Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fashion VS Laziness

Something has come to notice off late.

It's becoming alarmingly apparent to me that teenagers have become the masters when it comes to beauty and fashion. While the adults, as they advance from their teenagehood seems to go through a process of backward synthesis; slowly losing grip of all that is hot and trendy and trudge tiredly after their younger counterparts, trying desperately to catch up.


Oh the abomination.

As if it's not enough that youth ALWAYS looks good.

Well, if I were still 15 years old, with all that time on my hands, apart from allocating some to make the least minimum grade in order to pass my subjects, some to ogle at guys, some to go out with friends, I would have ALL that extra time to make myself pretty too.

God, I sound old. And bitter.

I am not sure when it happened. But I used to at least have a wee bit of inclination to TRY to keep up to date with all these stuffs. Now it seems like even shopping is a chore.

For instance, I was out with Gou Gou yesterday. And I told her about this dress I really like from this shop. She told me to go try it out. I contemplated for a two whole seconds before deciding that I was too lazy.


Of course one could argue that with the time I spend writing this blog entry, I could probably have bought a couple of dresses already. But somehow...

Lazying around just seem so much more appealing than going out.

To Be... That.

I am so tired!

Gonna go to bed right after I finished my deep cleansing mask.

Which should be right about now, but I am just so lazy to go flake off the mask before washing it off.

The flaking off is always the troublesome part.

Took half day today and had a pleasant afternoon with Gou Gou. Went to the temple to seek blessings for the new year, then walking around Bugis, followed by a high tea session at Royal Copenhagen at Takashimaya.

We ordered the set for two. The cakes were not too bad, although I did not really like the open faced sandwich. But the scones were delicious! Too bad we did not managed to finish everything.

After that, met up with Bao Bao and went to her house to her place for some mahjong. It's been a long while! Her family members are so fun and friendly too.

Overall, a pleasant day. =)

Oh, and I met a really interesting person today. He's pretty funny-looking. In a good way. I don't know how to describe lar. Shall observe him more if I happen to chance onto him again. Shouldn't be too difficult bah.

Okay, time to flake and sleep.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And It Goes On...

Sometimes when a person is at a low point, the simplest of actions from dependable friends might just make things seem better.

A phone call that lasted for as long as I needed to talk.

A nice gesture and attempts to distract me from whatever is troubling me.

Much appreciated.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walk With Me On This Dark Road Ahead

I finally found the courage to talk to my Mum about something that has been troubling both of us for the past month or so.

I am not sure whether I am better for the knowing.

It wasn't good news.

Not knowing had help me stay indifferent. To treat it as just another unlucky thing in a string of unfortunate happenings.

But with the knowledge, I feel so helpless to do anything.

And I realised I do care. But there is nothing to do now but wait.

My Mum said this was what he told her:
"前面的路很黑暗, 被我一起走好不好?"

I felt so sad when I heard that. I cannot imagine how he must be feeling now. And I do want to be there too.

I hope he knows that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Day 1 Post

Oooo, it's already the CNY!

How come I don't feel any different?

Had a fun night with the Sistic girls and also meeting up with Supootman afterwards.

Mum was showing me the million dollar face again today, but I managed to charm it out of her. Heng she is always in a more forgiving mood during CNY Sometimes I wonder who is the kid. Phew.

Haha, just received a CNY greeting from The Friend who went home for the holidays. Lucky person who gets to rest for two weeks before coming back to work after CNY.



Okay, I am sleepy now. Visitations tomorrow!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

To All


恭喜恭喜! =D

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Chatter

Nua nua nua nua~~~

Lazy Saturdays in front of the lappy have become something I really look forward to during the weekdays.

No timeline as to when I absolutely have to stop or I would not be able to wake up in time ala the weekdays.

It's always when you have to stop doing something that you crave to do it more. Just a few more minutes! Humans are seriously 犯贱 de lah!

Met up with the Pinkies yesterday, it was a small turnout of PS, Ting Ting, Ah Xia and me. We went to this place near Raffles Place to eat their cook fry. Me and PS frequently have our dinners there, as they have per person portions of stingray sets at affordable prices.

