Friday, March 30, 2007


I really like this picture I am using as my new bloghead. As most people should know by now, I am always fascinated by past eras and how different they are.

Sigh... Sometimes I really wish that I am living in a different era.

Close to 0500 hours again. Wondering now if I will faint after going to SGH because I didn't have enough sleep. Think I am making too big a deal out of this. What to do? Suaku is like that one loh.


Going to SGH tomorrow to donate blood platelets tomorrow, and I am nervous! I have never even donated blood before. I have always said I wanted to, just that I never got around to doing it. And I was hesitant for a moment about it when my friend messaged me looking for A+ donors.

It's not the fear of donating something, anything, that I won't miss to save a life. It's the feeling of unsureness of doing something for the first time. Kinda like seeing an unconscious person for the first time and despite knowing that you should perform CPR, just not sure whether if you can do it right. But in my moment of deliberation, I knew that I really want to help and that if I don't do it, I will feel bad about it, probably for the rest of my life. Quite serious hor.

Sigh sigh sigh. But still, nervous sia! I have pretty much done my readings on what to expect for an apheresis procedure, but still a little apprehensive. Maybe because never done anything like it before, except the little blood test I had ten years (!!! TEN!!! I have finally reached an age where I can have memories of things done ten years ago!!! T_T) ago.

Oh well, shall stop feeling nervous about it. It will all be clear tomorrow. Expect a blog entry then.

Keke, anyone still remember back when I had a website? I had an old blog there and I had these two invisible friends, Mr V and Madame M. Kekeke!!! I think its time to revive them, no? Muahahaha!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

0500 Hours


Sigh... I can't sleep!!! Don't feel like watching the 10 hundred million dramas waiting to be watched. Don't feel like completing the last few stages of Warcraft III. Don't feel like reading the stack of books I borrowed from the library.

So I blog.

I know that my sleeping habits will eventually be my downfall. Splotchy old skin, bloaty eyebags, not to mention sleeping open-mouthed on MRTs.

But then early early mornings are so quiet and peaceful that I just find it a waste to go to sleep. There is just something about the early morning lull, I can do anything I want without disturbances or distractions. Ahhhhh, like right now. It's so serene!!! Almost like my own personal spot on the beach listening to the lapping sounds of the waves.


And what can make this moment even better?

NB!!! I am surprised that he is not sizzling yet. STOP LOOKING SO DAMN FINE, CAN BOH?!

Keke, a little somesing somesing I made. Drool people, drool!

Oh yeah, and here's a picture of the chickens in Ghost House that I was talking about.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenough said!

Anyway, I think I better get to sleep. I can't keep on blogging forever. Fun as it is, I already did more than two entries today. I think I am starting to morph into a very specific and exclusive kind of losers who always have nothing better to do but blog about silly stuffs that serves only to amuse themselves and validate their own sense of accomplishment. Not entirely unlike the typical behaviour of a BJN. Keke.

Blogging A Lot More Than Usual Recently, Eh? =]

Bahahaha! Behold! The first real cool blog that I have seen in ages!!! Awoo!!! Awoo!!!

Lao Zha Bor's Blog

I know that this blog is pretty famous in its own right already, but I am usually far off in the land of Ancient Greece catching butterflies with macho Spartans (awoo!!!), ok? So forgive me if I am always lacking in the Singapore news department.

Anyway, so cool! I really salute Ms Lao Zha Bor. She's a character surely! Heehee. Her post on Jing Jing Dian Xin was what really caught my attention at first. I PRACTICALLY GREW UP ON JING JING'S FRIED CHICKEN WINGS AND SWEET POTATO AND FRIED BANANA AND CHEE CHEONG FUN!!! *slurp* I wholly attribute my current size to Jing Jing's delicious dim sum and my dearest departed Ah Ma's indulgence. Hehhehhehhehehheh!!!

So nostalgic! I sometimes find myself wondering if the stall is still there, haven't been to the area in ages! So nice to have this little blast from the past. Awoo!!!

Ghost House

Was watching this 2004 Korean "horror" movie called Ghost House, and I placed quotations around the word horror because it was more like a comedy than a scary movie.

I love it!

Kinda reminds me of back when scary movies were also funny movies. Hehheh, guess I am one of those who grew up watching Lin Zhen Ying horror flicks. Anyway, the movie was really funny. I find my mouth wide open in amused disbelief at almost every scene.

