Wednesday, March 28, 2012

But I Hope I Don't Go Crazy From Extended Periods Of No Human Contact Here At The End Of The World

I have officially shifted and settled in my new seat. I think I am liking my new space. Although I am literally next to big boss, separated by just one side of my cubicle, I feel that there is more privacy and quiet now, because I am right at the end and in a corner.

Although I am quite chatty and enjoy yabbering with my colleagues when we were sitting together, I definitely need peace and silence when I need to work on something, or I will end up listening to the noise and getting distracted. And while I can work when listening to music, it must be able to block out any external noises, so the louder the better.

For this reason, I am the most productive at the end of the day, after everyone has left the office. Optimally there should be enough silence to hear the sound of the air-con. There is just something soothing and calming about that light churning sound that helps me to concentrate.

Is this weird or typical?

Friday, March 23, 2012


I do not like living at the whims of others. I find this whole life-is-only-easy-if-powerful-people-are-happy business really shitty and unbearable. Especially when people abuses whatever authority they have just to make people feel bad about themselves. Never in my life have I ever attempted to abuse any form of advantage I might have to make other people feel like they are good for nothing. And I have always tried my best to conduct myself with reason and integrity. Although no one can claim to be a saint, I don't think I am a evil or vicious person at all.

And this world is definitely confusing me. I am not entirely sure how long I can go on pretending that I understand what the fuck is going on, without going totally crazy. When I try to be honest and speak my mind, people are always telling me not to be so direct and not to go against the flow too much, but when I keep my peace or try not to react to negativity, they ask me why I am not more angry at the situation or why I am keeping quiet and not fighting back.

What should I do? Seriously? So tell me, how in the world am I supposed to behave? I don't know. And I hate not knowing.

It is a goddamn bloody struggle. And I am not sure I can win.

There is only so much a human can take.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Really Don't

Feeling bothered about certain ideas shoved down our throats for the consideration of others' own indulgence and convenience.

Seriously this is no different from having something you treasure robbed from you, just because someone else fancies it. Although I am not exactly the best advocate for change, I am not against making improvements if there is a need to, if for the greater good.

But I really don't see any good. At all.

The weak gets consumed and the greedy just becomes stronger.

Where is the fairness? Why is no one fighting back? Why am I not fighting?

I don't know.

Quote Of The Day #3

"Do not take all the world's burdens and tragedies onto your shoulders... Simply because someone brings up your name in regards to an event, doesn't make what follows your fault." - "A Lady's Guide To Improper Behaviour" - Suzanne Enoch

One of the best advise I have heard in a while.

Liking this novel loads. Tolly's pain draws and moves me in a way that I can't explain even though I cannot even begin to understand the pain of someone who has gone through what he did.

Monday, March 19, 2012

你... 幸福吗?

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finished all three I got from the library last week. Am thoroughly enjoying this bout of literary immersion.

So much so that I am reluctant to fix my laptop.

It's been a while.

Who needs to go anywhere when I had been to 1800s England, the wilds of Congo Africa and wartime Europe in just the past week.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Friday Cheerios

So I was sort of wondering what Tom Hardy is up to. The last thing I read about him was his driving through Siberia for charity. What a nice thing to do! I can now see that this guy don't have to win any brownie points at all. He blardy hell owns the whole damn brownie store.

Anyway, I found myself wondering if he's done with his charity endeavours and came across the following yesterday night.

Hey! What is Marshall Eriksen doing here?


Ohmyfukingtimbaktumotherofgawd! THAT'S TOM HARDY!


If you don't believe me, look!

Doppelgangers, no?

Yes, yes, I know that is really Jason Segel. But as any self-respecting How I Met Your Mother fan will tell you, Barney is Barney. No one goes around saying Neil Patrick Harris is awwwwwsome or legen-daaaaary. I don't see why I cannot address John Segel as Marshall Eriksen. Most people will know who I am talking about anyway.

But seriously, Hardy's beard is really growing into it's own. And it seems to be expanding territory to merge with its counterparts on the chestal region. That's a very hairy man. There is just something about men with the ability to grow a fierce beard. Like if they can do that, they can do anything. Such as killing lions barehanded.

Oh well. I really don't relish being one of those fans who has nothing better to do but ponder over his cultivation of facial coiffure. Here's another picture.

