Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pink Army X'mas Extravangaza After Action Review

Our yearly Pinkies Christmas celebration took place at Dempsey's Oosh as a late drinking session rather than the usual dinner this year. Personally, I think we should stick to dinner next year. Or maybe a chalet?

But the place is really not bad, nice ambiance and the snacks are not too expensive too. Great for a night out chilling with your friends.

Early Birds! Pinkies always know how to occupy themselves - by taking photos!

All together now! So... photo!

Let's drink many alcohols and be merry!

Everybody grab a glass! Time to drink up, drink up!

I am wearing the devil horns because I forgot my Santa hat, so Ah Jun graciously loaned me those. QOTN: Don't touch my horns! I might get horny! =P



This photo is so funny! So many things going on at the same time! Quote Wyn: "Rosie looked v busy. Giap the balloon in between somemore." PS does really indeed look busy, doesn't she? =]

And me, I found my love of the night. The whistle... Look how happy I am with it.

Love it so much I din't even take it out during the wishing and stuff.

And not after.

Then it disappear! Look how forlorn I look. Contemplating to steal Ah Jun's whistle.


And the Idiot of the Night award goes to... ME! Don't know what the hell I was doing lar! Kum gong!

Extra of the Night also goes to ME!

Going off now! Byebye!

So there is a side story with the last picture. We were in ZY's car driving out when we caught two si hiao bohs taking the following picture:

Wah lau ma! Say go off liao still stop to take photo! BOOO!!! Then neh mind, TAKE PHOTO BOH JIO! WORST! BOOOOOO!!!

So they quickly scampered over and we took a quick shot.

So there, Christmas 2009. Till next year!

Movie Talk Finale 2009

It's the last day of 2009 and already I have two movies to look forward to in the new year!

In no order of preference.

锦衣卫 (14 Blades)

The poster is really nice, ain't it? If a movie about the legendary elite imperial guards of the emperors is not fascinating enough for you. I give you more reasons why it would be good.

I simply flat refuse to gush about Donnie Yen anymore. Anyone who don't agree that he is martial arts god can go bang wall and eat shit. Enough said!

I am so glad that 715 is finally in a proper movie that I can get in line for! He is such an interesting actor with this smothering, brooding quality that is really intriguing because I can never guess how he will portray a character. And he always manages to impress me.

Although I have gotten over my "Wu-Zun-is-so-damn-hot-I-want-to-have-all-his-babies!" phase, he is still a good reason to watch the movie. Every girl I know has a thing or two for him either currently or at some time in the not-so-distant past.

Interestingly, I did an entry about him during the period I was gaga (I'm your biggest fan! I'll follow you until you love me! Papa-paparazzzzzzzziiiiii!!!) over him, and I actually included Donnie Yen in the post! And now they are making movies together! I am freaking psychic!

Okay, digress again, next!

Tuo Tuo! Heehee! So tickled by her onscreen name! Well, apart from putting her on the list to balance the already-overwhelming testosterone, I actually really like her. I think she is very pretty and is a decent actress, unlike the other actress in the movie.

You may notice I obnoxiously left out her poster clip because I really, really DO NOT like her! She is the only blot on an otherwise stellar cast. Imagine my horror when I found out she plays Donnie Yen's love interest! AAAHHHHHH! *tears papers into tiny shreds*

ALRIGHT SILENCE! That is enough words to be wasted on her!

If you are still not convinced why the movie would be great, here's a fantastic reason:

SAY HE IS GOD! *whiplash* And where got people like that one? Make up until like ancient warrior already, then walk around in a white drawstring pants with an English alphabet (M IS FOR MOREEN!).

Okay, next up, we have...

I actually shed a tear when I watched the preview for this movie. I could never fully express my feelings whenever someone had to go before his time. Such is the fragility of life.

But I can remember how the first Heath Ledger movie I saw had entertained me and made me laugh. Ten Things I Hate About You had really made an impact on my life, chick-flick as it was.

And I will be there to watch the last movie he made...

Of course, there are other reasons too, 3 of them to be exact.

Do I even need to go on?

This movie is going to be legen-wait for it-DARY!

Sidenote #1: In other movie-related news, I have come to the conclusion that despite being a fan, and even using her fragrance line, I don't really enjoy watching Sarah Jessica Parker with her disturbingly youthful voice as any other character outside of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC. So I probably won't be watching that Morgan-whatever movie. Cannot wait for SATC movie the 2nd though!

