Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Ohhh, cannot believe that today is already the day before the last day of 2010! The year is almost  as good as over!

It's been a pleasant year. Nothing too fantastically exciting and there were some down moments, but there were definitely good times too. I am content. And now it's time to look forward to 2011, when I will be crossing the threshold into late-twenties. Ahhh, such a vile word to add in front of an otherwise awesome time in life.

But it's okay. I am not going to fret. A person can be awesome at any age and I am looking forward to progressing my awesomeness as I continue to tell people that I am 18 years old move forward to the next phase in life.

So what resolutions do I have for the new year? Hmmm, well, thing is I have always played it fast and loose with my resolutions. Think of some at the beginning of the year and ignore it until the next new year rolls around. I am really very not so disciplined, aren't I?

Hence, in order to help achieve the aforementioned progressing of awesomeness, I thought a good way would be to look back into my past and study my resolutions from yester-years. See if I can salvage anything worth recycling.

I only managed to find one proper blog entry about new year's resolutions, posted in 2006. I could have sworn it was more than that. It's just weird that I have been blogging for almost six years now and only had one post about new year's resolutions?

Anyway, here they are. Resolutions à la 2006:
a) Get better grades.
b) Do more of the things on my To-Do-Before-I-Die list.
c) Spend more time with my parents.
d) Learn Korean (starting this Friday!!!).
e) Be more knowledgeable.
f) Get a better perspective about myself.

Waaaow! I sounded like such a sensible young lady, didn't I? I really don't see the need to improve anymore! I was already awesome at 23, and will continue to be awesome five or ten years down the road!

Okay, moment of overly confident, self-congratulatory obsession over.

Seriously, all of these resolutions are still valid. Except that maybe instead of grades, now that I am a working adult, I hope to be a better employee, like be on time for work for a change. (d) is still valid too because I am trying to pick up Korean again, so that I can be better prepared for my Korea trip in 2012. More on that later.

I really like the idea that my resolutions in 2006 are still valid now. Some people may think that if your resolutions now are still the same as four years ago, it means that you have not progress at all. But I think it all depends on what kind of person you really want to be in the future, not just the new year alone.

Most of my resolutions are more of long-term expectations that I have for myself, rather than things I want to achieve within the year. I will definitely always want to spend more time with my parents, because let's face it, all children almost never spend enough time with their folks. I really feel guilty sometimes for not being at home most of the time and talking to them more often. And of course, being more knowledgeable and getting a better perspective about ourselves is a lifelong pursue. Not going to comment about (g) because well, I sometimes get brain farts and commit actions that I have no recollection of.

What a long and boring entry! Ha! Last but not least though, I would like to add on a few more resolutions to complete the list for 2011.

i) Be happy and healthy.
ii) Learn new things.
iii) Save some money for once.
iv) Travel more and see new places.

That's all! 2011 awaits!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Grand Day Was Had, Now For Some Self-Reflection.


Honestly? I don't know what the hell I am doing, still up at this hour.

I seriously have no idea.

I just always have a ton of meddling to do around my room, a million little tasks to complete. And before I know it, it's 1.38 am and I am still wide awake.

This is not so good.

Anyway, as stated in previous post, I went shopping. Here's what I brought back from our neighbourland.

Looks mild, doesn't it?

Well, here are the actual purchases...

OMG! What did I do? I can't bear to even look at what I did.

I bought so many things in Watsons alone! It's like every time I step into a Watsons, I blackout and before I know it, I am the self-loathing owner of a mountain of stuffs that I will probably eventually throw away after using only like 1/66867789 of it. It's even worse than when I go to People's Park. I even got a Malaysia Watsons card! When I already have the Singapore one! ARRGH!

And those shoes! Those fracking shoes! I have worn out like 4 pairs, maybe even more, of such shoes, but I just have to get another pair just like it. It's like I have this 情意结 with this particular design. Something that just propels me to get it, get it and get it AGAIN! ARRGH!

Honestly? I REALLY don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

PS: And now I cannot activate my Malaysia Watsons card because I DON'T HAVE A MALAYSIAN MOBILE NUMBER FOR THEM TO SEND THE ACTIVATION CODE SMS TO! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

天下没有白吃的午餐,不过有白痴的我! -_-

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Oh boy! I am so wide wake!