But they made us wait so long for our food yesterday! Grrr! Although they kept telling us that they did not, I strongly believe that they really forgot about our orders.

The point here is not that we were so hungry, we had to eat IMMEDIATELY. The thing is at least tell us honestly, so we can have an idea of how much longer we have to wait. Don't just keep telling us that it's coming when it's still going to take 15 minutes before it's ready, and kept serving food to people who came way later than us!

But anyway, as usual, PS was funny. She had some CNY goodies in a paperbag, and she told us to remind her to take it before we leave. But as expected, none of us remembered, and we were walking towards City Hall already before she remembered, so we have to walk back, then restart our way to City Hall again.

Me with my sorely-abused-by-new-shoes feet no less. I am such a good friend hor. LOL.

Anyway, we got to City Hall and settled down at Starbucks to wait for Tien to come join us. And while waiting, PS' CNY goodies 又出事了!

We were trying to make ourselves comfortable when somehow the entire paperbag fell to the floor from a high distance (at least to the paperbag, it's high lar) with a very loud PAH!

Poor CNY goodies... So 多灾多难. First kena 遗弃, then after that tio accident.

We chatted until about 11 plus and decided to call it a night and catch the last train home.

But, somehow, don't know why we talk talk talk on the train, and decided to go to Bukit Gombak for some porridge, with PS and Ah Xia's boyfriends. We are so spontaneous and impromptu!

That's Pinkies for you.

Anyway, received an indignant message this morning saying that calling someone a SOMEONE in caps no less is rude. So said person shall henceforth be known as The Friend, caps-specific. Hope The Friend will be much happier now. ;P

Suddenly wonders if The Friend is stalking me. Seems like everytime I update my blog, The Friend would be one of the first few who reads it. 鸡婆到点! LOL.

Was dwelling in my dreamland of red walls, valiant generals and humongous blades when a SMS came in from a friend at around 430 am. I had absolutely no idea what he was saying, so I dropped him a call just to make sure everything was okay. He ended up telling me about some China girl or something.

Then, this very 无聊 friend of mine, fell asleep... FELL ASLEEP! MID-CHAT! I could even hear him snoring. DUH! 没礼貌到点!

So this is the reason why Supootman says we must always filter!

Hehheh, when you see me chattering non-stop like that, it means I am in a really fantastic mood.

Yeah, Jasu is back! Meeting up with her and the rest of the girls later.

Today is going to be fun~~~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dong Dong Dong Qiiiiiaaaaang!


Apparently lousy English is the in thing now.

So there.

I am IN! WOOTS for me.

Anyway, know I haven't been updating for a while. Been kinda busy with certain 不良 activities. Hehheh.

I know, I know, how much more 不良 can my life get? It's already 不良到点 as SOMEONE likes to say. *grins*

Actually I do have a few interesting blog entries sitting incomplete on my desktop at home and in my phone. My thumns always get so cramped typing on my phone, hence the unfinished entries littering my folders.

So maybe if I have some free time on Sunday, I might get around to it. ;)

Anyway, hope the new lunar year will bringforth lots of good fortune for all!

"The new lease of life that you brought with you. Just for that."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Battle Of The Shithole Opposite Red Cliff


I cannot believe it took me so long to get around to it!

My CHI BI entry!!!

And damn! I love the movies so much!

It's really such an awesome experience to watch both installments in one go!

Everything about the movies was great, the acting, the soundtrack. There was nary a bored moment as I took in the beautiful scenery, the witty dialogue, the well-choreographed scenes.

Even the annoying Lin Zhi Ling with her alarmingly childish voice did not take anything away from the movie for me.

And I kinda thought at first that the movies would be too serious, but to my pleasant surprise, there is some humour in the movie as well.

For example, this:

He has got to be my second favourite character in the movie. For some reason, he really reminds me of Emma Yong, I kept thinking "Oh, Emma Yong lai liao" when he appears on screen.

