Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ahha. Since I am still nuaing, shall blog another entry. But this one won't be so long probably. Dad's cleaning the air-con, shall go observe him in a bit.

Was looking through some random blogs, when I came across some entries about Japan. OMG, I MISS JAPAN SOMETHING FIERCE! I really want to go back. Even if I have to go to the same old tourist spots, I am so okay with it. There is just something about Japan. And it's the first time I ever played tourist alone in a foreign country, and yet never once did I felt that my life was in danger.

I still remember Mr RB asking me to be careful or I would end up being kidnapped by porn movie makers or serial killers. But nothing of the sort! I could go to the supermarket to get GIANT MOCHIS at 12 am loh. And the people there were so nice and helpful to me. I would really love to go back, and I foresee a lot of shopping this time, because I know what I can get and where to get them this time round.

And I want my Tokyo haircut! Cut in Tokyo!

Ahhhh. I want to go back lar!!! =.=

A Great Weekend

Had a great weekend as sort of a end-of-bumming-days thing to mark, well, the end of bumming days. Went out with HJ's diving friends to celebrate one of the guys' birthdays on Friday. After having steamboat buffet at Suntec, wandered over to DXO with the intention of having some drinks there. To our amusement, they were having their anniversary and had this $1 cover charge thing. But some of the guys wanted some place quieter, so we sort of wandered over to this restaurant-bar place at Esplanade.

The place is uber ambiencey. Totally love it. Quiet, but not to the extend of being overbearing, and nice music. I am definitely more of a chill out, chit chat person than the clubbing, shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind. Anyway, we had fun chit chatting, playing silly games and doing the customary smashing-face-into-cake thing after singing the birthday song.

After the place closed for the night, headed to Jurong West with them with the intention for supper as most of them stays there, but the guys wanted to call it a night, so ended up at HJ's place with the girls, PS and Yiting. I really miss having these all-girls overnighters. Hopefully will get to it more often esp. with the Pinkies even after I have started working.

Saturday was sorta interesting. I continued snoozing even after the rest of the girls woke up and refused to budge even when they asked me if I want to order home delivery. Finally woke up at around 2, just in time for lunch! Spent the rest of the afternoon playing with HJ's doggie, watching TV, chatting with HJ. Haha, it's been a while since we spent the day nuaing together.

Evening time saw both me and HJ over at Jurong Point doing some shopping for some office wear, and I ended with five items of clothing, all of them black except for a white cardigan. I am sensing a very black working me. Kekeke.

Finally called it a day and went home at around 10 plus and was about to get ready for bed, when I got a message from MDIS pals asking me if I wanted to go to St James. Two of them are also starting work on Monday like me, and wanted a drinking session to sorta celebrate that. And so I crawled my way out to this place at Bali Lane to meet them first. And realised that its just opposite my future office. As I sat there, watching my friends trying drink their bodyweight, I can't help admiring the magnificent, wondrous building that would be my work place for the next few years. Ahhhh. It's just so GRANDE!!!

The rest of the night was pretty usual as drinking sessions with this group of pals goes for me. Observing people, friends and strangers alike, stumbling around drunkenly at Dragonfly and passing judgement on them. Laughing at my friends' entertaining antics when they are tipsy. And supper. Had a really long and nice chat reminiscing about the past 2.5 years and talking about what is going to happen from now. Was feeling kinda nostalgic. It had been an eventful time at MDIS. I am going to miss it.

So that probably marks my end-of-bumming days, as well as the MDIS phase of my life. Something new is starting tomorrow. And although I don't foresee big changes in my life, there are bound to be new things, new people. I just hope that everything that I treasure from this phase I am leaving behind, will be brought along with me to the next.

"This is the first time I ever enjoyed this walk home."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am Bum No More!

Signed on the line today, although it's not dotted. I am officially employed! I am not going to say out the company name here, because I signed on this agreement that requires me to follow certain rules when blogging about the company. So although I am actually allowed to, I am not gonna to avoid all the troublesome hocus pocus.

What I can say is that I am working as a Production Assistant for a publishing co. in Singapore. My main job is to assist the Editors. More of an admin job right now, while I pick up the ropes.