How was everyone's Christmas?

Mine was not too shabby. Christmas Eve celebrations was fun. A nice, quiet house party with my dear friends at Yoniko's wonderful new home. I love that we have this tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve together every year. We have been doing it since 1997. 13 years. Quite a feat! More to come!

OH! My new bloghead picture is nice, right? Everything about this photo is just so right! All the correct angles with just the right amount of smile and not too crazy eyes. Staring at this photo, I can almost believe that I am really a gorgeous woman.

And not this:

Grouchy woman who looks like she is grabbing her crotch (I was adjusting my belt actually, because the buckle shifted). This is as real as it gets, people!

It's amazing what a little makeup and a photo captured at the right moment can do, ey? Even without photoshop, I can have a photo like that. So guys, please be careful when you scout through the internet for chicks. You may just end up with a grouchy woman who is REALLY grabbing her crotch. And not the sexy way.

Well, I hope the Christmas good cheer will tide everybody over until New Year's Eve rolls around. Don't be sad about Monday! Everyone has to go back to work when the holiday's over. Although I don't because I took leave to go shopping in JB with PS. Yaay! But yeah, enjoy your Monday! ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings!

행복한 크리스마스! 圣诞快乐! =D

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Christmas spirit is upon us!

Here's an old SS501 song with a lot of Christmas cheer to it.

I don't know why Kim Hyung Jun looked like Sherlock Holmes and why Park Jung Min was wearing that hat. But okay, it's still a fun and cheerful song to sing to during Christmas Season.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will The Real Purple Dinosaur, Please Stand Up?

Every time I wear this dress to the office...

... my colleagues will call me Barney.


I don't think I look like Barney AT ALL! An eggplant (we Singaporeans call it BRINJAL) maybe. But Barney??? The purple dinosaur thing?

Let me put things in perspective for you.

This is an eggplant.

And this is Barney.

Oh paiseh. Wrong Barney.

This is Barney.


In what way do I look like that? I don't think so at all!!!

Oh wait...



A Conversation I Had With A Friend Today.

This is what he said about me (sorry it's so choppy, but just visualise the text on the smooth-flowing interface of a MSN chat screen):

"your mind is certainly well capable of handling all that complex thought
for some reason they don't interest you
superficiality is your way of staying in touch with the rest of society
i think you do the dumb blonde routine to stay relevant"

I guess on so many levels, this is one of the most apt observations that anyone has made of me in a long while.

Just trying to make my way around in a world that I feel out of place most of the time, a society that I don't understand, much less embrace. I have to learn to adapt. To act dumb sometimes and go along with where the wind blows. It's not tough, but it does not mean that I like it.

Even so, I still find myself fighting, from time to time, for what I know is right. It usually end up with people misunderstanding me and my intentions. But somehow I always managed to have the right people by my side.

Thank goodness for those people.

My Mum always like to say that I am good at being a 傻大姐 at times, but will also 带头做大姐 if I can catch enough confidence. And she is right. I don't mind playing the fool from time to time, if indeed I am ignorant in the situation. However, my rash, stubborn personality coupled with this need to seek out any form of fairness in this world has also sent me right into the thick of many conflicts.

Good or bad? I don't know. I will let the ones who are in a position to judge make the call.

I know that nothing can ever be really fair, and if there is anything rare in this world, it's true justice. But somehow, it's just something that I hope to find.

A hope. It's just that simple.

I guess for all this talk of adapting, I will never be able to fully yield to this illogical world I call home. I will, down to the core of my being, still be the weird one who believes in what most people would consider frivolous ideals.

It's alright. Really. I am far more intelligent than them anyway.

"the mind cannot work in such a way you can tone down your logic
logic is logic
whatever isn't is illogical
that's why you don't get them.....still
if you can't wrap your mind around nonsense
no amount of bimbotic self-hypnosis can change that"

Monday, December 20, 2010


When you want to go the gym and every SINGLE damn machine is ocupado! THAT'S OPPRESSION!

I should really learn to start running outdoors.


This picture of SS501 is so cool! They looked like they had just walked straight out of a manga or anime. Celebrity styling techniques have improved by leaps in recent years. Long gone are the days when celebrities try to look like anime characters and fail miserably.