The movie is about this guy who always dreamed of being the proud owner of his own house, and was finally able to do so by working hard for many years. However, a poltergeist in his house is simply insistent that he exit her domain. Yeah, the ghost is a female, but what's new?

So the ghost kept making funny stuffs happen like having an actor climb out of the TV ala Sadako style, grumpy sofas that flungs the guy around the living room, underwear that flies about, etc etc. There was one particular scene, with a lot of chickens clucking around the house. And I thought to myself, now that is HORROR! The idea of so many chickens will probably freak me out more than a poltergeist ever could! Eeeeeee!!! The thought of it! I have never been comfortable with feathery animals, I am more of a furry person.

But all in all, it's a good movie. Funny and entertaining. A refresh break from the many horror movies sprouting up since Sadako made her debut. Thank goodness for that!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Just a final note before I go to sleep. It's 6 am and the birds are chirping. My fangs are starting to shrivel at the thought of sunlight.

Anyway, my classmate YL commented that I am very heartlanderish. I was inordinately pleased by that. I am surprised that I was. But somehow, I was.

It was a nice feeling.

And if anyone bothers, I tweaked the blog a little. I am now known as BJN!!! Meaning and reason is at the side. Keke, wonder how long I can go on being a BJN.

*ponders meaningfully*

Jumping Over A Ledge

Today I was walking towards the MRT station to get to work when I saw a boy of about 5 or 6 years old, squatting on the edge of the stone ledge of a raised carpark wall. The wall was about less than 1.5 metres tall and the boy was looking over, as if deciding whether or not to jump.

I smiled at him and he shyly stood up and started strolling along the stone wall, nonchalantly, as if trying to give the impression that he was absolutely not contemplating whether to jump or not.

This brings back memories of another child of roughly the same age, standing on another ledge, a higher wall of close to 2 metres, overlooking not cars, but a large patch of grass.

She stood on the ledge, considering herself fearless(!!!) and indestructible(!!!) among other things, yet hesitant of the consequences of jumping over such a high wall. But still, ever the embodiment of courage(!!!!) and steel(!!!!), she took a deep breath and propelled herself into the unknown...

Realising that her eyes were closed, she opened them and realised that she had landed. Safely with no painful aftermath whatsoever.

Gleeful of the results of her guts and glory(!!!!!), she promptly made her way up onto the ledge again. And as if wanting to prove the first attempt not to be a fluke, she dispatched herself again, this time with less hesitancy, over the ledge.


Ahhh, but good things apparently did not come in pairs, not in this case. This time round, her landing was not as graceful as the first, and she ended up a heap on the sticky grass, with a twisted ankle.

But of course, nothing could take away her elation at having accomplished an act of daring, twice no less! And she happily limped her way home. And although years later, the twisted ankle would give her problems from time to time, especially when she exerts a lot of pressure on it, the day was hers. She had conquered her own inner Everest and she was proud of it.

The ledge is no longer there, they took it off to build a shopping centre. But the memory of it is still brings a smile. The simple audacity of a little girl who seemed all set to challenge anything that comes to mind. I sometimes wish that I am still half that reckless girl who was willing to try anything. Yet, another part of me is glad that I lost some of that foolhardiness throughout the years.

But I do hope that the little boy succeeded in conquering his own Everest. I am sure that it would be a nice little memory for him when he grows up and no longer seeks to validate the little daredevil in him anymore. =]

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Foreign Workers

Was walking home just now and saw a couple of neighbourhood uncles arguing with the Bangladeshis who like to drink at my void deck. Yeah, I know how it sounds. A lot of friends who've been to my home before are constantly warning me to be careful. My mother is always nagging me to come home early.

But personally I feel that they are harmless. They really don't do anything but keep to themselves. Sometimes I think that maybe they deserve a break too. I mean even us, we like to go chill out, have a drink with friends from time to time. These people are so far away from home and they work really harsh jobs, so maybe we shoudln't judge them so. I do keep my eyes open though.

Anyway, the uncles were arguing with the Bangladeshis. Actually it was more like the uncles were yelling at them. They were just keeping quiet and letting the uncles yell at them. For some reason, I kinda feel like the uncles were in the wrong. These uncles are pretty rowdy, a throwback from the 60s or 70s ah bengs.

