Friday, September 29, 2006


I saw Dongwan take a crap today!

In the drama lar. But still...


But I felt sad when he and his girlfriend *reminds self that it's in the drama, in the drama* kinda have to struggle with their relationship, because she was divorced.

I don't see the big deal about being divorced before, but apparently it's a big thing. If you love someone, why should anything be an issue?

Love is just love.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Millionaire's First Love


What a sad movie.

Brings to mind the thought of what's the point of having money if you can't have the one you love?


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Woot! Two entries in a row! I am feeling BITCHY today! =P

Hmmm, if say one day I meet one of my favourite celebrities, like Eric Bana or Christian Bale or Dongwan or Rain or... *the list goes on and on*, what will I do?

Most probably, I will look at them, try to make eye-contact and smile.

You think so?

Bish! Never!

I will probably just look at them, admire them on the inside, but look like I really want to kill them on the outside. Not because I want to, but because when I am nervous, my face gets this weird I-WANT-TO-PIA-CHUI look. I don't know why. For the sake of my almost non-existent readers who do not understand Hokkien, please click here to get a meaning of the phrase pia chui. Thank you.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I am DEFINITELY going to be so nervous if I meet them, that I can't even control my expression. What to do? What to do?

But I am sure they will not give me the time of day anyway. I think celebrities, when they act all nice, funny and cutesy on camera, they are sincere in doing it, yeah. But they are doing it for people who are good-looking. I am serious.

Okay, take a moment and just think. Whenever you do something which you hope people will see, and let's face it, we all do that, what kind of people do you imagine actually watching you? It can be anything, a cool action, a nice dance move or something that you just want people see you doing. You would imagine someone good-looking watching you, right? I mean what kind of loser will imagine the attention of people who are disgusting?

So when these celebs actually does the thing that they do that is oh-so-attractive, they really want to attract the attention of the elites. That's probably why they became celebrities in the first place.

Let's say if you hear a celeb say "Oh, I love my fans!" It's actually, "I love my GOOD-LOOKING fans!" Or "I am thankful for all your support!" The actual meaning is really "I am thankful for all your support." But in the mind, only thinking of the supporters who are easy on the eyes. And if they say, "I am doing this for the fans who supports me." Oh well, you know that's pure crap, right? $_$

Hehheh, so next time if you wonder why most celebrities seemed so nice onstage, but are bitches and assholes in real life, you know why. =D

But have to say, there ARE nice celebrities around. Just that they are as rare as moments when I feel like I don't have to bitch about someone or something. ^_~

Ugly / Not Ugly?

I was chatting with my friend a couple of days back and she kinda mentioned that it's good that I am not someone who is into appearances. Ahhh, I was kinda guilty when she said that, because, I AM into appearances. Hate to admit that I am shallow like that, when I am not a bucket of strawberries myself.

That image scared you a little, didn't it? =P

Oh well, I am into appearances. I like looking at good-looking faces as much as the next person. And I am easily awed by handsome guys and gorgeous girls too. *ashamed* I do that even though I know that I am not someone who has the right to do that.

I am not saying that I look like shit or anything. I am a narcissist too, and I definitely have my vain moments. I know I am a big girl, but it's not like I am butt-ugly. I think I can still be looked at, without people running for their lives and scratching at walls, just to get away from me.

But the thing here is, I know I am not perfect. All the less why I should be judging anybody else. I know what it feels like to get shit from people, just because I am not as pretty and as thin as the girl standing behind me, who gets totally different treatment.

So maybe somehow, along the way, I managed to strike a balance between being impressed by appearances, and ensuring that I am not affected by first impressions. You never know, an ugly person at first, may just become better looking once you get to know him/her, and a good-looking person may just end up becoming ugly to you. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Just like me! Stick around and you will get to see my innate, eternal beauty!

PS: And honestly, with the advancement of technology and self-beautifying products nowadays, for anyone to look truly ugly, that person is either very lazy or very unlucky.

PS2: Just want to state for the record that I am not against ugly people. I am just stating my honest thoughts and opinions on the subject. Butt-ugly people can be adorable too. I know that for a fact.

PS3: Oh well, if anyone insist on getting offended by this, that's really fine with me. Call me ugly. Whatever.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"My mom says I'm special on the inside."

Went to the video rentals today and got a couple of movies that I've been meaning to watch, Memoirs Of A Geisha, The Fog, Voice, etc. I also got this!

