Thursday, March 31, 2011

Metro Station - Tell Me What To Do

Song of the moment! Love it!

Girl, tell me what to do
Girl, I'm so in love, whoa
I'm so in love with you, you, you

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Youtube Videos

I was all ready to do a long entry about SHINee's singing, but I am kinda sleepy and lazy now. Yawn! What a lethargic Wednesday. Weather is crazy. I want to eat banana!

Oh! I saw this on allkpop, so funny!

Wahahaha! TOP is crazy! ChoomTop and his sashimi dumpling! Is there even such a thing? Heh.

Anyway, this is probably old, but I also came across this on allkpop.

See see see? This is the EXACT REASON why I detest fandom cultures nowadays. They have no respect or basic courtesy for anyone, including the artists. Well done of Song Seunghyun to point her out, even though Korean artists are usually very polite in the public eye, and would probably just ignore the abuse. Seriously, all those crazy girls out there need to take some tranquilizers and keep their raging hormones in check.

A couple of instances come to mind.

Super Junior's accident when they were in Singapore? Hello deranged stalkers, are you happy now? Your idols could have died in a car crush, you know? Also, both Heechul and another SuJu member, I want to say Yesung(?), was hit by stuffs thrown onto the stage by fans. I hope those fans are happy too. They have done what a lot of other fans have no dice of boasting about. Hitting their idols and even drawing blood. Wow. Your parents must be so proud of you. I am not a fan, but really, it is so frustrating to see such news. And I feel even more embarrassed because it's happening right in my country.

Then there was Jonghyun's injury because of the insane mob in Indonesia last year. He was not able to fully participate in quite a few performances and TV appearances. So harsh! Like in one of the TV performances of Replay, all the boys just stood in a line and sang without any dancing. I was FUMING when I realised why can? I WANT TO SEE THEM DANCE! What's the point of watching SHINee perform if I cannot see them dance? Especially Jonghyun! I don't really know why, but I like watching him. He looks like a very groovy dinosaur. It appeals to my Barney side.

But really, really, REALLY? WHY DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO BEHAVE LIKE THAT? In all my years of being a fan, and let's face it, I really do have A LOT of idols, I have never ever done such extreme acts. The most I have done was gently, note gently arh, stalk some of the guys from Alegria, because well, they were REALLY easy targets. I seriously do not have any inkling why people can be so ridiculous. What is going on in their minds when they do such things?

And don't freaking get me started on those sahsaeng shits. They are just rubbish who do not deserve to be called fans at all. They have absolutely no right to be so intrusive towards anyone's lives. There are cockroaches who behave better than them.

Okay, I can rant on and on about this because I have had years of practice being annoyed and despising these people. Don't get me wrong, there are good fans out there who are well-mannered and stay within their boundaries. I have met many throughout the years. But it's really the nutjobs that give fandom a seriously bad name.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bell Nuntita

Is it weird that I feel a little obsessed with her, erm, him, erm, her? AHHHHHH! I AM SO CONFUSED!!! I blame Korea for this. They have totally warped my sensibilities of masculine and feminine, with their pours of pretty boys.

But Bell Nuntita! So much talent! Like!


Mumsies told me a story yesterday about her father that really touched me, and gave me a little bit of understanding to a man who was an important factor in my existence in this world, but was someone I knew very little about.

According to Mumsies, Ah Gong was a very kind-hearted man who would always help out his friends. He would often lend money to his friends in need, although my maternal family was really not very well-off back in the day. Once, during the pre-Chinese New Year period, he went to look for a friend who had borrowed some money from him, in the hopes of collecting back his loan. But the friend told him that he was so broke and did not even have the means to celebrate the festivities, and that his wife was constantly berating him for being penniless. So my kind-hearted Ah Gong took out the watch he was wearing, are you ready for this because I thought such things only happen on TV, and gave it to his friend to pawn for some money.

And the watch was not only his favourite watch, it was his ONLY watch. Mumsies said he really scrimped and saved to buy the watch, and would always look at it with a smile in his eyes, lovingly wiping over its surface to make sure it was not smudged. So much so that every one in the family knew how much he loved that watch.

Awwww! What a sweet man! Too soft-hearted for his own good, but loyal to a fault! Respect!