Case in point.

Honestly. WTF??!!??

Anyone who knows me long enough knows that I love Shinhwa, but COME ON! This is nuts! Junjin looked like a girl with a failed designerish hairstyle, while Minwoo resembled a drag queen. Hyesung had stuffs sprouting from his head, don't know is fruit or vegetable, and Andy, well, he was just the embodiment of a guy who had plain given up. I don't even know what to make of Dongwan, although he seemed to be trying. Hard. Eric is the only one that I think was borderline okay, even though he's on pretty thin ice too.

Hahah! I am such a bitch. Find the fugliest picture I can of them and criticize the daylights out of it, when there are so many good ones just lying around like nobody's business.

But seriously, if ever I have a dream, it would be to participate in a reality show on an island resort with either Shinhwa or SS501. Big Bang, maybe, but they don't appear to be really hilarious people. More reserved and calm. Or maybe all three groups together? That would be awesome. Of course, there must be some form of live subtitles going on so that I can understand while they rattle off in Korean. Maybe they can even walk around with their own subtitles board. It would be so freaking funny!

Hahaha, these old lady fantasies. How quaint. Need to have them to make my working day a little bit more tolerable.

One more hour to go.

When A Girl Can't Sleep

Feeling stressed out.

There is just a fear that everything will work out the opposite way I thought it would.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ice Cream!

Got my Christmas bonus today and to celebrate, I got myself this!

I know, I know. I could have gotten myself other stuffs, like an iPad or a PSP or even that Burberry wallet that I have been eying for the longest time. But I really got to save up for the Japan trip and the crazy insurance payments next year.

The responsibilities of adulthood is not a bed of lovely sunflowers...

Although the Japan trip will definitely be a great way to enjoy my bonus! Yaay!

I think it's the first time in my life that I actually have some money in the bank, my paychecks usually go out faster than they go in so doesn't count, and it's earned by me. Although it's not a lot, but it's my first bonus ever, and I am feeling a sense of satisfaction!

Hohoho! Gonna so enjoy my ice cream later! I went to the gym just now, so I am going to eat it without ANY GUILT! My love for Ben & Jerry's has been a long and steady one. Never fails to cheer me up no matter what. Please see past entry to learn more.

But thinking about it, it's kinda pointless, no? Go gym, sweat like a pig, looking totally gross, then come home and eat an entire tub of B&Js.


NO! I will never be pointless! No one calls me pointless! Be warned! Remember my theory about output to balance the input? It is ABSOLUTELY VALID, so I am not pointless! Neither will I ever be redundant!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Mail From The Past

Checked my email when I got home, and I saw this in my inbox.

I totally forgot that I did this, but it was a pleasant thing to receive, no?

And I am proud to announce that I am indeed happier and in a really great place! Past Me, I have done you proud! YEAH!

I am gonna send another one but I want to wait until my birthday to do it! So I won't ever forget! Maybe make it a yearly tradition? =D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Caught. Stuck. Trapped.

Sometimes I will give strangers on the streets celebrity names according to the celebrity I think they look like. Of course they caught my eye in the first place because they sort of look like celebrities.

So this morning I met "Kim Kyu Jong", resemblance was uncanny right down to the hairstyle circa Kim Kyu Jong 2005, and "Daniel Craig". "Daniel" was damn smoking by the way, I couldn't really look him in the eye. Bahahaha!

Speaking of looks, I am quite amused by how Kim Hyung Jun's looks seems to be changing.

He used to have this sorta Eurasian-ish look:

Must be taken when he was really young. He looks damn fresh here.

Sure! I will hold your hand! Forever and ever!

This is my favourite look. Everything down to the hair colour is smexy! I like~~~

But for some reason, recently he is starting to look more and more... Korean.

This one looks uncannily like the China uncle who lives in my block. Got the 沧桑 feel.

Because people are so sensitive nowadays, I am going to state for the record that there is nothing wrong with looking like a Korean, and nothing particularly awesome about looking like a Eurasian. I am just commenting that his looks seem to be changing recently, and it amuses me.

