Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Message To Pink Army

Dear Pink Army!!!

Haha, coming to the end of 2005, do you all notice something? NEXT YEAR IS OUR 10TH YEAR TOGETHER!!! What a long time to be friends!!! And a fantastic ten years it had been! Throughout these 10 years, we cried together, laughed (a lot) together, make noise (a lot) together, and did so many things together. A lot of my "first times" also give to you all already. First time I stay overnight outside, first time I make-up, first time I buy underwired bra, first time I wear sleeveless, first time I go cheong, first time I drink alcohol, and a lot, a lot is done with all of you by my side. I seriously think that without all of you, my life would be less colourful and very, very different.

Very happy and, for some strange reason, very excited that we are stepping into the second decade of our lives together. I know that the next ten years will be as fun, colourful and exciting as the last. The loyalty and kinship that we shared is something that is very precious and which I have always treasured and try (I say TRY ah) not to take for granted.

I have always felt that I am very lucky to be a part of this close-knitted group of friends, and that if I never make any more friends for the rest of my life, I am still content to just have all of you. Even though things do get ugly from time to time, our inate BEAUTY always shines through in the end. Because we all so chio, how to make things ugly?

Haha, too much mushy already. ENOUGH! So the ending wish is that Pink Army will spend many more decades together, go through many more birthdays, weddings, births, man yues, kids' birthdays, wedding anniversaries, our children's graduations, etc etc. And eventually when we are all old, we can hold each other's hands and go shopping or go dance those social dance at community centres!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh, So It's Actually Fer-sard, Not Fa-said

This thing of blogging in Chinese is fun. Pity I can't do so in the office, which is where I am now. No worries though, I am still more comfortable with writing stuffs in English.

When writing in different languages, I realise that the frame of mind of writing is very different. For some reason, I seemed to be able to express deeper, and in certain sense, darker feelings in English, whereas when writing in Chinese, the tone is more light-hearted and cheerful. I have no idea why that is. Probably have something to do with the way I think stuffs. I tend to reflect in English and yaba nonsense in Chinese. Yes, I yaba in my own mind, hence when you sometimes see me laugh for no apparent reason, actually it is for a good apparent reason, albeit only to myself.

My Mum said something yesterday that made me think, she said that I seem to have different façades, and that the face everyone sees is just half of me. I think that it is an astute observation. No wonder people say that Mothers know best. Not saying that I am any less real than what anyone sees, but I am sure that everyone has a deeper, reflective side to them that people seldom see. I don’t know why I am the way I am though, could be a combination of being a Pisces, a left-hander, a blood type B and a single child. Lethal combination, I think.

I do believe that everyone has such a side in them, the deep, dark side. By dark, I don’t mean like evil or anything, just the inner part of a person that seldom comes out to see the Sun. However, the level of wickedness that lies within these dark thoughts will depend on each individual.

Personally, I don’t think that I am a very nice person; my thoughts can be quite mean and evil. But some of the other things that go through my mind are like a precipice that sweeps me into the depths. Like the sky, the sea, a beautiful myriad of colours, a poignant story, the translucent exquisiteness of life that makes you want to weep. A sheer drop.

Sharing a piece of my “other façade” here. I probably did not succeed in sharing it accurately, but people who have experienced it before should know what I am talking about.

Anyway, when I get home, it’s back to Chinese blogging!!! Light-hearted and cheerful! Sometimes I think that my Chinese blogging is downright saccharinely disgusting. -shrugs- I like it, so who cares.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


哇! 好饱啊! 前几天吃了好几顿圣诞大餐, 吃的都是火鸡啦, 火腿啦, 弄得现在有一点禽肉恐惧症, 不过今天叫我舅舅的女庸准备晚餐, 她煮的是蘑菇炒菜和炸虾, 正好没有任何的禽肉类。 好好吃哦!

