind of representation of Zoe's mother. Some kind of inner struggle to break free from the red sash (a representation of the red dress she is wearing), "to fall", but everytime she tries, she is trapped by the sash.

As Zoe continues to play with these characters and people in this magical world, she realises something. As time goes by, and the longer that these people remains in this world, they start to become something else, the Les Égarés, people who become lost as a result of their sufferings. Despite having fun playing around, and being happy, if the people in the world of Quidam do not find their true happiness, and return to the real world, they will eventually change into the Les Égarés (ooo, I love this word).

Eventually, when Quidam comes for his hat, Zoe has to make a decision to either stay in this world to avoid her unhappiness, eventually becoming one of the Les Égarés, or go back to the real world, and try to find the answers to her problems.

This is so beautiful. It's amazing how though-provoking a show like that can be. There are certain parts where I cannot find any obvious meanings and just came up with it myself. But I do feel that there is a strong sense that all the people in the world of Quidam are escaping from the real world, and each and every one of them has their own stories. I can probably watch it ten thousand times and come up with a new theory each time. Fascinating.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jesus, Christianity & I

Sensitivity Alert!!! If you are a Christian, please either read this with an open mind, or stop reading now if you are going to get all defensive. I don't mean disrespect of any kind to any one. These are my true thoughts and feelings about Christianity.

By sheer chance, I came across an article about the Shroud of Turin, which was allegedly the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, and contains an imprint of his face. It's a highly controversial piece of artifact, and probably no one will ever be able to find out the whole truth behind it.

Extremely interested, I began reading up more about this shroud, and also about Jesus Christ. It's a pretty daring gesture on my part, considering the whole religious dilemma situation that I had a couple of years ago. But I feel that I should be able to look at this as a form of study, to know more about this highly controversial man who walked this World thousands of years ago, and had so greatly impact so many people throughout all these years.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly my feelings as I read about his life. I try to imagine Jesus, as a man, creating miracles everyday of his life, his eventual cruxification, and the image of Jesus in my mind, which is the image of a bearded, long-haired man that Christians prayed to. Suddenly, the whole idea of why Christians love Jesus so much became so much clearer to me.

It's always different to look at the background of a religion as an outsider, and as a devotee. I have always been very exposed to Christianity, I even prayed before meals in nursery and kindergarten classes when I was younger. But I guess I always try to look at it from an outsiders' point of view, kinda like reading about a myth, finding it interesting and leaving it at that. Now that I actually know more about it, and have a clearer picture, it's very affecting. I cannot really describe exactly what the feeling is. Maybe this is how Christians first felt when they felt Jesus trying to reach out to them.

I am a big believer of fate. I am pretty sure that it is not by chance that I chanced across the article on the Shroud of Turin. There are many instances in my life that I have felt the pull of Christianity, that Jesus is actually reaching out to me. So many times that I have wondered if maybe, just maybe, I am destined to be a Christian after all.

And so many times, I have come through, still a Buddhist. I have said before that if I can have two religions, I will be a Buddhist and a Christian, because these are the two religions that have a lot of impact in my life. And I still stand by that.

People don't really see me as the religious sort, because I don't really portray the picture of a devoted Buddhist. But I do feel that Buddhism is the way of life for me. There are times when inner struggles are too hard for me to deal with, and the wisdom of Buddhism help me see things in a different perspective. There are times when I feel fear, whether for myself or for the people that I care about, and I feel that there is always someone looking over my shoulder, protecting all of us. I really feel that part of the reason why I am happy most of the time is because Buddhism helps me to find peace with myself and with a lot of things in life.

I feel that whenever this pull of Christianity comes to me, I pull out Buddhism like a shield, as if to protect myself. I don't know. Sometimes, such things comes naturally to a person.

Maybe someday, I may convert to become a Christian, or I may die a devoted Buddhist. It's hard to say where someone's faith may lead her. I guess it's all up to fate, and I am willing, and more than glad, to explore any path that is offered to me. But right now, I remain a Buddhist who has strong beliefs in Christianity.

Here's something I read that I find really interesting and uplifting, despite the fact that I am not too pleased about the tiny hint of downplaying of the other religions. But it may just be me being overly sensitive because the word "Buddhism" is in there. I just don't like it when people compare religions in a "which is good, which is not" way. Every religion is special and unique in their own ways and to their own devotees. There shouldn't be any comparisons.

"The resurrection of Jesus is what makes Christianity unique and radically different from Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Judaism, and Islam. In fact, the validity of Christianity hinges on the proof of the resurrection of Jesus. If the resurrection never took place, then the Christian faith is based on a lie and people have no true hope for life after they die. But if it is true, then we can do nothing else but accept Jesus as Savior and Lord and receive his gift of love and forgiveness."