One of them kept threatening to send them back to Bangladesh. Like he had the power to do so. It was rather ridiculous. Some people are just not appreciative of these foreign workers. I may talk about them and make fun of them from time to time, but these people work really hard, and I mean REALLY hard. They are the ones doing the jobs that few Singaporeans can stand to do, spoiled people that we are. We should really give them the respect they deserve.

I remember once I was walking towards the letter box, and some of them were sitting around and were kinda in my way. They jumped up immediately like they were afraid of me or something. When I said "thank you" and smiled at them, most of them looked really surprised and some of them smiled back hesitantly, like they were surprised at the show of politeness.

It was kinda a sobering moment for me, the thought that most people would choose to look at them as "dirty or smelly banglas" than "fellow human beings" who work as hard, if not harder than the most of us.

Of course there are bad ones too, like my friend who got mugged by a foreign worker on her way home, but its not like there are no Chinese robbers or rapists out there. Its really not a matter of race or nationality, but of a person's basic goodness. I just feel that we should all have a little of basic humanity and treat these foreign workers with the respect due to them.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Book Book Book

Tadum, now for my proper post. I wasn't ready just now, I was eating an apple and I didn't want to choke. Apples can be horribly dangerous. SHIT! I just stubbed my toe on the head of my bed, TAMADE!!! PAIN KNOW! WAH LAU!!!

Okay, I am ok now. Where was I? Oh yeah, today's topic is about books! KNN, this is not a school session hor, siao kia! *slaps self on head* Sometimes ah, self-discipline is very de important know!

Yeah, books!

Anyway, I borrowed 3 books from the library about two weeks ago, and they are due this coming Monday. But because I am only halfway through the first one (I don't know why, I used to be a damn fast reader), I decided to choose one out of the remaining 2 and return the other one.

So I have a choice between Jayne Ann Krentz's Lie By Moonlight and Patricia Potter's Cold Target. It was an easy choice as Ms Krentz has always been one of my favourite authors, at one time even reigning as my favourite contemporary writer, before Ms Garwood started churning out the ultra sexy Buchannan brothers like barbie dolls.

Anyway, so I packed Miss Potter's book into my bag, intending to return it before my shift at the Drama Centre in the library. Don't get me wrong, I like Miss Potter's books, I have read quite a few of her historicals and they are wonderful reads, just that Miss Krentz's witty and sarcastic writing style is just so hard to resist.

So I carried the silly heavy bag all the way to the Drama Centre, and realised that I forgot to drop the book in the book drop. KNN... My bag so heavy already, still can forget! NB!!!

Okay, so I took out the book and placed it on my counter, to act as a reminder so that I will not forget again. And while waiting for the patrons to come pick up their tickets, I flipped the book.

And I am glad I did.

The line that caught my eye was:

"... and he was falling in love..."

Just reading the line sent goosebumps all over me. And I suddenly have this image flashing across my mind. The scene from 300, when Leonidas called out to his love in his last moments, and he had tears in his eyes. The imagery was so sudden and startling that I decided that I want to read the book afterall.

And after the first chapter, I cannot seem to put the book down. I do so love a good a book. And heavy bag or not, THIS IS A GOOD BOOK! Aaaaaahhhh, I do so love reading. =D

Say Welcome!

Children, children, please welcome the new addition to my link of cahooters, Hazel, my fellow member from the Divine Pornster Sisterhood! Keke, if you ever have a chance to hear our conversations, you will know why. We are too baaaaaad!!! =D

Current object of fascination: Gerard Butler's body! Woot!

His body is just tooooooooooo much lar dey! Good thing he let it go after finishing 300, if not ah, I don't know how he can stop himself from getting kidnapped by women and ravished. Muahahaahah.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Thoughts...

I was looking at a friend's blog today, and I read through some posts about her breakup with her boyfriend. I wasn't really sure what actually happened, but I realised that she really did cared, still care, a lot about him.

Because it was a long-distance relationship, I thought all along that maybe they were not really that serious, but reading her blog, I realise that she was, and may still be, madly hurt by the guy's cowardly treatment of their relation simply because he was too afraid. All I can conclude is, the guy's weak scum. Full stop.

In comparison, my friend is so much stronger. Refusing to even carry the hurt on her sleeve, preferring to pour out her thoughts only in moments of weakness she allows herself, which she deserves.

