Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am the Princess Of Tennis

Jacintha seems to enjoy making fun of the fact that I like to watch Prince Of Tennis, I wonder why it is amusing to her. Ha. I guess its alright. I would not have thought that I will like the series so much whenI started it.

I am up to the episode where Tezuka plays Atobe, and I don't really feel like continuing, because I know that after the match, Tezuka will leave the team and goes off to some place for treatment to his arm and/or shoulder. I hate it!!!! Why does Tezuka have to go? He's so important to the team!!! *reminds herself that they are unreal characters, not real. Fiction. Fake.*

Anyway, my current favourite character has got to be Eiji. He's so cute. You just have to give it to people who looks like a blardy fool, yet can be so serious when the need arises. Kinda like what I am trying to practice. But I know that I overdo the retarded, silly idiot thing, that people don't take me seriously anymore. Its sad, but inevitable. I am alright with it, maybe slowly, I will be able to establish myself as a serious person. Maybe...