But I think I will really like the job. I will be surrounded by books. I rike~~~

I guess my blog will get a little more interesting from now on as I blog about my new job. Or not. Depending if I become too busy or lazy to blog. But I am pretty sure I will lay off the emo and/or convoluted ramblings for a while.


Starting work on Monday! Am gonna start major lazying around from now on to mourn the end of my bumming days!

Hello Stranger...

You know who you are. Just want to thank you for constantly keeping up with the drill and my life. You have been a really good friend, despite the distance. Do know that I really appreciate your always keeping a space for me in your thoughts.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Be Positive!

"The world is made up of almost perfect. It's nothing but near-misses and neccesary compromises."

I think this is one of the wisest thing I have heard in a long time. Who says that watching TV series does not educate you? Sometimes people are just too overwhelmed by the qualifications-knowledge that they can get, and simply fail to see the wisdom that just living life can bring you.

Almost perfect.

I really like the sound of it, because God knows it's true. Everything in my life so far had always been an almost perfect. But I had never really minded or ever felt lacking or inadequate in anyway. Probably because I know that an almost perfect life is so much better. Only with the downs, can you learn to appreciate the ups, and that is how they become worthwhile.

Although when I experienced my near-miss, my almost there but never quite yet, I was frustrated at how unfair life can be, I have come to the realisation that part of the reason was my unwillingness to compromise. But maybe it wasn't my compromise to give. It was just the way it was meant to be. A mistake to be learnt from. A down to be picked up.

Yeah, maybe I have regrets sometimes, and wonder about what could have been. But maybe this is exactly the way my life was supposed to be. Things that don't belong to you, people that don't belong together, everything has its own course to run.

And endings are not neccesarily bad. Because they can be the prelude to a new almost perfect, with all the right near-misses and neccessary compromises this time round.

Monday, August 25, 2008


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Sometimes we look for signs to guide us in our decisions, to tell us if the decisions we made is right. Whether we should give up or push forward. I guess in a lot of ways, we may just be searching for these signs to validate our own choices. To make ourselves happier about a difficult decision that may or may not turn out right.

But that feeling when you find a sign that encourages your choice. That is a moment which can really take your breath away. And that is something that we should really treasure.

Even if the end might not be what you hope it to be.

Maybe I really rather just stop counting the number of breaths I can take without you, than lose any moment with you that takes my breath away.

OMG, I Have To Wake Up In 3 Hours!!!


So nervous about the interview tomorrow. It's something that I can see myself doing for a while, and getting it is almost tantamount to my moving on with my life.

I need it. So badly.

Can't sleep because I am so nervous, so I spent the past hour or so doing up the new bloghead. I kinda hate it because I look really weird, but I put it up anyway because there was some effort made for it. *shrugs*

I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something is coming to an end soon. Maybe it is. I am not looking forward to it. But some changes may be good, even if it's an ending.

Arrgh. Hate.

Hard-Hearted Bitch, She Is?

A guy friend said to me the other day that despite being the softer gender, women can be extremely hard-hearted creatures. When they made up their minds to give up on a relationship, nothing a guy can do will be able to bring her back.

This got me thinking, if that was true, why are there still so many broken hearts out there, most of them female? I am not saying that only men are heartbreakers and that all women are victims. It just seems to me that the odds of a guy dumping a girl and breaking her heart is so much higher than the vice versa.

And I came to the realisation that maybe my friend is right. Women are hard-hearted or what I like to think, for lack of a better word, stubborn. And it is right that once they make that decision to move on, nothing short of a miracle will be able to change their minds. However, it is also this very stubborness that makes a woman hold on to a relationship that is already broken, that is until they decided that enough is enough.

I have this friend, Sharon, who used to have this very verbally and mentally abusive boyfriend who is extremely controlling and constantly berates her. I remember once when she was out with us, and he wanted to come pick her up at 9 pm. We were planning to have a girls' night out, and told her to maybe ask him to come at a later time. Not only did the jerk refused, he purposely came at around 8.30, ignoring everyone present and simply just kept snapping at my friend to quickly get going right in front of us.

And Sharon was with this asshole for almost four years before she eventually left him, and the reason? Not because he treated her badly all this while, but because he cheated on her. I really wondered, and asked her too, why did she only waited until he utterly and totally crushed her spirit and her heart before she decided to move on?