Ahhh, men. You are supposed to be the stronger counterpart, but so far in my life, all I have seen are weaknesses in one form or another. Not that you are not allowed to be weak, but when your weakness hurts the people who cares about you the most - more often than not, the unfortunate women - it's almost sad to bear.

Oh well, I guess we as women do have moments where we hurt them too. So is it equal? I don't know... But still, MEN BUCK UP!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Stuffs To Watch

Finally updated my lists for 2007! Behold the movies I want to watch in 2007! Hoho, the anime and book list haven't been updated because I have not been watching anime much, and I still have not read those books. I shall try to do so in 2007! Gee, I feel better just thinking about accomplishing these things. Hiak hiak.

Anyway, I just visited and updated myself with the upcoming movies of my favourite actors like Christian Bale, Eric Bana, Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig and of course the latest addition, Gerard Butler. I am quite happy that they all have more than a couple of movies lined up. Especially Eric Bana, he seems to have a few interesting films to show off. Woopie! Seems to me like Munich was AGES ago! It's about time! Really looking forward to Lucky You, I like Drew Barrymore too, so yaay!

But do I even have time to watch movies? I have at least 10 series, 5 English, 3 Hong Kong, 2 Taiwanese, 3 Japanese, 3 Korean, to watch. And just counting like that makes it 16, and not forgetting the tons of animes that I have not watch. I HAVE NO TIME!!! MY GOSH! WHY CAN'T I BE SOMEONE THAT JUST LIKE ONE OR TWO THINGS! T_T

Alright, I have to cool it, it's just stuffs to watch for entertainment, I have got to chill! *stares at the stack of DVDs she borrowed from Ivy* AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! AND THE MOVIES!!!

*stressed out*

A Poem Entitled 'Rain'

The soft falling Rain
I confide in you
All my efforts were in vain

The healing Rain
Mend what's broken
Extinguish the pain

The purging Rain
Cleanse my soul
Wash away the stain

The all-seeing Rain
I pray to you
Please help me break this chain

Monday, March 19, 2007

Stupid People Who Refuses To Do Their Work!


My goshy, goshu, gosha gosh!

*slaps head a million times and then bang head on wall a million times too*

The lack of intelligent brain cells in a certain person I know is not really something that astounds me but only serves to result in my mild amusement and high level of frustration. The thing that truly amazes me is how this person compounds the innate stupidity that he possesses by using it as an excuse for his lack of fortitude for hard work which might have been a redeeming factor for him, even though he is not a very bright fellow.



Saturday, March 17, 2007

AOW Ending! Boohoohoo...

What a hectic week!

I think this the first time in MDIS when I felt that I have done some work. And so far, it's been an interesting module (do they still call them modules?). I really like my lecturer for this course, Prof. Cindy Smith, who loves it when we call her Cindy. I still couldn't do it, I call her Mdm. ^_________^

She is such a wonderful teacher and I really feel that I have not learned enough from her. Too bad the lessons are only for nine days. =( I think she is the only lecturer we had, apart from Farha, who really made me want to go to class. Or maybe it's the subject matter. *shrugs* Anyway, Prof. Cindy is great; she is so nice and she has so much knowledge to share and so willing to share them. And the best thing is, she don't judge you by what you say or write but truly tries to understand the motivations behind them. I could gush on and on. =P

Anyway, I finished my "art" project for tomorrow, actually is later today since it's after 12. I am kind of nervous about it. I hate presentations and I tried every bit of my talentless mind to come up with something that even remotely resembles art. Hopefully I won't make a fool of myself tomorrow, I mean later. I should probably have stayed in my comfortable zone and write. But I am always very protective and sensitive about my writing, so I think it's better to do something that is more of a hobby than the only thing that I can call my talent. Not that I am a fantastic writer, but writing is about the only thing that I can say that I have confidence that I can do. But it does seem like everyone can write nowadays. Being borned without any talent is such a -_-.

Well hopefully I will survive tomorrow and do well. I don't know what is it about this course, I really want to do well for it. Strong motivation! Hehheh..

Monday, March 12, 2007

"I am not happy. But... I am not unhappy about it."

"I am not happy. But... I am not unhappy about it."

A quote from the movie History Boys, which I went for without knowing anything about. I usually like to do a little bit of research on a movie before I watch it. Read up the synopsis, know who is acting, generally act like a superior smart-ass to anyone who knows less than me. Well, that's me!

