Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Queen Seon Deok Post

Just watched another fantastic episode of Queen Seon Deok!

I feel so downright suaku that I am only watching it now, but damn it's good. Spoilers alert. From now on all my Queen Seon Deok posts may contain spoilers, so buzz off now if you are one of those people who will crap a shitload in your pants just because you think someone spoiled a show for you. If a show is really good, not even knowing the ending can ruin it. Not gonna repeat myself again.

Revolving around Deok Man's first official challenge to Mishil, I've read quite a few comments regarding this episode so I kind of already knew what happened. But nothing could prepare me for the sheer brilliance of the plot.

I know that some people think that Deok Man is a bitch for lying to Yushin and Bidam to achieve her goal, especially since Bidam almost lost his life. But I think that it's actually very ingenious of her. Not only does she know her allies' well enough to exploit their traits and characteristics in her plan, she also had a very good grasp of her opponent.

Yes, she almost sacrificed Bidam, but no great war was won without risks. She took a calculated one and came out winning the entire hand. And judging from Bidam's damn high expression when he realised the truth, not only was he exhilarated by what happened, his admiration and loyalty to Deok Man was very apparently consolidated.

Simply farking brilliant.

Yes, yes I do remember it's all semi-fictitious. Accolades to the writers who came up with such a good story and the actors and actresses who brought the story to life. Much love to Mishil! She's FIERCE! I like!

QSD Just For Fun Series: Chapter 2 - The Two Finger Technique

Chilsuk: You hold up your fingers like that, then you poke it in. That's how it's done.
Bidam: Sure or not? Not painful?
Chilsuk: No, it's actually very satisfying! Think about it, one finger not shiok right? So two fingers!

Bidam (mumbling to self): Two fingers... OHHHHHH~~~
Chilsuk: There you go... Now you get it.

Note: All text and assumed dialogue appearing in this post are fictitious and purely imaginary in the name of humour and laughter. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If deemed offensive and/or unacceptable to social norms, please remove stick from ass, then try again. Thank you.

Photos are copyrighted by their respective owners though.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Moment Of Greatness

Another Queen Seon Seok related post. I am so obsessed! It's been a long while since a drama has captured me so! In an entirely good way!

The following contains spoilers! Don't read on if you are even more suaku than me and have not watch it. Come on, I am already damn suaku, so please watch it soon if you have any inclinations at all to do so. It's really damn good!

Okay so the best part of the episode I just watched happened in the last 10 minutes or so. Something that frequently occurs while watching QSD; it can be drawn out and slow at times but it's the great moments which happen within only a few minutes that makes it worthwhile.

Deok Man tried to infiltrate the Gaya (?) camp with Bidam (<3) and Alcheon (<3<3), and was surrounded by their forces. Yushin managed to save them and there and then declared his loyalty to Deok Man as his ruler. I think this is really the definitive moment of greatness for her.

Despite all her resolve, without the alliance of military strength that Yushin had risked his life to obtain, it would had been almost impossible for her to have a fighting chance for the throne. That and the belief and faith that Bidam (<3) and Alcheon (<3<3) have in her makes for her greatness.

And it's so sad because to achieve this greatness they had to sacrifice their love. Not only does Yushin love Deok Man, he was the definitive point where she embarked on her road to her greatness.

Greatness is not assumed or demanded. It is bequeathed upon by people who believes in you. A major theme of the show right from the beginning. It is something that we should all keep in mind. Something that I want to keep in mind.

"My reason for existing. My worth for being. It may not be to achieve greatness. But perhaps to believe in greatness."

PS: Did this entire post on my iPhone! My iPhone typing skills have improved!

QSD Just For Fun Series: Chapter 1 - Of Pants And Beauty

Alcheon: It doesn't really bother me that much, but I think my pants are too tight.
Deok Man: You better go change your pants now if it bothers you! Don't wait until the cameras start rolling! I am wearing like 1000 layers! I WILL BOX YOU IF WE HAVE TO STOP THE CAMERAS HALFWAY THROUGH!
Yushin (to self): Hmmm... Look at how defined everything looks! I wish my pants were as tight...

Deok Man: You don't think I look pretty enough?
Alcheon: No... It's not that... *silently* I just think I look way better in my Hwarang makeup
Yushin (to self): 妇人之争 (women's quarrel). Better shut up.

