Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Greetings

Before I swoosh my way to Genting...


2009 shall be THE YEAR!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Passion Fruit Craze!

Went to Bodyshop to stock up on my favourite Passion Fruit scented products! <3 <3

Hehheh, now that was a girly moment.

An Ode To The Ugly Nails

Okay. Seriously, seriously I have no idea what the hell is going on with women's nails nowadays.

They look so...

Cluttered and messed up.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this shit.

This looks so wtf, doesn't it?

I know, I know, I don't have much nails to even scratch my backside, who am I to judge those long, shiny manicures, right? But hello, I have eyes? I know when something unsightly is offending my long-suffering pupils. Ahhh, the evils that they have to be exposed to.

I mean there can be tastefully done nail arts such as some on the following picture:

But definitely not this:


There are definitely 10 thousand hundred million too many beady thinggys on those nails.

Okay, maybe they are not really all that atrocious, but I am in a pissy mood today, so anything that I don't like the slightest shall bear the brunt. And in case you want to say anything, SHADDAP! Be thankful it's not you!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Mopey People Are So Annoying

Good Monday!

Just came back from a cycling trip from Pengarang over the weekend and now my arse hurts like hell. The bicycles we got were so uncomfortable! Bah!

Anyway, it was kinda nice to have a short overnighter in a quiet villagey place like Pengarang. Everything seems so different there. But I think I would probably go mad if I have to live there permenently. No shopping centres and nothing to do at night.

Oh well, I am so glad that this week is so short! 3 MORE DAYS TO 2009! Yaay!

Although, honestly I don't see why people get so excited about the new year. It's just another year, not like crossing over to the new year, I will suddenly sprout wings and start to fly or something.

But I am going to have a great week! Going to my friend, Yiting's house for a gathering on eve and after that, it's off to Genting until Sunday! Finally I have a short trip to look forward to! Although it's only Genting and probably a day in KL, but the idea of going on a trip just cheers me up so much.

Okay, my arse, or rather my arse bone, really hurts! I must sit in a certain angle and position or it will really sting. Damn you, uncomfortable bicyle from the bicycle shop from Changi!

Oh well, I shall take consolation in the fact that I am having a supremely good hair day today. I always seem to have good hair day after I come back from overnighting. Maybe it's because I don't get to wash and condition my hair properly? I don't know. But my fringe is in such a perfect shape today! Hopefully it stays till the end of the day.


Okie... Back to work now...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Okay, so me and Mysterious Male Friend were talking about this story of the girl with a small vagina who was unable to have sex until she found her true love, which according to Mysterious Male Friend is a somewhat "well-known" legend.

I say:
ey, have it ever occur to you that hor

I say:
maybe the reason that her current boyfriend can have sex with her is not cos she met true love

I say:
but someone who finally has a small enough penis?

Mysterious Male Friend says:

I say:
i am looking at it objectively leh

Mysterious Male Friend says:
i am too

I say:

I say:
so it's not really a matter of true love

I say:
it's really a matter of what size fits what

Mysterious Male Friend says:
hahahahaha… no comments

I say:
so maybe next time can come up with something like

I say:
a matchmaking service

I say:
that matches relative size

Mysterious Male Friend says:

Mysterious Male Friend says:
nah i will just *bleep* them first

I say:
to help solve problems such as small cheese pie

I say:
err, what if cannot go in?

Mysterious Male Friend says:
then use car jack liao lor

Mysterious Male Friend says:

I say:
eh, you think what?

I say:
machine arh

I say:
some sensitivity pls

I say:
what use car jack

I say:
would you like it if i use a spanner on your penis if it's not working well?

I say:
haha, wah, i can see the idea of it has rendered you speechless

I say:
okay, this conversation is so funny

I say:
i shall blog it

Mysterious Male Friend says:

I say:
but rest assured

I say:
names will be changed to protect individual identities


Disclaimer 1: Some parts of the conversation has been eliminated and/or altered for clarity of reading, sensitivity reasons, and because SOME OF THE WORDS USED ARE SIMPLY TOO CRUDE EVEN FOR ME!

Disclaimer 2: Names have been changed to protect individual identities from any public outcry or personal backlash.

Me No Likey!

I think one thing that women hate the most is men with a hero complex.

The ones who thinks that they should behave in a certain manner to be the knight in the shining armour to rescue the damsel in distress.

Even when they don't think it's right.

I would rather take a sincere guy anyday, than one who say what I want to hear simply because he thinks he can save me.

I don't need saving. I need honesty.

Because I believe that true strength lies in being strong enough to be weak at times.

No knight, no rescue. Get it?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season Hohos

Merry Merry Christmas to all and sundry!