Dongwan's drama, Beating Hearts!!! Hehheh. Actually I did not get this from the rentals. I wanted to buy from them, they were selling it for $32. But it was kinda dusty and old, so I went to the TS shop at Causeway Point to see if they have it. And guess what? They had a very new and clean one, for $19. And now it's mine, MINE!!!

Hmmm, does anyone think that if I am a true fan, I should have gotten it at $32 instead of $19? Haha, it would be quite stupid to do that though. =P

Anyway, after buying the drama, I went to watch movies! Yep, movies! I have so little time to watch movies nowadays that if I can, I will watch them together.

Haha, hanna, hanna, I tried to copy the movie tickets picture that Dongwan post in his online diary. Keke. I also have two tickets! But I am not that rich, like someone, to buy two tickets just in case people think he has no friends. Bwahahaha.

Anyway, from the picture, one can see that (or not, because it's quite blurry. Hehheh...), I watched Haunted Appartments and John Tucker Must Die. Hehheh, and I sat at the same place! My favourite seat at Cathay Causeway Point is always either C1 or D1. Please remember that. I don't know why, but just remember! =D

Hmmm, Haunted Appartments was kinda boring. It got a little sad at the end, but during the last 10 minutes. So it was like, before I can appreciate the sad movie, credits! It would have been better if it wasn't so boring and draggy in front.

John Tucker was hilarious! I am not a big fan of Jesse Metcalfe, but he's so charming in the movie! *squeals* And the guy who plays his brother, Penn Badgley is uber, uber cute!!! I knew from the start that he's it! He's just so dreamy!

And here's my favourite quote from the movie:
"Slut in truck!"


PS: No points for guessing my actual favourite quote! ^________^

Monday, September 25, 2006

Conversations With A Siao Fangirl

Part I
Me: when? i watching Forbidden City on Wednesday night
Yan: wed onwards
Yan: hahaha, free ahh?
Me: then Friday night not free
Me: that's it
Me: no lar
Yan: hw come u watch
Yan: with who
Yan: hahaha
Yan: cock leh
Me: with my boyfriend, Kim Dongwan
Yan: ehh we goin for phantom leh u joinin us?
Me: haha, join loh
Yan: pukin
Me: i always join you all one mah
Yan: nah u go with ur boyfriend loh
Me: no lar
Yan: Kim simi har
Yan: hahaha
Me: my boyfriend have to go back Korea
Me: got concert
Me: nyahahaah
Yan: hahaha siao gin na
Me: this kind of things hor, although is fake, say already will have very shiok feeling

Part II
Me: so when you want to go
Yan: cant leh
Yan: coz need 4pax
Yan: haha quite difficult to get 4pax leh nwadays
Me: hahah
Me: me 1
Me: you 2
Me: Ivy 3
Yan: ahhaa and then
Me: my boyfriend, Kim Dongwan 4
Me: haahaha
Yan: icic

Even Yan has decided to give up and just entertain me. Quite serious problem. =P

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Pretty amazing, eh?

New Bloghead Again!

Lalala, new bloghead!

It kinda seems like I am saying that Shinhwa is more important than my beautful face friends. But NO! My collage is still here, just stroll to the bottom, and my wonderful face friends is there for all to see!

Hehheh, I just don't want this Shinhwa collage I did to go to waste. SHINHWA!!! Hehheh, also a blog needs a new look from time to time!

Anyway, I did this with and without the hazy colours, so if anyone is interested, here's the link to the one without the colours:

Click picture to see original

And here's the picture I use for my forum signatures:

Yeap, that's a lot of Shinhwaness. *grins*

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bore, Boreder, Boredest

Wah, second post so soon!

I am so bored!!! Bored to tears!!! T_T See? Tears! Boh liao Saturday!

Yesterday, Sze told me that a friend of her boyfriend, Alex, was at MOS on the Friday night that Shinhwa arrived. So she was doing her thing when three guys approached her and started dancing with her. And they told her that they were from Korea. So she thought that they were just Korean tourists, and they kinda danced together. Not sure if anything else happened.
Later on, somehow, someone told her that they may be Shinhwa or something like that, and she went to check up on them on the internet. And, it's true! She danced with three guys from Shinhwa. Quite shiok hor! I have no idea who she danced with, but I am pretty sure one of them is Jun Jin and the second one is Minwoo. Wonder who is the third one. Dongwan? Andy? Hyesung? Ahahah. Pretty interesting, eh?