刚才在回家的途中, 我在地铁站新开得糕饼店买了一些面包和一块老婆饼, 还蛮不错吃的。 为什么只卖一块呢? 哈哈, 我很多朋友都不知道, 我是非常非常喜欢吃老婆饼的。 觉得一块很好吃的老婆饼待有的那种独特的甜味和香味, 是在很多其它糕饼里尝不到的。 不过不是每一种老婆饼都会那么好吃, 我就吃过了好几次不好吃的老婆饼。 所以每次一看到什么糕饼店里有卖老婆饼, 我都会先只买一块来尝尝, 如果好吃才会再回去买。 不过吃了好几种老婆饼, 还是觉得香港的最棒。 那里老婆饼的水准和这里的还是有一定的距离, 可能是我还没找到本地真正好吃的老婆饼吧。 所以那些知道新加坡 (嗨吖! 我尽让不知道新加坡怎么写, 还得去找报纸!) 哪里有好吃老婆饼的人, 一定要告诉我哦。 或者有要到香港的人, 也可以顺手买一些好吃的老婆饼回来送我, 我一定会很感激你的喔! 嘿嘿!


Hello!!! How was everyone's Christmas holiday? I had so much fun! Anyway, not going to blog a long entry today, just discovered that Google had a section which displays ALL of their special Google Logos (I call them Googos, heehee). I am happy because I am a Googo collector! Does such a thing even exist? Well, I happen to be one. I always save the special logos, but my collection is incomplete, but I can make it complete now! All the way from 1999 - 2005. I am one happy person.

Ok, I am going to admire my Googo collection now. Goodbye.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Of Cute Guys, Christmas, New Year And Ang Baos

I was sitting in the office today, and staring at this super cute postcard my colleague has placed on his desk. Actually, it's the guy on the postcard that is cute. His face, his abs, his biceps. Gosh!

Don't worry, I've taken a picture of this glorious wonder to share, generous person that I am. But I posted it at the bottom, so if you want to see it, you have to scroll down to the bottom of this entry AFTER you finish reading the entire entry.

Baaah, as if I can stop you if you want to just scroll down without reading anything I write.

Anyway, I wonder if this guy actually knew when he posted for this shot that he would be printed on postcards to be circulated in a country that is probably as foreign to him as ang gu kueh. Probably not. I wonder how many girls in Singapore actually keep this postcard for, you know, DIY purposes. Bahaha. Ok, that's for the English part of my blog entry today, now on to the Chinese part!

是的, 我决定了从昨天开始, 每天都要用华文来写一点 blog。 为什么呢?无聊嘛。 而且觉得现在还蛮喜欢某华人乐团的, 用华文来 blog 会有一点比较接近偶像的感觉。 还可以练习一下华文,不错啦。 不过重点还是因为我是一个非常无聊的人啦。

快要圣诞节了, 好开心哦! 不知道从什么时候开始, 一到了要过圣诞的时候, 就觉得心情特别好。 可能是快要跨年了, 有一种期待新的一年的感觉。 叭哈哈, 也有一点就是快要过农历新年咯! 红包! 红包!

我妈妈说不管到了什么年龄只要还没结婚的, 一到了新年期间都会像小孩子一样, 只要听到红包两个字就会特别兴奋。 而结了婚的呢, 只要听到相同的两个字, 就会有异常的恐惧感和排斥心。

哈哈, 其实还蛮准的说。 我那些结过婚的朋友和同事们也已经开始在为派红包而伤脑筋了, 不过他们并不是因为要大出血而头痛。 他们懊恼的是要包多少钱才不会显得太寒酸, 同时也不会好像很 “好脸” 似的。 哈哈, 现代人的烦恼还真另类哦!

好了啦。 今天又用了将近一个小时来写 blog, 还真是无聊。 不过除了是一个超级无聊的人之外, 我看我也没什么其他的长处了。 实在没办法, 也只好坦然的接受, 大胆的承认了! ^_____^

Oh, and as promised, here's the CUTE GUY!!!

Something Chinese

Haha, since I currently like Mayday, I also feel very Chinesey. So I shall write this blog in Chinese. It's seriously tough, okay? My comp do not have the ability to type Chinse words. Ha, I have 独门秘方 how to conjure Chinese characters.