Note: All text and assumed dialogue appearing in this post are fictitious and purely imaginary in the name of humour and laughter. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If deemed offensive and/or unacceptable to social norms, please remove stick from ass, then try again. Thank you.

Photos are copyrighted by their respective owners though.

Friday, April 23, 2010


"When fear threatens to overwhelm you, you can choose to run. Or stay, get mad and fight back."

One of the things that motivates and moves me the most in Life is the strength of human will. The determination to go beyond your limits and accomplish even the impossible.

I never failed to be impressed by how much Humans can achieve. Even if it seems like we are just insignificant dots in the big scheme of things, I believe that every single one of us are the building blocks to greatness.

Every time I see the photo above, the words "日落昭阳" comes to mind. Even at dusk, you can still glimpse the brilliance of the setting sun. And knowing it will rise again tomorrow to a new day.

Such thoughts give me the encouragemment I need to go through the day, no matter how good or how bad it may be.

Such is the beauty of Life that I am humbled by.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fringe Woes Part 3

Day 2 of fringe clipping in the morning...

The split seems to be moving to the side. Maybe that's a good sign. Shall continue to monitor.

Side observation: My hair looks a bit frazzled. Must be the morning commute I have to endure every day.

The Promising Men Of Queen Seon Deok

After watching 12 episodes of Queen Seon Deok, I have more or less shortlisted the male characters that I like.


So first up, we have:


Very promising indeed. Who can resist a guy who barks military orders like he is born to be a leader. Lee Seung Hyo is definitely not my first choice of a heroic-type actor. But he does it oh-so-well! Not to mention Alcheon is a very likeable character.

The typical military hero, who is extremely principled with a clear-cut idea of good and bad, which although makes him a rather annoying hard-ass sometimes, is also his redeeming quality because he is loyal to a fault and will repay all good deeds with his undying faith.

I like this kind of characters the best! Seems like an asshole at first, but actually is a good guy.

Good guy smile!

Next up, we have:

Kim Yushin - adult version

I find it hard to coincide the adult version with the teenage version. They don't look alike at all. But it's difficult not to be on Kim Yushin's side, old or young. He is just someone you would WANT to swear your allegiance. Kudos to both adult and teenage actors who did this Korean historical hero justice by pushing his greatness right into our faces from the moment they appear on screen.

And although I find Uhm Tae Woong a little too rough around the edges for my liking, I am rather fond of this image he had:

Haha! I got a thing for peroxide-blond chau ah beng types. I don't know why!

Finally, we have:

Bidam aka 皮蛋!

Okay, I can't really say much about his character because I haven't exactly seen his character yet, and won't be for another few more episodes. But I likey a dude who carries off his make-up so well! WAR-PAINT FETISH!!! RAAAR!

So this is my list of promising men in Queen Seon Deok. Expect it to change because I really don't have time to digest all the Korean men on-screen. All of them look rather similar and humsum to me. Even the uncles look good.

I think historical dramas make people look better, even the women. Even actors who normally look like lecherous old men can suddenly transform into the distinguished-looking type. I think there's something about the long hair and ultra-many accessories that enhances their looks.

See? Long tresses are important!

*flips hair vigorously to show off long hair*

*swish swish*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fringe Woes Part 2

Okay, the day is half over, let's review.

Hmmm... I don't know. Is it working?

We'll see again tomorrow.

Fringe Woes Part 1

Read somewhere that clipping my hair like that before blow-drying will keep the fringe from splitting in the middle.

We'll see.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


After much time, I am now back in my Korean-Japanese phase! BANZAI!

Not sure I am more into Korean or Japanese though. I am watching Queen Seon Deok, and feeling pretty Hangul-ey. So many cute Korean men! SO MANY!!! And then I started listening to this Japanese pop singer, DZ Ozma, which is essentially listening to a bunch of nonsensical dance music, so that's making me pretty Nippon-ey too.

I keep listening to DJ Ozma at work and self-high until my manager call me I also cannot hear. BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE WITH ME! Too bad DJ Ozma retired. I rather enjoy watching people take off their clothes in his music videos. It's really quite fun to watch.