PS: I do believe that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus, because I believe that miracles like that do not just happen. Something great created it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Short Note

Too full to blog, so just a short note.

SNOW WOLF LAKE RAWKS!!! LOVE JACKY!!! He's such a great singer. If I do say so myself, he is one of the grestest Chinese male singer.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Paragorn... BORING!!!

You know how sometimes you meet a person and discovers that this person is exactly what you want to be. In short, you want to be that person *loud, stabbing music signifying discovery*. Haha, I am watching too much Scrubs.

Anyway, when such a person appears, you just cannot help feeling jealous, right? By you, I really do mean myself. But not one to appear self-centered, I am using "you" to include you, whichever nosy individual is reading my blog right now. The usage of "whichever" is a form of respect to the non-humans reading my blogs. I do know some aliens and animals who talk.

Back to the topic of this person who is everything I want to be. Seriously speaking, I don't really like her that much. Not jealousy speaking, just that she may have everything that I want to have - she's nice, smart, pretty, already born into money, so she don't have to worry about things like study money or a career that pays well -but the thing is she's extremely dull.

It's really boring when a person is so nice that there's nothing to talk to her about, because she wouldn't gossip. And everything you ask her, she is bound to be positive and supportive. She doesn't get angry over anything, it's like there is nothing malicious or negative underneath that perfect package. And worse! SHE DON'T LAUGH AT JOKES OR EVEN TELL JOKES. Everything someone jokes about something, she smiles and that's it. Grr. Is she a robot?

I know I am being extremely mean and bitchy here, but I just don't get it. I guess He who creates us is really fair after all. There is really no such thing as a perfect person.

New Skin

Spend the last 4 hours trying to change my blogskin and I finally did it! Yeah! A small tribute to Quidam which is in town currently, GET YOUR TICKETS PEOPLE!!!

Anyway, this skin took me only like maybe 1 or 1.5 hours, I actually spent so much time because I was trying to get a good skin to modify. After endless searching through blogskins after blogskins of difficult div codes that I simply cannot understand, I finally tried using an original Blogspot template, and voila. It's always best to use the originals. It's way easier to understand and I finally got this final product. I don't really want something complicated so I am happy with this one. Yaay, a Quidam blogskin!!!

But there's one thing that I don't like, I would rather the whole thing to be on the left side rather than in the center, but I can't seemed to create a space between the left monitor line and the whole blog, any ideas? Please help!!!

Haha, when I get some time and patience, I need to seriously start studying using div, it's a really snappy tool but difficult for me to understand. KNOWLEDGE! KNOWLEDGE!!!

Heehee, I have a Quidam blogskin. Hehhehhehheh.

Long-Winded, But Heartfelt

Trying to make up for lost time, I am trying to blog more now that I am getting my groove back. It's hard to adjust yourself when you just came back from a holiday, but I have to sometime, and now is as good a time as any. I am so lucky to have so much time to adjust. POOR SHUEN LYN STILL HAS TO GO TO LESSONS!!!

Anyway, I shall now blog about what a beautiful girl I am. Haha. For some reason, after I get to know someone for a while, they will start telling me that I am actually quite a good-looking girl. Praising my eyes, my complexion, telling me that I have a nice smile, sometimes that the whole composition of my face is nice. And then after a while, they stop praising me altogether. Why is that so? Maybe because after a while, they know that I do know that I have a nice face. I also know very well that I have fat arms and monstrous looking thighs. So I have an ugly body, but a nice face. Ahhh, He who creates us is fair, ain't he?

Well, most of them will also get acquinted with this enormous thing known as my confidence, also known as my self-centerness or my ego. I've been called names, and they are many people who says that I think I am so much cuter than I really am, yada yada. These people can come and kiss my arse, which happens to be rather gigantic too.

Despite the fact that I do like having a nice face, because sometimes, there are benefits that comes with a nice face even though everything below the neck is hideous, but having a nice face is not the most important thing to me. Everything below the neck spoils it anyway.

So why am I so confident?

Because I cannot afford to be. I really have nothing to be confident about, I am rather average in every aspects. I cannot afford to be confident, and that makes it affordable for me to be confident. Makes sense? Look at it this way, when you have nothing to lose, then why not just do it? Because I have nothing to be confident about, I have nothing to lose by being confident.