Anyway, so funny, his face! So expressive! I guess because he is Japanese, he did not really have a lot of lines, but his facial expressions more than carry his presence in the movie. And I haven't had time to Google to verify this, but I believe he said his own lines in the movies. If he did, he really did a good job. There was a slight accent, but the pronunciation was almost perfectly accurate.

So anyway, you must be wondering who could my favourite character be leh?

Is it the intelligent Zhuge Liang or the valiant Zhou Yu? Maybe it's the dashing Zhao Yun? Or even the oddly intriguing Sun Quan?


Don't think I only go for young and humsum men, okays?

My favourite character, by the merit that everytime he appears on screen I am so very awed, is...



Okay, no disrespect here okay? It's just that I think they found the perfect actor to play probably the most well-known character in the movie. All Chinese are more or less pretty familiar with Guan Yu. Remember the story about him getting poison scrapped off his bones in primary school? Was it the actual Chinese textbook or Hao Gong Ming har?

Anyway, this actor, he's so perfect! Everytime before he goes into battle he has this really lethal expression, the I-AM-FIERCE-WARRIOR-YOU-SIAO-LIAO face, but when he's teaching the kids, he's so...

So... Benevolent...

Haha! Everytime I see him, I feel like chuckling at the sheer poetic justice of getting this actor to play him. Of course, it's just me. And his footwork whenever he was in battle. So graceful! Anyway let's take a look at his I-AM-FIERCE-WARRIOR-YOU-SIAO-LIAO face again.


Anyway, I also came across this picture while I was Googling Red Cliff:

Waaaaah. This Hu Jun actually quite good-looking hor. He kinda reminds me of this guy I used to have a crush on. Hehheh, just one of the many, many... Anyhoo, I thought he was kinda generic in the movie, the perfect warrior with boundless courage and loyalty. But still, he is a good actor.

Ahh, I think I am rambling. But it's so just uber awesome! Hehheh, anyway, go watch the sequel if you haven't!

And a final note before I go...

We must all start respecting the centre-parting hairstyle, okie? Because...

Where to find such a freaking evergreen hairstyle that has been worn since so long ago?

Muahahaha, now I am just being lame. Okay bye!

PS: Why is it call Red Cliff when it is actually Red Wall? And why do they call it the Battle of Red Cliff when the main battle is actually fought at the shithole opposite Red Cliff?

A Memory From... When I Was Just A Little Girl~~~

The chime of the bell from the ice-cream cart downstairs suddenly brought back some really fond memories.

I used to really look forward to these regular, yet unscheduled visits from the ice-cream cart.

Back then, whenever the ice-cream cart bell chimes, my beloved Grandma would call out to me in Hokkien "Ling ah! I-c-klim uncle lai liao! Ai jiak i-c-klim mai?"

And needless to say, my answer would always be a astounding "AI!" And she would give me 50 cents to buy the home-made mixed flavoured one on a cone, which you can hardly find nowadays.

It's been a long while since I tasted the same type of ice-cream. I don't think the same uncle comes around anymore, and most of the ice-cream carts I see today seem to be filled with commercialised Walls, or is it Magnolia, ice-cream, which they put on an equally commercialised-looking piece of wafer biscuit.

But I can still remember so vividly. How the cool, creamy ice-cream tasted. How Grandma smiled at me, the ends of her eyes crinkling with affection and amusement as she handed the money to her greedy little granddaughter, then standing guard at the kitchen window keeping a watchout as I ran downstairs, eager to get my ice-cream.

Sometimes, she would even ask me to get ice-creams and we would sit in front of the TV, and enjoy our dripping ice-creams together.

I miss her. The wise, strong and doting old lady who always had a ready smile for everyone.

May Peace And Joy Be With Her, My Dearest Ah Ma.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Midweek Ramblings

I am so glad that Wednesday is almost over.

Slow and lethargic week.

I was so tired yesterday night that I fell asleep at the com, with my finger on the enter key. *cramp*

Eyyy, I am looking forward to Friday! Going for my first movie marathon! Watching Red Cliff 1 & 2. I am probably one of the very few losers that haven't watched Red Cliff 1 before. But I have heard great reviews about it. Watching both at the same time should be quite a treat!

Meeting Lynna later for dinner.