Sidenote #2: Watched Holmes! GREAT GREAT MOVIE! RDJ never disappoints! And Jude Law, asshole as he is, always manages to surprise me with the depth of his acting. Also, this Sherlock/Watson combo is so violent! I always envisioned them to be the gentlemanly type, more brains zero brawn. But I like it! Moral of the story: A saucepan is always a good thing to have around and OLD MEN IN BATH TUBS ARE NOT SEXY!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepyhead Sleepy Sleepy Sleepyhead



It seems like the majority of my friends' Christmas wishes to me is faster go find boyfriend, get married, and stop being so angry and imbalanced all the time.

I am angry because the world is farked up, okay? Try taking the morning commute to work every day and get pushed by people with their hands in your face. Or idiots who stand in the middle of the entrance blocking everyone's way. More often than not, I really have to fight the urge to show them my middie and yelling "JUMP UP YOUR OWN ASS AND DIE! YOU STUPID FARKSHIT!"

Hmmm, maybe there is really a perfectly good reason why I don't have a boyfriend. REALLY! HEEEEEE!!!

Most of the Christmas gifts I got this year are suitable for decorating the office space, so I decided to bring them all to the office and give them names so that I can row-call them easier and know if one of them go missing.

Here's a photo of the Office Crew:

From left to right: Snappes the snail clip which I have yet to think of a use for, Princess Shuu Shuu the blondie which pretty much has no function whatsoever except to look pretty, Muu Muu the cow paper weight, Meu Meu the cat coaster, random teapot from random hamper which is not even a gift to me, Princess M1 the cup, Brownie the pillow/bolster.

Current status: Sitting in the office, sipping a cooling cup of afternoon Ribena with Princess M1. Later, I shall take Brownie for a walk around the office.

Hmmm, why is it that everytime I put Princess M1 down onto Meu Meu, I get this damn funny thought that Meu Meu sniffing M1's arse?

Wahahaah! I really think I am sick in the head. Sick sick sick!

I like~~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's The Season To Be Holy~~~

Blogging in the office! Envy me bitches!!!

Hmmm, I don't think I can get away with saying that out loud. -_-

So anyway, recently as I drag my sorry fat arse to work every morning, I see this China woman clearing out the garbage at my block. I am not really sure if she is an official employee hired by the government to help make the slum of a HDB flat I live in a much more tolerable place to live in, as indicated by their recent movement to install lifts in every storey in an attempt to ensure that residents such as myself will not roll down the stairs to a premature Alzheimer's in my old age.

Such consideration. I am so very moved.

So anyway, I said I am not sure if she is an official employee because there had been many China women who came to my block at different hours of the day to go through the garbage, looking for scrapes they can salvage and/or sell. Yes, I told you I live in a slum.

Don't get me wrong. I have no issues with that. I have been living in the neighbourhood since I cannot even remember when. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. It's the place I hope to keep and be able to come back to when I grow old. Even after I become damn farking rich and have many many houses across Europe. It's the place where I had a lot of memories, especially that of my late Grandmother, who would always fry me an egg with dinner, attributing to the aforementioned fat arse.

Oh well, what can I say? It's home.

And the area is finally old enough to look a little dingy and slummy. I kinda love it. It's got character and will probably look really vintage compared to luxury flats that is coming up in the next couple of years.

I can imagine coming back years later, gesturing with my ebony walking stick and telling yet-to-be born grandchildren in a feeble croaked voice, "Look... This was where Ah Ma grew up. And there, was where Ah Ma played the see saw and pa-lin-dao... And there... was where I punch a stupid boy in the face, for trying to steal my gor-li..."

Then I will use my ebony walking stick to gesture for my chauffeur to drive up my limousine (OMFG, I don't know how to spell limousine!!!) and send us to our suite at Raffles Hotel, which is where we are staying because we are only back from Europe for a short visit.

Haw haw! I am going to be such a kickass Ah Ma!

Okay, so I digress. The China woman. As she went about her job with much dedication and zeal, you just cannot help but notice the little girl with her. She is about 10 or 12, and would either be sitting at a corner of the lift landing reading a story book, or going through the garbage and picking out bits and pieces to salvage.

The sight of the little girl reading on a dirty floor or going through junk that my inconsiderate neighbours piled at the lift landing really stayed with me (Side note: Some of my neighbours are really KNN disgusting! They really throw anything there! Got once I saw a bag of old underwear!) I find myself tempted to offer her a place to sit and perhaps a hot cup of milo at my place.

I really hope that she is just doing this because it's the school holidays and that what I vaguely remember someone saying that it is mandatory for all kids in Singapore to attend primary school is true.

Every kid deserves a childhood in a school yard, playing with other children screaming their heads off, counting the seconds to the recess bell and the end of the last lesson, hating homework and trying to think up of silly excuses for all sorts of funny misdemeanors that adults see through right away. Giggling a little whenever teachers say the word "period" because it also means something else.

