Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Psychotic Bitch, me?

Siao liao. I am harbouring violent tendencies towards the people in my class. It's almost hard to control my "baser" instincts around those show-offs. They are always spewing some shit that is totally irrelevant to what the teacher is saying. There's only like one or two people who really says the intelligent stuffs. But screw them, they are so cocky that I would really like to wipe my fist across their face. Except that I've never really punched anyone. I wonder how it feels.

Sometimes I really get what that guy we were studying about in the last block is trying to say, his name is Roussou or something. He says that only by ignoring our particular will and following the general will or whatever shit, will we gain peace, or whatever. Looks like I din't really learn that much.

Well, tough talk aside, I think they think that I am a bitch. Ha, I admit, I overdid the loner thing a little, but I guess it's alright, I don't hang around school much anyway. I wonder how they will react when they see me with my friends. I do give them a little preview during lectures, because there's someone whom I know and we are always laughing and crapping during Mr Brendan's lectures. Ha, I like Mr Brendan, he's spunky in a silly, nice sorta way. Well, if they see me with my buddies, they are gonna be so damn surprised. The loner bitch have friends??!!!??? Ha, so many of them, ok! YOU LOUSY SHOWY COCKHEADS!!! Grrr, I hate them. Am I being too judgemental on them? Hmmm...

Anyway, just a note. I love Christian Bale in American Psycho. Patrick Bateman is so freaking psychotic and funny that it's hard not to like him. Just one more movie to go, before I complete all the movies with Christian Bale that I want to watch. The Machinist next. I expect it to be real good. The man lost 60 pounds for Kikumaru's sake. Plus it's compared to Identity, one of my favourite movies from last year. Just waiting for the rentals to call me. *fingers crossed, praying to Kikumaru*