Ahha, I will probably never ever have an experience like that because:
a) I don't go clubbing.
b) Even if I go clubbing, I will be anywhere but near the dance floor.
c) Even if by some weird miracle, I am on the dance floor, I think my "amazing" dance moves will scare even the cows to jump to the moon. No need to mention three handsome guys. They will jump to Pluto, which sadly, is no longer a recognised planet. =D

Oh, another thing, read from somewhere that Dongwan thinks his face is too big, so he wants to go jogging to reduce his face size. SIAO AH! HIS FACE BIG, THEN MY ONE IS WHAT? >_< Crazy. And really, honestly, I don't think jogging can help to reduce face size, know. Hmmm...


Ahhh, my Alegria website, is finally coming to an end. After more than 4 years and over 20,000 visitors, finally I have decided to take it offline.

Actually, because my friend who provided me with server space is switching or something. Keke, much thanks to him for hosting the website for so long. I thought of buying space to oontinue hosting it, because my Alegria experiences were so memorable to me. However, after some consideration, I decided that I am probably never going to be updating it again and will be leaving it in gross neglect, so might as well take it off.

I just want to say that, it has been my most successful website, lasting for the past four years and having so many visitors from all over the World. I am very thankful for the comments and emails I have received in the past four years for the website. It's been a good run.

Alegria and my experiences during that time; staking out behind the big top, waiting to take pictures with the performers, following them around like some scary fangirl, going for the performance seven times and the time and effort spent in making the website, are all great memories for me. I will always remember that crazy time.

The website will be up for another two days, until the 25th. So in the meantime, anyone who wants to take a final look at it, please feel free. I will really appreciate that. ^_^

Shinhwa In Singapore

Found something about Shinhwa's Singapore concert. Hehheh.

Can see me? Can see me in the video? If you can, I think you SIAO! Waaah, waaah, Shinhwa swimming!!! Suntanning!!! Gosh!!! My eyes! My eyes!!! WOOT!

PS: Don't need me to tell you that you have to STOP the music to hear the video right? =P

PS: I like to state for the record, I WAS NOT one of the screaming people. Keke, I was just standing behind with my mouth wide open, because they are so damn good-looking!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Just want to say something before I go out.



Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Pictures I Took In The Last Few Weeks

New specs! And me looking "suspicuous" in the new specs! Took these yesterday, do I look sick?

Playing a fool at work. Trying to act sweet, then trying to act dao. =P

With Wyn and Sze on the way to the airport for the arrival of Shinhwa. Haiyah, Tien not in the picture because she met us later. And the Rabbit hor, always like to lie on my shoulder, make me look so big!!!

Altogether now! Hehheh.

Haha, two of my quite ulzzang pictures, IMO. Someone told me that the second one look like a stupid slut. =P Oh well... Anyone who thinks this is ugly, well, I can only say that this is consider ulzzang already. Just look at the post below this one. Bwaaahaahha.

Note: Ulzzang is Korean for best face or camera whore or something, I think. *shrugs*

PS: Why is my nose so big??? I think it's getting bigger! Can cover Singapore already. T_T


When the nose just wouldn't stop dripping, a girl has no choice but to get it...


No wonder my freaking nose is so freaking big. -_-

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thoughts At 5 AM

I think I may be going crazy. I may be going fucking crazy.

Kinda scary, isn't it?

One minute, I am so cheerful and happy, the next I am down.

There's nothing wrong with me actually. I am fine. Look at all the happiness I have surrounding me. I am more than happy to live such a blessed life. What more could I want?

I have no idea.

I want something else.

Greedy, greedy.

But I don't know what it is.


Let my Soul tell you a story, that it has never uttered to anyone.
Not even to me.
A story that only you can hear,
Because you are the Chosen One.

Update Of Updates

Just made some changes to my blog! Can you believe it took me 2 hours to get all these done? -_-

Anyway, changed some of the titles and added in two new sections, so that I can keep track of stuffs that I want to watch and read. Hehheh. And for people to know what good taste I have, of course. Heeheeheehee.

Also updated all of the music selections and the albums that I am listening to. Haven't been really diligent in updating my blog, but I am trying to get into it again. Hehheh. Hopefully, this time I will stay interested for a longer period of time.

Oh, don't let the Books section bother you, haven't really been reading much, but I do have a few books that I want to add in, just too lazy at the moment. =D

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Behold The Meant-To-Be Couple!!!