And so, I heart blood come wave (心血来潮) decided to go dig out old Shinhwa videos to watch. Indeed, they always have a special place in my heart. I still have their old poster on my wall.

And this is one of my absolute all-time favourite!

SO FUNNY! Laugh until I cannot breathe! Tears also come out. Although it's old, but it's really a classic. How noisy and festive they are!!! I can watch this a million times and still laugh.

Really miss the group, their music and their mad antics. I don't think any other singing group have ever come close to matching Shinhwa for me.

Now I am going to watch the video again! Yeah!

PS: Doesn't Dongwan totally looks like Donnie Yen? Doesn't he? Doesn't he?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Types Of People I Hate

This applies to anyone that I know, may know or encounter somewhere, anywhere and out of no where.

1) People who do not respect my opinion. If you don't like something I like. Fine. I am all for agreeing to disagree. Stop bugging me with your 10 thousand million reasons why you are right. There are billions of people in this World. Don't tell me you want to make all of them agree with you. So STFU!

2) People with split personality. Please be consistent. Don't behave like you hate me one minute, then the next moment, act like you know me since I was born. Can spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

3) People who touch me for no particular reason at all. ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO POKES ME! It's not funny, it's NOT cute, and it's DEFINITELY NOT WELCOMED!

4) People who only look for me when they need something. Two words. Fuck off.

5) People who bully others into doing what they want to do. If what you want is so reasonable, then why do you need to use scare tactics to get your way? Don't think you fierce, I scared of you. I INVENTED scary, okay?

6) People who are not fair to me. If you don't treat me equally like the others, then don't blame me if I treat you like the piece of shit you are.

7) People who are negative. You don't have to support what I believe in. You may offer me your opinion. But please don't be an asshole about something I want to do. That's the quickest way for me to put you in my "people who are dead to me" list.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

10 more minutes to go before knocking off.

And it's raining...

I love rain.

But when rain happens right before I have to trudge through puddles of water to get to the MRT station before I can hope onto the train home, I feel annoyed.

And I don't have my flip-flops in the office!

Neither do I have my umbrella.

Baaah. Shall go "borrow" my colleague's umbrella since she is not in the office now. Sigh.

What a dreary day. *sneeze*

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Singing The Narcoleptic Rhapsody.

I cannot sleep again!

Am I really narcoleptic?

I remember going to a doctor a while back about my sleeplessness at night, can't remember if it was last year or the year before, and he related my condition to narcolepsy. The details are kind of blurry, and the more I think about it, the more unsure I am whether he said "you are" or "you may be" suffering from narcolepsy.

In fact, I pretty much put the whole thing behind me, because he did not prescribe any medication or seemed too concerned about it, until Yoko mentioned the other day that she think I may be suffering from narcolepsy.

Sigh, I hate doctors. Not sure if I want to get a second opinion.

But I keep falling asleep at work recently, despite trying my best to have adequate rest. Apart from not being able to sleep at night sometimes, I would often feel anxious right before I fall asleep resulting in fitful sleeps, unpleasant dreams that I usually don't remember, and heart palpitations when I jolted awake.

I also noticed that this condition seems more prominent when I am feeling upset or stressed out.

I think I first got such "episodes" two years ago when I was feeling really upset and stressed out by relationship problems.

It went away for a while, but now it seems it's resurfacing because I am feeling pressure from work.

Sigh, hopefully it will go away.

Pretty girls need their beauty sleep! ;]

Friday, April 09, 2010


I hate being here.

Surrounded by people I cannot trust.

Maybe I am the only stupid person left who still believes in solidarity.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Can we really never forgive and forget?

Why do old wounds fester and never fully heal?

Will I ever get the absolution that I have been hoping for so long?

I am done being plagued by the past.

Monday, April 05, 2010

My Right To Ogle

Sometimes when you like someone, it really may not mean anything.

It's just liking.

It means you find that person positively interesting and highly entertaining.

It does not mean that you will sink into a bottomless pit of desolation if that person does not share your hopes and dreams for the future.

It's JUST liking.

And it definitely DOES NOT mean that you want to take a ride on his disco stick.


I really wish people would stop giving me weird looks and making blatantly loud jokes whenever a certain someone is in the vicinity. It really takes the enjoyment out of me ogling at him.

Can't a lady drool over a guy without the whole world knowing about it?