Let's say if a person is confident because she's pretty, if and when she lose her looks, she will lose that thing she can be confident about, hence she cannot afford to be confident anymore. Me, I am just confident because I have nothing to be confident about, and I cannot lose nothing, so I can be confident. And one day, if I gain everything, there's more reason to be confident, right? Ha, this is not really for people without half a brain, so take your time, alright?

It all boils down to being able to like what you are, and see parallels between your good and bad points. I like being quite an intelligent person and of course there is my nice face, my ability to be a nice person, how much I love little animals, and how easy I can be content with the simple things. And I try not to let my monstrous thighs stop me from walking faster, not to give in to my stubbornness and mean-spirited nature, and overcome all the pessimistic stuffs with all the good and wonderful things, like cute little puppy dogs and a HUGE slice of water-melon.

I am not saying that I am right all of the time, there are times when my confidence did nothing but harm to me, but that's the fun in it, right? And sometimes when I start to despise what I am, I try to move back to a stage when I liked myself better, and re-evaluate what it is that I must do to go on from there.

And also, there is really no such thing as "I don't care what other people think of me". Because almost everyone cares. People who really don't care are those in rags of clothing who are hardly scrapping by enough coins from virtual strangers to buy a decent meal. Those people really don't care. As long as you comb your hair, take a shower or wear nice clothes, you care, even a tiny little abit. People who keep saying that they don't care are liars and/or attention-seekers. Because they are saying that to impress people, and that shows that they care.

As for me, I like to think that the opinions that matters to me are those of the people who truly cares about me, and whom I care about. Because the people who truly cares about you will be the ones who looks out for you, they will respect your opinions, but also point out when you are making a mistake. These are the people who deserves to be cared about. As for the people who falls outside of this category, they can go fly lalang for all I care.

Haha, I really do think that I am so much better than I really am, don't I? Screw that, I am happy. That's all that matters.

Something About OCD

Well, I supposed I should blog, even though I am suffering from post-holiday sadness. SO SAD!!! I WANT TO GO BACK TO THAILAND. Okaaay, so I supposed I should be all deep and stuffs in my blog, it's so hard to fight with the urge, isn't it?

I seriously think that I have very minor OCD, which is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The urge to do certain things in a certain way, and being very affected in a certain way if there is a failure to do so. I read up quite a bit on it and I really think that I have very minor OCD.

One of the compulsive habits that I have is that I have to count everything starting from 1. Haha, not many people seemed to know this because I don't count aloud, but if I miscount, I have to start all over again, even if I don't have to start from the beginning. Like notes that I know is already in tens, I will just count them again, even though I am pretty sure they are in tens. People just think that I am careful with money. It's not very serious. But I am always very slow at counting stuffs. Dear friends, do try to take note in the future, eh?

I read that it is helpful to keep track of all the compulsive behaviours that you have. So I tried to take note, it's quite interesting actually, as long as you are not afraid that you might be going crazy.

So, some other possible compulsive behaviours that I have are:

i) I have to rearrange stuffs to go from first to last, like trilogies, videos with different episodes, etc.
ii) I have to put things with same patterns together.
iii) I have to put things in terms of their sizes, from smallest to biggest.
iv) I will straighten a ruler according to my perception.

So far these are the things I have come up with. Again, not very serious. I don't supposed it's very serious, because I notice that my parents have certain obsessions too. Sometimes minor obsessions are so common, that no one really classifies it as OCD. Like my mum has to wash her hands whenever she passes by a sink, and my dad has to poke the holes in the elevator doors with his car keys. It is really not as crazy as it sounds. It's pretty normal actually. Maybe if you just take note, you might notice the little obsessions you have too.

A little interesting note: People who lives in big cities tend to have little obsessions than people who don't live in cities, like maybe island people or country people. Interesting eh?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Singapore, I'm Home!!!

It's good to be home!!! I am tired so I won't blog too much, but I just want to brag about my personal conquests.

i) 2 Triumph maximisers, 1 Party bra.
ii) 2 Levis tees.
iii) 3 bags.
iv) 3 pairs of shoes.
v) Facial, massage at spa.
vi) Ate at restaurants, lu bian tans.
vii) yada yadas and stuffs I bought for my friends and family.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Before I Go...

Yaay, off to Thailand. Or rather, I will be off to Thailand as soon as I get ready. In the typical excitement before a trip, I was not able to sleep very well, thus waking up about 1 hour before I am supposed to, so I came on to blog a bit before I start getting ready.

Seriously, I've been to Thailand a few times before, there's no call to get so excited. But the shopping, oh my gawd, the shopping. And I am not a very shopping person! Ha. Well, I foresee A LOT of shopping. Yeah!!! I wonder what kinda of stuffs I will bring back this time.