Friends, family, strangers, lurkers, foes alike! I am kind to all who obsess about me enough to read my blog. So all gets my best wishes!

And to those special ones who make my life more than a tad brighter just by being by my side, thanks for putting up with me...


Have a great one!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Amidst a very tedious transferring corrections task, the strap of my dress broke.


Now, remind me again why I try not to shop from This Fashion again?

PS: I admire myself, my dress strap broke and I just kept going. Transferring corrections is tedious stuff, okay. Cannot stop or the momentum will be gone. Now what am I going to do?


Afternoon Update

There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a sleepy afternoon to make a person feel so much better.

Especially when it's the eve of the eve of Christmas.

Celebrations with my Pinkies tomorrow. Expect lots of pictures.


My favourite quote from Ip Man. Donnie Yen is so ultimate awesomeness (my new favourite word) as the lead character that I feel like wearing a male cheong sam and strolling around with my hands behind my back.

The Japanese general guy is not bad-looking either.

I also read that there is going to be a sequel.


Disclaimer: Please do take note that, of course, the coffee from my office's coffee dispenser don't look like that. It's only a picture taken off Google. If you don't know what Google is, go slap yourself. Google is awesomeness x infinity. So yes, that makes Google even more awesome than Donnie Yen. But no choice, without Google, I won't be able to find out stuffs about Donnie Yen, so ALL HAIL GOOGLE!

Note: Too much caffeine...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Hahas

Got this from Supootman...

Sibei suay~~~

Something To Think About

Was checking this interesting journal about Theology, and found some really thought-provoking ideas.

Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Evil and suffering are essentially different, but both brings with it negativity that signifies calamity, tragedy, pain and disillusion.

You can choose to saturate evil and suffering with goodness.

And in this aspect, the good essentially refers to knowledge and finding such knowledge in art, in particular poetry.

Okay, this is all I remember offhand. But I think it's really some good stuffs to think about, to occupy your mind while you are rotting away on the bus or at the office with nothing useful to fill up your otherwise puny, unimportant life.


Supernatural Love - Gjertrud Schnackenberg

"I twist my threads like stems into a knot
And smooth "Beloved", but my needle caught
Within the threads, Thy blood so dearly bought,

The needle strikes my finger to the bone.
I lift my hand,
It is myself I've sewn..."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Tiny Fuzz

I was feeling kinda down. No surprise there. Someone came to mind, so I dropped him a message.

And he said something so ridiculous, it made me feel better instantly.

I am not entirely sure where I am going with this at all. But I am not too impatient.

Feelings are too fussy. I just want the simple part right at the beginning where everything is seen through a rosy, hazy glow.

I wish I can go back to being a hormonal teenager who has crushes at the drop of the hat and get over them even faster than it takes to get rid of a pimple.


If I don't smell you then I won't miss you. Because you smell nice. So I am actually missing the smell.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snippet #2

Was back late from lunch.

Saw my ex-classmate, Dionne at Bugis.

Cousin could not finish her waffle. LOUSY!


Buay tahan. Ai koon liao lar! Z_Z

Me (in a lao hong tone): "If you want to watch moobee, you massage me arh!"

Cousin: -guffaw guffaw-

Cousin is easily amused.

Snippet #1

Okay, because I am so sian I decided to post random snippets of my thoughts throughout the day if only just to entertain myself and get through the day quicker.

So I was in the pantry getting myself a cup of hot milo, while chastising myself mentally for drinking milo this close to lunch, my eyes turned to the view outside my office, which is on the 16th level. *beams with pride that she is working on such a high level of such a prestigious-looking building* And I realised how short a lot of the buildings in the surroundings are.

I quickly scrutinised the rooftops of these buildings for something juicy to observe.


And I cannot help but wonder, how come in those Japanese or Hong Kong shows, there is always something interesting going on at the rooftops, but now I see don't have?


Two possibilities:

A) Singaporeans are boring. They don't believe in exciting, illicit affairs in the middle of the day.

B) The shoes LIE! (Ahhhh, the horror! There goes my ENTIRE belief system!)

Your choice.

Disclaimer: It is NOT REALLY true that I based my entire belief system on what I see on shows, okay? ;P

Note: I know I know, I typed "shoes" instead of "shows" for possibility B. Give you lousy buggers a chance to laugh at me lar, happy not?

PS: Okay, this was a long snippet... Hohoho, Merry Christmas! Ahhh, the randomness...

Day Day, Friday

So sleepy~~~

Why is it that no matter how much or how little I sleep, I still feel sleepy and lethargic. Boo.