Finally! A bright spot in an otherwise disagreeable week...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Updates

Saturday began on a slow note for me as I woke up and lazily made my way to Bedok to meet Supootman and Mr Sadist for the tattoo exhibition at expo. The exhibition was not as good as I thought, but some of the tattoos were really amazing.

Lots of artwork that covers almost the entire body and they were really good too. There was this guy with a very vividly done tattoo of a tiger under a full moon that I really, really liked.

I've been thinking about getting inked for the longest of time, probably since my poly days. I even have a design in mind.

Nothing big or fanciful. Just a small symbolic thingy that means something only to me. But with Mima's adamant objections and my own fear of regretting getting something so permanent...

Ahhh, but now that I've been to the exhibition, I feel like getting something bigger and with colour. Heh. But I am sure Mima would freak out. What is it with the older generation and the idea that tattoos are evil. To them, it's like once a person gets inked, he/she automatically morphs into the world's greatest evil or something.

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours at the exhibition, the guys decided to head over to Katong for lunch (Katong laksa~~~) and to get haircuts. After which, Mr Sadist had to go meet his dad, so me and Supootman went over to Parkway Parade to walk around and I decided to get Sophie Kinsella's "The Undomestic Goddess" at Borders.

I am so hooked on her books! She has a very lighthearted way of writing that really entertains me, especially after a stressful day of checking manuscripts.

And Parkway is so happening! Got Borders wor! Haha.

After I got my book, we were walking past that shop there which sells herbal jelly and herbal tea, when I saw my friend sitting inside with a girl with rather long hair. It would not have been strange if not for the fact that my friend stays in Jurong, and I know for a fact that he hates to go to the East side unless he has a very good reason. And his girlfriend has short hair.

Again, there is probably nothing wrong with an attached guy from the West side having herbal tea with a female friend in the East side (*sings* when the East meets the West~~~~). But somehow, something just did not feel right.

So I immediately walked away, not wanting to be caught in an awkward situation. Then Supootman asked me why I didn't want to say hi to my friend. I told him, and the KPO quickly scurried back just so he could get a proper look at my friend. It couldn't have taken him more than 10 seconds to walk back, and when he did, he very excitedly informed me that my friend had disappeared!

So did he see me and decided to leave?

Fishy, very fishy indeed.

Being very boh liao, we walked around the immediate area to play detectives for a bit, trying to see if we can spot them in the crowd or something, but couldn't see them anywhere.

Now that was indeed a really, very quick escape.

Fishy, very fishy indeed.

But anyhoo, after our little CSI stint, we were both hungry and decided to have dinner at Ichiban Sushi, after which I had to leave for The Cathay to meet up with some friends and for a movie.

After my movie ended at around 1 plus, I decided to meet up with Supootman again, who was at Robertson Quay with some of his friends. But by the time I reached, the pub they were at was closing, so we decided to go over to this place at Haji Lane called Nabins, which has recently become a rather regular hangout for us.

However, one of the guys, let's call him Mulman, had to send his girlfriend home first and asked us to head over to Haji Lane first. But Supootman wanted to go to Boat Quay to look for another friend first, so we took a cab there, but we couldn't find his friend so we got onto another cab to Haji Lane, where Mulman and another friend were already waiting for us.

I think I have never been to so many places in one day before. But but but... That's not all. You'll see.

So while at Nabins, we were happily chilling away upstairs, having a wonderful time if I may add, when this guy downstairs starting yelling at one of the girls in his group. Now this guy looks very young, probably not more than 20 years old, a typical ah beng sprouting all kinds of colourful Hokkien vulgarities.

He looked like he was about to hit the girl or something, and of course we were upstairs looking on with much interest. When Mulman said something about girls being sluts or something a little too loudly, which the guy downstairs heard.

He promptly turned his attention to us, swearing and cursing at Mulman, at one point shouting something like, "Knnbcb! You lj! Yada yada yada..."

And Mulman got really pissed off.

Now a little background about Mulman, he is an Indonesian who had lived in Texas for a really long time, so he is practically half an ang moh. He is really a very nice and fun guy to have around. But when he is not happy, he is not afraid to get into trouble. And he is definitely not happy with this young punk calling him names.