Shaking hands with the Prince! Surely this means something. I doubt Prince Charles goes around shaking hands with just any Dick and Harry. That's one special Tom. What a guy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am a whimsical.

The weather is really wonderful today. I really feel like staying in, curling up in bed with a good romance, and just lazy the day away. Unfortunately, I am not a princess and it is not a weekend, so here I am in the office, freezing fingers, staring at my computer, trying to muster up some form of enthusiasm for work.

Such is life. I am not unhappy about it. I just wish that there is more to look forward to, more to be excited about.

Been feeling rather contemplative recently. In a good way. I think I am feeling more at peace and calm as compared to last year. I don't like to wallow in misery or self-pity for too long when unpleasant things happen to me, simply because it is a waste of time to do so. I rather just be angry, get it out of system and then put my energy to finding a solution.

Although I know very well that peace and calm does not last forever. For every pond, a pebble is bound to be thrown to ripple the stillness. But it is never a good thing to wind yourself up so tightly, waiting for something to happen, that you forget to take stock of the beauty in the world around you.

Like nature and arts, for instance. Not only are they viable escapes for the melancholy mind, they can actually be a form of replenishment that helps to fill up an empty heart.

I especially like rainy days. Even when I am thoroughly sodden with wet shoes that would make anyone miserable, I still like the rain. It seems to bring with it this dusky sheath that envelops our surroundings, making everything seem a little different, a little magical. As if anything can happen.

But that's just me.

"Perhaps sometimes I see the world as I wish it, too."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Me, Me, Me. It's All Me!

Recently, I have come to a startling realisation that sometimes despite having good intentions or even for the sake of fairness, justice and speaking my mind, my words have directly and indirectly affected people's relationships, and possibly caused changes in their lives.

It is a very scary thought.

I have known for a long time that people tend to come to me for answers and would bother to listen to what I have to say simply because I can get very anal about being correct, and also because I have always displayed this creepy level of maturity and reasoning since I was young. I won't say that I am influential but I do believe that I have a certain amount of influence on a lot of people around me.

Sometimes, with all the shit I say, I don't know why people still trusts what I say. But they seem to do and it suddenly feels like a heavy responsibility to have. Because the line between being honest and crossing the threshold to viciously maligning a person is very often blurred, and you never know when your words will be taken out of context.

Considering the fact that I have declared often and on many occasions that I can be a cruel, petty person and will not hesitate to say malicious things about people I dislike, it's a wonder why people still bother to be around me.

Honestly, I do not expect everyone to think like me. And I will never expect anyone to hate anyone or cut off ties with anyone just because I don't like them. But somehow, not sure if it is really my doing, or if the people I hate are really that vile, people tend to agree with me eventually. It's like I am the evil Queen but people somehow just find it in them to still believe that I am Snow White.

I really should try to always think about the things I say, and consider how they affect other people. It is just difficult sometimes to think beyond the haze of dislike and the need to just get the thoughts off my chest. But nonetheless, I have to try. Maybe it's all these self-reflecting and sometimes self-deprecating things I am always saying that makes me appear trustworthy to people, because they make me seem very down-to-earth and perhaps wise? But please, please, please don't make the mistake of putting your faith in me, I am seriously not a very nice person. I do not enjoy being kind to idiots and jackasses at all. And I am afraid of being around old people.

See this is me manipulating you right now.

Anyway, recently I find myself constantly having to explain to people why I am not actively finding a boyfriend. In their opinion, finding love means going for dates with any Tom, Dick and Harry (although right now, Tom sounds like a lovely choice) or those single mixers that throws all sorts people looking for love together, hoping that maybe just a couple of them would find what they are seeking for.

Basically, I find myself having to explain myself for my state of spinsterhood.

And I usually have to include my grand speech of why I don't see the need, and how I am OK the way I am. Which almost always invites pitying looks of "Oh you ignorant fool, you don't know what you are missing out on."

What. The?

For the love of whatever almighty that you believe in, why is it that people always think just because people are single, it's either there is something wrong with them, like maybe an extra eye or head somewhere, or that they are picky, or that they are lacking in some way? And don't you dare act like there is something wrong with me. You don't have to convince me how awesome these single mixers are, I am not saying they are bad. I am just saying it is not the avenue I would like to explore right now.

Can no one understand that we are actually fine, and dare I say it, CONTENTED?