Ahha!!! Proof that me and Dongwan-shi are meant to be!

See? See? Couple eyes!

And mind you, I took the picture last year with my friend's mobile. Totally meant to be!

*scrutinises picture*

*NABEH BLOG MOMENT ALERT* NABEH!!! Putting my picture next to his does nothing good for me! Only emphasizes that I am a little cock-eyed, how much bigger my nose is, and how much better-looking he is. Somemore never makeup or anything loh. HOW CAN A GUY BE BLESSED WITH SUCH AMAZING GENES??!!?? -_- >_< T_T

Or maybe I am just blinded with admiration and love. So much so that I am even willing to post such an ugly picture of myself here, just to prove a moot point. Totally satirical, if you think about it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Who Say I Am Not A True Red & White Singaporean?

I am sick! Wah lau, nabeh!!! Woot!!! Vulgarity!!! NC16!!! Oh well, I usually only swear in real life, but this feels like a nabeh blog moment. Maybe should start a record of "nabeh blog moments", keep track of all the moments while blogging which feels very nabeh-ish.

Just watched a bit of the Shinhwa concert DVD I bought early last year. Heh, I kept wanting to watch it, but somehow just never did. Know lar, Procrastinaaaaaatress. So anyway, I fast forward (actually it's not machiam video, need to fast forward, I just select from the menu can already!) to the part where Dongwan did his solo performance.

WAHLANEH!!! People trying to fight for White Prince Serenader position with Hyesung-shi loh. Wear white and sing ballad leh. *NABEH BLOG MOMENT ALERT* Nabeh, so hum sum leh!!! See already cannot take it sia! *NABEH BLOG MOMENT ALERT* NABEH!!!

Ahha, is my Singlishy-Hokkienish writing getting on your nerves yet? Lalalala.

Okay, seriously though, if he comes to me wearing that and singing that, I think I will just fall at his feet and start worshipping him. I always thought that he's kinda goofish and funny, which is why he's my favourite. But when he decides to prince-it-up, can really fight with Hyesung-shi, who is always the reigning White Prince Serenader.

But I think Dongwan-shi still lose out a bit to Hyesung-shi. I think he has a very cheeky look; so even when he's trying to be serious, I still feel like laughing. Hehhehheh. Guys with cheeky looks are cute!

And last but not least, *NABEH BLOG MOMENT ALERT* NABEH!!! Want to sleep liao lar!!! ^_~

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Quickie

Just want to drop in a quick blog before I sleep.

3000 words and counting!!! Cannot believe I finally hit the 3000 mark. This means that I am more than half way through! Yippie Sensation! I am a little slow, but at least I hit my target for today. 2000 more to go! CHEONG AH!!!

Ahhh, I could so use a hot toasted bagel with lots of butter right now. Maybe it's time to drop by Starbucks tomorrow. I LOVE their bagels!

Goodnight everyone! Have a good night's rest.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Can't Sleep

Can't sleep.

Arrgh. I hate being so tired, but just cannot fall asleep. T_T

T_T seems to be one of my favourite emoticon now. It just look so funny. T_T

Something interesting happened today. Well, the supposed object of my "torrid" romantic life asked me to do him a favour help him with some stuffs. I did not do it immediately. In fact, I still have not done it. I just sort of chuck it aside until now.

Are my feelings fading? How fickle.

Is this why I cannot sleep right? How dumb.

Ah well. I am gonna go try to sleep again.

Good night people!

PS: I think I am keeping with posting more in my blog, don't you think?

PS2: How can a post of mine be without the mention of SHINWA? Hehhehhehhehheh.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Am Trying My Best To Keep To Posting More In This Blog

Another Shinhwa post! Avert your eyes! Don't worry, I am quite done with declaring my eternal, undying love for them. Now that the last of them, namely JunJin, have left my Sunny Little Island, I am all ready to go back into my non-fangirl mode.

Just read this account of a German fan who had a really bad experience meeting Shinhwa at an airport in Germany in May this year, and I think some of them really broke her heart. While I feel sympathy for her, I cannot say that I blame the Shinhwa guys.

Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning their behaviour, which seemed rather appalling according to the account from the German fan, but whatever they may be, the Shinhwa guys are still human. They are not Perfect Men (can't resist!) who have no vices, nor are they smiling machines with cheery disposition all day long.

