Sunday, February 26, 2006

Exhaustion Rhapsody

What an exhausting week! Waking up early is definitely NOT my thing. Sigh, and after the week has ended, two days straight of Asian Aerospace, which has the WORST organisers I have ever encountered.

And if you are a smart little cookie, you would have figured out that this means that my weekend was burnt off working my arse off for people I don't like, for money that is probably too little to make it worth my while.

Life is tough, but what is new?

And I am home right now, trying to finish up my Psychology paper due on Tuesday. A GIRL CANNOT EVEN GET 2 HOURS OFF TO WATCH HER ANIME!!!

But my weekend was not all bad, I celebrated a belated birthday with Yan, Ivy, Kaiming and Bao Bao yesterday. At first I thought that it was just dinner, but they actually got me a cake, and gave me a stuffed toy piggy that really resembles the one in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon!!! I have a Sam Shik now!!!


A picture with Mao Mao.

And here's all of us together!!! Hehheh.

Really don't remember the last time I got stuffed toys for my birthday, but these two are just too cute not to love, eh?

PS: NABE!!! My new Sony Ericsson phone SPOIL!!! So pissed off, I will tell the story when I have the time, but for now, it's back to my Nokia 7610. Sometimes I really appreciate how sturdy Nokia phones are.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Birthday Celebration #1

Haha, what a fun birthday celebration! We went to Chomp Chomp and had A LOT of food. Despite the fact that it was rather hot and stuffy and there was a psycho cat who kept terrorizing us, we had fun!

And the girls are so SWEET! They got me a personalised bear from Cool Bear Workshop. It's one of those places where they let you kinda create your own bear, buy clothes for it and it even has a birth certificate. Kinda like Cabbage Patch Kids. I was saying that I want to get one for myself, and they actually got me one! It's so cute! Here's a picture of my kawaii Mao Mao (aptly named after me).

See? Cute hor!!! And the handphone on her lap is my BRAND NEW SONY ERICSSON WALKMAN HANDPHONE! I finally decided on this model and got it. Kinda a birthday present for myself. I am always splurging on myself! Haha.

And here's the birthday cake they got for me!

Special thanks to Tan See Tien who went to Lot 1 to buy the cake. Haha. Oh, and ignore the 23 on the cake, I am actually 18. Typo error. ^___^

All in all, a GREAT birthday celebration. Haha, I LOVE MY MAO MAO! THANKS FOR THE EFFORT, MY DEAREST PINK ARMY!!!

I Like To Act Japanese And Use The Word Minna

Hello minna! How was your week? I had a very productive week if I do say so myself. I did a little planning, not a concise one, just set small goals of the must-dos and the can-do-if-I-can. And it works for me. I am alternating between studying, working and ANIME TIME (very important, very important. Anime watching is like the only hobby I have that keeps me EXHILERATED).

I am not sure if I can still keep up when lessons for Mass Comm STARTS TOMORROW (DAMN!!! Excited, nervous and stressed all at the same time!!!), but since I am working lesser, I expect to be able to cope.

And I finally found out who my tutor for my Lit exam preparations is. FINALLY! I was just about to get worried. Bahaha.

Birthday coming up in a couple of days, don’t really feel a lot of excitement; I think I am more excited about the latest episode of Bleach than having a birthday. Anyways, one of my friends, I forgot who (haha, too many friends already, haha), asked me what kind of birthday wish do I have. Well, I’ve been making Christmas resolutions, New Year resolutions, Chinese New Year resolutions, it seems a little greedy to make birthday resolutions, but ok…

I hope that all my friends and family will have a good year ahead, that I will be able to do well in my studies, and for 2006 to be a BETTER year than 2005. Ha, well, if I am really wishing for things, I hope that I can stay 18 forever. If I can, screw all the wishes before this. Haha. The sacrifices for youth.

Anyway, I plan to laze around today, an off day from the productive week, so I better get on with my lazing. Meeting the Pink Army girls later to get an early celebration on for my birthday. Hoho, nothing special, just having dinner. But knowing us, we’ll probably talk too much and laugh too loud again. Haha.

Will try to blog again soon.

Have a great week ahead, minna!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just In

Taking a short break from studying now, so thought I will just drop in a quick blog.

Psychology is HARD!!! Interesting, but hard!!! There are just so many theories that are kind of common sense but you will never really think of it until you read about it and go "Hey! That's right!”

Been trying to catch up on my reading for the past couple of days, probably like 75% done for the week. There is just so much reading to do!!! I am kinda worried that I won't be able to catch up once I start Mass Comm. I kind of have a timetable worked out, but since when have I been able to stick to a timetable? Arrgh...

Anyway, amidst the studying, I discovered that I can only listen to smooth jazz radio stations while I am studying. It's kinda strange because I have never been a big fan of jazz. I've tried quite a few online radio stations, pop, rock, alternative, hip hop, r n b, indie, top 40, but nothing else seems to work. The heart wants what it wants, I guess. There's something about smooth jazz that really helps me concentrate. Anyone wants to psychoanalyse that?

Bah! Who cares? As long as I can concentrate while doing my readings, I will listen to pigs snort over and over again if I have to. But I would really prefer listening to cows moo. There is just something about the soft, deep mooing sound that sooths my soul. -____-

Alright!!! Back to my books! Ikimashou!!!

PS: Gonna change my bloghead and the background music real soon. Patience and enjoy the Mayday theme while you can.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Hello, hello!!! Isn't it disgusting how some people can be so negligent towards their blog? Bahaha.

Had a well-rested CNY. By well-rested, I mean boring. By well-rested, I mean STAYING AT HOME ALMOST MOST OF THE TIME, SLEEPING.

Sigh, but I did get to visit a lot of my friends' houses to "pai nian" plus "bua kiao". Turning into a big "kiao kia" here. Kekekeke (does anyone think this sounds like some parrot chortling at you in a sarcastic, yet sheepish manner?).

It's now back to work, classes, work classes. Repeat. Gonna start my advance diploma in Mass Comm very soon. 20th February to be exact. I am excited about finally getting started in Mass Comm, but I am not thrilled about being very, very busy. I could probably cope with the studying alone, but having to work on top of that... Sigh, just the planning of my schedule alone gives me headaches.

Hmm, I am so not going to have time for my animes, sitcoms, comics, novels, erm, blogging (???) and etc, etc, am I? Sigh... Hopefully the boat reach the bridge and naturally straighten. Bahaha.