I mean seriously, sometimes when I look at some of my friends who are married, I don't see bliss and happiness at all. Some of them just seem so tired and miserable. They look like they have lost that carefree and lightness we had when we were younger. I know life does that to you. I also know that not everyone is like that. There are couples who are truly happy, but there are still odds of going either way. I just don't want to buy in until I absolutely have to.

I am actually one of those die-hard romantics who is determined in finding true love and till death do us part, no cheating, no slacking. I've seen it and I believe strongly in it. Frankly, if anyone can give me a sure proof 100% guarantee of finding true love by doing something, I would do it. I really would.

No girl with half a romantic heart like mine would choose to be single if they have the option. I am not single by choice. I am single because there is no compelling reason not to be.

If it is stupid and crazy just because I don't want to live a life of unhappiness with someone who makes me feel like smashing a cooking pot over his head, then I am stupid and crazy. So be it. It may be the childish dreams of a little fat girl, who grew up on Disney movies and still believes in Prince Charming, but I think I really owe her this much. I've already let her down in so many ways, this is something I have to do for her. To find the right person.

So why am I not doing more to look? Again, there is just no compelling reason to. In so many ways, I am just not ready for a change right now. It feels to me like just not so long ago, there was still a gaping hole in the place where my heart was supposed to be. It sounds terribly cliche and corny, I know, but it is the way I feel. Now that I feel complete again, I am not ready to leave this confident, cheerful person behind so soon. Maybe I am just not a risk taker. But healing from a broken heart is awful business and not at all sunny and rosy. I like sunny and rosy. I am not ready to give it up just yet.

Maybe in time, my compelling reason will come along, and I will have no choice but to take the risk. But for now, I don't see the need to rush.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Many Faces Of Tom Hardy

Note: GOU GOU! This is the surprise for you! TAAADAAAH! OK lah, I admit it's more for me because it was quite shiok doing it. But still, I dedicate this to you for your unwavering support in whatever interests I have, being the only one who bothered to Google Tom Hardy when I talked about Tom Hardy, and always following up with my interests such as writing Tom <3 in Draw Something and observing that I had not mentioned Tom Hardy at all in a conversation. THANK YOU!

And for all your kindness, I shall now present THE MANY FACES OF TOM HARDY! Muahahahah! Because I need to show you more pictures after the two horrible ones I showed you.

So a couple of posts back, I talked about how Tom Hardy always confuses me because he seems to be different in every picture I see of him. So here're some proof of that.

First things first is, of course, my favourite Hardy, EamesHardy, which is really, in my opinion, one of Tom's better portrayals. I am not sure if it is the hair gel or the tacky shirts, but there is this rather greasy, scummy quality to Eames, that I find really yikes. At first. Trust me, he grows on you at an alarming rate after "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling" And that is the kind of magic that Hardy is capable of. Considering the cast, he was probably one of the fresher faces in the movie but he was so comfortable in his role and managed to pull it off like a pro.

Next we have:



I have mentioned before how much Hardy reminds me of Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel. It is really peculiar how some of his pictures bear this uncanny resemblance to them respectively, while some others have no traces of any likeness anywhere. Even his voice sounds like them. And the really weird thing is Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel do not sound alike at all.

And here are some others that I find interesting as well.

AndyPettitteHardy. Remember Andy Pettitte? The Yankee who was awesome before Nick Swisher was even cool?

SteveZahnHardy! Don't ask me why. I don't know why.

RegularTom. He looks so young and carefree. Like a boy. Pictures like this, he reminds me of Chris Evans, dorkish charm and all.

And this is a favourite, my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE:

TurkishKebabSellerHardy. So handsome loh. It was just such an awesome choice to use this picture as his wiki photo. One must not portray too much of one's handsomeness as it may be misconstrued as arrogance and invite malicious feelings of loathing.

So here you have it, the many faces of Tom Hardy. He is simply too versatile for his own good. You just don't know what you are gonna get next.

"Yeap, you better watch out. You won't know what hit you."

Me @ Work

What the boss sees:

What my colleagues see:

What I see:

What I am REALLY doing:

From Big Bang To Tattoos

Nothing better but to start the day with a Big Bang.

Love Top's blue hair. LOVE. Although it appears he stole the fur off GD's jacket, it's still pretty awesome.