Well, needless to say, Ah Ma was quite upset when she was realised that his watch was gone. And the friend did not even repay him the money after that!

Really cannot stop thinking about this story. I know I talk about my Ah Ma from time to time in my previous entries. She was an amazing, strong and inspiring woman who I miss dearly. But my Ah Gong was really someone that I know very little about.

The reason being my Ah Gong had an accident when he was in his forties, which resulted in severe brain damage that reduced him to an almost childlike state. Hence, in order to ease Ah Ma's burden, the family decided to place him under the care of a nursing home before I was born.

So my only memories of him was whenever I managed to tag along with Mumsies when she could find the time to visit him. He was a really kindly-looking old man, whose smile crinkled his entire face. Although he was unable to talk, he would always nod twice when people talk to him. I am not sure if he really knew who I was, but whenever I call him "Ah Gong!", he would smile and nod his head non-stop. I like to think that maybe he did knew that I was his granddaughter and was very happy, maybe even proud, to see me.

I don't think any of my other cousins ever had the chance to meet Ah Gong or really remember him, so I feel quite glad that I have at least a bit of something to remember him by. Along with a wonderful story of what a great person he was.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The General Theme Of This Entry Is Basically About Being Left-Handed

Finally gotten around to watching Maknae Rebellion, specifically the episode with SHINee.

I am a fond supporter of the whole Leader-Maknae dynamics in Korean groups. It's always good to know who's who in the grand scheme of things. It also makes for fun gags like when a dongseng disrespects his hyung in the name of humour.

Anyway, was watching the part where the guys had to break roof tiles. And I sort of come to a conclusion of something that has been bugging me and quite a few dozen thousands of Taemin fans out there.

Is Lee Taemin left-handed?

Well, the reason behind this weird thing I have with wanting to know if people are left-handed is because, of course if you are not smart enough to realise already, I am a lefty myself. And I think left-handers are pretty awesome people.

*All estimated 10% of the world population of us. ;D

There is a general theory that lefties are highly independent and adaptable because we have to get used to living in a world that is not made for us (maybe this is why I always feel like I don't fit in somehow, hmmm...). We are also intelligent as well as being quick-thinkers and have great leadership qualities. On the down side though, a lot of left-handers tend to suffer from dyslexia, schizophrenia or may stutter in their speech.*

We also tend to die younger. Probably from worrying about the dangers of not being to operate a pair of scissors or can-opener properly. -_-

Anyway, back to Taemin. I noticed a while ago that he seems to hold his mic with his left hand pretty often. He also sometimes use his left hand to do stuffs, such as flipping his hair, throwing food into his mouth. Classic lefty traits. But upon my obsessive observation, I found out that he writes and holds chopsticks with his right hand.

Definitely not a lefty. At least not a true blue lefty like Jonghyun (and myself, ahem), who uses the left hand exclusively and blatantly, i.e. write, eat, scratch self, first hand that instinctively comes out when about to shake hands, punch people, dig nose, etc.

But with this episode of Maknae Rebellion, I finally have a theory. Like I said before, they were breaking roof tiles, right? And Lil Taemin only managed to break five, which was the lowest record of the group. Now physical size and age aside, based on the record of the guys who went before him, almost all of them managed to break at least seven of the roof tiles. Even Key, that skinny ass, managed to break ALL TEN of the tiles. Jonghyun broke all ten as well, using his dominant left hand.

Given that Taemin could piggyback a really fat lady, pun not intended - I will never make fat people jokes in bad taste, and the intensity of his dancing routines, I would suspect he has really good upper body strength, which means he could have done better with crushing the roof tiles.

So what is the reason behind him not being able to do so?

It's all elementary, my dear person-who-has-nothing-better-to-do-but-to-read-this-silly-entry. It is because he is really a left-hander, who was punching with his right hand. And the reason why he did so is because he is one of those people who was born a lefty but learnt to use his right hand as his dominant hand.

Not an unlikely situation. There are still a lot of people nowadays who believe that being right-handed is better, and would try to train their lefty children to use their right hand to do stuffs, write in particular. Some lefties even purposely train themselves to become right-handers. Something that I will never understand. Come on fellow Southpaws! Be proud!

