Monday, May 23, 2011

Currently Watching...

Chosun Police. Which is kinda like CSI, Joseon-era style.

It's really interesting.

They use calligraphy brushes to dust for prints and put their solutions in gourd bottles. And just in case you are thinking what kind of solutions they use, it's all made from natural stuffs. For instance to test for blood stains, they use a solution made out of some herbs and spices which will make all blood stains appear even after washing!

Nice right?

And they even have a interrogation room, complete with a space for the cop or the witness to spy on the criminal, like this:

Not sure if this is really how they do it back in the Joseon days, but I think it's a really nice touch.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thought Of The Day #11

Can't stand those asswipes who 见高就攀, 见低就踩! 天作孽尤可恕,人作孽不可活!

You better watch out, what goes around comes around.

I Am...

Barely holding on.

But I know I won't go down like this.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why... I always feel so angry and frustrated about so many things?

Most of them are even none of my business.

I don't know why. I have issues man. >_<

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From The Bottom Of My Selfish Heart... Really.

Seriously I had it with all the bullshit behaviour because of GE. It was something that I have to tolerate before the GE, because such exchanges of opinions are necessary for people to make an informed decision, but now that it's over, can we just move on?

I don't support any party and I honestly don't think I have the time or energy to get all worked up over anyone. I rather spend all that time and energy on my loved ones or try learning new things to upgrade myself so that those SCARY FOREIGN TALENTS WON'T COME AND TAKE AWAY MY JOB! OMFG! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

What's with this obsessive fear that they will snatch ALL OF OUR JOBS? Please! Most Singaporeans are so elitist that they wouldn't just take any job anyway, either salary not high enough, benefits not extensive enough, location not good enough, or company name not pretty enough. I cannot count how many times I hear someone say that they want to work overseas because they feel that they will be happier and can make a better living than in Singapore. So if you don't want something and someone else takes it, then suddenly they are thieves? And do you think if you really go overseas, people won't despise you like you despise the foreign talents here? And I really cannot believe how harsh some people are being. Calling them all sorts of names and telling them to go home.

PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER THAT MOST OF US ARE DESCENDANTS OF IMMIGRANTS WHO ALSO CAME HERE TO SEEK A BETTER LIFE. You think those villagers from the fishing village very happy to see our grandfather and grandmother come here, cut their trees and steal their fish? If they had gotten really dulan and used their fishing spears to chase our ancestors out, you think you will even be here saying all these things today? You may just turn out to be, God forbid, a/an (insert derogatory racial slur here).

If anyone think I am selfish or that I don't love my country, so be it. Who can really claim that their motives are not entirely self-serving?

Those people who supports the Opposition oh-so-wholeheartedly, can you honestly say that you are not using them to vent out your own personal frustrations against the Government? Can you honestly say that you REALLY just want to fight for a better life for the rest of your fellow countrymen who, in your eyes, are suffering?

If your reasons are self-serving, then just admit it. I will respect you all the more for it. Don't pretend to get all holy-preachy on the people who supports PAP, accusing them of not loving their country just because they choose to support the party that they feel can offer them better living options, albeit at a high cost.

And those who kept saying that people who vote for PAP better not complain about crowded trains or whatever shit, I have one question. Does this mean I can slap you the next time I see you sitting on a public bench built by our Government aka PAP? Or when you go to the library to borrow a free book? And you better make sure you donate your growth package to charity too. The money is soiled with corruption! Don't use! It will taint your pure soul of moral righteousness!

I also do not agree with the idea of having a by-election for Potong Pasir. The lost was sad, I feel for Mr Chiam See Tong and hope he take this chance to get a very, very well-deserved rest, but the people had a chance and although it was close, the majority did voted for a change. It is what it is. Singapore is known for our strict laws, and this is something good. If a petition really pushed through for a by-election today, tomorrow we will have more and more people trying to play it fast and loose with the rules, because hey if something like election results can be vetoed if enough people supports it, why not I try to petition for something else too? Before you know it, we will be back in the 70s when gangsters collect protection money everywhere, and flies hover all around our food WHILE we are eating it.

Also if PAP agrees to something like that, which probably will never happen, what is to say that they won't try to push for a by-election for Aljunied too? Or even Hougang? One person down is one opponent's advantage to victory, you know?

And don't be too smug, PAP supporters! Stop calling Opposition supporters ungrateful or ignorant! You think you are so smart? Open your eyes! Our government is not perfect. Yes, they have done a lot of good; clean and safe streets, a somewhat good education system, exposure to global influences and all the trappings of a great metropolitan. Growing up here, there are a lot of opportunities for learning and the cultivation of personal development, and I am appreciative of that. But no one can deny that our government really seems to enjoy making citizens pay. In the past few years, it's like their favourite pastime is to erect ERP gantries, raise GST, parking, housing, anything that comes with a price tag, you name it, they increase it. And more and more people find themselves severely unable to cope because what they earn just cannot catch up to the fast rising prices.