Or I am just a sucker for movie trivia. My eyes actually GLEAMED *ding ding* when people went all surprised to my announcement that King Leonidas is also Phantom Of The Opera. MY SUPERIORITY IN KNOWING USELESS FACTS AND INFORMATION SURPASSES THEM ALL! For I am kind...

OK, OK, I think my friends pretty much had it with me quoting 300 everywhere I go. I mean, I know I would probably feel like slapping the idiot who shouts "PREPARE FOR GLORY" and "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!" everywhere she goes, but that does not mean that I will stop it. I am not annoying me, know.

Anyway, back to History Boys. It was not the most exciting of movies, but it was definitely interesting. And the best thing about the movie, in my humblest of opinion, is that it is adapted from a play, with the littlest of details changed and performed by the original cast.

This is a good thing, a lot of good plays and musicals are often butchered by the directors and actors "trying" to turn it into a multi-million blockbuster. Don't get me wrong, most of them are good onscreen, but the magic and power of the stage has been bled out of them, leaving behind a what would probably become a good movie, but nary as beautiful as sitting in the audience and watching stage actors work their magic.

If you don't really get what I am trying to say, just imagine this, a small stage, no larger than half a basketball court. And if the actor can make you believe that he is bringing you, along with him, to over a dozen different places just by way of acting, the lighting and the changes of a few pieces of canvas and props, isn't that simply just exquisite?

Hmmm, I started out this post with the intention of blogging about my thoughts and feelings about happiness, and ended up blogging this far about theatre. But I do so love theatre. A lot of people don't get my fascination with it, some of them think that I am just trying to act arty.

Well, I do admit that I started out my interest in theatre productions because there are so many good-looking actors. But after repeatedly being surprised by the powerful feelings invoked just by sitting in a chair and looking onto the stage, it became something that is very much a part of my life.

I do not really have to go out of my way to convince people of my appreciation, because anyone can know from my words how I really feel about it. Theatre is art, and I think that art really do feed our hearts and our souls, and in the process we always get to learn something about ourselves. Just like how a simple quote from a movie that walking into, I knew next to nothing about, gave me a good perspective of how I feel about my life right now. Except that maybe I would like to change it just a little bit.

I am not really happy about my life right now, but I don't feel unhappy about it. This is what surprises me the most. And this is what gives me hope that a better, happier time will eventually come.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sar Ba!!!

I can just so feel this blogging vibe coming up again! Is it the time of year when I start to blog religiously again? We will see.

I finally decided to write up an entry about 300, which is the greatest movie I have seen thus far, for this year. I am not saying it is the greatest movie ever made, everyone should just know that the movie I consider to be the greatest one ever made is, well, nothing. No movie will ever be that great to me.

But 300. Awesome, awsome movie. Fighting, betrayal, conspiracy, nudity, sexuality, 300 abs filling up the entire screen. What's not to like?

Although plotwise, the movie is not really tight enough and a little too convenient in tying up loose ends, it works. Scene after scene, the movie flows and you hardly feel the length of the two hours it takes for the glorious ending of the 300 Spartans. Not trying to spoil the movie, but come on, anyone who knows their history or their Frank Miller comic, knows what happens. But the process of watching of movie is what counts, isn't it? Just like in Troy, I knew that Hector would die, but my heart still pounds whenever I watch the fight scene.

I digress.

I think the best thing about the movie is definitely the characters. Have you ever seen a movie with a lousy plot, but fantastic acting? 300 is a movie with a mediocre plot, rich in historical context (although not historically accurate), and outstanding portrayals. I keep having this idea that the Spartans are like this really bad-assed ancient gang that everyone is afraid of. And the way they war, is so beautifully done. Visual-rich!

For starters, we have Gerard Butler, the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! *starts singing* Erhm, erhm. His transformation into King Leonidas was so complete, I could hardly imagine this was the sicko pervert in P Of The O who was trying to be funny with a girl barely out of her adolescene *paedo alert!!! paedo alert!!!*. And his performance is so reminescent of Eric Bana in Troy! Except that I will have to admit, his Leonidas does appear to be more heroic than Bana's Hector (ahhhhhh, how it pains me to admit!). And the way he delivers his lines, soooo sarcastic yet witty. His Leonidas is like a really nice King to have around, but if you mess around with him, PREPARE TO DIE!!!

