Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Hair

Behold! New hairstyle!

Finally! Had my hair straightened and gotten some bangs. The bangs are thinner than the last time I got them, not sure if that's good or not. But my hair grows out eventually anyway, since I am too lazy to do anything than just let it grow.

Don't I look like a blardy blockhead from certain angles? Heehee. I really do believe that hair-straightening makes you lose brain cells. I feel like a 10 year old. Hoho! So much for being young again.

Got my sleep disrupted by several phonecalls from Shuen Lyn calling to confirm the Thailand trip. WHOOPEE! We are definitely going to Thailand, Bangkok. I love that place, great shopping, very nice and courteous Thai people. The ones that I met the last time I was there were so friendly and helpful. Some of the guys there actually open doors for the ladies and wait for them to pass, even if they don't know you. I encountered quite a few guys like that when I was there. Good luck trying to find guys like that in Singapore, especially if you are not a pretty lady. But the nice security guy at my workplace opened the office door for me yesterday, and waited for me to go in, so I guess there ARE A FEW of those in SG.

Anyway, when I finally thought that I can go back to snooze, Jasu called. I don't really remember what she told me now. Hmmm, I remember something about dinner, Eric Bana, then Christian Bale, Batman Begins 2, and I think she will call me again. So I take it that I am having dinner with Eric Bana, then Christian Bale will be calling me to discuss about me starring in Batman Begins 2. Hmmm, think I better call her again to confirm the timings. ^__________________^

Jasu's doing Aviva again today. We did Aviva together yesterday, and it was so tiring, I don't know how she can survive all five days. Ha, HEY JASU! IF YOU ARE READING THIS WHILE DOING AVIVA, STOP SLACKING AND GET BACK TO WORK! Hehheh, I think I better go get ready, I need to go do some mysterious shopping. Ha. Am I mysterious enough?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Little Guilt Goes A Long Way...

Finally got my hands on The Machinist to complete my Bale-mania. But now I am considering getting Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which is rightfully the first movie I ever saw him in, and Laurel Canyon, which seems interesting. Oh and Shaft, I used to have a friend who considers Shaft the best movie of the millennium.

Anyway, back to The Machinist; as I was watching it, I thought that it seemed really mediocre. Despite Christian Bale's fantastic portrayal, I cannot help but think that the story could be much better. I really did not understand the comparisons to Identity, which, in my opinion, is damn good. Identity really messes with your mind a little while you are watching it. It's like you take your time trying to absorb the entire movie, then realise that nothing is really real.

But, that was at first. I found myself thinking about The Machinist while I was trying to sleep. I kept thinking about certain things that seems to be scratching the back of my mind. You know, the things that's just beneath the surface, but you cannot seemed to bring it out. So I got up, and watched it again.

It's a little weird, but the second time I watched it, I really start to like it. It's just like what one of the reviews about the movie says. There are certain things that just did not seemed that interesting the first time but became significant when you know what they represent, like the hangman paper, the car, the car-lighter thinggy, the clown thing, etc etc. It's really interesting when you know what's real and what's not, and you start to think that it's really clever the way they do it. That's how I feel anyway.

Well, The Machinist VS Identity, which one is better? I'm not gonna answer that.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Object Of Fascination...

...Christian Bale's mole. If anyone just look closely, he has this almost hard to miss mole at the corner of his right eye. It's just so out of place on his face that it's fascinating. And it's not just a dot, it's like this protruding thing away from the skin. If you are watching Batman, pay close attention, you can almost NOT miss it, big as the screen is.

I was wondering why a lot of his photos are done of his left side, maybe that's the reason. I am sure a lot of people had probably blogged about his mole, but I want to be a total wagonback-rider, and hop on for the ride. When all these people finished gushing over him, then I will get to drive the wagon. Just like Eric Bana last year, everyone was gushing about his performance in Troy, and this year, I am the only one left chanting his name like nobody's business. Not trying to say that I am a loyal fan or whatever shit, I am as fickle as any other movie fan, but sometimes certain things just sticks in your head.

Like Viggo, as Aragorn, he's the perfect hero, but when I think of him, I think of trees, I think of nature. I think of running barefooted in the forest, stepping on some stones and cutting my feet. And having a good laugh about it. Oh, and eating rabbits by the roadside.

Eric Bana, yet another hero, Hector in Troy. Don't bother mentioning Hulk because green skin with purple shorts? Enough said. But I like his impressions of people, he does a good Orlando and a good Brad Pitt. And he's funny. And I like how his last name rhymes with Bananaaaaa. Yeah, I know that it's only a shortened version of his name, but still...