My Mum, who is also a lefty, is one of those people who writes with their right hand. Although she told me that it is because she started learning how to write at an older age, and learnt writing by mirroring how the other kids her age are already writing. Haha! My Mum is such an interesting lady, ey?

So in Taemin's case, although he has more or less trained himself to use his right hand, a non-dominant hand can never have the kind of strength that the dominant hand has, and hence, he was unable to entirely display the full strength of his physical prowess!

Hahahaha! Such a ridiculously long entry on a silly theory.

But jokes aside, I personally do not agree with forcefully training lefties to use their right hand, especially from a very young age. Although not fully proven, there are studies that show that left-handed children who are made to use their right hand as their dominant hand, are more likely to develop cognitive problems and speech impairment such as stuttering.

Being left-handed may not be a typical thing, and it does cause a little bit of inconvenience. But it does make the world a more interesting place. For one, I think we tend to notice things that a lot of right-handed people do not realise or take for granted. Which is kind of nice. Sort of like a little secret that is reserved just for us to share. All estimated 10% of the world population of us.

*Information source:

Note: All personal theories made in this entry is based on personal observations and may have no association whatsoever to the truth as it is something that is done for personal entertainment. Please note the excessive use of the word "personal". In other words, I don't really know what I am saying. I am a left-hander. We are crazy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Till The Day

Clarity doesn't just come in a matter of days.

Some people take years to discover what they really want. I am willing to be patient. I just hate to be too lost for too long.

A little guiding light would be greatly appreciated on this murky road ahead.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The worst feeling in the world is when you are surrounded by people and still feel like there is no one there with you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So excited!

Finally able to do something I've been wanting to do at a fraction of the cost and in such an easy way!

I love technology! But nope, not gonna say what it is! Somethings are meant to be kept private and for myself.


I Plagiarise Too Because I Try So Hard To Look Like A Potato

Lady Gaga plagiarised SNSD?

Hmmm, the two songs do sound awfully alike... Well, if you ask me, I don't think Lady Gaga plagiarised SNSD. I bet she never even heard of SNSD, much less listened to their songs.


I think both songs are variations* of some other song out there. A lot of songs are similar nowadays. I know a lot of my favourite songs are favourites because they have similar rhythms and tempo. Personally, I don't mind. If it sounds good, it's fine by me. People need to lighten up a bit here. Musicians have been drawing inspiration from the world around them all the time. Maybe Mother Nature should sue them for copying how a bird tweets or how the water flows. *sue sue sue sue similan lar sue. sibei eng*

And honestly, I much prefer Born This Way, even though I hate the music video. The flow of the song is just better. If you can take something and improve it, why not?

*Note: VARIATIONS, not rip-offs. I was very careful about that.

Shinhwa Sarang

Love this live version of Only One. They never fail to wow me!

Here's an entry I wrote about about them in 2006 after attending their concert in Singapore.

And I still feel the exact same sentiments now, even after four years. Hopefully they really do get back together after the last of them completes his national service. Of all the singing groups I like, Shinhwa has my support the longest. They are also the oldest. =P And I think one of the reason is that they've been a group for about 13 years. It's a very nice feeling to see "Years active: 1998–present" in Wikipedia about the group you support. I want to see them go for another good 20 or so years, and be able to tell my grandchildren, "Hey, this is grandma's favourite band when she was young."

That's the dream.

Monday, March 21, 2011

K-News Means Keiia News, Not Korean News

I was so bored out of my bejeezus yesterday. So I decided to start watching Dream High. I don't know why I did not feel the urge to watch it before. I just didn't. Maybe because I don't want to be reminded of how old I am getting. Or maybe because Taecyeon has a really haolian face.

But it's really good! Sorta Glee-ish, but I personally feel that it's better than Glee. At least I don't feel annoyed by the singing half the time. The singers on Dream High are really quite good.

And I was so pleasantly surprised to see Ahn Kil Kang in the show! Chilsuk!!! I just can't help but draw parallels between Dream High and Queen Seon Deok. Seems like Ahn Kil Kang is playing a similar role in Dream High as well. The seemingly antagonist who was pretty much the catalyst that drove the main female lead to greatness.

