Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Memo

The weekend was fantastic. Cannot remember when was the last time I laughed so much. Although I am always laughing for no apparent reason. Hahahaha.

Went to Marina Bay for steamboat/bbq with Wan Ting, Pei Sze and See Tien. Although it's only four of us out of the usual group, it was still fun. Incessant, nonsensical conversations and babblings the Pink Army style. I don't even remember what we talked about, just that I laughed, a lot. Something about Chuyun being goose, Pei Sze being the rabbit, and some trees, I don't know...

And Saturday was fun too; SISTIC had a bbq at Zach's place for all Call Centre staff, and quite a few of the old staff came as well. The games although dreaded at first, turned out to be fun and exciting, with many funny moments. I think it's a good thing that everyone knew someone and turn out to be quite sporting. The group I was in even won the champion for the games, GO PENGUINS!!!

All in all, a fun-packed weekend, which may well turn out to be the highlight of this holiday break. Oh yeah, and I have a chalet with bbq next week with my classmates as well. A very bbqey holiday for me, eh?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Erm, I have no idea how this entry got so long...

Alright so the brain is less tired, and hence, the mind is able to wander about thinking of wayward thoughts and nonsensical musings, and hence, becomes the building blocks for possible blog entries, and hence, I blog.

You did not understand that? I do not blame you.

So I am currently watching Inu Yasha, I know it's quite a long-ago anime, but I spent a long time trying to find it, and I don't really think good anime ever gets old, so don't start calling me a suaku. Anyway, I am currently watching Inu Yasha, and the episode I watched yesterday is by far the most emotional episode of any anime that I've watched.

The episode is mainly about how Inu Yasha met Kikyo and decided that he is so crazy jealous over the thought of Naruku having her (if I am Kikyo, I would SOOOOOO pick Naruku, he's better looking, so sexily depraved [ok, so I like depraved guys], and have that really cool spider burn mark [ok, so I like depraved guys with depraved body markings], that he decided to give everything he's got to protect her and be with her. This, by default, means he would have to give up Kagome. Kagome knowing his decision, decided to go back to her own world and never see Inu Yasha again.

It was emotional!

I can almost feel how crushed Kagome felt, and how much she wanted to go back and see Inu Yasha. I really have to commend the voice actors and the music people; the whole mood was just right and not overdone. The subtle, yet overwhelming feelings of Kagome just sends people to tears. And I especially, especially love how they add in the part with her mother. The term "mothers know best" is so apt here.

Under such circumstances, generally typical storylines would be for Inu Yasha to go and find her or maybe some catastrophe to happen and force them together again. Again, the anime surprised me by having a subtle conclusion to this episode.

Kagome deciding that she did not want to give up on Inu Yasha, and to be there for him, even if he chose to be with Kikyo. This is, ladies and gentleman, TRUE LOVE.

Although its easier to just give up and take your chances with someone else when the person you love is in love with someone else, however, the urge to just be there for that person is sometimes so overpowering that it's hard to really leave.

You may say that this will never happen in real life, but I can assure you, it does. And that's what makes this episode so special for me.

I really, really, really hope Inu Yasha wakes up and realise that Kagome is the only one who will always be there for him. Compare Kikyo and Kagome, definitely Kagome. Or Kagome can try to reform Naruku with her innate goodness and spend lotsa happy times making babies. Muahahaha.

Note: I KNOW that I spelt Naraku as Naruku. I caught the mistake, but it's so funny that I decided to leave it. ^_______^

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Shall Not Title This Entry With An Overused Title The Likes Of "Of Student And Working Life"

Oh, it's been soooooo long since I last blogged. Being lazy and having a mundane life doesn't really make for interesting blog entries.

Anyhuu, I started working at the Call Centre again since I am now on a one month break. It is kind of fun alternating between the life of a student, and then working office hours for a while. I get to enjoy the feeling of going to classes, hanging out with friends after lessons, mugging for exams, basically doing student-ny stuffs, and going to work from 10 to 6, having dinner with friends while bitching about our jobs and coming home feeling like a worn-out rag doll.

Both have its pros and cons, I think. When studying, although there are less responsibilities apart from assignment deadlines and exams, I am constantly short of time to do certain stuffs that I want to do. At the end of day, I usually end up to tired to watch anime or read books (read? who still want to read with the pile of readings I have from class??!!??)

As for work, although it's physically more tiring than going to school, and the shit that I have to take is sometimes UNBEARABLE!!! But at the end of the day, after work is still after work. I don't have to think about assignments, exam preparations (I DO PREPARE FOR MY EXAMS HOR, WHO SAYS I DON'T? I PREPARE BY CONSTANTLY THINKING ABOUT HOW TO PREPARE!!!) and my brain is generally less tired which allows me to watch my animes, dramas and read books (and do boring blogging) after work hours .

This is a boring entry, I know. Told you my life is kinda mundane right now. I need some lifeup!!!

Ooooo, and I finally got around to reading the Bleach comics that Paul lent me. I am up to 21 now!!! I LOVE BLEACH!!!! Siao siao leh. It's so damn good!!! Wish the anime will finally catch up, the fillers now are really a bit boring, although I LOVE the SHINIGAMI ZUKAN GOOOOLLLLDDDEEEN! MORE UKITAKE AND HITSUGAYA!!! SHIRO-CHANS!!! Yeeeeeeheeeheeeeeheeeeeee...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back From Genting

I am back from Genting! Although it's only a short weekend getaway, it was good. Enjoyed the weather, ate a lot, slept a lot, learnt some gambling, ogled at cute dealers. It was fun.

I played a lot of Casino War because the dealers there are either very unlucky or very cute. Keke. In particular, there was this one dealer, he's so damn cool. As in calm-headed. He's really calm even when some of the other gamblers were trying to distract him by saying all sorts of rubbish. I am usually not into guys from China, but he's really cool! And cute!

Well, back to Singapore now. End of holiday. But I might be going KL in September of October, so maybe there will be a detour up to Genting. Who knows? =P

Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Like A Prank

You know the way you feel when you suddenly realised that you have no more feelings for someone who you once thought was everything in life.

It's light. Really light.

No more sudden constriction in the vicinity of the heart. No more burning behind the eyelids that makes you want to close your eyes just in case. No more heaviness in your limbs.

Everything just feels better. Even the same things you see everyday feels different. There is a flimsy layer of euphoria that covers you, making you feel like you can do anything in the world.

Like flying.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

A by-product of your mind trying to cheat your heart.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Donnie Yen's new movie is coming soon!!! 龙虎门 (literally translates into Dragon Tiger Gate). Yaay!!! Happy!!! I love Donnie Yen. He's absolutely the most fabulous martial artist I've even seen on screen.

Check out the movie website here.