Hugh Jackman. Basically, he's hot.

Ok, so why Christian Bale? Because he lost over 60 pounds to play The Machinist. I haven't watched The Machinist yet so I don't know. I just think that would be a good reason. Just to make myself seem interesting and not at all going for the looks.

That's crap. I like them because they are hot, and all played some kind of heroic character in their movies. I like heros. That's it. It's so simple. In today's World, where heros are scarcer than the number of times I have actually wore a skirt in my life, you crave for a symbolism of something to believe in. You just wish that a true, real life hero like Aragorn, Hector, Van Helsing or Batman would appear. Never mind their intentions or their motives, but as long they are heros... *shrugs* Or maybe it's just that I have penis-envy. Anyone care to donate one to me?

PS: It bothers me sometimes why I like to write shit like that in my blog, but then since it's my blog... At least it will be funny when I read it in a few years time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Psychotic Bitch, me?

Siao liao. I am harbouring violent tendencies towards the people in my class. It's almost hard to control my "baser" instincts around those show-offs. They are always spewing some shit that is totally irrelevant to what the teacher is saying. There's only like one or two people who really says the intelligent stuffs. But screw them, they are so cocky that I would really like to wipe my fist across their face. Except that I've never really punched anyone. I wonder how it feels.

Sometimes I really get what that guy we were studying about in the last block is trying to say, his name is Roussou or something. He says that only by ignoring our particular will and following the general will or whatever shit, will we gain peace, or whatever. Looks like I din't really learn that much.

Well, tough talk aside, I think they think that I am a bitch. Ha, I admit, I overdid the loner thing a little, but I guess it's alright, I don't hang around school much anyway. I wonder how they will react when they see me with my friends. I do give them a little preview during lectures, because there's someone whom I know and we are always laughing and crapping during Mr Brendan's lectures. Ha, I like Mr Brendan, he's spunky in a silly, nice sorta way. Well, if they see me with my buddies, they are gonna be so damn surprised. The loner bitch have friends??!!!??? Ha, so many of them, ok! YOU LOUSY SHOWY COCKHEADS!!! Grrr, I hate them. Am I being too judgemental on them? Hmmm...

Anyway, just a note. I love Christian Bale in American Psycho. Patrick Bateman is so freaking psychotic and funny that it's hard not to like him. Just one more movie to go, before I complete all the movies with Christian Bale that I want to watch. The Machinist next. I expect it to be real good. The man lost 60 pounds for Kikumaru's sake. Plus it's compared to Identity, one of my favourite movies from last year. Just waiting for the rentals to call me. *fingers crossed, praying to Kikumaru*

Monday, June 20, 2005

Deceiving Eyes

My eyes, you deceive me, do you not? I was at the busstop, on my way to work today, when of the corner of my eye, I caught the shadow of this seemingly pretty lady. Yes, I look at women, I look at girls, I even look at little babies who are of the female persuasion. So what, don't tell me you don't. It's nice to look at people of the same gender, just to compare. Why not? Even pigs likes to compare.

Anyway, she IS pretty, simply dressed, but really nice complexion and nice hair. Silky. No, I am not a lesbian. I just like to admire a pretty lady. Back to my story, she's pretty. After a while, however, my entire world seemed to tilt on its axis. She raised her arm to brush her hair away from her face. And that must be the hairiest armpit I have even seen on anybody! Male or female. Goodness gracious goshness. Save me, Kikumaru. I simply cannot believe what I saw. It's horrendous, it' terrible, it's scary. I felt faint.

I cannot believe how anyone who is that pretty can just neglect her armpit like that. Granted it is not the most obvious area of the entire body, but such blatant disregard for her own image and the people around her who will inevitably see. *shakes head* I promise myself that from now on, I will be so diligent and hardworking in the personal care of my armpit, that not even a single hair can be seen without a telescopic device. Well, not gonna be hard, hairy women do not run in my family. And for those one or two oddities, they are always diligent and hardworking. Vainness is a family trait.

PS: I am blogging this in the office now. The thrill of it is a little too exciting for me.
PPS: Gonna blog about Christian Bale's Equilibrium when I get home. RAWKEI! GREAT MOVIE! I love it!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


... every single person is only separated from the next person by 6 people. Interesting theory that Huizhen shared with me yesterday. Well, if I may, I would like to enhance this theory. If you are separated from the next person by 6 people, so let's just say if this separation is defined by distance, and if this person is in another country, the separation between you and said person will be:

[distance from your country to that person's country * 6]

Yaay! Theory formulated. Of course, if you happen to know this person, then the theory fails. But I am really talking about strangers. And the only way to bridge this distance will be, of course, to cut the distance. The shorter the distance, the less people that separates you. And if the theory stands, you will just need to know a minimum of 6 people, and eventually, two strangers will meet! Ha, how nice. *starts to calculate the distance from Singapore to Australia where Eric Bana lives* Wow, that's a lot of people. Ok, anyway, I can always set my sights on Japan where Oshio Manabu lives. -_-

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Got a shock of my life. Finally...