And of course the Hye Mi-Shi Hyuk-Sam Dong dynamic is just so reminiscent of the Deok Man-Yu Shin-Bidam love triangle. I wonder who I will end up rooting for. I was definitely a Yu Shin-rang supporter in Queen Seon Deok, but I find myself leaning towards Sam Dong in Dream High. His country boy charm and what I presume is a Korean dialect accent is so endearing!

Anyway, in other K-news, I think it's official. I am irrevocably a SHINee fan now. Damn. How did that happened.

I was watching a video of SHINee's January concert over the weekend and saw the part where Jonghyun apologised to the audience repeatedly and started crying. I couldn't help it, he sounded so sad that I started tearing a little too. I really feel bad for him. Having to feel guilty because he just wants to be happy is something so wretched and heartbreaking. And the show of support from the other boys was really moving. I think Onew and Key cried too. Not sure about Minho and Taemin, but both of them showed solidarity for sure.

So, because I was so touched that I actually shed tears, there is really no choice but to be a fan. The only other time I ever cried for an idol group was for Shinhwa during their Guerrilla Concert, where they cried too. Such strong emotions just creates an unbreakable loyalty from a fan to the group she supports.

Although I must say I am starting to find Taemin a little disturbing. He seems to be able to control his emotions too well. He only smiles. At times when something is really funny, he laughs a bit before hiding behind the smile again. That's it. It may be something that people pick up naturally as they get older, but an 18-year-old?

I don't know man. Feels like Little Dude's got an old soul, which I like, but I still think he is leaving his childhood behind too fast, too soon.

Anyway, I am quite excited to see how the boys grow and mature in the industry. Just hope they don't go the way of many groups in the business. Learn from your Shinhwa sunbaenim!

I don't know what is it with me and groups from SM Entertainment, current or previous, with names starting with "S". I just have a special liking for them. Maybe because "SM" is also my initials with "S" being the first letter of my surname?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let Be

An exit strategy is sorely required.

I feel too near to the end of my tether. Starting to feel like I am biting off more than I can chew in so many aspects of my life.

I am starting to get severe feelings of loathing towards a lot of things around me. There is just a deeply ingrained sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment that hits me every so often at almost every turn.

Like I am moving further and further away from what I really want to be. I feel like my entire being is going into spasms because I am so sick of pretending that I am all good cheer and positive feelings.

I need to be alone for a while. To sort this shit out.

Hey Self-Centered

I am a mean, unforgiving bitch.

I freely admit this and never pretended otherwise. I can live with it. So now just deal with it and get the fuck out of my life.

I am sick of your antics.

Friday, March 18, 2011



Park Jung Min the 三八 is in town! Unfortunately I am not going to get to see him. There goes my wish of wanting to see every member of SS501 at least once.

But hopes he enjoy the island. No wonder it's so hot today! SEXY CHARISMA LEH!

Day 4

4th Day of vegetarianism.

A little crazed from the lack of meat. I hope I don't eat my friends when I see them tonight.

But I will persevere! Good karma, good karma!!! Fly to Japan and spread the love!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Please watch over the people who are doing their part to contain the nuclear threat, and the people trying to pick up their lives from the disaster.


Do pray for them as well. Regardless of what religion you are. It's the least we can do.

Japan, you are constantly in my thoughts. Please stand up strong soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self-Pwn Picture Of The Day #1

You can take the Mao out of the Ah Lian, but you CAN NEVER take the Ah Lian out of the Mao!

I enjoy looking at stupid pictures of myself because it reminds me to be humble. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pia - My Bed

Awesome song from a really cool band that I liked back in '05, during my I-think-I-am-all-rocker-chick phase. They seemed to have gone into oblivion. So sad. Good band.

I blame SHINee. And MBlaq. And Big Bang.

I REALLY AM a rock chick at heart. Having a major high on Bohemian Rhapsody since yesterday night.

Haha! I amuse myself more than anyone else. Really.

It Shouldn't Be So Difficult

Dear Hair Colour Companies,

Can you like please come up with a hair colour that contains a distinct tinge of blond and brown with a slight ash tone to it, AND CALL IT THE "TAEMIN'S LUCIFER" SHADE?!?! FOR PETE'S SAKE! PLEASE!!! BEFORE ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GET IT GOES UTTERLY CRAZY!

Stop giving us boring rubblish colours like copper red, warm brown, cool beige and yada yada. Passe liao lar!

