Friday, June 24, 2005

Object Of Fascination...

...Christian Bale's mole. If anyone just look closely, he has this almost hard to miss mole at the corner of his right eye. It's just so out of place on his face that it's fascinating. And it's not just a dot, it's like this protruding thing away from the skin. If you are watching Batman, pay close attention, you can almost NOT miss it, big as the screen is.

I was wondering why a lot of his photos are done of his left side, maybe that's the reason. I am sure a lot of people had probably blogged about his mole, but I want to be a total wagonback-rider, and hop on for the ride. When all these people finished gushing over him, then I will get to drive the wagon. Just like Eric Bana last year, everyone was gushing about his performance in Troy, and this year, I am the only one left chanting his name like nobody's business. Not trying to say that I am a loyal fan or whatever shit, I am as fickle as any other movie fan, but sometimes certain things just sticks in your head.

Like Viggo, as Aragorn, he's the perfect hero, but when I think of him, I think of trees, I think of nature. I think of running barefooted in the forest, stepping on some stones and cutting my feet. And having a good laugh about it. Oh, and eating rabbits by the roadside.

Eric Bana, yet another hero, Hector in Troy. Don't bother mentioning Hulk because green skin with purple shorts? Enough said. But I like his impressions of people, he does a good Orlando and a good Brad Pitt. And he's funny. And I like how his last name rhymes with Bananaaaaa. Yeah, I know that it's only a shortened version of his name, but still...

Hugh Jackman. Basically, he's hot.

Ok, so why Christian Bale? Because he lost over 60 pounds to play The Machinist. I haven't watched The Machinist yet so I don't know. I just think that would be a good reason. Just to make myself seem interesting and not at all going for the looks.

That's crap. I like them because they are hot, and all played some kind of heroic character in their movies. I like heros. That's it. It's so simple. In today's World, where heros are scarcer than the number of times I have actually wore a skirt in my life, you crave for a symbolism of something to believe in. You just wish that a true, real life hero like Aragorn, Hector, Van Helsing or Batman would appear. Never mind their intentions or their motives, but as long they are heros... *shrugs* Or maybe it's just that I have penis-envy. Anyone care to donate one to me?

PS: It bothers me sometimes why I like to write shit like that in my blog, but then since it's my blog... At least it will be funny when I read it in a few years time.