But I really don't know what is the deal with Taeyang. Are those real tattoos? What a load of weird drawings to have on his body. Pity that, because I used to like him so much. Now he just seems not himself. Picture!

Hello boy! Those are not tattoos!

THIS is a tattoo.

Haha, bet some people thought that I am going to pose a picture of Tom Hardy. To be honest, Hardy's tattoos confuses me too, as much as his pictures does. Not really sure what is going on there. But The Rock, now his tattoo or rather, tattoos, I like. The whole thing is a work of art.

I like it that he seems to be expanding on it, rather than just add tattoos on his body with seemingly no rhyme or reason. His tattoos are just very neat, you know what I mean? And if I remember correctly, each part of the entire piece represents something meaningful to him, and he was able to do so in such a clean, because I really have no other word to describe, and immaculate way.

Very tasteful. I like. Now if only I can come up with something like that, I would have gotten that tattoo done a long time ago. I just cannot decide on what I want! I am really not a very artistically creative person. Bummer.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Every time I see Tom Hardy, I am so blardy confused. He seems to be different in every picture I see of him.

My damn laptop screen is on the fritz, so I can't post any pictures to prove my point. But I definitely have a favourite Hardy, it will always and constantly be Eames "you-mustn't-be-afraid-to-dream-a-little-bigger-darling" Whatever-his-last-name-in-the-show-is.

I can never get over the image of him and that grenade launcher. Yeah I really like men with huge launchers.

PS: Just finished a 300-over page novel within a day and a half. It's amazing what a person can achieve when she is not spending all her time on frivolous pursuits on the World Wide Web.

Cooling-Off Day

Over the weekend, I went for a local production, Cooling-Off Day, which was a depiction of a collection of interviews collected from Singaporeans regarding last year's General Elections.

It was an interesting production. I wouldn't call it a show, because it felt serious and close to home. I like it that the views presented were fairly distributed. There were opinions gathered from not only PAP and Opposition supporters, there were also portrayals of people like me, who see both sides of the coin. Although there were cheers and jeers all around, it was still a good avenue from which to learn from. Particularly, I got a better understanding of how our current government's policies affects my fellow countrymen from various walks of life, especially the Malays and Indians.

Not to compare race or even social status, but I AM a typical Singaporean Chinese from a lower middle class family, and I have always think about issues the typical Singaporean Chinese lower middle class way, according to the kind of social exposure I had according to the way I was brought up. Some of the views presented were related to issues that I have never really thought about before, more due to ignorance on my part than anything else, because they did not affect me in anyway. It was a nice way to be educated like that, in a rather neutral environment.

Which is good for me. Now that the GE is nothing but a not-so-distant memory behind us. I see a lot of people go back to being the way they were. Some still extremely angry at the government. Some not giving a damn like before. While some of the hot-blooded bandwagon hoppers, who probably decided to join the fray because it was the cool thing to do, having realised that they now have nothing to be spirited about, had long hopped off their high horses, hoping that no one will remember their red-faced, fiery behaviour.

To most, all the competition is over. Time to get over the excitement and back to reality.

To me, this should be when the real contest begins. Just because the GE is over, and will not be round the corner until 4 years later, does not mean we should stop observing and evaluating. We should take the next 4 years to assess ourselves and our country, to see if where it is going is in tune with our own personal goals and ideals in life.

Just because anyone is a PAP-supporter now does not mean they should continue to be if they are not satisfied with their performance. And just because you advocate the opposition now, does not mean you should not give PAP a chance in time if they really do deliver. We are essentially picking a government to govern our country, not a party that endorses whatever agenda we may have. There should really be no agenda in the government apart from progressing our country and making everyone's lives a little bit better.

I think the problem with a lot of Singaporeans is that we like to act like an elitist when it suits us, but behave like paupers when we feel shortchanged. We are simply, for lack of a better term, hard to please bitches. We see things that other countries have that we don't, we complain that there is no progress. Then when our government tries to give us these things at the expense of what was already there, we complain that they are compromising our heritage.

Whatever it is, I am keeping my eyes and my mind open. Because I may be a lazy dumbshit, but I care about being a responsible person. Not just a citizen, a person, who don't base her decisions on just a few factors, but the big picture. And definitely not for the sake of being cool and different from the majority.

I wish more people can be like that too.

Friday, March 09, 2012

It's Friday!