So a young punk of probably not more than 20 versus a half ang moh almost in his 30s, who he himself said, grew up eating burgers.


Despite the three of us trying to stop him, he grabbed one of the bottles and went downstairs to confront the guy. I was the last one to go downstairs because they asked me to remain upstairs at first. (Ahhh, how nice to feel like the protected damsel or something.) Haha! But seeing that the situation was about to get nasty, I quickly went downstairs.

It was pretty chaotic by the time I was downstairs. Mulman was trying to get to the guy, Supootman was trying to pull Mulman back, the boss of the place was trying to pacify Mulman, the guy's friend was standing in front of Mulman, trying to act as a buffer between Mulman and his friend. And I heard Mulman shouting:


Okay, this is really amusing now, but at that point of time, I was really afraid that bottles will fly and blood will be shed. And it did not help matters that I saw Supootman also holding a bottle behind his back in one hand.

And the guy? What an asshole!

I think he probably thought that Mulman was pretty harmless from downstairs, but when he saw that he meant business, he started hedging.

I couldn't really hear what he was saying, but when Mulman raised his empty bottle, the guy jumped a few steps back. And as if that was not enough, he actually danced, literally danced, his way to...

Hide behind the two girls that were there.

Pui pui pui!

If you want to start trouble, then don't hide behind women! What kind of a guy are you? And Supootman later told me that he actually tried to push the blame to his girlfriend or something! OMG! What an asshole!

Total coward! Pui pui pui!

But still, I did not want any flying bottles to hit any crouching-behind-women asshole, so I quickly latched onto the bottle in Mulman's hand and tried to pull it away.

And I was kinda flung forward a few steps when he moved his arm to gesture at the guy. He probably did not even feel someone trying to pull his bottle loh. -_-

After a few more minutes of back and forth, we finally managed to calm Mulman down and pulled him back upstairs with us.

Phew. That was the excitement of the night. I find it really interesting that we could go to clubs and those rowdy pubs and never see any trouble. But at a nice, quiet place like Narbins... Haha.

And another note. Singaporeans hor, when they get into brawls, they only know how to toss out terms like CCB lar, KNNBCCB lar, LJ lar, your mother lar, your father lar, you want to fight issit, and etc etc.

But people from the West are really interestingly different.

They've got meaning! They can actually ask if you would like to do this or do that. They've got a whole scenario going on. There is more of a logic structure to the stuffs that they shout out rather than just a few vulgarities which sometimes really makes no sense if you lump them together.


Anyway, the rest of the night was pretty uneventful, we sat around and chatted until about 5.30 before Mulman had to go. Leaving me and Supootman to walk around, trying to decide if we wanted breakfast (eyyy, seems like all we do is decide if we want to eat, bleh), and ended up chatting for two hours on the stone seats opposite Raffles Hospital.

And as if that was not enough, he suddenly had this crazy idea to have some dim sum. And so... We went. All the way to Chinatown to have dim sum. We even took the train home after that. And I got home at about 12 pm today, almost exactly 24 hours after I left my house the day before.

Haha. From a lazy Saturday at an exhibition to having dim sum at Chinatown at 8 am in the morning the next day. It's been a while since I went to so many place in one day, not to mention the eventfulness of the day itself.

It was like everything that can happen all condensed itself to happen yesterday.

Any-oh-how, I enjoyed myself. It's not every week I get to have such a happening 24 hours. ;]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pengarang Piccies

A rare day that I actually woke up on my own without the alarm annoyingly blaring me from oblivion. So I thought I will update with some backlog pictures of my Pengarang cycling trip.

The only word I can think of to describe Pengarang is rustic. A very countryside, villagey type of place. It is great for a short getaway, but I really can't imagine living there. Guess I am a city girl after all.

Taking a break from cycling. Ahhh, I will never cycle on a bicycle without that suspension thingy again! It was not pleasant at all! I DO NOT enjoy!

But good trip!