哈哈, 突然要用华文来写 blog 有一点不习惯。 平常都是用英文写一大堆有的没有的, 变得自己有时候都会疏忽了自己是华人, 应该多多善用华语。 不然学来干嘛, 摆睡啊? 有时候, 也是因为对自己的英文字句程度比较有信心, 所以才比较自如的用英文来写一些自己的心声和发生在自己身上事情。

不过我也要声明, 其实我的华文也是不错的哦! 还可以混过去啦!我一向来都是比较喜欢用华语来交谈,用英文来写东西, 所以形成了一种“华讲英写”的现象。

其实我说的华语还相当流利的哦! 以前小学的时候, 还参加过讲故事比赛, 虽然没有赢奖,不过也是一个很好(兼丢脸)的体验。 咦, 还不赖嘛, 用自己不习惯的写法写东西, 还可以写出那么多废话。 其实用华文来写 blog 也蛮好玩的, 有空也要多多写, 多多练习自己的华文, 不过今天就到这里吧。

哇!写这篇烂东西竟然用了我一个多小时的时间。。。 真是超无聊! 还是用回我偏爱的英文比较得心应手。

Haha, isn't it disturbing when a person's linguistic differences are so blatantly obvious when he / she switches between two languages. The difference in style of writing is so great that it is almost hard to coincide the fact that the writing actually came from the same person. Such is the magic of langugages.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

A new bloghead and a new song for the FESTIVE SEASON. I seriously like this new bloghead. I am usually not one for colours, but this is just way too cool for me to ignore.

Doesn't my entire blog look very cheery now? Full of colours and with a very lalala song to boot. This is the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!! I love Christmas. Even though 2005 is already nearing its end, and I am going to be 23 soon, it's still hard to ignore the festive mood! Sigh, I seriously did not foresee that by 23, I am still a useless bum living off my Mum. But it's ALRIGHT!!! 2006 will be great!!!

Here's a message for my Mummy: Although I still have a long way to go, your patience and support is the greatest encouragement that I can get. I will definitely remember my promise to you, to become a useful person, and not disappoint you. Thank you, Mummy!!!

And I translated it to Chinese, so that I can show her:
妈咪,虽然我还有一段相当长的路要走, 你的耐心和支持是世界上最大的鼓励。我一定会记得我的诺言, 做一个有用的人, 不让你失望。谢谢你, 妈咪!!!

Haha, so mushy and unlike me. Well, I am due. Baahahaha.


Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.

Indeed, indeed. Christmas is not just around the corner, it's over the corner! Had a tremendous amount of fun the last couple of days. Went out on Friday with my Pink Army gang. As usual when going out with them, there was a lot of laughing, a lot of speaking loudly, and a lot of unusual behaviour. Bahaha.

Saturday, I had lunch with Pam and Dav after work. I don't think I've blogged about Pam before. She's one of my colleagues at Sistic, and we have been going out a lot recently. She's this very adorable girl who has this REALLY HUGE dog call Sunshine. She, Dav and I are going for Korean lessons together. Haha, yaay! I am taking Korean lessons! SHINHWA, WAIT FOR ME~~~~ -siao-

After lunch, we went back to the office because all of us had another shift that day, and after work, I went shopping with Yan, Kaiming and Bao Bao. Bahaha. Bought a top at Giordano. Got discount.

And yesterday, I went to work at Swiss Dream Circus, and after that went to Ivy's house for mahjong! Haha, it was fun! I won $4.40. But the cab fare home was $17.00 Haha, it's not the money hor, it's the experience and company. Bahahaha.