Her answer was that despite all his flaws, she really loved him and wanted to make things work with him. She really did believed that he would change eventually, and that he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But the final straw was his infidelity, which was simply something that she could not forgive.

After the breakup, her ex apparently thought that he would be able to browbeat her into going back to him, kept calling her, sending her sms and msn messages, saying stuffs like "you won't be able to survive without me" and "without me you are nothing." And when that did not work, he resorted to a softer approach, sending flowers, showing up at her home and work place in tears, and even tried to get her friends, the ones whom he was so rude towards, to help get her back. But of course, by this time, nothing he do could change my friend's mind.

Although she did admit to me that while she was moved by his later, softer antics, however, as with all women who willingly take all kinds of shit in the name of love, a betrayal such as cheating is more than enough to break any resolve that we have to make a bad relationship work.

And it should be good to note that about a year after she broke up with him, she met the true love of her life and is happily engaged to him now with their HDB flat on its way. Now that is the kind of love story that every girl needs to hear and believe in.

Of course I am not saying that every story is the same, and I am not advocating that all women should be hard-hearted. But given the right or wrong circumstances, depending on how you see it, I guess that there is really nothing wrong with it, because it is sometimes neccessary in order to really find the real happiness that everyone deserves.

Friday, August 22, 2008


"I was sitting there watching you, realising that you were really happy at that moment, and your troubles have at least left you for that short while. I could feel a wave contentment washing over me just watching you smile.

In that very instance, I realise that if this is as good as it is going to get, it is just enough for me.

Because I just want you to be happy.

And because I am only happy when you are."

With Or Without You - U2

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you

With or without you
With or without you

Through the storm, we reach the shore
You gave it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live with or without you

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give, and you give
And you give yourself away

My hands are tied, my body bruised
She´s got me with nothing to win
And nothing left to lose

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give, and you give
And you give yourself away

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you
With or without you

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Am A LCBB~~~

To my unending amusement, I realise that my cousin, who has always been more of a little brother to me, not only blogs but is actually an interesting blogger. Kudos to that. I shall add his blog to my list of "teenage blogs" to peruse when I am bored.

I think I am fast becoming some kind of weird laocharboh bloyeur (blog voyeur), aka LCBB, who preys on the blogs of young, unsuspecting children! Wahahaha!

And please hor, don't even think about the other cruder definition of CB okay, which reminds me of this totally gross incident. I was lamenting on MSN to a totally (YES! YOU ARE TOTALLY INEPT! YOU KUKU!) male friend, let's call him Mr Kuku, that I am becoming old. Grrr, well the convo went something like this.

Me: AHHH! I am becoming old!!! I am a LCB!!!
Mr Kuku: No lar, where got?
Me: Got! Got! I am old le laaaaaaaaaar! BOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Mr Kuku: Why you call yourself lao ch** b**? Not nice leh.
Mr Kuku: Oh.

Haiyah, don't know lar! It's something like that lar, I am too lazy to check my MSN history for something so gross and insignificant. But guys arh, the first thing they think is always ... *shakes head* But okay lar, my friend did apologised later because he knows that I really hate the word ch** b**. So all is forgiven.

Anyway, I am starting to have genuine respect for myself. I really did not expect to come this far, but somehow I managed to. Although sometimes I still feel as if what should have been mine was stolen away from me, I think I am slowly coming to terms with it. And I guess this is really all for the better, because...

"Every wrong turn I take, is part of the right route to where I really want to go in the end."

PS: Pei Hui, if you reading, this is the right quote, the one I left in your tagboard is a shortened version. LOL. ^_^

PPS: I added my cousin's blog link to my list of links. So drop him a visit and say Hi, k? My cousin is très gentil!

Monday, August 18, 2008

If You Are Bored...

...And have nothing better to do, go read the blogs of people at least 10 years younger than you. It is just so much fun reading (and judging) the blogs of these mini adults who think that they have seen and done everything.

If they think life is tough at age 14, 15, 16, and so forth, then they are in for a ride 10 years down the road, because it ain't gonna get any better!