And this is the reason why we need the Opposition. Not to oppose every single policy or to tear apart everything that was built up before, but to keep a balance and to put things in better perspective. To say the things that is on everyone's mind, but not talked about due to whatever reason be it fear or just lack of opportunity. We may not be suffering a lot as compared to some other countries, but I think what a lot of people need is to be given a chance to take in a breath of fresh air.

And I can't say I am not disturbed that they earn more a day than what my whole family spend in a week. Also, things like ridiculously unqualified parliament members, a particular government-related entity unreasonably terminating an opposition party supporter, callously leaving an opposition's ward to its own devices immediately after the elections, all these things are just not right. PAP, now is the time when you can choose to be gracious and show the citizens that you can live up to your promises, whether to thank your supporters for believing in you, or to prove the people who don't believe in you wrong.

Someone told me that perhaps the problem is that PAP is too "elite" while the Opposition is too "heartlander". They don't really understand each other's starting and ending point. And I agree. I really do. If only the two can find someway to mesh and communicate better. There are so many good people in both PAP and Opposition. We ARE in the 21st century, there are so many things that were not even thought of in the past made possible today. Is it really so difficult or so terrible for opposing parties to work together and help the people? Are we all not standing on the same earth and breathing the same air?

I am really just trying to be as rational and reasonable as possible. It is just frustrating to me when people defy logic and common sense and start acting crazy. There is really no point in having a good government when the people are turning on each other. There is no need to love the person next to you, you just have to be civil.

Note: If you don't agree with me or any of the things I have posted here, I am all ears. It's always enlightening to hear different views, and learn in the process. But if all you want to do is flame me because I have a different perspective, then just fuck off, ok. I don't care who you support. I don't have patience for people like that anymore.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learning Is Fun When You Are Able To Understand And Feel So Smart!

Currently attending an Excel course provided by company. So interesting! Excel is seriously one of the most amazing Microsoft programs that I have ever used!

And tonight is first lesson for Korean class!

It's a grand day of learning!


Monday, May 09, 2011

Korean Music Wave

Transaction completed!

Section T14 Row 13 Seat 1.

So excited!

Friday, May 06, 2011

On The Eve Of The General Elections...

I am too lazy to do a blog post, but I have said plenty on Facebook so I shall just post whatever I have posted on Facebook, which represents how I feel, without any prejudice against anyone or any party.

"Opposition is needed to keep things in perspective and in check. No arguments there. But there is no need to fight, esp. not amongst ourselves. That's the thing that bothers me the most. We are not against each other. Everyone just have a different idea of what a good government is and how they provide for us. There is no need to despise or personally attack someone who don't share the same opinion as you. Hating only makes life miserable esp. when you hate something that is part of your daily life and will always somehow be there."

"There is a reason why I don't really like to read newspapers and prefer the Internet. You are right. I an surprised that there are still people who think that there is absolute freedom of speech anywhere. That's why I feel that there is no true justice in this world. Everyone needs to look at everything with an open mind and not take their frustrations out at people who disagrees with their views. They are not the enemy, just people who have a different perspective. Some people sees a govt whose hobby is to raise GST, erect ERP gantries, take our money and waste it on frivolous things. While others see one that gives them a clean country, safe streets, exposure to a somewhat good education system and global influences.

A coin always has two sides."

And something from the email discussions I had with friends who are able to participate without letting personal beliefs get in the way of differing views. Something that I have learnt to appreciate A LOT since this whole GE thing started.

"People are going against each other because of differing political views. It’s quite sad. We should be united to push for a better government, and not turn on each other. That’s why I don’t like to discuss politics. If I say I don’t agree with PAP’s policies, the people who support PAP will say I am ungrateful. If I say I don’t agree with Opposition’s points, people who support Opposition will say I don’t care about my country.

There is no winning de loh. I am really just someone who sees both good and bad of both PAP and Opposition. And I spoke to a lot of people who are like that too. And honestly, we feel oppressed by those people who are so extreme in their views, that they don’t respect our perspective. Do you know that someone I know who supports opposition call me ignorant and stupid? Then I just walk away from him. Although next day he come and apologise to me, but the damage is already done. I don’t care about other people, but you are my friend, so I want to share with you. I love my country too. And I respect people who bothers to fight for a better life here. But don’t turn on the people who are neutral because they don’t agree with you.

I am not ignorant, I know a long time ago our govt is not fair. I had a tutor who used to work for Straits Times, he told us a lot of things about how govt control the media. He once wrote a neutral analysis about the change of society and government influences on media and freedom of speech in Singapore, then his editor don’t allow it to be printed because it’s deemed as offensive to govt. I think we should learn from people like him. He never say anything bad about govt at all. He just shared his experiences and tell us to make our own judgments instead of blindly following the media."