Okay, why do I get the feeling I am digging a bigger hole for myself than before. People are just so frustrating nowadays. Not everyone operates with logic and common sense anymore. And it's just exasperating to deal with them on a daily basis. Especially when they would not lighten up and agree to disagree.

Hello! Sometimes people DO HAVE different opinions. Some respect, please?

Is it that we are just living in too crazy times? Will I never be able to fully get in tune with a society that I think I really hate on some levels? Everything just don't make sense to me at all.

What a sad way to be miserable. What a sad ending to a post that had began on a cheerful note...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I heard this song yesterday and it swiftly went on repeat mode in my iPhone. Great song, nice music video with a rather heart-wrenching plot.

Se7en and Park Han Byul, the lady in the video, are a couple in real life btw. They have managed to keep their relationship a secret for 7 years before Se7en came clean in 2009. I think it's really the only way for relationships to grow in the entertainment industry. Keep it a secret until you are absolutely sure you can't keep it a secret anymore.

Anyway, I think I have this liking for Korean songs with a "crazy" title.


Also known as 열병

So it's "I'm Going Crazy", "Crazy 4 U" or just "Crazy".

I think the enjoyment of music is directly related to the level of sanity of person listening to the music.

Case in point.

PS: I like how the Korean word for crazy sounds. 미친, 미쳤다 just sound so full of feeling.

PSS: Apparently 열병 means fever, so I am not sure how Shinhwa's song got translated to "Crazy". I guess when you have fever, the temp's too high so you go a bit kukus. So there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thought Of The Day #7

Sometimes I wish I am a teenager again.

Not a kid, but rather a teenager. I was a damn badassed carefree teenager. I don't take any crap, have no worries about anything and just do whatever I want.

Responsibilities are frustrating.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Rainbows

Good Monday morning!

Feeling a little imbalanced because it's Monday already, so I am just going to post some randoms pictures from my iPhone to make myself feel more cheerful.

Taken in Port Dickson during our department's trip there in Nov. Beautiful, ain't it? Makes me feel like going for a holiday at a beach resort right now.

I'm a super star! Haha! Taken in Port Dickson too. This is my beach resort holiday look! See the photo bomb Patrina behind me? First appearance in my blog! She's one of the managers in my department. Nice lady with a great passion in baking and talking about her adorable 3-year-old daughter.

Anyway, a couple weeks back, I straightened my hair with a flat-iron and this:

Here is the end result:

Please ignore the drunk look in my eyes. It's not too bad right? Considering that my hair is permed and I did not really clamp my hair with a lot of effort. There's even a sheen to it. Liese has really good products. Their styling mousse makes my curls look really healthy too.

In order to make my Monday a little more tolerable, I got myself a hearty breakfast today.

Egg McMuffin meal with iced milo! Yums!

Egg McMuffin is like my go-to breakfast set when I am feeling imbalanced. If I feel down, like really down in the dumps, then I go for Big Breakfast. McDonald's must love suckers like me.

First bite is the sweetest~~~

This is the part when you get a little depressed as you realised that you only have a small bite left...

...and this is the part when things get REALLY depressing. MUMMY! IT'S OVER!!! And you contemplate if licking off the cheese is something you can do in the office without repercussions.


No more crazy McMuffin talk. I despise my obsession with food sometimes.

I am really feeling this pair of new shoes I got from Mitju! So cute, right? Especially the tiny golden ribbons! Although I feel a little like I am wearing school shoes, but it's quite comfy even though I am wearing it for the first time. Perfect Christmas footwear!

Okay, this has gone on without a proper direction for a while so I am going to stop here. But I still have one more picture!

Pretty boy , exhibit A. Yeppuda!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can'tBelieveTomorrowIsMondayAlreadyAndIHaveTo GoBackToWork!

I made an observation today while doing my 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Yes, I DID go to the gym. I did not leave my house at 3 pm as promised, but a good 15 minutes later, but key point is I DID go!

Anyway, so while I was pounding my knees to an early implants replacement and, hopefully, my heart to a good half an hour longer life span, I noticed that some of the guys in the gym would do this same thing. They would come in, have a go at all the heavy-weight machinery, pump iron like there was no tomorrow, throw back protein beverages and/or isotonic drinks and flex their huge-ass muscles, then go outside of the gym, and start smoking.