... got to see the picture of Zhen's gay project mate, and I almost choked myself to death. So far, from what I heard from Zhen and my constant voyeuring of his blog, I imagined someone who is at least decent, or at the very least what I like to call "learned" looking.

The writings in his blog looks rather polish, apart from the occasional mistakes which everyone makes. Man, I am not prepared for someone who looks like someone who always spills his char kuay tiao or fishball beehoon in the canteen. You know, the gong tau kia (loosely translates to silly kid, but stronger version) kinda look. Seriously, he looks like he has a permenent VIP seating in the League Of Losers. I am not trying to be judgemental, I am just being plain vicious. Return service back to him for always yakking about Zhen in his blog.

Anyway, he looks like crap. One fears for the gay and the heterosexual male community. MEN! HIDE! UGLY, LOSER GAY OUT TO POKE HIS TEENY WEENY INTO ANY HOLE AVAILABLE. I kid you not, he not only looks like a loser, from what I read in his blog, he is very desperate. Guys out there, better beware.

Ha, but then one thing I do have in common with him, we seem to share a common liking for bods. Ha, his is the only blog that I've seen so far, with pictures of half-naked hunks, like mine. And he has good taste in men, I'll give him that. HAW HAW HAW.

In anyways, since we are on the topic, it's a little scary to me when what a person writes does not match with the visual-tag that I placed on him/her. Such things are dangerous especially around the internet, where most conversations are done without visuals of any sort. Imagine when you converse with someone, and have already given that person a visual-tag, and having the total opposite of what you imagined. Hmmm, it's scary, ain't it? Tis indeed a scary World out there.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Baleman Begins...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new addition to my Harem For The Fantasizing Of Rugged and Manly (otherwise known as dirty and sweaty) Guys.

I saw Batmen Begins yesterday and thought that he was so damn cool in it, that it's time to add him to my Harem. The picture is from Reign Of Fire, and I ought to just say for the record that I did liked him in Reign Of Fire, but I was preoccupied at the time with Matthew McConaughey, which is a lapse of judgement that till date, I still have not figured out. His face looks like it's made from the same material that Barbie is made of. *bleh*

Ok, back to Christian. He's hot. Basically that's it. As Junie likes to say, "Moreen only likes dirty guys." The moment a guy grows a nice beard, acts all heroic and manly, I'm gone. I can only hope that they don't smell too bad. Anyway, here's another picture, also from Reign Of Fire, as proof of the hotness that is Christian Bale. I am not posting any Batman pictures, because, as yet, I have not found any good ones.

PS: Anyone else thought that Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins is very suave and good-looking too?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Soya Babies

I finally found another person who is a soya baby like me! And it's none other than JACINTHA SOH KIEW FONG!!! Taadaa!!! For ignorant individuals, soya babies are babies who took a soya-based formula as a baby, instead of milk-based ones.

It's nothing special really, but finding another individual who also had an aversion to milk as a baby is very interesting to me. Especially since it's one of my good friends. *FRIENDSHIP UP ANOTHER LEVEL* Ha, when my friends just heard of it, they call me dou nai baobao (soya milk baby). Quite a cute name, eh?

Gotta go open shop in another 1 and a half hours time, I think I am going to be extremely TIRED! But fight fight fight!!! HOI HOI!!! NANJYARO HOI HOI!!! KIKUMARU GIVE ME STRENGTH.

Ha, I supposed I should build up a Kikumaru shrine and pray to it before I leave. Haw haw haw. Lame joke. I apologise...

Sarong Party's Girl is pissed off with some of the comments aimed at her blog. Hmmm, I supposed sometimes the price of being open about yourself will have certain repercusions (? whatever, will check dictionary later, lazy). I mean if anyone at all insults anything I put here with a malicious intent, well whatever. I don't care. I am not that serious about this blog anyway. It's the only place I can brag about myself and talk about Prince of Tennis without any interruptions. Go Kikumaru! Go! Hoi hoi!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Yada, yada...

Oh my Kikumaru. Ha. Do I even need to explain? Kikumaru is my SHEN! Hence, oh my Kikumaru!