Anyway, I am done here. Be back on Monday. =]]]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Something... Something...

I finally figure why I don't get along with this girl that I know, despite the fact that we are both fans of Shinhwa. Because that's the only thing we have in common, nothing else seems to mesh at all.

She's very pro-Chinese and I am definitely very pro-ang moh. She's into extreme Asian stuffs, and not just Japanese, Korean, Chinese pop culture kinda of Asian stuff, but Chinse Literature, Chinese historical culture that kinda of stuff. And I am a English Lit student. Big clash of ideas.

My ideal place of travel is Europe, and hers is China. And the weird thing? I am actually more Chinese than her. She's speaks English all the time, while I cannot NOT speak Mandarin. She's from one of those "good" schools where everyone speaks English, and behave like they are ang mohs, while I was from a secondary school where most Chinese like to speak in Mandarin and/or Hokkien and behave like gangsters (even the girls). So different.

Ah, what to do, you cannot expect to get along with everyone. At least we are not enemies. I hate it when people question my authenticity as a Chinese. I am proud of my own culture, I am just not very interested in it. Plus, I really look at myself as a Singaporean.

Anyway, I am so tired from shopping for toiletries! IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO FIND SMALL TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE AND L-SIZE DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR!!! Everything is free size. Well IF IT IS REALLY FREE SIZED, THEN HOW COME I CANNOT WEAR IT? Stupid disposable underwear companies. Oh, and don't feel sad for me, I used to have to wear maternity. When you've been there, you kinda feel great about being able to fit into an L size.

But anyway, I managed to find it (after taking a bus which totally costs too much, since when did 3 bus stops costs 90 cents??!!??), I finally managed to find the L sizers, but not the toothpaste. Okay, I shall just not brush my teeth with toothpaste in Thailand. DAMN YOU, TOOTHPASTE COMPANIES.

On a side note, the people at CPF Board (Woodlands Branch) were very helpful and friendly. They really do behave like it's the best job in the World. Wow, they must be paid a lot. But good service, very polite, very nice. In fact, today, all the people I met were really polite and nice. There's the people at CPF, the people at Watson's, Guardian's, even the irritating insurance people acted real nice when I rejected them. Hmm, is it me or is it them? *HORROR* AM I LOSING MY FIERCENESS? AM I NOW NOT SCARY ENOUGH ANYMORE? DAMN!!!

Alright, so to sum up, I am pro-ang moh, I wear L size disposable underwear, I am not going to brush my teeth with toothpaste in Thailand and everyone is nice to me today. And I hate it when people make everything to be about them. =]]]


YEAH!!! HELL YEAH!!! Allow me this moment of giddy victory. I have completed my essays, and two days ahead of time! My last two of the year, consisting a total of 3500 words, and roughly about 5000 plus the ones I threw out. Ha, just trying to make myself feel more achievement. It's a good feeling.

But on the down side, I heard some shocking news that may possibly have a negative effect on the Thailand trip. Something that I have never expected to happen. I don't want to go into details due to the sensitivity of the issue, but I really hope that the problem will be resolved soon. Courage, my friend. Courage.

Well, so now with two extra days on my hands, what should I do? What should I do? I supposed I have to reserve Thursday for buying the stuffs I need and packing. So tomorrow? Think I will stay home and relax, maybe catch a movie in the evening. Wow, this feeling. Nice... =]]]]]

Monday, September 05, 2005

Of Blogs, Opinions And Granny Wisdoms

Hmm, there seems to be some kind of War Of The Blogs going on, main players being the few well-known bloggers in Singapore like Xiaxue, SPG or whoever is the big thing in Blogillywood now, and the people who either love or hate them. It's like a whole celebrity zone. Heehee, Blogillywood, heehee.

I am not someone who takes blogging seriously, so it's kinda hard for me to imagine the amount of effort and work they put into their blogs. A typical blog entry of Xiaxue goes on and on, complete with pictures and fully-explored insights. It's an interesting read, really, if you are into the type. SPG's blog is full of these euphemisms that I don't really like to read. I get enough of "serious readings" from my texts. I want something funny, something relaxing, something that I can make judgements on and have a ball doing it. SPG is one serious person, but again, her blog can be interesting if you like the type.

To me, blogging is just some way of practicing some non-serious writing. I do an average of 2 essays a month, and there are plenty of readings I have to do in between. Even though I usually try to research on the Internet to save time, because you can really find the good stuffs online, there are still a lot of "serious readings" to do. Compared to the few thousand words that I have to write per month, having to make sure that every sentence means something, and not just incessant ramblings, blogging is stress-free zone.