Well, I am not exactly the healthiest person around, I ate an ice-cream on the way back from the gym. But it was a hot day and I was walking home!

I don't know, it just seems so futile. No judgment. But it just kinda does. Take for instance, me eating an ice-cream after exercising. At the very least, there is some levels of output to balance the input? I am still slightly better off than say, if I eat an ice-cream without any form of exercise, yes? But smoking is something that has no healthy inputs or outputs in anyway to balance the toxic inputs?

I don't like to be the prudish kind who declares smoking as evil. I have no special feelings whatsoever towards people who smoke. It's just an unhealthy habit that some people need to make themselves feel better, like binge eating, drinking, over-spending, unhealthy obsession with boy bands, etc.

But smoking after so much effort in the gym, I can't understand it. It just seems so futile!

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What a hot day!

Thinking about going to the gym to have a go at the girlie exercise machines because I had such a sinful Saturday of BBQ food, but the sun is scaring me indoors. It's so piercing and sizzling! I can feel it even though I am inside.

Isn't it supposed to be December monsoon now? The weather is so unpredictable!

Boy, do I need a good sunscreen! I am seriously looking through all the comments and reviews I can find online regarding sunscreens to determine which one to get. There are just so many, many, many different types on the market. Headache. I need one that will not break me out. Maybe it's time to make a trip to People's Park again.

I love that place! Everytime I see something I bought from People's Park in Watsons nowadays, I will feel highly satisfied. Ho ho ho! So auntie! I don't think I am a particularly stingy person, but being able to do some smart penny-pinching is a must-acquired skill for young working adults, so that we can stretch our dollars and do more with our paychecks!

It's not like I am the Golden Salty Dumpling. At age 24, he can afford to donate $6686 to charity. In my next life, I want to be either born rich or be so disgustingly talented that money just falls from the sky into my pockets.

Oh the sun~~~ So sleepy! Okay, I swear I will get out of the house by 3 pm. Woman's honour. ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010


I actually have an uber awesome Donnie Yen entry to post, but have to put that on hold now because I am really vexed about some stuffs at work and NEED to just let it out somewhere.

My office used to be a place where the whole team is a closely-knitted bunch of friends, who looks out for each other and have a lot of fun together.

But I think as time reveals more about one another, the flaws start coming out and slowly begin to bite at you. That's when you will truly be able to see the true colours of the people around you.

There has been some major changes in my department recently, and I have to admit, it's pretty rough for me to go through these transitions. I am not someone who deals well with changes, and although outwardly I seem to be going through the motions and handling it normally, I am rather worried, maybe even a little terrified, how these changes would affect me in the long run. Yet, I am so comfortable in my current environment that I really want to wait it out and see how things turn out before I make any major decisions for a change.

So it really does not help matters when someone whom I used to think is an ally and a friend, whom I thought I can trust a lot, may turn out to be a person who is not only not very honest, she may also be doing a lot of sneaky little actions behind everyone's backs. Although it seems like she is not being very smart about it because everyone seems to know it.

I don't know what is more disappointing, that the wonderful place I thought I had is a sham, or that someone whom I used to have a lot of respect for, whom I consider one of my role models in life, may actually be someone so not trustworthy and someone whom I may have to be really cautious of in the future.

And with all these changes, I really feel like I am fighting all by myself in a war, without an ally, and not knowing who is truly on my side. It is really a very lonely feeling. I am usually pretty logical and good at making decisions, but there are still times when a piece of advise is more than welcomed.

But who to trust now?

I hate playing all these political games. I know that sometimes you cannot avoid being a little fake in order to manage people's, especially the superiors, perception of you. However, I feel that I have managed to be as truthful and honest as I can, and not get involved in anything that I think will betray my principles. I know it sounds cliche, but I am still pretty old-school in a lot of ways. I value traits like honour, dignity and loyalty, and I try my best to realise them in the way I live my life.

When it comes to work, I just want to be myself, do my job well, get paid at the end of each month, and enjoy myself whenever I can, be it at or outside of work. But I am not the kind who can hide my true feelings well, and I think it's really starting to show how much this has affected me, even though I still try to be my usual jolly self at work.