Friday, January 09, 2009

What Went Down On NYE

Hoho, these are the bunch of really active, active people who I've been joining for some active, active activities. They are really a fun and outgoing group.

So big that we looked like we were taking class photos, ey? Hehheh.

Really nice people. One instance was when I flew off the bicycle in Pulau Ubin, everyone stopped and waited so that I could get it cleaned up properly. And they kept asking me throughout the rest of the trip if I was okay.

I can not ask for a better group of people to go for active, active activities with.

THE DAREDOERS... My newfound friends. =]

Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Girl's Right To... Write

Eyyyy, I took some time to update myself with some of my friends' blogs today, and I made the observation that many of them are really good bloggers. Ahhh, and I suddenly feel like my writing has gone downhill over the years.


Not sure if it was my failed week-and-a-half stint at a local magazine (okay, I don't even want to think about that now), after which they did not even call me back, or the lack of sleep, or or the fact that nothing really interesting ever happens to me anymore, but I seem to have lost that urge to really sit down and write something.

Gone are the days when I can just spend hours typing away on my computer, putting all the fabulous people I have running through in my head with their amazing situation into writing.

While I still have lots of ideas popping into my head all the time, somehow, I just don't feel like writing about them anymore.

OMG, what is happening to me? =[

Like that how to fulfil my wish of penning my first completed manuscript before I turn 30?

Maybe I could do a little thin one?

Eyyyy, but I don't really know what I really want to write about. Hmmm, don't ask me to write about love, please. I don't want to drag some poor 20-year-old girl, who might just believe that I am the Queen Guru of love, into the muds.

I can't possibly write an autobiography right? Who would want to read that? The people who wants to read about me can already do so here.

OMFG, I am giving myself a headache.

Okay, I need to rest. Bye.

Now you know why I can never seem to finish writing anything.



I almost forgot how it feels...

Until everything came rushing back today.

But I finally realised that the spark is truly gone. All that is left is a teeny, tiny little flicker.

Now for the next ray of light.

*Sounds Of Coughing And Sneezing*

In my influenza-ed state of mind, I rewatched Sex And The City, the movie, in the midst of coughing my lungs out and sneezing my nose off.

And felt incredibly optimistic.

I mean, look at Carrie Bradshaw; she had a string of relationships, both good and bad, and a ten year relationship with Mr Big, whom I too have a certain mixture of hate-him-but-love-him-more thing going on for. And although they went through so much crap, mostly thanks to Mr Big (I could never bring myself to call him John, he is just too "big" to be a John), eventually they still wound up exactly where they should be.

That is unless the script-writers decide to give Carrie another run for her money in the next movie or something.

And you have to admit, most men REALLY do behave like Mr Big. It's not even magnified or embellished in anyway. They are really LIKE THAT!

And I really wonder how people even get themselves married nowadays.

And that's where the idea of being optimistic comes in. At least for me, when it comes to love, I still am. Because ultimately, if I have to really look at the bottomline, I didn't really get it so bad. Yes, maybe there were certain feelings of lost, and I definitely felt jilted. But I never really got my heart broken.

Is it because nothing ever began?


But I am kinda glad that, and this was something I knew all along but just now learnt to appreciate, that nothing ever did. This way, I will be able to begin a real relationship the way I have always wanted to. Simply put, I can still be the shiny new penny that I have always wanted to be.

And this is probably something that I am thankful to he-who-has-made-me-feel-jilted (Haha!) for. For knowing well enough not to wreck my ideals of the perfect relationship. For knowing that we are simply not suited to go any distance as anything more than friends. For not really breaking my heart.

So, is this closure?

I don't know. All I know is that I am finally ready to move another step forward, as compared to being stagnant for the longest of time.

Like a good book, I guess, I am not ready to close it yet. We'll just have to wait and see where the next chapter is going to lead me to.

Okay, I have to get back to coughing my lungs out and sneezing my nose off. I wonder if I will have any vital organs left after this bout of flu.


PS: I know some people are going to laugh at this cornily optimistic post. In my defense, all I have to say is, fark you! Yeah.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


I am back!

Updates some other time, I am freaking beat!

Fun trip! =]