I am constantly reminding myself to give credit where it's due, and not just let my dislike of a person cloud my judgement and blind me to that person's merits. After all, not everyone who is a pain in the ass is totally without strengths.

It is just difficult to admit that a person that causes me so much frustration and grief can actually have a good idea once in a while. It can be a struggle, but I am really doing my best to keep a positive mind.

Sometimes I confuse myself too. There is never a fixed point with me. I think I am rather easy-going, but I can also be annoyingly obstinate. People who likes me often tells me that they think I am nice and considerate, characteristics that I enjoy being especially for people I care about, but I can be extremely bitchy and malicious as well.

I think this is part of the reason why I am so frustrated and angry all the time. Cos I belong to this sub-group that can never properly be anything. Kinda like a second rate citizen.

One frivolous example I can think of is whenever people complain that they are fat. It can be really tricky. If they are a lot bigger than me, I cannot really commiserate because they would probably think I am trying to patronise them. And saying "no lar, you are not fat" is a BIG NO NO, because it would be an obvious lie. So I would usually end up looking awkward and uncomfortable because I don't know what to say, then try to change the subject which might also hurt feelings because it would be apparent that I am avoiding the issue. On the other hand, if the person is actually one of those crazy bitches who are actually 38kg and still think they are fat, I will feel like bitch-slapping them because they definitely don't understand what it's like to be fat.

Of course that said, I have reached a comfortable level of mutual understanding with my own fatness, so it is something that don't really make me that mad anymore. But that does not mean I don't get annoyed when skinny ass girls pinch their skin together and complain that they are fat. PUHLEESE! You don't need to lose weight, just maybe a better body moisturiser because that's skin sag! NOT FATS!

Sometimes I think people who put a lot of emphasis on other people's weight just do that to make themselves feel better. Especially women. What good does the comments "you seem to have put on weight" or "you are really pretty, you know? But you need to lose some weight..." do for any plus-size person? You think we don't have mirrors? We don't know we are fat? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we think you are an ugly dumbshit with no semblance of an intelligence whatsoever? How will you feel if we point at your chest and say "you are really pretty, you know? But you need to go for a boob job"?

Again I stress, I am not angry. Even if I am, I can be easily distracted. That's just my short my attention span is. Oh, my boss just walked past and said "double fuck you!" to someone in the corridor. Funny!


Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thought Of The Day #17

Worst thing in the world is to have a chatty and gossipy boss. Just saying.

When people comment that I look really pretty in a photo:

What I say: No lar, just a lucky shot lar / the photographer was good lar / the camera was good lar (this can be use in tandem with the previous reply) / just the right angle at the right time lar / OK only lar.

*Note: Usage of "lar" to present a false pretense of humbleness.

What I am really thinking: Damn right I am, you bitches.

Hahahah! Women.

Morning, Y U No Peaceful And Quiet?

I don't know why some people cannot just blardy hell mind their own business. Poking their stupid noses into everyone's business except their own. Don't know they simi daiji, tao nao pai. Don't act like a smarty pants when you don't know what the hell is going on please. It only makes you look like a damn fool. A DAMN FOOL!

Arggh! The day has not gotten off to a good start at all. Days like that I wish I had never gotten out of bed for even a cheese cracker. Kan pua annoying.

Never mind! Shall not let some pea brain nothingness of no importance get to me! I shall now go eat a yogurt mixed with some green tea powder and zen my ass off.


PS: I know who Dolly Parton is liao! It's that scary looking blond woman in the trailers for Joyful Noise! That movie that seems like a cheesy rip-off combo version of Glee and Step Up. But we all know I am going to watch it anyway. Sucker for those teenager feel-good movies with a musical theme. =|

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hardy & His Autographs

Here's a couple of videos of Tom signing autographs.

Awww. Seriously, this guy is really interesting.

I don't really enjoy watching videos of celebrities interacting with fans in an "unofficial capacity" because they usually disappoints me. Most are sullen and anxious to leave. Some such situations are just plain awkward to watch. Although I understand the need to prevent any situation that places a celebrity in danger, sometimes it's just hard to watch your favourite celebrity behave like an arrogant snob.

But somehow Tom Hardy is just different. He is this weird combi of not say really happy yet very obliging, not very overly friendly but there was a little chit chat and a little humour here and there. And the main thing all three videos have in common, he was always in control, making sure he signs only once for each fan and that everyone gets one, most of time with their names personally written by him.