Okay, so that's the recap of the last 3 days. Lazy to blog lar! Still on a Mayday high. Wonder how long will I be into them. You know after more than a year, I am still using Shinhwa ringtones. HAHAHA. Actually it's more due to lack of choice. Hahaha. Err, ok. I am beginning to not make sense. So I shall stop here. In case I am too lazy to blog before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vomit, Vomit, Vomit

Arrgh! I hate getting food poisoning. I ate some very suspicious chicken the day before yesterday, and ended up very sick yesterday. I actually felt sick the night before, but I thought that it could be the weather or something, and went to sleep.

The interesting thing is, when I woke up, I did throw up a little, but I actually went ahead and got ready for work. I was like 15 minutes away from my workplace when I decided that I did not want to die before 12 pm, so I called in sick, and went home.

I immediately threw up the moment I reached home, and throughout the day, I kept alternating between throwing up and sleeping.

I finally felt better around late afternoon, when my system decided that it had purged my body of the POISONOUS CHICKEN. POISON!!! I stopped throwing up, but I wasn't able to eat much of anything the rest of the day, because I still felt seriously nauseous. I did manage to eat a little porridge though.

I hate getting food poisoning. I am never going to step in another Long John Silvers again!!! It's probably not their fault that their grilled chicken was not really done well, and stupid person that I am, I ate it, even though I felt something was not right. I just simply hate to complain and return stuffs, that's just the way I am. Stupid. Yeah, it's not their fault that their stupid cook did not bother to make sure the chicken was fully cooked before they served it to me. Yeah, it is DEFINITELY not their freaking fault.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Ramblings Of A Blurb

I am a junkie, I am a junkie. Bahaha, whenever I start to like a band which is very mainstream (i.e. A LOT of fans, i.e. A LOT of teenage fans), I get very disturbed.


Seriously, no one would think that I would be remotely interested if the looks-factor is like zero. Yeah, I am shallow in that sense. Just look at the phenomenon of a certain singer from Taiwan who is named like the sea. After he "came out", I bet you he surely lost a certain large portion of his fans who were disappointed that he is not the adorable, yet a little bit funky, boy next door that they put on his CD covers. Kinda serves him right, he should had been more honest from the start, draw an uglier cartoon, like Shrek, or something so that he did not had so much to live up to. See, Shrek is not a pretty sight, but he stood by himself, err, and his greenness, and in the end, everyone likes him. It's a pity about the guy who is named like the sea really, because he does have a good singing voice.

The thing is, nowadays, any amount of people in the streets can sing. With training, they could even morph into great singers, but the packaging is too important. We prefer a beautiful voice with a beautiful face. If the package is not pretty, who would bother exploring what's inside?

What makes me disturbed is that when I start to like them, I am on the same plane with A LOT of people who I think are really quite different from me, and who will probably dislike me because they don’t understand why someone like me would even dare to desecrate their holy idols by declaring my interest in them (the idols, not the people. Goodness, try to keep up!).

For example, they will tell you that they really like a band because the singer REALLY can sing. It's not JUST the looks. Well, I say, forget the singing, if he's really cute, he could be yelling racial slurs at me, and I would think that he's standing up for his beliefs.

Another example: They would be clamouring for the best seats, as near to the stage as possible, while I would automatically want to go to the last row because it's the furthest point from the stage I can be, and still be able to see the stage. Why? The music is too damn loud. I want to hear them sing, but I also like my ears. They are pretty ears, some say they look like elf ears. And really, what's the point? It's not like anywhere we sit, they could see us. We are no more than blurbs (note: this word actually has a meaning! It means: a brief publicity notice, as on a book jacket. Woot!) to them.

Final example. Just to prove that I am unique and intelligent, and that I think so very highly of myself, while all the other people as just useless, silly fools. I am arrogant enough to talk like that, because I am not harbouring any wishes that maybe the band would come to my humble little blog, and begin to admire my quick wit, my profound intelligence, the fluid literacy of my writing, and my extensive vocabulary. Bahaha, plus making fun of people that I like is almost like an occupation to me. And I can get very creative. See what I mean about the fans being very much likely to hate me?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think that celebrities are very nice people. I may like them and go a little crazy over them, but if I ever do get to meet them in the open, they would probably look at me, but not really seeing my face. I am just a blurb (teeheehee, the poetic justice) to them. They would also probably step on my feet in their haste to hurry away before some crazy people tears off their clothes and offer their blood to them, and they wouldn’t even SAY SORRY! I dislike people who do not say sorry when they established accidental body contact. It’s deplorable!