Your kind assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

Believe And Hope

Read some really inspiring stories of how the Japanese helped each other in the crisis that moved me to tears.

Makes me feel like a tiny eel for complaining and being so mad when I am so safe and sound here at home.

I am just going to believe that everything has a due course and that this is simply part of the journey. I am going to try to do whatever puny little bit I can to contribute to some positive karma. Wish me strength and determination!

PS: I am glad that I have this blog to pour out my thoughts. I don't know how else and where else to fully express how I feel. I had never felt such a strong reaction to any other disaster before. It's something I am not sure how to deal with. Never knew that I have such strong feelings for Japan even though I do know I really like the country. Every single time I feel affected by something I read, I come here, write an entry, and would feel my mood shift for the better.

Hope this positivity can somehow convert into a good energy that finds its way to anyone who needs it. Amitabha.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Moral Corruption

The more I read about Japan, the more depressed I feel.

And the more depressed I feel, the more the anger starts to build.

Why do things have to be like that? Is it really part of the grand scheme of things? What are we doing if everything is just going to be messed up like that?

As if the earthquake and tsunami is not enough, now there has to be a nuclear threat, which seems impossible to contain, and maybe leading to even more horrible things happening.

I have always believed in a greater power out there. That everything happens for a reason. And that if we are strong enough, believe enough, there will always be a way. But I just can't but question this faith. Is there really a reason for all of this? Is there cause for such pain and suffering? Is it really our lot to be forced to cope with tragedy happening after after tragedy?

Or is it really our fault that all this is happening? Perhaps humankind have really done a great wrong. And now our greed, our selfishness, our depravity have finally led us to this point. A point where we could only watch helplessly and wonder when and if it will happen us.

I don't know why I am thinking this way. I can't help it.

Perhaps ignorance is really bliss. I shall stop reading the news once I get over my hysteria.


Cancelled my hotels for Japan. And feeling so despondent about it.

It's not about not being able to go for a holiday. I can always go some place else and still have fun. It just feels so sad that things have to be like this.

Kind of like a big, strong person being struck down by an act of nature, and now you are hoping that he will stand up again soon.

I don't pray everyday, but whenever I do, I will keep Japan in my thoughts.

Treasure your time on this earth and don't procrastinate on anything worth experiencing. You never know what may happen. Such is the fragility of life.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am cancelling my plans for Japan.

My heart feels heavy when I made the decision, because it really feels like I am abandoning a friend in need.

When I first heard the news of the earthquake and tsunami, I had no intentions of changing my plans to go Japan just because of what happened. I still wanted to go, even if being there means I may have to bear witness to the devastation of the disaster. It's my own small way of providing whatever puny bit of moral support it may represent.

But with the news of possible nuclear meltdown, my friends and family are asking me to reconsider my trip. Tien even said that she won't allow me to go, so sweet of her, and my mum is very concerned too. I really do not want to cause them unnecessary worry for something that I have a choice in, hence I am cancelling my trip.

Dear Japan, I have not forsaken you. I will be back someday, I promise. Be strong.

On a lighter note, since I already have all that leave set aside, I am thinking of Korea earlier, like one year earlier. But I am SO not ready for Korea. I haven't picked up enough Korean yet, have not done any research on where I want to go yet, except I know I want to go Gyeongju for sure (can we say a HEYO for Queen Seon Deok?).

Should I? Should I? Or Taiwan instead?

I don't know man. I hate to miss Korea in case the world really ends in 2012. Sigh... Me and my weird thoughts again. It's getting hard to contain them.

That Tinge Of Brown and Blonde Is Just Out Of This World

I WANT LITTLE DUDE'S HAIR COLOUR!!! It's driving me nuts!

Why does he have to go get such a nice hair colour. Shitty balls!

IMMA GONNA GET IT! By hook or by crook.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say WOT?

Snake bites model’s breast then dies??!!??

그냥... 세로운 세상.


I am feeling really affected about Japan. I can't help it. Maybe because it's a country I have been to, having enjoyed their hospitality, met a lot of nice, helpful people, and knowing what a wonderful place it is.

It just pains me to think that the kind strangers who have helped me when I was in Tokyo, may be in distress right now.

Please include Japan and all the countries at risk of being affected by the Tsunami in your prayers, regardless of which religion you are.