Cousin Jen coming to have lunch with me later. At least that is something to look forward to.

And the weekend too, of course.

Okay, now I am feeling so much better.

If only I can go for lunch and just keep going...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's the exception, not the rule. Happy people make change instead of waiting for change.

I know who I am living for. Really.

It's just the beginning. I cannot wait.


Monday, December 15, 2008

寂寞的男人 - 张学友

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Daily Outlook For Tomorrow

You may well have been going through a pretty stressful time, either professionally or personally, and today is a day when you should take it easy.

If you must work, don't overdo it, and be sure you take time out for your self this evening to just relax.

If you don’t need to work today, treat yourself to some peace and relaxation.

Whichever the case, it’s important to make sure you don't become any more stressed or tired. Watch your health.


Listening to this song when I was still in Primary school, I found it sappy and could never understand why the adults love it so much. But 15 years later now, it has become a song that holds so much meaning for me. Ahhh, the pangs of adulthood.

And check out Jacky Cheung circa 1993! If I do say so, he looked pretty good, doesn't he? Not at all dated! Very promising looking young chap, ain't he?

PS: Please do not be a kuku and do stop my IMEEM player before you play the youtube video, okay? I am not trying to be mean, but there are people who have asked me before me why got two different sounds. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU LAR! =P

I can never say that it is or will be enough. But I know that you are here now. That's all I need.

15/12/2008: Spotted some mistakes in my post, and being a publishing industry employee, decided to make the amendments in e-annotation style. Wahahha! Quite boh liao hor.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Rainy Saturday Afternoon...

I am really enjoying the recent cold, slightly damp atmosphere in the weather nowadays.

There is something about the dim, shady overcast in the air that makes me feel like I am more connected to my own inner self, which makes for more thorough self-reflects.

And what I really want in my life right now.

Recently, I have been spending quite a bit of time with a friend who is married. And it dawns on me that married and single people are really different, no matter how alike we are. Sometimes talking to her, I feel like an immature child with all these unimportant concerns.

For example, while I am fussing over what to wear for a night out, she will be thinking about her children's school results and if she should spend more time monitoring their studies. Or I can be gushing over a particularly lovely bag I really want, and she is calculating her budget for the month and whether she needs to cut back on her expenditure.

And while I do hope to one day be married and have such worldly concerns, I do not see that happening in my life for maybe a good five or seven years? Sometimes I have no idea why friends around my age wants to get married so quickly. We spent a good bit of our lives studying and living at the mercy of our parents' generosity with allowances, now that we finally get a bit of financial freedom, shouldn't we enjoy it all the bit more?

Of course, I am not saying that there's something wrong with wanting to get married. I am a die-hard romantic who dreams of getting sweep off my feet by a Luke Brandon (Confessions Of A Shopaholic, anyone?). But that is of course if I don't have to worry about monthly installments and University money, right? =]

Friday, December 12, 2008

YEP At Helipad

Just got back from the year-end party at Helipad.

It was really nice to see everyone in an environment outside of work. The food was nice and the drinks kept coming. My colleagues kept asking me why I don't drink and tried entice me with their alcohol.

And Tan Tan was so drunk! My gawd! Her antics made me laugh so hard. I took so many videos of her and quite a few pictures. Hehheh. Everyone was so fun! Even the normally serious Roger B had an afro and really, really funky matching clothes. And I am talking REALLY FUNKY!

And despite being busy with preparations and stuff, Blurboy came to our table twice to talk to us and asked if we had a good time. I was really glad to see him. He never failed to make me smile a bit. Especially when he did his YMCA thing.

It's Modern Retro what. Heehee. He's so funny. =]

PS: Will upload the pictures when I find the time to get them sorted out.

Tarot Daily Outlook

It is important that you don't rely too much on others today, or expect everything and everyone to come to you.

Don’t be too shy in communicating what you want, either in your work life or your personal life. If people don't know what you want how can they give it to you!?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Wonders Of The Intricacies That The Day May Bring

Ahhh, so sian at work. So sian, so sian. So many things to do, but the system is slow. As usual. >_>

Anyway, my friend and I always like to joke around about tendering our resignations whenever we talk about work. I don't know why we do that, but it's just amusing to us. So while I was in the ladies with some of my colleagues just now, I decided to put it to a test when they started to complain about their workload. To see if they find it as amusing as we do.

The look of shock on their face says it all.

Okay, so not everyone has the same sense of humour. Apparently talking about resignations right now is something horrifying.

Noted! LOL!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okaaay... So Now What?


Enough said.

Must... control... self...

Must... not... disappoint...

Machiam ai pang sai buay sai pang leh. Sibei hiong.


