Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week Past

One thing I like about working is that since I have to wake up damn early everyday now, I can just get an extra two or three hours of sleep on weekends, wake up earlier and still feel thoroughly refreshed! Which means that my weekends feels longer now and I can get more things done! Not that I do much of anything around the house, but I can do "extra" stuffs like blogging at 10 am in the morning! ^_____^

A bit of update of my past week since I am waiting for my sleepyhead friend to get enough of his BEAUTY SLEEP and call me to let me know what time to meet for lunch and F1! Heehee! Yaay! F1! So excited about it!

Anyway, I made new glasses! Mima hates my old ones and insists that I made a new dorky one befitting of the nerdy employee of a publishing company that I am. She says my old ones makes me looks like an old granny. I don't know, I really like my old glasses. THEY ARE LULU GUINNESS OKAY? DAMN EXPENSIVE OKAY? Anyway, be the judge, which one is better?

Which one looks better?

Irrelevant picture, but my new specs is Esprit leh! Not as expensive as Lulu Guinness, but still sorta BRANDED hor!

I am an alien~~~ Peet peet poot poot peet poot poot peet!

Haha! Another irrelevant picture, for I am Miss Out-Of-Point No. 2 as coined by my fellow newbies at work! Hehheh. Anyway, took this when I was having my eye exam for the glasses. Had to take this real sip-siply because the optician stepped away from the room for a while and I had no idea when he was coming back. Ahhhhh, the heart-racing and the thrill of it~~~ Hahahaha!

Okay, enough about the eyewear. I am so obsessed with specs and contact lenses nowadays. Hehheh, don't ask me why. I also don't know~~~~ -_-

Anyway, I went for my first dinner and chillout session with my fellow newbies last Thursday evening. We sorta said we wanted to go somewhere nice when we get our first pay, and one of us recommended this place just opposite our office called Blu Jazz. It's really nice!

Their seafood combo and mango yogurt smoothie. Yum!

Beer menu, taken for the perusal for my "alcoholic" friends. Beer's quite okayly priced here. PS say so. Want to drag my Pinkies here one of these days.

Only took two pictures because my fellow newbies asked if I am a camwhore while I was taking them. I immediately exclaim "NO!" before keeping my phone. LOL! I am not, I am NOT!

Okay, I guess that's about it for my week. It flew by rather quickly and I was in a light-hearted and happy mood for most of it thanks to the opportunity that presented itself to me during the week. It's been a while since I felt so carefree and cheerful and I really missed and enjoyed feeling this way. I really hope it lasts. ^_^

Alright, I am off to get ready for F1! Vroooooom vroooooooom vrooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

PS: So hooked on 南拳妈妈's 优の良曲南搞小孩 and Mariah Carey's E=Mc2 albums! Been listening to them on repeat during work everyday! Good music always cheers me up so much!

PSS: I really like Lulu Guinness stuffs! So if anyone wants to get me an exorbitantly priced present, please go here. LOL!

PSSS: Ooooo, I think I really like playing with coloured fonts in my blog! Heehee!

PSSSS: Why am I so gigglish in this entry arh? Siao char boh!


After years of wearing monthly disposables, I decided that I do not want to put up with the dryness anymore and to change to something a little more comfortable. So I did a little bit of asking around and my friend recommended me...


Acuvue Oasys bi-monthly lenses.

OMG! This is so comfortable I can just die right now from the pure pleasure of wearing this all day long. It really feels like I am not wearing any lenses at all. And I can really wear this the entire day and not feel my eyes getting strained or dry, problems I had with my previous monthly disposables regardless of whichever brand I try.

Strongly recommended to vain people like me, who has to stare at a monitor for hours on end, but finds wearing nerdy glasses ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE! It's just perfect!

Ahhh, I DON'T deserve such comfort!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm going to F1 on Sunday!


Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's been a couple of weeks since most of us turned up for a Friday meeting. And this Friday was a meet up to celebrate DX hitting a quarter of a century old! Woohoo! Although there wasn't much fanfare, but DX, welcome to the 25ivers club! LAO LIAO LOH! ^___^

Anyway, it's a usual night full of chatter and laughter. It's been a while since so many of us met up for a night out. Hehheh. And we had a change of scenery and went to Clarke Quay instead of the usual town spots.

Had dinner as a Japanese restaurant in Central, followed by a lazing session at a cafe that we randomly chose as we walked past.

Picture time during the wait for the food.

The set that most of us ordered. It's okay, I guess. Pretty standard Japanese fare.

This place might just be one of my future favourite chillout places. It's so cosy and their specialties are...

Pweety cupcakes!!! They even have sesame street character cupcakes which are really cute!

Thought of ordering the sesame street cupcakes, but decided to order their mini cupcakes instead to try out the different flavours they have. The cupcakes are not too bad, but overall I would say that to me, it is really the ambience and novelty of the place that serves as it's main draw.

And of course, nothing like a silly picture of us to mark the night! =]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Farking Hypocrites

Oh yeah, before I forget.


Give Me What I Wish For...

I suppose I have to do a proper update sometime. But been trying so hard to get a balance of work, meeting up with friends and the other stuffs that I like to do that blogging just seem to be pushed into a sorely neglected corner.

Anyway, something is happening in my life right now that could possibly mean a long-awaited dream come true. I don't really want to talk about it in details yet because everything is still so uncertain, so undecided. But I am going to try my best to grab hold of this chance given to me.

Although in the process I may have to let certain people down and give up certain things. But I know that it will be worth it. =]

Alright, time to go home! YES! I am at the office! Heehee. And just to show that I am Queen of the World, here's a super chio picture of moi (in my own very not humble, sibei haolian opinion) and my sidekicks. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Who needs to be pretty in real life when I can bluff people with pictures like this?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Half-Hearted Ramblings

As Yoniko kept reminding me, my blog seem to be stuck in limbo, specifically my first day of work. Wahahaha, tired lar!

I cannot believe how difficult it is to adjust to waking early. It is like fighting a battle just to peel open my eyes. But I am glad to say that two weeks down the road now, I am almost used to it.

Work is okay, I guess. It is kinda not what I expected, but I am just getting the hang of it. So maybe more time is needed for me to actually have a proper opinion? *shrugs* I think I am starting to feel this indifference about my job, just go, finish my tasks, and come home. Although I am really getting used to the environment and my own little desk in the middle of Silence Ville, so called because there are only 4 people in my column, including me, and NONE OF US REALLY TALK TO EACH OTHER! AT ALL!

*eerie ghostly music*

Oh well, the office itself has a quiet atmosphere, so maybe it's not that weird. But I see people from other columns talking to each other from time to time. But mine doesn't! It's just so peculiar.

Sigh. A talkative girl in the middle of Silence Ville. Sadness~~~

Okay, forgive the half-hearted entry, but I am going to end off here. Not really in a blogging mood. I think I caught a flu bug from someone somewhere. Arrgh! I hate flu. As I am typing this entry right now, I actually have a tissue stuck in my nose, and my eyes are tearing loh! TMD! So gang kor!

Sigh... I HATE FLU!

Monday, September 01, 2008

My First Day!

I am soooooooo sleepy!!! Wonder when I will get used waking up at 6.30 am every morning. Think I better sleep earlier tonight.

Today was okay. Went through orientation and had the first day of the training. There are altogether eight days of training, and two days of what the schedule paper put down as "shadowing". Sounds like some training programme of some ninja academy.

As today is the first day, I was busy being a noob and so didn't had much time to form any opinions. But I think I really like the environment. And I have my first work desk complete with a pc and a PERSONAL CABINET! Wahaaha. A by-product of working part-time jobs where we don't get our own cabinets. I even have my personal wastepaper basket. Heehee. I sound so noob right? But I feel that one should never take any of the things that one's company allocates for granted, esp. when the next one might just give you a pen and NOTHING ELSE.

Okay, I am really sleepy. Shall update more tomorrow. IF!

Good night!