To the Powers that be, please have mercy and spare the innocent lives. I beg of you.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Bless Japan. Let this all be over soon.

Really feels like the world as we know it may just end. I really wish that there won't be any more pain or suffering, even though we have probably wronged Mother Earth in so many ways.


"If the World is to end tomorrow, and I am in the final moments of my life, I want to go with the memory of your smiles in my mind."

Get A Grip, Crazies!

This is probably old news, but I am so annoyed!

Apparently, Jonghyun felt so pressurised after he revealed he's dating Shin Se Kyung, that he actually broke down a few times. He was so affected that he even bowed and apologised on Music Bank? And Shin Se Kyung had to shut down her personal website after she received hateful comments from deranged lunatics who call themselves SHINee fans.

WTF? What's wrong with these people? Doesn't he has a right to date? Why did he have to apologise and feel bad for being happy? This is utterly ridiculous! Does any of those insane "raging fans" think they stand any chance with him even if he doesn't date? Can they seriously consider themselves genuine fans if they can't even feel happy that someone they idolise found something wonderful for himself, and even took it upon himself to share his joy with his fans?

I also came across an unconfirmed news about Taemin dating some Sulli person, whom I don't know, but would have no problems with if she is someone that Taemin chooses to be with. There were even comments imploring him NOT TO DATE? Are these people seriously humans? Are they just plain fucking nuts?

Why do things have to be like this? I think these people are seriously demented. Jonghyun is only 21 years old. He probably spent a large part of his teenage years working really hard to become what he is today. He should, and more than deserves to, have a semblance of normalcy in his life. I don't even want to get started on Taemin. I mean, he is very talented and everything. And so damn cute. But I see photos of him as a kid, it just feels like he had to grow up very fast. After a while, you start to wonder if losing your childhood so quickly is worth it. Because it's really the only time in life when hopes and dreams are more than alive. They are real.

I really hope that all this craziness won't take its toil on their relationships. The harsh industry will probably take care of it in time to come. Of course there are always exceptions, and I sincerely hope that for Jonghyun.

I see enduring relationships like Se7en and Park Han Byul in this crazy business and it is really heartwarming. That true love can be sustained in all the madness and even blossoming into something beyond just two people being together.

And it makes me even more annoyed with all those nutjobs out there! I mean, come on! GROW UP! If you really support Jonghyun, or Taemin for that matter, you would support them no matter what. Even if they are dating a potato.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Incident

Me: Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding

Primary school cousin: Ohhh you like this song?

Me (incredulous): You know this song?!

Primary school cousin: Baaaaabyyyyyy~~~

Me: O_O

Primary school cousin (calmly): But I prefer Lucifer (does Lucifer ending move with fingers pointing in opposite directions)

Me: Waaah... (in awe)

I don't know is I childish hip or he mature.

Pick Me Up

Getting through a demoralised day becomes so much easier with some 精神寄托. Be it a funny joke from a dear friend, an encouraging song from my favourite artistes or buying something I want at a discounted price.

Another day, another dollar earned. No requirement to fret! A-YO!

Kim Hyung Jun - Girl

Kim Hyung Jun looks so lonely in his new "Girl" MV without the rest of SS501. And maybe dancing with a scarf around your waist is not really such a cool idea when your bros are not around doing the same thing too. Certain things should be kept a group activity. =D

Experiencing a moment of sadness because I really like their dynamics as a group. One of the reason why I always prefer singing groups to solo singers is because groups are always more fun and more 热闹. Single child syndrome I guess.

Gonna watch "Love Like This" MV to make myself feel better a little.

Hope SS501 will get back together soon.


하루 온종일
돌아오는 건 잔소리
오늘도 책상 앞에선
뭘한거니 why why

숨가쁜 하루에
쉴 곳 하나 없어도 oh oh
절대 약해지지마 ah ah
No way no way

서러운 맘
알아줄이 없어도 oh oh
절대 포기하지마 ah ah
Your way your way

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy Girl, Where Did You Go? Really?

It took my own tears to make me realise that I am not truly happy. It's a sad reminder that no amount of money is worth being so unhappy for.

I will never cry for this job again.

