Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Movie talk!

The last movie I saw was 叶问前传 and I was very much pleasantly surprised by it.

I did not expect to appreciate it at all.

Being a Donnie Yen fan who considers the Yip Man movies one of his best works, I was never able to get on board with doing a prequel with a new actor. I first saw the trailer when I went to watch Yip Man 2, and felt that the timing was totally ridiculous.

It's like giving people lobster, then immediately throwing prawns at them hoping that the lobster is delicious enough to make them also want to catch the prawns. I don't mind a prequel with another actor, especially since the actor is a bona fide martial artist who was also involved in the Yip Man movies, but not so soon after Yip Man 2 and definitely don't show me the preview when I was all psyched up to watch Yip Man 2. I don't even want to go into the other Yip Man film with Tony Leung, although I will still catch it especially if Brigitte Lin really participates.

Therefore, I was more or less prepared to forgo watching the prequel, but last week I was out with Mumsies and she asked if I wanted to watch it. I half suspect that she thought it was also by Donnie Yen, because she knows who he is and rather like his action films.

So we went, we watched, and we liked it. And like I said I was really not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

My feelings can best be summarised by this quote from a Chinese news article:


Which is rather true. He was rather lackluster at first, but as the movie progresses, he turned out to be rather pleasant. Which is a surprise to me because he was really annoying in Yip Man 2. Must be the crazy moustache and weird haircut.

Considering the two very different characters he managed to perform rather convincingly, I would say he would just get better in time to come. And I think he was able to achieve believability in his portrayal of Yip Man without taking away anything from the character that Donnie Yen has already set a precedence for.

Okay, I just wrote a bunch of words that I think I know what I mean but I am not really sure if it means what I really mean. So hopefully someone out there will get it.

Bedtime! Good night!

PS: Like I told my friend, SYL, I really hope they will do a Chen Hua Shun movie with Donnie Yen as the lead. That would really mess with people's heads. And it would be really cool.

PSS: But I guess Donnie will be busy playing Guan Yu...

Monday, June 21, 2010

QSD Episode 55

Shit you Bidam! You jerk!

I cannot believe the lengths he will go to get rid of Yushin.

Although we all know that he really did it for Deok Man (am I not allowed to call her that now that she is Queen?), but he is merely forcing her to only rely on him.

And that is NOT OK!

Such a guy. What an asshole!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Comp Talk

Big laptop is GOOD!

Been tinkering with the new comp the entire weekend. The days of slouching over the tiny netbook screen is over! Watching movies with a bigger screen is definitely plus plus plus!

Although I must say not all celebrities look better on a bigger screen.

And the speed is pretty good too. Played Sims 3 and I am totally happy with the performance. At least when I click on an area in town, the "camera" flies there instead of hanging in limbo for ages before slowly loading.


Need some time to get used to the keyboard though. The Lenovo netbook keyboard totally messed up my keyboard finger coordination.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

QSD Episode 54

Yeah! I am finally back to watching QSD.

I was so angry with Bidam that I simply refused to watch it for the past couple of weeks. And because I was busy with our new system.

So I am back at it.

And I am still annoyed by Bidam. What a disappointment. He's an asshole. Even Bojong or even Hajong is more likeable than him.

I am just a Yushin fan through and through. <3

It's getting interesting. Yushin goes to spy! Hoho!

In other news I bought a new Dell laptop, the clothes I ordered online are all too big for me, and my office area was flooded today.


Saturday, June 12, 2010



Is it giving in to a parent's restrictions and giving up on something that you just want to do for yourself? How much is too much and overstepping the boundaries? Is the child wrong for wanting something that the parent does not approve of? Or is the parent too much for not allowing the child the freedom to make a choice?

I am 27. I should be allowed to do what I want to do, especially when what I want does not affect anyone. AT ALL!

Someone tell that to the tyrant.