I guess with every fan, there are many expectations when meeting their idols, and when they don't deliver, the fans will be disappointed, dejected and heartbroken. And this is probably not going to change anytime soon. Fans for as long as we have known behaved like that, and fans in the next century will continue to behave like that. It's almost as certain as the fact that hair only grows when you least want it to.

I would really like to see an evolution when celebrities actually have to cower in front of their fans for fear of rejection. But of course, that is not going to happen anytime soon too.

The main thing here, I guess, is to always keep your head on. It's okay to be fans, but don't expect them to be the nice personnas that they put on TV or in performances. They are humans after all. They can be mean, spiteful, assholes and every bad thing under the Sun. If you love them because you think they are going to fall madly in love with you and treat you like a princess, I think it's time to go see a psychiatrist.

But if you love them for their talent and what they can deliver onstage, regardless of what they are like in real life, then by all means, go for it! Be a fan! And what's a little fantasizing about them falling madly in love with you, and treating you like a princess, when you are such a level-headed individual? ^_~

I Want To Start Blogging More Again

So sleepy.

Went for my Advanced News Writing make-up class because I missed the last two lessons. Another one is tomorrow. So boring! T_T

Watched some old Shinhwa Xman episodes yesterday, it was freaking funny. Shinhwa guys are always so funny. I wonder if they are born funny or if they picked it up somewhere.

Feel like taking a nap now. But I have a 5000-word assignment to rush out by Saturday. AND I HAVEN'T DONE A SHIT!!!

I am really a sad case. T_T

PS: Some people might appreciate the fact that this post does not have a title that starts with the word "Shinhwa".

Monday, September 11, 2006


As I was sitting in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, at Section A25, Row 5, Seat 1, I suddenly thought back to the first time I "saw" Shinhwa. City Hall MRT station, sometime in October, the large Euphoria advertisement.

I don't even remember what I was thinking at the time. It was just another boyband to me. Fast forward a couple of weeks to November. I saw an advertisement for Shinhwa's 7th album on TV. For some reason, I suddenly felt that I should go find out more about them. I went to their official website. Once again, I was not terribly impressed, except for maybe one of the members who kinda looked cute, those who know me well, will know who I am talking about.

A couple of days later, I saw the advertisement on TV again. Again for reasons unknown, I felt compelled to go to the website again. And while there, struggling to make sense of all the boxes and circles of Korean words, I decided to go download one of their music videos to satisfy my curiousity.

The MV I downloaded was Perfect Man. Huh. Ok, so these six guys are singing about being perfect men? Or what? So I watched.

From that moment on, I was gone.

I watched the MV only once, but for the next couple of days following, the tune would not leave my head. It kept playing on and on in my head. So I watched the MV again, and again. And again.

Suddenly thirsty for more, I kept on looking for more of their stuffs. I bought their albums, looked up all the information about them I could find on the internet, joined a forum so that I could get to know more people who also loves them, I watched their video clips over and over again so that I can tell who is who, and listened to their music over and over until I could tell whose voice from who.

Shinhwa suddenly became very important to me. They became my favourite singing group. They got me hooked on Korean culture. Basically, they opened up a whole new arena of exploration for me.

Their music came at a time when music had almost become unimportant in my life, and became important to me at a time when my life seemed to be spiralling out of control. And just by being them, filled my days with a lot of laughter and happiness. I kept on wishing that they would come to Singapore again, and I would be able to see and hear them live.

And today, sitting in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, listening and watching them. I felt that I had not wasted anything. Not all the hours spent on the internet, not the money spent on buying stuffs related to them, not my time spent at the airport just to catch a glimpse of them, and definitely not the admiration and love that I have for them as a fan.

And although I know that they will never, ever read this, I just want to record down the exact feelings that I have, and what I want to say to them if I ever have the chance.

Thank you for the music, the laughter, and most importantly, thank you for being Shinhwa. Work hard, oppas! I will continue to support your "mugik"!!! ^_^

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Alright! Finally done packing for the BBQ overnighter tomorrow at Mini-tyrant's house. Woopie! It took me quite a while because I have to pack my clothes for the Shinhwa concert on Sunday, and I really have no idea what I want to wear.

I should really just go in t-shirt and jeans like I do for all the concerts that I've been to. But come on! It's SHINHWA!!! The band I've been waiting for since November 2004!!! I gotta make it special! Like I do for my Christmases with Pink Army. Hell I don't even dress up for my birthday, but Pink Army and apparently Shinhwa are important for me to want to dressy up a little. ^_^

Ahhh, satisfaction! Now I can finally yak about my favourite Korean band in the whole wide UNIVERSE, SHINHWA!!!! Woot!!!