And in conclusion, another FB post, which will be the last of what I have to say about this GE.

"Perhaps. But some I feel just wants to fight about something. A person's love for his or her country is not measured by how much you win an argument with someone who don't agree with you. Not posting anything on FB about GE does not mean I don't love my country or that I have no views. It just means that I don't like to fight with people who will call me names for having my own perspective."

After 7

Sanity shall resume.

Hang in there baby.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Dear Participant,

Thank you for registering for the course “Navigating Korean I”.

We are pleased to inform you that the course is confirmed to commence as scheduled. Details are as follows:

*Course - Navigating Korean I
*Date - 10 May to 19 July 2011, once a week on Tuesday evenings
*Time - 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Second attempt at picking up Korean! At a better place this time with a better curriculum (it's NUS Extension hor!) and, fingers crossed, better teacher. Did not like the weirdo I got the last time. Hope I can do some major "navigate Korean" soon!

Quote Of The Day #1

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle

Why do ancient people always say the most awesome shit?

It made me THINK! OMG!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

5:56 and I managed to kill all that boring time! Feels like a tiny [insert random sports term describing when players does some awesome shit and everyone cheers]

I am bored.

I still have like 43 minutes to kill before I can charge get out of the office like a cow with a fire burning her arse. Meeting the girls to celebrate FK's birthday, which is tomorrow. Looking forward to it so much. I love my Pinkies very much. Even though I know they probably don't love me as much.

Was chatting with my colleague, Pat, today during our shopping-lunch (that is when we skip lunch to do some quick shopping, opting to wolf down packed lunches, today it's Subway, in the office afterwards) and the topic of interest vs. careers came up.

She concluded that she would be great in a customer service role while I, well, I being clueless as to what my forte in life is replied, "I think I would make a great general, releasing all my pent-up frustration and anger through screaming orders at people." And we both had a good laugh out of that.

But seriously, I really have no idea what for me a good career make. I sorta always wanted to be a teacher, but I honestly doubt my abilities to remain patient and caring in the face of children who may be impossible to teach, because let's face it, there are a lot of dumbshit kids in this world just waiting to screw adults over. Not being judgmental, just stating an observation I have from my 28 years, a significant portion of that as a dumbshit kid myself.

Although I am pretty sure about one thing. I cannot mix my interests and my career, because I would probably either get really frustrated and/or lose my interest entirely sooner or later. The joys of having hobbies and pastimes is the sheer bliss of indulging in them after a tiring/stressful/annoying day at work, which feels so much more magnified because you felt so fucked up in the moments leading up to it. Maybe I am an oddball here, but it is what it is.

Unless we are talking about a career in singing. Or acting. Or clowning. I would love being any of those things. Except that I am not a particularly great singer, I do okay, I guess, just not great, and I don't think I will excel at being an actress or a clown as I feel severe anxiety if I have to talk in front of a lot of people.

However, Pat did mention that she thinks that I am a very logical and analytical person, which would be great in a role related to system process analysis. Huh?

Those words are very foreign to me. I have heard many terms used to describe me. Temperamental, friendly, loud, easy-going, grouchy, funny, bitch, etc, etc, but logical and analytical? I don't know.

I do like things to make sense to me. I don't consider myself as a stupid person, hence if there is something I cannot rationalise out in my mind in any way, then it is something beyond my level of understanding so it would essentially be redundant for me to even try to comprehend it any further. But then again, I am a ridiculous person with a random abundance of peculiar, wayward thoughts...

Oh well, I really have no idea, so whatever. Although a system process analyst sounds really cool, doesn't it? Or system analysis processor? That sounds like a proper job too. One that brings in a lot of the big bucks. Right, right?

It's Raining

I don't know about you but I love it when it's raining.

There is just something about the feeling of being encloaked within as the pattering of the water hits earth with the distant rumbling of the thunder outside.

Thunderstorms are the best. Nothing like being buried under the sheets while the skies rage against whatever pent up frustration it has for the humankind in general.

Or at least that's what it feels like to me.

Raining afternoon with a cup of tea. An elusive moment of bliss.

How I wish I am at home right now.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


As humans, we sometimes just want to believe the good things about people even though the bad is right there, glaring at you. We even try to seek out the good just so we don't have to believe the bad.

Although it may seem naive, but I think that it's actually a good thing.

Because it keeps people in a place where things are still nice and wonderful. The saddest thing about growing up is that we slowly lose touch with our innocence and become so cynical and skeptical about everything around us.

But I know I still want to...

What I've Been Up To During The Long Weekend

Finally got around to playing this game! It's been a while since I spent more than 2 hours on a non-frivolous game. *cues Diner Dash music*

No I am not a hardcore gamer at all. The last "serious" game I played was Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos. I just have this thing for Blizzard's games, which unlike other games, does not leave me confused and frustrated. Can't wait to go home tonight to continue my campaign.

And Jim Raynor is awesome!