Thursday, May 25, 2006


3 am and I cannot sleep. 3 AM!!!

I know it's not such a big deal since I am a late sleeper, but I really want to get up early tomorrow to work on my assignment due on Friday, and study for my exam, also on Friday. Yeah, big day Friday.

So why don't I work on my assignment now? I can't, because I really want to sleep. And I can't sleep because I don't know why!!! Why can't I sleep? Sigh...

Oh, I won 30 bucks at mahjong on Sunday. Keke. I finally won! After months and months of being a loser, I finally won at mahjong. I really hate being a loser at anything, so it's a rather nice feeling.


Why is that I can yawn and feel so tired, but I just cannot sleep? Is something bothering me? Or maybe it's just the examination nerves. Aahahaha. I don't know. Gonna try to get back to sleep now.

PS: The very nice Luvphobia, the lao beng, got me a copy of Tristan & Iseult as a belated birthday gift. Thanks dude, appreciate it. Will post up a picture and a review as soon as I can.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Just watched The Da Vinci Code today, and I have to say that the movie blew my mind. To some, it may be simple bullshit, and to some, an intriguing lost piece of history that they would give up their entire beliefs for.

Whether it is or not is kind of unimportant to me. While watching the movie, the one thing that stands out most to me is that I am grateful that there are so many things in this World that can stimulate our minds. Histories, art, Nature, literature, myths, anything that can give humans a sense of purpose in this life is beautiful.

However, there are certain things that striked me in the course of the movie that held very powerful themes for me. One of which is the theme of women.

One part of the movie talked about the killing of "free-thinking" women. Why? Because men are afraid of them. And for hundreds of years before feminism, so many women have fallen to this oppression. Some have gone mad, some have committed suicide, and many, unknown great minds in their time, discovered only after their deaths. If the book is accurate, then we may have found a reason why. A reason, the real fundamental reason why men tried to oppress women. Because they are afraid of us.

There are many other things that came to me while watching the movie. But this is the most powerful one. And one I will probably think about for a while.

If I don't make sense in this post, I apologise. A lot of things are going through my mind right now. It's rather messy. If I am born before the 20th century, I would probably be locked up in jail by now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Am A Lazy Bum

I am a lazy bum!

I like to sleep, hence I am a lazy bum.

My mind twirls off to gawd knows where while I am studying, hence I am a lazy bum.

My room is a mess! Hence I am lazy bum.

I haven't pay my bills, hence I am a lazy bum.

But most of all, I refuse to update my blog properly, hence I am a lazy bum!!!

Ahhh, whenever I see people with really nice and interesting blog entries, I would be quite inspired to do the same. But, halfway through, I would suddenly have another thought: WTF am I doing? I have way better things to do than update a blog that no one bothers to read, and exists more for the gratification and validation of myself than anything else. I think I will feel so much more gratified and validated if I am to laze around and watch videos.

Hence I stop.

This shall not be an exception. So there.

Have a good day, suckers!

Note: Yes! Indeed! That is indeed a PINK luminious star on my wall. Contrary to certain beliefs, I AM a girl, with girly persues. And just to prove that, here's my wall FULL of luminious stars!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bloghead Post

Voila! My very own personal collage! And also, my second ever attempt at making a collage! For my first ever attempt, please refer to this post. It's kinda like a collage to mark the moments this year that I've laughed and had fun, and also to show off that I have a lot of friends the friends that made these moments special.

I know I left out a few of my very good friends from the collage in favour of my own pictures because I really couldn't find any recent pictures of us. SO SORRY! But take it as a hint that we should go out real soon and TAKE SOME PICTURES, yeah?

I like this idea of marking my year with collages of pictures that I have taken in the past few months. Maybe I should do it like twice a year? I think it's a good idea, one at year-half and one at the end of the year. That is if I don't drive myself crazy of what pictures to choose. Hmmm, or I can always do a few collages at a time. Maybe with different themes, or different occasions. I don't know, or maybe one for different groups of friends?


I have such problems! =P

Friday, May 12, 2006


Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey’s head?