Sigh, but I still love to love them, because, otherwise, life would be less fun and not so interesting.

I Can And I Will

I can
and I will
Wait till the day
You open your eyes.

I can
and I will
Wait till the day
You see me.

I can
and I will
Wait till the day
You realise.

I can
and I will
Wait till the day
You know.

I can
and I will
Wait until that day.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Day

Today was a HAPPY DAY!!! "Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. Saturday, What a day!!!" Bahaha, today was good because of a couple of reasons.

Reason #1 - I did not have to wake up at 5.30, more sleep!

Reason #2 - We are doing doorsales for Lexus cup these couple of days, and yesterday, they only set up a marquee for us, right under the sun. It was so humid and warm there, but today they had a container with air con and everything for us. Yaay!

Reason #3 - I finally got to see a real anime convention with cosplayers and everything!!! Granted I was only outside and not really attending it, but it was just FUN even to watch!!! I saw so many of my favourite anime characters! I saw Ichigo, Ishida the Quincy, some girl most probably trying to be my dear, dear Shuuhei, the Sandal-Hat guy, a lot of other Bleach characters (Bleach seemed to be a popular choice), EIJI, a few of the Naruto characters. I was so tickled, I COULD NOT STOP GIGGLING. When I giggle, something is seriously wrong. Bahahah, it was so nice to see so many good cosplayers in one place. Not all though, there were quite a few who looked like idiots, but there were really good ones too. Hahah, so happy!

Reason #4 - THE BEST REASON!!! I got a complimentary ticket to Mayday concert from a very nice promoter. She was so nice!!! And I really enjoyed myself! I was swaying between watching or not, because I hate to watch it alone, and I had work tomorrow. Up till the point going over there to work, I was considering whether to buy a ticket or not. And it was so nice to get a ticket to watch them!!! Mayday was good! Very, very good. So happy!

Haha, in few words, I am so happy!!! Today was a good day. Everything was good!

Monday, December 05, 2005


I am officially domainless for the time being. I had to terminate my account with Ipowerweb because I was having some problems with them. Probably because it's based in the States, I had trouble uploading sometimes. I could be uploading something for more than 2 hours, and then got a timeout. I also experienced some downtime to my website, which I seldom update, but I would still like it to be up. It’s about the money.

Mainly, it's frustrating trying to get a reply from their Help Centre. I think they have some sort of automatic reply system in place, which replies the customer by listing the links to the relevant help sections, probably by matching keywords. This doesn't work for me, because I read the Help sections before I emailed them. I actually hate to enquire over the email, because odds are I will never get a reply.

Or in this situation, I have to ask the same questions probably 2 times or more before I get a satisfactory answer. I am not a stupid person, unlike some customers I know (trust me, I know what the hell I am talking about. 2 years and going at SISTIC -rolls eyes-)

That said though, when you actually manage to get to someone, the customer service is actually quite good, polite and very helpful. of course, all these are based on email assistance, that is, if you manage to get to someone.

I actually swayed from continuing with them or terminating, because I hate to "move", and it's just much more convenient to continue with them. In the end, my annoyance at not being able to get answers to my questions won out. I hate it when I do not get straight answers, this apparently runs to emails too.

Sigh, now I am on the hunt for a new domain provider. Anyone have any good ones to recommend, drop me a comment or an email if you know what it is.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I am very fascinated by the latest advance in technology. Transplanting a dead person's face on to another person a la Face/Off. Or is it Face, Off? Hmm, cannot remember.

Is Face/Off or Face, Off even the movie where they did face transplants? Haha. Anyway, I am fascinated. Want to be fascinated? Go google "face transplant". Contents might be disturbing to some. My mum, for one, could not stand it.