And of course, Faramir aka Davin Wenham! Any actor who is a LOTR alumni already won my vote, no questions asked. The way he used his voice to narrate the movie is so moving! I wished I can tell a story like he does. I only think that it is a pity that he did not get more screentime, but I think the one scene at the very end more than demostrates his acting capabilities, not that he needs to prove anything.

Rodrigo Santoro!!! He has been permenently added to my actors-to-look-out-for list. To anyone who might think that he is a lousy actor, watch Love Actually, and you will probably change your mind. I cannot imagine he is the same sweet, dreamy, handsome office hunk in Love Actually!!! Gosh, gosh, gosh! He is like a totally different person in 300! When I first saw the cast list, I automatically assumed that he would be one of the Spartans, maybe the sons of one of the warriors or something, but... HE IS ACTUALLY THE BAD GUY! What happened to sweet, dreamy and handsome? He looks mean, ugly and, forgive me for saying, transexual-like in 300. And anyone can say that I am simple-minded, but that is pretty much what I look for in actors, versatility.

So, as anyone can probably tell, I love the movie. But I have to say that I am not quite happy with certain parts of the movie, I have the feeling that it is trying to cheat me!

Example a: They say what exotic, ferocious animals from all over the World, right? WHERE? I only see rhinoceros and elephants! These people sua ku or what?

Examble b: Chemical say chemical lar! Say what magic, trying to pian siao me, right?

Example c: Erm, cannot think of anymore, but I am sure there are others.

Hehheh, but overall, it is still a great movie. Besides, which other movie in the World can you see the Hunchback of Notre Dame having a conversation with the Phantom Of The Opera? =P I thought of this during the movie, and I could not help giggling to myself. Low-class humour, I know, but I like it. ^_____^

"My life is my own, and I only have my conscience to answer to." - Hensen Moer

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Erm, with all due respect, why is he sniffing his armpits? ?_?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

At The Unearthly Time Of 4am...

I am craving for...

Chocolate cake!!!


Food, oh glo-ri-ous fooooooood!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Random Ramblings

Wah, so long never blog, now blogger is linked to gmail already leh! So impressive wor!!! -_-

I really don't understand why all these different free online thinggys have to go and link together. I actually considered creating a new gmail account just for the sake of linking it to this blog because my gmail account is used for school and work. I know most might think it's no big deal, but what if some crazy psychopath reads my blog, falls in love with me, heck into blogger to get hold of my gmail address and then reads my emails to what time I go to class and work, and then tries to stalk me? HUH? HUH? Then how?

Waaah, that would be interesting. Hopefully he looks like Christian Bale. Or Eric Bana. Or Daniel Craig. =)~~~~~~~ *slurp*

Anyway, I had an interesting CNY, consisting of a lot of mahjong sessions, and also meeting up with friends, particularly with Jacintha, Gou Gou and Qiao Fang Xue Zhang. Muahahhahah, she is going to kill me, lalalala. Keke, we even went to a "sex shop" together to get a birthday gift for her friend. It was an interesting experience to say the least, being surrounded by so many phallic-like objects of different shapes and sizes. Some were so huge that one wonders how it fits into a standard-issue sized female reproductory organ. Hahaha, put me in any sex shop and I think anyone who walks in will probably end up not buying anything. Alright, enough of the penile talk before someone calls me perverted again.

I am starting to read again recently. I cannot remember the last time I spent time with a good book. Not like the good old days when I can finish 3 - 4 paperbacks in a week. I think I really ought to start reading again to stimulate my brain more. I don't know if it is just me, but I feel like I am getting stupid. =P Anyway, I started with an easy read, Julie Garwood, can never go wrong with her, and it's almost finished. After that, I think I want to get in some thrillers that I have always wanted to read, but been putting off.

You know how sometimes when you have been a fan of a certain author for so long that you can automatically list out their books, which most, if not all, of them you have read? I think the only ones who I can do that are Julie Garwood, Julia Quinn, and maybe most of Sandra Brown's. But notice the link? All romance. I can also list out a number of good romance authors, and the bad ones, and reccommend the nice reads from the bad. I don't think that it is a bad thing, but I am such a girl!!!

Keke, of course lar, come to think of it. I AM a girl. ^________^