And this is where I grew up
I think the present owner fix it up
I never knew we ever went without
The second floor is hard for sneakin’ out

And this is where I went to school
Most of the time had better things to do
Criminal record says I broke in twice
I must’ve done it half a dozen times

I wonder if it’s too late
Should I go back and try to graduate?
Life’s better now than it was back then
If I was them, I wouldn’t let me in
Oh oh oh
Oh god I, I

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye


Remember the old arcade
Blew every dollar that we ever made
The cops seen us hangin' out
They say somebody went and burned it down

We used to listen to the radio
And sing along with every song we’d know
We said someday we’d find out how it feels
To sing to more than just the steering wheel

Kim's the first girl I kissed
I was so nervous that I nearly missed
She’s had a couple of kids since then
I haven’t seen her since God knows when
Oh oh oh
Oh god I, I

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on the bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

I miss that town
I miss their faces
You can't erase it
You can't replace it
I miss it now
I can't believe it
So hard to stay
Too hard to leave it

If I could relive those days
I know the one thing that would never change

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me...

This song reflects my life in no way. But it makes me think of someday, when I will look back and miss all the things that I am experiencing now, and won't be experiencing again. Just like I am missing everything that I experienced 5 or 6 years ago, and won't be experiencing again. I miss that time. And I know that I will miss now.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Congrats Ni Ni!!!

One of my dearest, dearest friend is attached. While I am so happy for her that she finally found someone, somehow it only serves to remind me that I am not. I am not even close.


People always say that you will find someone... eventually. But I don't want eventually! When will that be? When I am 50 years? 60? It's just so frustrating. I am so sick of the Fates (whoever that may be) throwing the wrong guys in my way. Just for once, maybe they can be a little helpful and give me someone right.

But hey, I just want to rant a little. I am still happy for my friend. Junie! I love you!!! =]

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Almost A Year!

I just realise that I've been blogging for about a year now. Wow, that's a long time to be doing something that is almost useless.

Although I haven't been really constant in my blogging; slacking off weeks, even months at times, but I still made it this far!

Quite amazing. Ahha. In the spirit of this rather amazing, albeit useless, feat, I shall highlight some other stuffs that have kept my interest for a significant amount of time.

Now this is an interesting exercise because people who know me know that I am seldom interested in something for more than a few months at a time.

Okay, so what am I still interested in now that I had been interested in more than a few months ago? This sentence does not make any sense. But ok, you get the idea.

Okay, for starters, I am still doing this blog, so that's something. And I still like Shinhwa. YEAH! I love them. Ok, what else?

I still like Eric Bana, Viggo Mortensen, Christian Bale, and erm, I still like animes and reading. Ahha. Big problem, I cannot seem to think of anything else other than guys and hobbies that I have adopted since I was a kid.

That's just me, I guess. But hey, we should focus on the good and forget about the bad. So yaay! One year anniversary of REJOICE!!!

The Broken Heart -- John Donne

He is stark mad, whoever says,
That he hath been in love an hour,
Yet not that love so soon decays,
But that it can ten in less space devour ;
Who will believe me, if I swear
That I have had the plague a year?
Who would not laugh at me, if I should say
I saw a flash of powder burn a day?

Ah, what a trifle is a heart,
If once into love's hands it come !
All other griefs allow a part
To other griefs, and ask themselves but some ;
They come to us, but us love draws ;
He swallows us and never chaws ;
By him, as by chain'd shot, whole ranks do die ;
He is the tyrant pike, our hearts the fry.

If 'twere not so, what did become
Of my heart when I first saw thee?
I brought a heart into the room,
But from the room I carried none with me.
If it had gone to thee, I know
Mine would have taught thine heart to show
More pity unto me ; but Love, alas !
At one first blow did shiver it as glass.

Yet nothing can to nothing fall,
Nor any place be empty quite ;
Therefore I think my breast hath all
Those pieces still, though they be not unite ;
And now, as broken glasses show
A hundred lesser faces, so
My rags of heart can like, wish, and adore,
But after one such love, can love no more.