You just get the feeling that he gives a shit, but not if you overstep your limits. That's really nice. I wonder how long he can keep on doing this. His popularity is really exploding.

I wonder if he hates fat people.

Rodent Report #1

I have a serious problem that is causing me a lot of stress and sleep. A rat. Yes, just one damn fucking rodent and it's creating an uproar in my home.

It is eating everything and leaving substances that I don't even want to identify everywhere in my house.

The fucking piece of shit even ate my expensive croissant! The whole thing just disappeared! Who the hell does it think it is? Ratatouille? I am so mad that I don't even care that it is a breathing, living thing. I just want to snap it's fucking head off, and burn the body in a grand public ceremony to serve as a warning to all other critters that may be contemplating taking up in my house.

My house is not fucking free-for-all lodging centre just because we listen to Buddhist chants 24-7 and believe in being kind to all living things.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Don't Want To Go Home To A World Where My Laptop Monitor Is Spoiled And I Have To Survive On Using My iPad!

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!" - Dolly Parton

And if I am a really smart person, I would bring out all my buckets to collect the rain water in case I need it another day.

Not sure who Dolly Parton is. I got the quote off of a fortune cookie app I have in my phone. I like looking at the fortunes the app has for me once a day. Not that I believe a free mobile application is going to dictate how my day will turn out, but seeing these little snippets of wisdom and words of encouragement makes me feel a little better. A little less angry. A little cheerier.

I've been trying to work on my temper and anger issues recently. Although I don't think I am worst to the point of seeing a specialist yet, but I think it is definitely not winning me any rosy points.

And I have reached that point in my life, where I think I am simply far too intelligent of a person to allow myself to be held back by frequent acrimonious displays of hissy fits.

I find that last paragraph extremely douchey and annoying, but yet I had to type it because it's inside my head and I just have to get it out somehow.

Arrgh! This eternal internal struggle within myself to be or not to be. It's no wonder I am in such a foul mood all the time. Tsk.

Friday, March 02, 2012


The amount of exuberance I have for the fact that it is Friday today is boundless.

Every second ticking by is cause for a mini celebration.

Although I kinda feel pathetic for being so happy over the arrival of the weekend, which is something as consistent and inevitable as time itself. But still, not having to come into the office tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow is a very, very frolicsome thing to me right now.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dark Places

"I’ve been to all kinds of different rooms in my life, so the fight that I have on a constant basis is just to try and better myself and not regress and to find a new way forward in a healthier manner. My dark places are very specific; people live in violence, abject poverty and crime and I have no idea of the depths of their despair and suffering; my suffering on a scale of one to 10 is probably one, but it’s my pain and coming from where I come from. I don’t pretend to know anything about great suffering. I’ve had a bit of a rough life but it wasn’t that bad and I’m very lucky." - Tom Hardy

Looks like Tom Hardy is one really smart cookie. I find myself drawing a lot of inspiration and motivation from his words. How can anyone not love this guy for saying something so profoundly true for so many people, but can't really put into words?

I really like the fact that he readily admits that he don't really have a reason for his past, and that he was the way he was because it was just the way it was.

So many people think that the people who has done, supposedly, terrible things or went off the wrong way are the way they are because they had a sob story or some tragedy happened to them in their lives to change them. While some may believe that just because a person does what is classified as a bad thing according to the many, many severely flawed social norms means that they are evil. But maybe these people are not evil. They are simply different.

Sometimes it just so happens that a potential bad situation presents itself, and some of us became part of that situation. Without truly understanding the motivation or intention behind a person, no one can say for sure whether this person is good or bad.

Say if a man's friend gets him to rob a bank with him. Imagine if this man robbed the bank to fuel his drug addiction. Now imagine if he robbed the bank to fuel his drug addiction because he has a life-threatening illness that requires him to use this "drug" which is very expensive. Then imagine that he used to hit his mother. At which point do you really arrive at the real conclusion? Now think about the friend, who wants to rob the bank only because he is jobless and wants to put food on the table for his wife and two kids.

Point is, you never really know, do you?

I am not saying that this justifies anyone's wrongdoings but everyone has their own problems. A girl's loneliness from not having friends may never compared to the suffering of hungry orphans living in the streets, but everyone has their own dark places, which they deserves to wallow in until they can find a way out of it. And we should all learn to respect that.