The Green Eyed Monster~~~


Jealousy is such an unbecoming colour. Tsk tsk tsk.

Your problem doesn't lie with me. If it makes you feel better to insult me, go ahead. But ultimately, you are still the one feeling miserable.

Go think about it.

I Wish I Can Say This To Her...

Everything you feel right now. All the bad. It is something that comes with it. The good. It's that price to pay for any inkling of contentment that you can find.

We are not martyrs, neither are we saints. We are simply getting by each day, hoping to hold ourselves together for a little bit longer before eventually falling apart or losing everything.

You really must learn to keep your head and not let yourself be swept away by the trail of whirlwind left in his wake. It's not a simple road to take. But it is the only way for now.

It's Tuesday!


What a listless and lethargic day! Entirely had no mood to work today. Trudged through the day which felt like an eternity. Baaah!

Was talking to a couple of colleagues about the workload and the shortage of PAs. They should really get more in; we are already in over our heads as it is. I feel like I am drowning in the countless PA task loads that never seem to lessen, every single day. Not a very good feeling to work with. The stress!

Anyway, decided to leave work a little earlier than usual to go source for some "modern retro" clothes for Friday's company year-end party. Ended up short though. I cannot believe that it's so difficult to find really retro-ey clothes! They used to be all over the place! Or is it because retro style is so popular nowadays that they just don't feel that yester-years anymore?

Hmmm... Oh well, I still have time or I will simply just fark it and just wear one of my dresses if I really cannot find anything by Friday.

Met up with Lyn afterwards for a steamboat dinner after seeing Anya's reccomendation on her blog. -slurp- It was good, but too bad the prawns were limited, I am totally a prawn person. Woohoo! But overall it was still goooood, especially after the last steamboat disaster I had. And I really like their desserts, but too bad both of us were too full to have more than one serving each.

Okay, I am off to bed. Arrrgh. Fingers crossed that tomorrow, techically today looking at the time, will be a better day at work!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Someday You Will Understand

I don't have to prove myself anymore. I know that you know.

Perhaps things are not in place right now. In order for two individuals to be truly together in every sense, it's not just a matter of only them. There are usually many issues to keep in mind, many of the others around to be considered.

While I definitely want it to be just the two of us, it is not to be so. As yet or otherwise? I don't know. But there are definitely too many concerns, too many factors. Too many obstacles, too many fears.

And I know what I should do. To put everything aside first and concentrate on the important things that I have neglected for a while. The other parts of myself that I had ignored for so long.

Be it with or apart. Of someday.

I am sure.

You need to get to where I am. Hurry and catch up. Before.

Monday, December 08, 2008

And to mark the end of my long weekend...

Salted vegetables beancurd soup, bubble tea and potato chips while I watch the last season of Charmed. Nothing like hot soup, junk foodies and a nice show to make a rainy evening.

The First Weekend Of December! Jingle Bells Coming!

Hohoho, finally got the photos in the previous post fixed! I am really so lazy. Actually did not post for a week! Hehheh. Okok, so I know that I still have the part two of the last weekend to post. Eyyyy, but lazy lar. LOL.

Anyway, how was everyone's long weekend? Did not get to meet my Pinkies this week because everyone was kinda busy except for me! Boo! But I managed to catch a late movie on Friday night. It was a horror movie called Kilometro 31 or something. Mexican horror movie. Quite interesting, but as horrors goes, end up trying to tie loose ends without much explanations.

Saturday was stay-home-and-lazy-around day. In between naps, reading, and net surfing, I pretty much had a relaxing day. The day also ended early when I simply dozed off at around 10 plus? 11 plus? I had no idea. I must be really, really tired out from the week because my friend messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet up for drinks twice, and I din't even reply. SORRY LAR! Next time, k?

Anyway, Sunday was the real fun day!

Cousin Jen messaged me in the afternoon and asked if I can collect my stuffs from her. I had so many things with her, spree clothes, clothes I bought from her blogshop collection and a bag she bought for me. So I thought I could go to her place and hang out for a bit. It's been ages since we last did that.

So we met up at West Mall first to get our eyebrows plucked, had a simple lunch and headed over to her place. She just got her new stock for her blogshop and I spent the afternoon trying out a lot of new clothes, with a final damage of two new dresses and a top. Which is on top of the two dresses and another top I bought from her previously. Oh noes! Sibei hiao!

Then while we were happily chatting, Supootman who I was meeting with some other friends for drinks, messaged me and ask if I can meet him earlier since he will be in town rather early. So I did a mad dash home, showered, wore one of my new dress (quite slutty de wor), and rushed down to Orchard to meet him. We walked around and I had Subway for a light dinner, before we headed over to Alley Bar.