I really hope that I am wrong about her, that what everyone else is saying is just a misunderstanding. But with so many similar accounts of the different things happening, all revolving around her, it is simply too much of a coincidence.

I really feel like asking her, "Is power really so important to you that you would betray all of these comrades who were there for you?" Yes, sometimes I really feel like we are all comrades, again, cliche as it may sound. Our line of work is not that easy; a lot of late, sleepless nights and stressful deadlines. If not for each others support throughout the year, we would probably have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Sigh, it used to be so wonderful. Now it just seems like a mockery of what used to be. I really just cannot help but lament, why does nothing good last forever?

How depressing.

And what's more depressing is that I have to put my uber awesome Donnie Yen post on hold to write this! DAMMIT! I HATE OFFICE POLITICS!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Down And Out

Down with flu and out of energy.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dad's Birthday 2010

A small cake to celebrate subject's SEVENTY-FOURTH birthday. Goodness! He's old! LOL! Happy birthday, old man!

Monday, December 06, 2010

I Want To Be Hwit Hwit!

After years and years of thinking about it, I finally went to the ClubFitt Gym at Woodlands Stadium. All by myself!

I know right, it's so near to where I live, why have I waited all this time? Well, because I don't like to go to the gym alone, and it's so easy to just put off the idea of going because there's no one else to motivate me.

But today, I did it! YEAH! *fist pump fist pump*

I almost did not go because it was kinda late and my nose is a little runny today. But Mumsies, the ever wise one, commented that maybe a little perspiring would clear the nose, so I went.

And I am glad I did.

There was literally NO FEMALES when I walked into the gym. Good thing I paid before I went in or I would have turned around and ran home in shy terror. Most of the guys in there had HUGE muscles. It seems like Woodlands ClubFitt is a boys club frequently used for pumping iron and training up the big guns.

But once I gotten over my initial awkwardness, and the musky smell of sweat in the air, it was actually a good thing. Because it means that all the girlie machines like bicycles, treadmills, and the swingy-thing-with-the-two-sticks-for-you-to-sway-with-your-arms is readily available for me. No waiting!

Nothing like a good hour of exercise, a shower and then lying in bed, rubbing my legs against my covers. So comfy!

Gonna TRY to make it a weekly affair there. Let the fire burn!


I don't usually buy lotteries, but in view of the lucky number 6686 last Friday, I bought the numbers for the weekend.

And the results are...

So annoying! Buy 6686, open 6668! Consolation prize also don't want to give me chance to win. 什么 idea? Grrr!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jus Pour Rire


Just realised that Kyu Jong's initials is KKJ. Bahaha.

Yes... That's one fine, erm, KKJ.

Friday, December 03, 2010

My Fandomsy - The Aftermath

I am back at the office enjoying a healthy burst of air-conditioning and having a nice cold drink!

Honestly I am glad the thing is over. I left before the fanmeet ended so I don't know if they are still signing autographs and what not. I think almost 2 hours of waiting (I was there around 9.30) and 45 minutes of listening to his translator explain what he's saying is a good show of support, considering my past efforts.

No doubt getting to see him in person was nice, but I am beat! Damn tiring. I don't understand how his die-hard fans can do this with so much energy.

Anyway, it was a nice session. The queue to get in was really efficient and I managed to get in within half an hour. I also got a nice little goodie bag with a poster, postcards and a TFS mask. The fans were really well-behaved with a very bearable noise level. I managed to get a nice spot right at the back and did not felt claustrophobic at all.

Before his arrival, the MC was asking questions about him and throwing autographed posters when the crowd gave the right answers. It was a nice way to make everyone less antsy and have a bit of fun, considering how hot it was. Props to the MC! He's pretty humourous too.

As for KHJ himself, he was not really a surprise. He is every bit as good-looking as all that, so yeah. The language barrier probably took away some of the really interesting personality that he has, but it was okay. I really din't get that surreal feeling I got when I first saw Shinhwa. But it was probably because I was too busy baking in the heat to feel surreal. Oh, but his translator is really pretty! I bet they have something going on! Haha!

Now the auction was where things got really interesting. They are auctioning two of his autographed standees and the proceeds goes to the WorldVision One Life Fund to help children and youths living with HIV/Aids. It's a really good cause. But guess how much the standees went for?