I do so envy them though. To be young and a teen. Ahhh, the memories.

Just for the record, I was a happy teenager, okay. I never had much worries and generally lived my life without complaints, except the occasional urge to "grow up" faster. But I do so love my teenage years. Best time of my life so far.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Saturday Of A Dateless, Bumming Woman

1.47 pm - Woke up, checked handphone, MSN for messages of people who might be interested in asking me out.

1.49 pm - Upon realising I have no plans for the day, reclined back in bed, rolling around the sheets, trying to fall back into sleep.

2.37 pm - Finally deciding to get up, washed up, and rummaged through the fridge for possible lunch choices.

2.38 pm - Found some pasta sauce leftover from two days ago, contemplated it for lunch but decided that I was weak to even lift a finger to operate a microwave.

2.40 pm - Back in room, wondering what I can do and decided to watch Ugly Betty episodes, despite having already watched them 184356 times.

3.16 pm - Decided that I was hungry, and that I have regained enough strength for the pasta and trudged purposefully towards the kitchen.

3.24 pm - *slurp slurp glomp glomp*

3.50 pm - Sat back in the original position from 2.40 pm, continued watching Ugly Betty while surfing net at the same time.

4.15 pm - Naptime! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

5.03 pm - Awoken from the urge to pee, then feeling cheated when I couldn't go back to sleep again.

5.09 pm - Received MSN message from Eden, and wept with glee that I am not the only one not out on a Saturday. Chatted with her regarding the unfair ticketing system of the Genting Sammi concert (THE AUDACITY TO EVEN DARE ALLOCATE INFERIOR SEATS TO EDEN!) and the mysterious reduction of my rack (BOOHOOHOO! I AM A BOY!!!).

5.47 pm - Decided to microwave some more pasta for dinner.

5.50 pm - Eating pasta, continued MSN chat with Eden, and told her about Randy Paush and his "Last Lecture" youtube video.

5.56 pm - Eden did not reply last MSN message, probably either watching the video or away for dinner.

5.57 pm - Watching Ugly Betty again.

6.33 pm - *scratch scratch* Still watching Ugly Betty.

6.53 pm - Got an SMS from a friend asking me how was my interview yesterday.

6.59 pm - Fell asleep again.

8.14 pm - Woke up from sleep reluctantly, and tried to recall the dream that I had.

8.16 pm - Contemplating what to do again. Decided to call a friend just to disturb her.

8.40 pm - Ended call with friend because she is going for a movie. Feeling resentment that she is out while I am at home. -_-

8.42 pm - Called another friend to see what he is doing.

8.43 pm - Ended call with friend because he is at girlfriend's and didn't want to disturb. Then started to stone.

9.00 pm - Still stoning.

9.05 pm - Decided to play Warcraft III.

9.50 pm - Stopped playing game because I was getting frustrated that I cannot seem to complete the campaign.

9.52 pm - Decided to listen to some songs.

9.54 pm - Singing and dancing wildly and unattractively to some oldies "Su-su-sussudio~~~"

10.05 pm - Tired from the activity, sat down to some mellower music and singing along at a more sedated pace "If I could be like what, what would I do~~~"

10.06 pm - Though about blogging and decided to blog this entry.

10.26 pm - Checked the time and could not believe that she spent the past 20 minutes blogging this entry.

10.29 pm - Posted the entry.

10.32 pm - As it is not yet 10.32 pm when I blogged this entry, so I probably wouldn't know what I will be doing at 10.32 pm. But to venture a guess, I will probably be showering, and after that, I am going to pack my stuffs for tomorrow, then call another friend to see what she is doing. Kekeke.

Haha, here it is, my boring Saturday. Oh well... Such is the life of a bum I guess.

CY Birthday Celebration

Celebrating CY's birthday for her before she left for the States. That Junie never join! If not we would have full strength! But never mind! I shall put my "superb" photoshop skills to use! LOL! Ahhh, I love my Pinkies!


To Be... A Reason To Smile

It's been a while since I blogged at this hour. The witching hour where everything around me slows into nothingness, when my emotions become erratic, uncontrollable and overtakes all other senses. I took a deep breath and tried to search through these emotions to try to determine my state of mind.