The place is so nice! With the Christmas decor and the dim, cosy ambiance, it's like right out of those chick flicks that I love so much. Too bad I wasn't there with a more hum sum guy. HAHA!

Anyway, the rest came over around an hour later and we had a great time chit chatting, catching up and watching Supootman's antics after a few rounds of vodka. After that, we headed over to Dragonfly (where else? ;]).

Surprisingly, the place was not that crowded although it took us a while to get a table which we had to share with a group of people who earlier on rejected us when we asked to share their table. Weird. Can share just share mah, why we ask cannot share, then the staff ask they say ok? Sometimes I feel as if these club staff really have some sort of odd power or something. Hmmm...

Anyway, the rest of the night was spent crapping, people watching, people suaning, and alcohol glupping. A fun night!

But when we wanted to go off for supper, we realised that it was raining heavily outside. So my friend decided to call it a night and went off with his girlfriend, while Supootman and I decided to go for breakfast at MacDonald's.

But but but... We ended up sitting outside Vivocity airing our feet because it was raining so heavily that we couldn't get over to Harbourfront, and our feet got wet just trying to get to Vivocity. Haha, we looked so ridiculous, sitting there with our feet out in the open.

After the rain stopped, we quickly grabbed something to eat and went home because I was already half asleep by then. It was freaking 7 am already loh! LOL!

Anyway, here are some pictures to mark the night! I think I should really start bringing my cammie out wor. Take peektures, take peektures! Kekeke.

Okay! That's all for this weekend! Until the next! LOL.

PS: Finally succumbed and decided to read the Shopaholic books. Came highly recommended by Cousin Jen.

PSS: Shall TRY to spend the afternoon organising the side bar of my blog. Note the word TRY.


Monday, December 01, 2008

The Last Weekend Of November Part Un

My weekend was so wonderfully great that I just had to drop a post about it before the Monday blues set in!

Friday was steamboat buffet with Anya, PS and Yoniko. The company was great as usual; we chit chatted amidst grilling and steamboating. But I have to say the food quality was sadly lacking. I never had such an unsatisfying steamboat before! The grill was too oily, the ma la soup was too oily as well and too spicy for my taste. The entire place had a very uncomfortable heat to it and I almost screamed when the staff for some reasons unknown, decided that the fan that was my only point of comfort, was too zhor teng and KEPT IT INTO THE STORAGE AREA! -_-

Anyway, we still had fun like we always do. But after subjecting ourselves to the torture of the substandard steamboat, we decided to call it a night early and headed home at around 11. We did take pictures but they are with Anya and she haven't uploaded them yet. Both she and Yoniko will probably do a proper review sometime soon. So keep a lookout in their blogs! See girls, I help you all to advertise hor! Even though, you all are probably the only ones who reads my blog. Muhahahaha!

Saturday almost became boring as I was resigned to spend the day at home, reading up on the plot of horror movies (yeah, I can get so lazy that I don't even want to take the time to watch a movie). Was supposed to meet Supootman to go to the SITEX fair, but once again we had a discussion in the afternoon that escalated into an argument and I just didn't feel up to it. Sometimes guys can be so exasperating even though they are your buddies. I think male and females really have different gears operating their brains. But he did take the time to explain his stand to me, so well...

And surprisingly, he actually called me at about 5 plus and asked me to meet up for dinner at Orchard. Haha, think he was taking pity on me because I had to stay at home! Kekeke.

After dinner, met up with some of my MDIS classmates and headed over to Double O. Wahahaha, I have never been there before because the first time I wanted to go, I got off the cab with my friends, saw the youngsters around and promptly left in another cab. The drinks were very cheap though, although the cover charge for the guys was EXORBITENT! And although I din't get to go to Boiler Room this weekend like I wanted to, still had fun lar.

Didn't take any pictures at Double O, but here are some pictures of the aftermath, while having supper, thanks to my friend's sister's cam.

Brad, me and Roswita. She's so pretty, right? She was from our Advanced Diploma class, but went to another class for her degree. I hardly talked to her during Advanced Dip. But clubbing with her is fun! She's real nice to talk to!

This girl at Orchard was giving out free condoms at Orchard for World Aids Day. And the guys were so tickled by it and the fact that I was actually reading the instructions on how to use a condom that they took this picture. This is the TRUE LUST. CAUTION. okay? Haha!

Okay, I am dead tired out now. Shall continue the rest of the weekend tomorrow. That is if I don't get too tired or lazy. Wahahah! I am off to bed now. Good night, peeps!