They are here! My goodness. I was so excited. My dear, dear friends, Wan Ting, Pei Sze and See Tien went with me to the airport to catch a glimpse of them. THANK YOU AGAIN!

So we were there, and the three of them knew that I was dying to get to Terminal 1, haha. I was so excited that I think my behaviour was a bit strange. I just kept thinking that I will be seeing them live for the first time.

Of course, the rational, sensible part of me is screaming "WHAT THE HELL, THIS IS SO DUMB!!!" But the part that has always wanted to see them in the flesh, had already won the battle.

We waited for quite a while, just yakking nonsense and basically talking about some of the other fans behind their backs. Yeah, I am mean.

Although I have fallen into the pit of being a fangirl, I still maintain a no-screaming, no jumping, no pushing, no-mad-girl-like behaviour principle. I am, after all, just there because I want to see Shinhwa, not because I want to push some poor kid standing behind me, so that I can scream and shout at them. People who behave like that gets on my nerves, so I talk about them.

But I have to say, Shinhwa fans are definitely well-mannered. There was not much pushing and shoving, like some other fans in Singapore that I know. -_- And the screaming and shouting was quite bearable. Or maybe I was just too enamoured with the five males walking out of the arrival hall.

They are definitely here. I saw Junjin first. He's tall, very tall. Taller than the rest. I never noticed that about him. Nice glasses. The girls all say that he's the best looking one. Hehheh. But he looked really unfriendly. Like the whole world owes him money. Ahh well, I would probably do the same thing too. I think he's just scared of all the screaming girls.

Next two people that I saw were Andy and Hyesung. My eyes had to move quickly to take in everything because I only had like 20 seconds to see them? They were walking really fast. I think they are scared of all the screaming girls. =P

Andy is really cute in real life, I expected that. But he's way better looking than I ever imagined. And Hyesung. Ahha, the first thing that came to my mind was, he looks like a Prince! All white. The girls say that he's short, and very, very fair. I don't know if that's good or bad to them, but I think he's very, very handsome.

And then, him! The exact milli-second when my eyes fell on Dongwan, I think I really stopped breathing. I am not kidding, you know. When you see someone that you've idolised for so long, you will really hold your breath. I love Shinhwa as a group, but Dongwan has always been my favourite. I think he attracted me from day 1, and subsequently held my interest with his singing and his seemingly wonderful personality.

He's Dongwan!!! He's here!!! Lalalalala!!! He's wearing this army-green top, and panda-sunglasses. Arrgh, he's just so good-looking, damn freaking good-looking! And he actually waved at the fans and smiled a little. I could go on and on about him, but I won't. *FANGIRL MOMENT ALERT* Saranghaeyo, Dongwan-oppa! =P

I did not get to see Minwoo (probably because I was too busy ogling at Dongwan) and Eric who will be arriving later today, but I think it's okay. I will get to see them at the concert.

Although it's a long trip to the airport, with a rather long wait after that, and only a short glimpse of them, I think it's worth it. I am not someone who can hold an interest in any band, or any celebrities for that matter, for long. But Shinhwa somehow has the magical ability to make me like them for so long, so they deserve the highest respect (and ticket price) any fan can pay. I am looking forward to the concert on Sunday!

I better stop here, this has been going on long enough. SHINHWA!!! ^_^

Friday, September 08, 2006



Ahha, I am such a fangirl *dances and screams like a mad fan* Technically, it's only about a year. I remember starting to like them in November 2004. Ahha, I don't care, I am telling people it's two years!!!

Well, how much I love them? I am going to the airport for their arrival, that's how much. I am a lazy bum, but for me to want to get off my lazy, sorry arse to go airport just to catch A GLIMPSE of them is pretty much, eh? ^_^

Excited, excited! Okay, here's a wishlist of songs that I hope they will sing.
1) Liar, my absolute favourite song from Shinhwa. They BETTER SING.
2) Yorbyong, ahhh, the song that got me hooked on them.
3) Angel, Gou Gou's favourite song! Ahha.
4) Lost In Love
5) Deep Sorrow
6) Hue
7) Midnight Girl
8) Gihoe
9) Chuniyoohun

Ahha, I lost track already. As long as they sing the first 5, I am happy enough, even though I have so many favourites! Ahhah.