I shall continue to observe the little girl, and see if she suddenly disappears after the year-end holidays end. I really hope she does.

PS: This long entry shall be more than enough to cover up for the foreseen gonnabe lack of entries for the next few weeks!


Nope, still cannot carry that off.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feels Like Sushi

New motto from now on is "Moderation is the key!"

Feeling kinda bleak today. Not even playing Jade Dynasty helps to elevate the gloom.

Cannot wait to get out of the office and go home, lie on my bed and watch some "Together". Maybe play some Delicious Emily's Holiday Season or some random object seeking game.

Also don't know why I am blogging. Think I am getting sick too.

Bleh. >_<

Monday, December 14, 2009


Mumsies is not in the wrong.

I know where she is coming from.

But I feel sorry for her and for myself.

My brain is aching.

Why do we have to bear the burden of someone else's problems?

Selfish? Try being in my shoes.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Solidarity, Sisters!

I had dinner with Mumsies and her four sisters earlier on tonight to celebrate the 50th birthday of my youngest aunt.

There was so much joyful conversation and laughter that I actually had fun.

I had originally kinda dreaded it because, come on let's face it, no matter how you see it, I am having dinner with a group of older women, no offence intended. What could I possibly have to talk to them about? I definitely cannot make suggestive jokes or trade sarcastic funnies like I normally do with my Pinkies.

But I really enjoyed listening to them reminisce about their younger days, growing up together, and all the funny memories that they had. I could feel how close they were and the kinship of sisterhood they still share that never went anywhere despite the distance life commitments had placed between them.

I feel glad that Mumsies, despite her hard life and worries, at least get to enjoy this wonderful solidarity of sisterhood.

It reminds me of the strong bond the Pinkies have, something that I cherish very much.

I am thankful that despite being an only child, I still have a group of friends so closed-knitted that we are exactly like real sisters with only the trivial exception of lineage technicalities.

Looking forward to the year when we all celebrate our 50th birthdays together, reminiscing about how we met, our days together, and the many, many, many funny experiences that we shared over the years.

To 13 years of friendship and counting! JEAH!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Run Faster, You Doche

My friend told me that in her previous job in newspaper ads, there was this elderly man who had never gone overseas before, so he wanted to visit China since he had a bit of time now to enjoy himself.

As he did not want to go alone, he wanted to place an ad in the newspaper for a travel companion. But due to security reasons, the newspaper had to reject him. According to my friend, he was really disappointed.

I felt so sad when I heard this story.

Somehow I worry that this would become my story when I grow old.

I am not someone who is afraid of being alone. Being a single child with a large extended family, I grew up with a healthy combination of the company of other kids and learning how to keep myself occupied.

I can easily sit through a dinner with lots of people that I hardly know and still enjoy an entire movie or two in the cinema by myself. Not to mention I have lots of close friends who I meet up with on a regular basis.

But of late, I am beginning to ponder more and more about the possibilities of really spending the rest of my life by myself. Just for the record, I am really talking about being alone as compared to being lonely.

I am like every girl, I want to find Prince Charming, get married, have kids and live happily ever after.

Sounds like a plan?

No. Stop, rewind, check that. This sentence is so wrong and so does not apply to modern society that if I ever become a mother, I am going to tell my daughter right off that there is no such thing.

Because it is never just this simple.

To find someone that you want to be totally committed to. I don't know about the others, but to me, even the thought of trying to find this person is tiring. The not knowing, the trying to know, the wondering if what you know is really what there is know, is just plain tedious.

I rather be alone.

There is also the cost of getting married and having a kid. I don't even want to think about those. If I cannot be the kind of parent that gives my kid everything that he or she deserves, then I rather spend the money on myself. I daresay my upkeep is confirm much cheaper than a kid.

And honestly, the thought of having a child terrifies me. It really, really does. Having such responsibility over another person's life.

I rather be alone.

Of course there is also the given truth that no happiness is a guarantee. That everything you do comes with a risk. Be it alone or with someone else. But the idea of putting my happiness in someone else's hands.

I rather be alone.

So there. I know people always say that the right one is out there and that eventually we will find someone and everything will fall into place, no matter how difficult it may be. But there are also a lot of people in this same "out there" dimension who never meet that someone and grow old alone.

What are the odds? 1 in 10 maybe?

Well, in a group of 10, I think I am the uno.

So now all I have to do is figure out how to keep myself occupied... For the rest of my life.

The thought neither excites nor terrifies me.

One thing is for sure though, I will never place an ad in the newspapers looking for a travel companion.