I'm Yours + I'll Be Missing You + Hey Juliet

I should so be working on my training plan right now. But I just can't help it. Need. To. Post. This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *massive tapping on the exclamation key*

SHINee singing two of my favourite songs! Simply awesome. 완전 vocal powerhouse! And they actually have good pronunciation! Practice much, boys? And I never noticed that Onew is actually very, very pretty too.

I am too excited now to work. No training plan, I don't want you! 아니요!

Imma gonna listen to this song till I see the sunlight!

Woes Like That Are Just A Typical Morning For Me.


I don't see the point in making decisions illogically and to do things the long and roundabout way when there is actually an easier and more efficient route. Please take your paranoia out of the equation, then speak.

Thank you very much.


One of the most thought-provoking conversation I had with my cousin. This is the harsh reality of what a lot of people in their late-twenties feel after working for a couple of years. As per usual, meanings of non-English words in brackets.

jEn: Learning to appreciate:
haizz...sometimes i think working makes you very bitter
cuz you see some ppl you really really feel like slapping
the classic Chao (Hokkien for "smelly", when used in this context, it's a metaphor that can best be equate to the word "bloody") slacker
simi (Hokkien for "what", when used in this context, can also mean everything) also make ppl do
siam (Hokkien for "avoid") this siam that

i have become cynical ever since i've been working

jEn: Learning to appreciate:
ya lor
work is cancer

i don't have dreams anymore

jEn: Learning to appreciate:
it kills you slowly and surely

i only want to do stuffs with my pay every month
that's the dream

jEn: Learning to appreciate:
orh I still dream, only when I'm sleeping

There was just something raw that hit me when the thought that I really don't have dreams anymore occurred to me. It kinda saddens me that I feel this way. At the same time, it makes me more determined not to let myself go into a rut like that.

There are, and will be, dreams. Just that I have YET to realise them. Of that, I'm sure.

"I just want Us to be together forever. That is my dream."

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Plastic Surgery

I am almost quite certain Little Dude had some work done on his face. At the very least, he did his nose. Probably his chin too.

While I have nothing against the pursue of beauty, ain't he a little too young to go under the knife?

The Korean entertainment industry never fails to disgust me as much as it amazes me.

I think it's ridiculous. Wait a few years before you impose such procedures on young celebrities, please!

Update: Want to add this little note because I am not a fan of speculating things that are not true, and also because, again, PEOPLE ARE SO SENSITIVE. I don't know for sure if him going under the knife is true. I made my judgment based on the visuals I saw online. It could be true or it could be just really superior genes and part of growing up. I am not the leading expert in the area. But I stand by my opinion of the Korean entertainment industry. If it's not Little Dude, it would be some other young celebrity. It's just a crazy world out there. Though I would feel so stupid if Little Dude turns out to be procedure-free. And so jealous.

Monday, March 07, 2011


Something about travelling that I really like is the feeling of coming home. Such a pleasant feeling that I enjoy no matter how short the trip may be. There are always stories to tell and memories to share.

I just wish I am not so tired. Way past the age when I can take a red eye flight and still be super productive at work.

But considering, I think I survive the day quite alright.

And now it's time to start looking forward to the next trip. I will work hard when I come back! Promise!


Friday, March 04, 2011

*waves goodbye in superior haolian fashion*

Goodbye suckers!

I am off to my favorite getaway place! Need a break before I go utterly bonkers!

Back on Monday. =D

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Like A Star

Just have to share this. This is one video that will make any girl go awww. Not just because he's cute. But because his nervousness is so apparent and his relief at having done well just strikes a chord.

So baby you don't have to let me go
내 모든걸 네게 바쳐 언제나 널
지켜주는 기사가 되어
영원토록 단 한 사람만 사랑하길 원해
I can do all for you
Cause you're the only one for me

Little Dude, 잘한다!

And I came across this remix version of 누난 너무 예뻐

Pretty good, no? There is also a rock version of the song. Check out korniceman3000's channel. They (?) do a bunch of remixes which are pretty awesome. Kinda addicted now. Very nice.

PS: I think their pants are too tight. And I WILL kill anyone who calls me a cradle robber wannabe. Sigh, how have I come to this. SHINHWA WHERE'S MY NEXT ALBUM!?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hands Flying About

Haha! If I do say so myself, freaking demure leh! Din't know I have it in me to look this demure wor! Muahahahahaaha!