Blogging is supposed to be fun! It used to be fun! When did it become so serious? One thing I don't get is why some people seems to hate something, but they keep on going back for more. Like all the Xiaxue haters and the SPG bashers. Why is there this constant need to pass judgements on them. Do it once, and move on!

I thought that Xiaxue is condescending and considers herself to be so much better than she really is, so I stopped going to her blog. Occasionally (dammit! how many Cs, Ss and Ls are there in this word?), I will go back and read some of her entries and think about what a better person I am compared to her, and that's about it. But there are actually people who go back constantly to bash her and argue with her, and I think it's really strange. Do these people actually expect her to agree with them, that she's a skanky whore without a brain? Maybe they really like her, and wants to get her attention, I don't know. It just does not make sense to me.

It's the same thing going on at the IMDB boards, there are some very nasty people there, who always stick by their own opinions and criticise other people's. The name-callings are so creative that you wonder if they stayed in front of the computer the entire day just to think of those names. Seriously, are people not entitled to their own opinions anymore?

The bottomline, if there is one, here is that people are free to think what they want. If their opinions are wrong or biased or skewed, that's their thing and their problem. Feel free to correct, but why insult? Why, why?

Something that my granny used to tell me stuck with me (is there something wrong with this sentence?). She's always telling me that just because there are others who are saying or doing the wrong things, it doesn't mean that we have to be like them. We are just responsible for our own words and actions, as long as we have integrity in what we do, that's what is important. But if someone is out to bite you, bite them back. Haha, thumbs up for my grams, she's one spunky woman.

Dogs Make Me Cry

Today on my way home, I saw these 3 little puppies hiding under in hole of one of the walls of Newton MRT Station. They looked so cute, I stood there and looked at them for a while. But I told myself to walk away before I even consider bringing them home. I so love dogs. But my Mum is very anal about dogs, so I cannot even think about adopting one.

Poor little puppies, I wonder how they are now. I hope they are okay. I will probably think about them from time to time for the rest of my life. Just 3 cute little puppies playing with each other. The rain did not seemed to faze them, and occasionally, they will pop their heads out from the hole and go "yep yep yep" at the passerbys, I wasn't the only one looking at them.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. I should have done something before I walked away. But I know if I get attached to them, they will be in my thoughts for the rest of my life. Cute puppies, I hope that some kind soul will bring you home and care for you. Haiya... so sad...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Brrrrrooommmmm Brrrrrooommmmm

What an exhausting day! I woke up early to do venue collection at Act 3 Theatre, and that place is SO HARD to find! I walked the wrong way, and ended up walking all the way back to the starting point so that I can get my bearings and start over again. I had to go back again in the afternoon, and the rain really did not help. Feel so comfortable now, after a shower and lying in my bed. Being at home is always the best!

Went to watch Herbie: Fully Loaded in between the two shifts of venue collection and I have to say that Lindsay Lohan does it again! I think she really has a flair for choosing chick flicks with a good story and not-so-cheesy lines. Or maybe it's the way she portray her characters. I always enjoy watching her movies, she brings a certain something to the roles that she plays. There's just some kind of honest charm to her, and maybe it's also the right amount of girl with a little bit of tomboyishness. She seems to be giving out the I'm-here-to-have-fun-not-to-impress vibes. And Herbie is so cute! Where to find a bug like Herbie??!!?? I want!

Of course, there are the guys in the movie. Matt Dillion is just the right amount of charm and cockiness with a mean streak, exactly what I imagine a top-notch racer to be like. And I love his voice! Sexy! And Justin Long. Haha, I remember first seeing him in Jeepers Creepers and thought that he will probably never make it big as an actor, and seeing him as a loser in Ed further consolidated this belief. But now I think I gotta change my mind. He just needed the right character to play. He's so cute in HFL, and he makes a great pair with Lindsay. And I seriously think he looks like Tony Leung, who used to be my Prince Charming. Haha. So is Justin Long the new PC? Keke, I don't think so, but still, he's cute. =] And Breckin Meyer!!! I LOVE HIM!!! MARRIED TO THE KELLYS!!!

And here's proof that Justin Long and Tony Leung may be related. Hey! Even their surnames sound similar!

See? Uncanny!!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Counting down...

Counting down to Assignment Deadlines: 5 Days
Counting down to Quidam Opening Night: 5 Days
Counting down to Thailand: 6 Days
Counting down to Exams: 30 Days
Counting down to End of Exams: 32 Days