Me? I just find it fascinating.

Repetition of words depicts extreme fascination.

Too Lazy To Be Creative Here

Ooooo, I want to get Adam Pascal's album, Civilian! People who have the good fortune of watching Rent the movie (2005) (haha, that's how people are writing it, year in brackets and all) already, would probably be familiar with his voice.

Great voice. I always love musical voices. In my opinion, they sing way better than a lot of singers out there. The thing about musical performers is that, the singing must be very crisp and clear, because a lot of the songs are essential to the progression of the plot of the musical, and the enunciation must be precise too. Add the need for power vocal cords for the projection of the singing, and voila, fantastic singing.

Ha, I have absolutely no basis for what I am talking about. It could be absolute crap for all I know. But hey, on the internet, anything goes, doesn’t it? Oh wait, the person who said this was actually convicted and now under probation, isn’t he? -zip-

I do not think that I would get into trouble for pretending to know a lot about musical singing and its whatnots, neither am I seeking to make fun of anyone. Kikumaru forbid that I do that. It’s just a little hard to accept. But it does have an affect on me. Nowadays it seems like whenever I blog, there is a certain hesitation and wonderment of whether my comments are defamatory to any race, language or religion, and also to our fellow species from the animal kingdom. I also try to be respectful towards the linens, the sheets and particularly the socks, they are wild! I am a crazy person, who knows what I might say? Better to be careful.

Sigh, whatever happened to “I blog for myself, and no one by myself.” Ha, no meaning anymore, eh? But can I still pretend that I am writing for myself, and possibly the man who I will someday marry, preferably someone just like Eric Bana? He will come to my blog, and be so enchanted by my wit, intelligence, and of course, my boo-ti-pul face, fall in love with me. I promise I will NEVER compare him with Eric Bana. Baaahha.

Hmm, I was actually talking about Adam Pascal, wasn’t I? Well, he’s good. I want to his album. That’s it.


You're Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice by
Jane Austen!
Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ooo, I love Elizabeth Bennett. I find her character very inspiring! That said, of course Jane Austen is the most inspiring woman to me. She's so inspiring. Ha, cannot stop saying inspiring.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Everything seems so half-assed screwed up.

Nothing seems to be going as well as I hope it would. It's so frustrating. The only bright spot seems to be watching Harry Potter on Sunday. Even that is not as simple as it should be.


I am so freaking tired. And I don't even know why! I definitely had enough sleep. Usually, end of year is a joyous time for me. But 2005 sucks. I hate 2005. 2005 is a lousy year. I wish it will be over soon, and I can start pissing on 2006.

If someone can cheer me up right now, I would give that person all my socks.

See? Even my lame-assed humour doesn't amuse me.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Something, Something

Sometimes, I have this compulsion.

Looking for someone who really knows me so well that they can give me some answers when I don’t have them.

Who knows me the best?

Probably myself.

Or probably no one.

What do I want? What am I doing? What will happen to me?

I need some sense of balance.

I know exactly what I need.

“All I wanna do, is have some fun. I got the feeling I’m not the only one.”

A Moment Of Light

Finally! A semi-luminous spot in my otherwise screwed-up day. The other thing other than watching Chestnuts Episode III tonight, of course. Looking forward to that, but until then, still screwed-up.

I am going to watch History Of Violence.

Viggo! Big, big, big Viggo fan. One of the few actors that actually enthuses me in ways more than just because he's extremely handsome.

Intelligent, artistic, intense, unusual, all the qualities of an interesting man. If it is up to me, I would just label him the perfect man.

He is possibly more intriguing to me than Eric Bana. He’s different. Irregular. Ha, I’ve used up all the adjectives (is it? Or is it verbs? Can never differentiate the two) I can probably think of right now to describe him.

Feeling slightly brighter, happy bright, not clever bright.

Decided to also go get Bleach manga today.

Day is looking less screwed-up by the minute.


I am so exhausted.

So bored.

So frustrated.

So dead.

Ennui again. Sian...