Okay, self-admiration moment over.

Did this scrape piece when I was trying out the sorta-new-to-me Windows 7 Movie Maker. I have no idea what I am going to use it for though. Maybe another montage for my Pinkies? Hahaha! We'll see.

Haha! Eating out of his hands alright.

Found out that Taemin is kinda conscious when it comes to his singing. Judging from videos, he does sound pitchy at times during live performances. But then so do a lot of singers nowadays. I do think that he is improving though. He's young, there is still plenty of room. Haha, I am so biased. Though I really do believe that with hard work, all singers will get better with time, in terms of singing techniques. So sure. He gets to hang out with Onew and Jonghyun, I am certain it will rub off somehow. At most ask him to go ask Park Jungmin or Kim Hyung Jun to help him loh. =D Blah! I don't know what I am saying lar.

Oh, and something has come to my notice of late.

Whoa! Minho you dog! Hiding all those abs underneath that quiet nice guy charm of yours! This is why less is more sometimes. You feel so pleasantly surprised.

Lee Joon, learn a thing or two!

I think I am going to be killed by MBlaq fans. Or ninjas. Oh well.

PS: 또 설사... 또또또또또!!! 왜 그래? 정말 미치겠다!

Take Me Away

A song that never fails to take me away
To wherever it is that I needed to go
So I don't have to be here
Even if it is just for a little while.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Alright, first thing first, this post may not be pleasant to some. But it's something that I really want to share. Sort of like a public service. Everyone should know about such things.

Recently I have been having really irregular bowel movements (yeah baby, I am talking about SHIT! See I told ya!), and by irregular, I actually mean downright irritatingly weird.

For starters, it is not exactly consistent. I can function normally, go to work and stuffs, but when it hits, the pain is almost crippling. It's the kind of sharp, numbing pain that breaks you out in cold sweat. And it can happen anywhere. Usually after I ate something and often in the middle of the night.

Which means that if I am on the public commute, I have to get off and get the business out of the way first before I can be on my way. Not to mention the jerking away in the middle of the night and crawling to the bathroom because I just could not ignore the pain. And the "product", erm, produced is always kinda watery and mashy-like, as if I were having diarrhea.

It is very disturbing because not only is it weird, it is disrupting my daily routine and my sleep. This has been on-going for about a week or so before I decided to see a doctor about it yesterday.

And the doctor wisely announced that I am suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and threw me a bunch of medication that includes charcoal pills, painkillers and some lactobacillus acidophilus (the crap you find in Yakult and Vitagens), which according to some medical website is a "friendly bacteria". *sings lacto the friendly bacteria~~~*

Not satisfied with what little I know, I decided to Google IBS, it is actually the first search suggestion that popped up so apparently this is a popular search, and the most helpful website I came across is this.

Here are some excerpts:

"The pain and other symptoms will often:
- Occur after meals
- Come and go
- Be reduced or go away after a bowel movement

People with IBS may switch between constipation and diarrhea, or mostly have one or the other.
- People with diarrhea will have frequent, loose, watery stools. They will often have an urgent need to have a bowel movement, which is difficult to control."

Oh! That sounds exactly like me! Wise doctor is right! Then I continued down the page and read this:

"Expectations (prognosis)
Irritable bowel syndrome may be a lifelong condition. For some people, symptoms are disabling and reduce the ability to work, travel, and attend social events."

Ohmymuthafarkinggawd! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Lifelong? Mai ka wa seng siao leh! So scary!

"Symptoms can often be improved or relieved through treatment.
IBS does not cause permanent harm to the intestines, and it does not lead to a serious disease, such as cancer."

Okay, now at least that's a silver lining.

So well, there is that. It is not fatal and will not cause permanent harm, although it may be a lifelong kind of thing. Bleh.

There is also no specific cause for IBS, it could be anything from problems with the intestinal muscles to after-affects of intestinal infection. Even stress can be a possible trigger for it, which I guess is probably the cause for mine.

Boy, I must be more stressed than I think I am. There are just so many things that can be stressed about that I don't even know if I am genuinely stressed about it. But knowing what I know now, I am definitely going to try my best to treat my intestines better.

It's not fun to have to keep running to the toilet. People think I am crazy.

Do give the article a read to learn more.