$6500 and $6686!

My god! These are really ridiculous amounts of money to spend to support an idol. I mean, it's great that the money goes to charity and all, but the people who got the standees all looked really young. Should they be spending this kind of money?

I think even KHJ himself was uncomfortable at the bids. He kept urging the crowd not to push themselves too hard. And this is where he earned my respect today. Not only did he kept telling them to stop bidding, he himself donated $6686 (his birthday date) to the WorldVision One Life Fund after the last bid.

Like I said before, he is one intriguing fellow. I read his article in the Newpaper where he apparently said "if not looks, what else could I go for?" to a type-of-girlfriend-he-looks-for question.

There's just so much honesty flowing from him and the things he say that I sometimes wonder if it's all scripted. It's just impossible for a young celebrity to be so nonchalant and brave to behave like that, and not worry about possible repercussions.

Oh well, the Golden Salty Dumpling is too cute anyway, so maybe he don't have to worry.

But oh! I saw the bodyguard! He is just so awesome! Got aura! He came in a while after KHJ and I immediately felt his presence! Too bad he was so super-secret-agent like fast that I did not manage to take a shot of him.


A Little Here And A Little There Makes It Go Everywhere

Damn I'm up early! Work also never so hardworking. Incorrigible!

I am not ready to go queue for the fanmeet at all. So lazy. Hope the good weather holds up. I am not a very patient person. If you ask me to stand in the sun or rain for two hours amongst a jostling crowd, I WILL lose my temper.

But anyway, KHJ's bodyguard is hot!

I was looking at the videos of his arrival at the airport and showed some to the ladies at work, and both me and Wendy thinks his bodyguard is absolutely dashing. He's so cool! Like secret agent. Bahaha!

Anywhoo I wonder which hotel KHJ is staying at. I think TFS should put him up somewhere really nice. The smartest thing TFS ever did was probably coming up with the sleeping mask and appointing KHJ as their ambassador. The sales must have shot way up in the past month alone due to his visit.

Meeting up with Lyn and the C-twins for Applebee's and Tangled at PS. Been hearing good reviews about the animation, so I can't wait. Activity of the weekend will be going to Kukup with Pinkies for an overnighter, minus HJ (Huijun, not Kim Hyun Joong, although that would be nice.), PS and TST. So sad, BKK Ladies no full strength. Oh well, we can't possibly do everything together.

Need to seriously enjoy my December because January will be a month of change at work, and I will be taking up more responsibilities in the new year. I like the idea of expanding myself in terms of work and pushing my limits a little and see what else I can do.

This job has given me the chance to try out different things and understand my potential better. There are times when I will be surprised at what I can do, and also times when I realised I am not very good at certain types of tasks.

Okay, gotta stop now because I am getting bored of yabbing here and there. Kthxbai.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Fandomsy

I caved!

I am going to the Face Shop event after all. I found the opportunity to procure a ticket to the event and just could not pass it up. I even did sudden death with a coin, and the Powers-That-Be are in favour of going!

Damn. It's been years since I did fandom stuffs, I am feeling excited and a little out of my league at the same time. I don't really remember what to do anymore. Although I am actually not very good at this kind of things in the first place. I don't make banners, except digital ones, or intricate handmade gifts. I don't like to scream or wave bright, flashing, neon stuffs, nor am I particularly interested in queuing up for hours just to get autographs.

I am a bad fan, aren't I?

Then why go?

I just like to see. To lay eyes on the actual solid 3D mass of a human that you see in 2D on your monitor is a very exhilarating feeling. I don't mind paying money for their products and live events, and if there is a chance to talk to them, take photos and touch them a little shake their hands, then great! But I just don't like to do anything to loudly and openly declare that I-AM-YOUR-FAN-I-WILL-ALWAYS-LOVE-YOU-AND-I-WANT-TO-HAVE-YOUR-BABIES-AND-WIPE-YOUR-SHIT-FOR-YOU-FOREVER-AND-EVER-YEAH!!! I don't really need them to know that I am a fan. I just like to see the real thing because it's fun.