Dad's having fever, but after some meds, is feeling better. Mum's gone crazy. Aunt's going to Genting for the next couple of days, and Mum wants me to wake up early and open shop with her for a couple of hours a day. By early, I really mean 3 AM!!! Gosh, I am not even asleep at 3 am. Real die-hard. Well, it's just three days, and a few hours should be fun. Been sometime since I last went to the shop anyway. Time to play boss again. Nanjyaro, hoi hoi...

Prince Of Tennis dominating my life. I am seriously contemplating buying the clock on Yesasia. Imagine Kikumaru waking me up in the mornings *expression of pure, unadulterated pleasure* Hiak hiak.

My laptop nearly crashed just now. I managed to save it, but I know it's only a temp solution. Will have to reformat ASAP.

KTV!!! HOI HOI!!!!

Sidenote: Mum asked me what I am always up so late doing. When I told her I am watching cartoons, she asked me if I am really watching cartoons or porn. Ha. Yeah, Prince Of Tennis IS my porn. Who says you need naked people in porn?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dashing Is The Green-Eyed Bitch

Who's being a jealous little bitch? Woohoo! I am! Saw this blog from the newspaper about this blogger in Singapore who posted a naked picture of herself in her blog. When I told my friend about it, she asked me if I am jealous.

I supposed I should be. No one ever reads my blog, except maybe the couple of friends who does, probably as a form courtesy because I read theirs. I should be oh-so-frigging-jealous that her blog is in the news.

What is a blog for anyway? If anyone tells me it's a place for them to record their most private thoughts and feelings, I will point at them and laugh. Anyone who attempts to associate anything to do with the internet as private, is seriously demented. Let me teach you something, my dear. By putting anything on the internet, this means that anyone, I repeat, ANYONE will be able to gain access to it, legally or otherwise. Even if you lock it. Yes. *GASP* Oh boy, stop with the dramatics, if you don't know that by now, you shouldn't even be using the internet. It's dangerous.

Just like your invasion of my SO-CALLED privacy right now, anyone will be able to invade yours. I will even go to the extreme and say that, anything that is put online is fair game. Public property. So don't be getting ideas that a blog is meant to be private and start whining when some irate ex-boyfriend or snoopy colleague invades your privacy, because the moment you put something online, it's no longer private. It's becoming fair game.

That said, I am thoroughly enjoying my blogging experience. So much so that I am neglecting my own website (yes, I have an entire website dedicated to myself). Maybe it's because I am so horribly open about myself, or maybe it's the fact that I have nothing to hide. Then again, it may be because I will never blog about anything that can come back to hurt me? Who knows? Ah, the wonders of being a careful blogger and the joys of the possiblity of letting the whole world know of my opinions are boundless. Go figure.

PS: I think she has really nice boobs. I agree with her that she's got a good body. Usu...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Listening... Shinhwa's ...hue (Later). Nothing like a good soothing Shinhwa track to calm me down. My nerves are doing a Saturday Night Fever on me. It's crazy. I've been feeling extremely restless for the past couple of days. I feel like I need to do something, the just do it feeling. But I don't really know what I want to do. Arrgh, I can't even pinpoint this feeling.

Wrong! I can. It's ennui. I always experience this from time to time, especially mid-year, because I know that the year will be over soon and I want to do something memorable to remember the year by. Sigh... Short of jumping into the sea buck naked, I seriously do not know what I can do to spice my life up. Perhaps its time to rejoin the clubbing scene. BWAHAHAAHAHAH... Me clubbing? Nah...

Well, I am through with blogging about this. If anyone have any bright ideas. Do email me at Thank you.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am the Princess Of Tennis

Jacintha seems to enjoy making fun of the fact that I like to watch Prince Of Tennis, I wonder why it is amusing to her. Ha. I guess its alright. I would not have thought that I will like the series so much whenI started it.

I am up to the episode where Tezuka plays Atobe, and I don't really feel like continuing, because I know that after the match, Tezuka will leave the team and goes off to some place for treatment to his arm and/or shoulder. I hate it!!!! Why does Tezuka have to go? He's so important to the team!!! *reminds herself that they are unreal characters, not real. Fiction. Fake.*

Anyway, my current favourite character has got to be Eiji. He's so cute. You just have to give it to people who looks like a blardy fool, yet can be so serious when the need arises. Kinda like what I am trying to practice. But I know that I overdo the retarded, silly idiot thing, that people don't take me seriously anymore. Its sad, but inevitable. I am alright with it, maybe slowly, I will be able to establish myself as a serious person. Maybe...