I guess my problems never left me, I am still troubled by the same things that have been haunting me since a few months ago, but I guess I am better at dealing with them now. Except when I get into one of my rare drunken fits, as proven by last Saturday's embarrassing incident at Boiler Room, which fortunately I do not remember much of. But my friend Wanyee gave me a recap that makes me shudder just to think of. Did I really lose so much control to have done and said what I did? I do have a bruise the size of a small fist on my back, that I have no memory of receiving any form of pain for it to be there.


I am 25 years old and troubled, I deserve to let go once in a while and be a total pissing drunkard.

But I really don't feel that torn up and devastated anymore. Maybe life is not a bed of roses for me right now, and probably will remain unchanged for a while. But at least I get to enjoy the little moments of happiness I can get from being around my dear friends, watching Ugly Betty over and over again, feeling inspired each time Betty saves the day, listening to a good song, reading a good book, and any triumphs, no matter how tiny, I can get every day.

Life is truly simpler if you try to focus on making the next minute worth smiling for, than the next five to ten years. Even if the minute after the next may be wrought with problems.

And that is just the way it is.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics Spirit

In the spirit of the Olympics, I shall do a post dedicated entirely to my favourite sport of the Olympics, SWIMMING! *lets out a lecherous howl of laughter* Yeah, I know I am alarmingly not shy about the fact that I watch swimming for the entirely wrong reasons, but then again, what's the point in being coy? In a tiny, remote part, deep inside every female watching competitive swimming, is the secret desire to eat something off that glorious body. And yes, to most women, swimmers' faces doesn't really come into focus, it is almost always what is below the neck that takes centre stage.

I would like to side-track a bit and point out that if this once in a while way I talk about men as if they are packaged meat to be purchased from the nearest Sheng Siong makes any guy uncomfortable, think of how WE WOMEN feel when guys talk about us in the same way, like I don't know, ALL THE TIME? Go figure.

Anyway, being the half-hearted literature student that I am, I shall practice some continuity and blog a follow-up to an old entry I did in my old blog during the 2004 Olympics about the mystery that is Michael Phelps' face. Hmmm, I am not really crazy about him or anything (my heart shall eternally belong to Ian Thorpe in the "competitive swimmer I heart" category), but I guess I do have a liking for him. He is kinda cute.

So here's the mystery. Why does this guy look so uber hot when he is in the water aka this...

Seemingly morph, the moment he gets out of the water, into...

Ey, now where did the hunk go? Who's this boyo?

A bit of a puzzler, ain't it? And in my search for Phelps pictures, I came across this:

Funny-looking person... M-u-s-t...m-o-c-k.

Hmmm, gotta admit though he IS kinda cute. Heehee, maybe I am just A LITTLE smitten. Maybe I should get a ticket to Beijing and accidentally fall into a pool or something so that he can save me...

Hoho, now before I veer off to fantasy-land, there is just one more thing...

Whatever happened to a simple "Click below to view pictures"?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Post That Triumphs All Previous Posts For The Past Two Months!

It has been a while since I last sat down and did a proper blog post. The last one don't really count because it was just a cheap shot at self-attempted glorification. So anyway, I was talking to Mr Rainbow the other day - yes he is still around, I have not murdered him and tossed his body into the Kallang River - and I asked him whether he thinks that I am an "act artsy fartsy", and his reply was "kinda". The axis of my world tilted as my majorest of fears was confirmed.

Not that I am one who simply take one person's opinion and run away with it. It's just that well, I sort of expected people to think that of me, it's just sad to have confirmation. BOOHOOHOO!

Oh well, I just find it unfair that if a Singlish-speaking, Hokkien-spewing Asian person expresses just a tiny wee bit of appreciation for the arts, it will gather some sort of negative idea that she might be "acting". And the irony here is that if a English-speaking, some-foreign-language-or-other-spewing Asian person expresses any form of appreciation for the arts, people will also tend to suspect her legitimacy by tagging her as a "wannabe" or even a "show-off", which ever is worse in your book.

I know I am just generalising here, but got to admit, it is a pretty accurate generalisation.