Quietly, at the back, would be pleasant enough. So that people won't notice immediately that I am a grown-up amongst the younglings. OMG! I cannot wrap my head around it! I have a job which requires me to hold my own against big, burly construction workers who was about ready to storm my office just because they don't have their credentials to work. I think they will laugh if they see me running around to see celebrities!

Ahhh! Don't care! I've never been to a proper Fan-Meet-And-Greet before anyway, so it would be an interesting experience. So I will be the auntie standing in the corner giving out free diapers and candies. Come say hi if you are there too!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thought Of The Day #6

A heart is like a machine sometimes. It may lose steam and start to slow down.

All it needs is just a good jump-starting to get pumping again.


After about a month of watching their Youtube videos and listening to their songs, I think I am about ready to write a proper post about them. Because I can finally tell them apart now. I've heard of SS501 way before during my Shinhwa-is-uber days. I only liked "Never Again" back then and thought them too boyish and their music too boyband-ish compared to the Shinhwa guys, so they did not get much of my attention.

But time has passed and now, now they are just...

They are just awfully cute!

Never mind if they are younger than me, they are cute. Never mind if they are prettier than me, they are cute. Never mind if they are going to look tiny standing next to giant me, THEY ARE CUTE!

Damn, freakishly cute.

Let's review.

Kim Hyun Joong
Right, the pretty boy leader. The one who got me curious about them in the first place because he's so cute in Mischievous Kiss and Boys Over Flowers. They call him 4D in fandom cultures, I call him 放空王子. He seems so off sometimes. I kinda have this feeling that he's not a very nice person, he seems sarcastic and standoffish sometimes. But that's what I find refreshing about him, it's getting mundane to see celebrities appear charming and pleasant all the time. Intriguing fellow this one. And he can be very, very funny when he wants to be.

He's coming to Singapore by the way, for some Face Shop event this Friday. I am too ashamed to go because I just cannot bring myself to stand amongst the younglings who were wearing diapers when I started chasing after idols. It's their time now.

Heo Yeong Saeng
The "baby-face" of the group, I used to think that he's the youngest of the group. Admittedly, he's not my favourite because I don't really like baby-faced guys. But the more I watch their videos, the more I like him. He's always the one doing stuffs that I would never expect from him. Like the impressions he does, hilarious! And I like the way he talks, softly with an effect that is calming. I think the ability to talk like that is a gift, you can talk people into believing you anytime and doing what you want. He also has one of the more interesting singing voices in the group that I can pick out anytime.

Kim Kyu Jong
I used to call him "gangster face" when I couldn't tell them apart and was trying to give them nicknames to make them easier to differentiate. I really never expect to eventually find him the nicest guy in the group. I find his humbleness rather genuine and he also seem sincerely nice towards the people around him. I like him. Of course the fact that our birthdays are just one day apart contributes to the liking. People with our personalities are damn likable!

Park Jung Min
 He is so annoying! Such a drama-mama. And he is always talking, talking and talking. Damn 38! But when he sings, I am gone. I love his voice! He has this quality to his voice that just gives me chills. I can fully understand why he's in a musical. And I find myself liking carrots more now. Such a good influence. If only he would stop talking so much! Now I can understand why my friends can't stand me sometimes. Hah! Yes, I identify with him the most, which means yes, I find myself annoying too.

Kim Hyung Jun
Okay, I admit. Based on looks and voice alone, I want to marry him. He is so, so, so handsome. Great voice too. He reminds me of Hyesung from Shinhwa. Very, very prince-like. Initially, I always mix him up with Kim Hyun Joong because their names and looks are quite similar, and I kinda felt that he would be quite arrogant because he is so good-looking. But he seems to be a really nice and sweet guy. He's also the true baby of the group, which makes him a tad too boyish for me, personality-wise. Too cutesy. But he's so handsome! I really find him the best-looking one in the group.

Okay, so regardless of everything I've said, whether good or bad, I find them to be really hardworking boys who put in a lot of effort and heart into their craft; they have a few really good songs that I love and their dancework is flawless most of the time.

I really think Korean artistes don't have it easy. I find the Korean entertainment circle to be one of the harshest in the industry, and for anyone to make a name of themselves is really not easy. Lots of crap to take and sacrifices to make.

The dedication a lot of Korean artistes have is something I really respect.