But the thing here is, some of us may really, truly appreciate the arts, I admit that I may not be able to tell a Picasso from a Fabio, nor will I have any major reaction of any sort if they accidentally set the Mona Lisa on fire. But it doesn't mean that I do not enjoy standing in an art gallery, staring at a painting and letting out a gasp of amazement at the wondrous amaz-zeness that is the piece.

It's just sad sometimes that people have to explain themselves. And I shall not contribute further to it by changing the subject. Because I suddenly realise that I have absolutely no direction to go with it.

So how is everyone doing on watching the Olympics?

I remember staying up to catch the live telecast during the 2004 Athens Olympics. I had a working TV in my room then, and would dutifully tune in every night just to watch Ian Thorpe swim his way to retirement. Back then, one of his biggest contenders was Michael Phelps, who was sort of a up-and-coming swimmer who already had a few medals to his name. And this year, it seems Phelps is determined to make the news all by himself.

Ahhh, swimming, my absolute favourite sport of the Olympics. What is not to like? Rippling muscles gliding through clear blue waters. I shall not elaborate further. You get the drift.

Anyway, I guess I really want to get back to reading the book I just picked up on Monday with Lyn. It's just amazing what being jobless can do to you. I finally got sick of sleeping half the day away and playing games for the other half, and am now attempting to make my brain work a little by reading a book. Although the semi-desperate title of "Why am I always the one before The One?" does not reflect very well on me, it is really a very interesting book. And while I like to pretend that I don't give a flick that it is actually a romance self-help book by saying in a haughty, self-serving tone that "I only bought it because it seems funny", but oh well, a girl needs all the help she can get, right?

And it is REALLY a very interesting and funny book!

PS: And just to prove my point, here's a short paragraph that I really like:

"Perhaps I am a miserable old trout, but I find it odd that a newly together couple should be completely head over heels without one of them being a f**kwit, standoffish or playing games. I just don't buy it." - Charlotte Ward (Why am I always the one before The One?)"

The word f**kwit alone is worth the price of the book IMHO. LOLLOLLOL!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Rackless Abandon

Stopped playing my game tonight long enough to catch up on some blogs and facebook. It's been entirely too long since I last checked my email too! 71 mails in my hotmail! Gosh, am I really addicted to the game? I kept thinking to myself that I would be able to stop if I really want to. Let's just hope that when the time comes, I really can.

Okay, in a rare moment of narcissim (RARE? MY ARSE ARH RARE!), and to make my blog slightly more interesting, I shall blog about the dress I bought today (GASP! SHE BOUGHT A DRESS?) Yes, I bought a dress, and have been consistently buying dresses for the past couple of months. It's kinda like I am trying to make up for my entire life of not wearing dresses by overloading on them now. Not sure if it's a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, I have been rewatching the season 1 episodes of Ugly Betty recently, when I am not playing the game, of course. I just love the show, it's so sassy and bitchy. Will anyone judge me if I say that my favourite characters are Mark and Amanda? They are so outrageously self-centred that I just cannot help but love them.

Anyway, the first time round I watch it, I totally love the red halter dress that Alexis was wearing when she "came out" of her surgery. And watching it a second time really made me feel like owning a similar dress. For visual imprint, please see below...

WAAAAH! So pweeeeeeetaaaaaay arh!!!

Andway, so while I was out today, I saw this red halter dress which is kinda similar, and just thought "what the hell, buy first talk later!" And in the spirit of not being too self-conscious, I reveal to you, yours truly in a red halter dress~~~


Yeah, it's kinda similar but also not really. But then I don't really have the rack to carry off an exact same kind of dress, so have to cover up the area with ruffles. Does add a little somsa somsa to, erm, whatever I have, eh? Kekeke.

I know, I know, some people must be thinking what the hell is she thinking to compare herself to an actress? And for the record, I am not even trying to look like her. She is farking Rebecca Romjin for heaven's sake, who just so happen to be one of the most beautiful actresses in my opinion. I am simply just drawing inspiration from someone I really admire.

Although, I am not sure if I will really actually wear the dress. It's kinda not something I can just wear out for shopping. Siao boh. Wear like that go shopping. But oh well, it IS a very inexpensive dress. Suffice to say, even if I never wear it, I probably won't feel too bad about it. ^_~