Monday, February 28, 2011

Exuberance From An Eternal Balehead

Yaay! Ah Bale won an Oscar! So glad that there is finally some proper recognition for his talent!

Actor in a Leading Role is next!


My Korean language capacity is probably that of a 3-month old's. Not good, not good!

Can't wait to go for lessons properly, and start sprouting some hardcore Korean sentences.

See how well I use words in English? I want this for Korean!

Can't really say how serious I am about Korean though. Have never had a strong, lasting urge to learn anything. Not even for French, which I learnt for about a year or so, and the only sentence that I can really remember now is "Je n'ai pas un pigeon!"

But I want to start kilikuluing in Korean! Like really!

Friday, February 25, 2011

SHINee - A-Yo

This song is growing on me. Great to listen to when you feel down in the dumps.

IQ는 두자리
시험 점수도 두자리
전교 석차는 세자리
도대체, why, why

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Most Optimistic Conversation About Love, Life And Death

PS was telling me a sad story about a woman who lost her husband due to medical neglect. We used quite a bit of hanyu pinyin in our conversations so I indicated in brackets what the words mean.

peisze says:
maybe if they discovered earlier.. still can get doc and he might survive

Keiia says:
that is what i mean
i recently hear such stories until i a bit ma mu (麻木: numb) already

peisze says:
got alot ah

Keiia says:
i usually try to console myself by thinking

peisze says:
haiz. so sad *Note: PS is so full of emotions here, such a sweet person!*

Keiia says:
since the day we were born
we are walking towards death

peisze says:

Keiia says:
funny right?

peisze says:
dun so bei guan (悲观: pessimistic) *And also such an encouraging person!*

Keiia says:
it's not bei guan
it's actually a very positive sentence
if you really think about it
just make sure you have fun on the way there loh
i think hor, i really ok with dating younger guys
since he may still die before me

peisze says:

Keiia says:

peisze says:

Keiia says:
dui ma dui ma? (对吗 对吗: right right?)

peisze says:
i heard guys generally die 5 yrs earlier..
soo if u get someone 5 yrs younger

Keiia says:
so if i marry a guy 5 years younger

peisze says:
den he will die same as u..

Keiia says:
then we can die together

peisze says:

Keiia says:
sho sweet!!!!!!!

peisze says:
*very cute kitty cat nod nod emoticon*

Keiia says:
hold hands

See? So optimistic! And I just realised we are generally just repeating what each other say, just in different ways. Hmmm...

Thought Of The Day #9

The moments in life that you regret, the ones that leave a painful scar, that you replay over and over in your mind, wondering what went wrong and why things did not go as you imagined.

I wonder if people ever get over such moments.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I am freaking 28!

Gosh, how the years have passed.

Hope I have a great one this year! =D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Invasion Of The Single Eyelid Bishounens!

There are SO MANY Korean male groups nowadays that I find it hard to keep track of them all. There are a few that I am watching out for recently and I am not sure which one I like more. Hence I decided that I shall grade them! Oh this is going to be fun!

The criteria of grading will be as follows, each upon 10:

Dance Work
Entertainment Value
Market Potential

Ok, here we go. In order of discovery.

I am sure Top is trying his best to smile already. Don't know what the hell Taeyang is doing. He is very peculiar to me. Cute but peculiar.

Music/Sound: 7.5
Dance Work: 6
Image: 7
Entertainment Value: 7
Market Potential: 8.5
Final Score: 72%
Comments: I like Big Bang, but I am not really crazy about Big Bang. Their songs are nice, I listen to their songs on a daily basis on the horrible morning commute and it cheers me up. They don't really dance all that much but it's ok. They look good enough as with the rest of the male groups out there. Are they entertaining? Are they funny people? I don't know. Maybe? And that's the thing about Big Bang for me. Everything about them is just comfortable. They just seemed so mellow, except for maybe the SES debacle, which I am still suffering the after-shock effects from. They've got mad musical skills, sure, but I don't feel like I have much else to say about them apart from this. But with talent comes high market potential, especially GD and TOP. Their recent collaboration was a great experimental effort and a good indication of what the two boys are capable of, when given the reins. Which means the group still have steam left in them for a few more good albums yet.

"You give me nothing (to eat) and we will punch you."

Music/Sound: 8.5
Dance Work: 7.5
Image: 8
Entertainment Value: 9
Market Potential: 7
Final Score: 80%
Comments: SS501 has been around for a while although I wasn't really into them until recently. I think their time as a group is almost up, perhaps maybe one or two albums more. What with all the younger groups popping as if out of nowhere nowadays. But they seemed to be doing well in their solo careers, or at least a couple of them are. Best thing about them is their singing, I would say. Among the groups here, theirs have the biggest variety of singing voices, particularly Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun. Voices that just melt your core! Probably anyone with half a decent voice can sing, but some voices have this quality that mesmerises you every single time you hear it. Very, very funny group of people, who have very strange behaviours on camera that is extremely endearing. Very entertaining. They seem to really enjoy their time together and care about each other, which is not essential for me, but it's nice. Their market potential as a group is difficult to say for now, but I think their branching out into other areas such as musicals and acting is a good indication of their potential as individuals.

And the inventor of the hair colouring kit rests in peace. Can there BE any more differently coloured hair in any one boy band? Why is Joon's hand in Mir's pocket? Sneaky!

Music/Sound: 7
Dance Work: 8
Image: 8.5
Entertainment Value: 8
Market Potential: 7.5
Final Score: 78%
Comments: I have already shamelessly admitted that I like them because they are so good-looking. I mean look at them! Although I honestly think they are a talented bunch of people. It's just the way they are presented, feels a tad forced. Like they were packaged together very roughly and very quickly, and simply thrown into the world. They also started training together and debuted at a slightly older age than other groups, where the average debut age is about 17-18, not considering the years of training before. Seems harsh but that's the way it is in the Korean showbiz, I believe. Other male groups in their age range are considered rather veteran, I use the word loosely, already. And I really dislike the way they place so much focus on Lee Joon, the wrong type of focus. Stop selling his body and maybe give the others a chance too? I am sure GO has a good body too! And Mir is really cute as well! Seungho is a great singer, AND he can beatbox too! Stop pointing the camera at Joon all the time! I am especially impressed with Cheon Doong (THUNDER!). He does a fair bit of rapping and singing, talent diversity is important! People should stop calling him Sandara Park's little brother! Love to see them collaborate though. Anyway, I think Mblaq has a lot of unreleased potential, if everyone would just stop thinking of them as Rain's fellas, and marketing them as such. And give them more good songs!

Yaay! We are cute! Hence we can hold ridiculous objects in our hands that have absolutely zero contribution to any specific form of theme for this picture! Except that we are cute! Yaay!

Music/Sound: 8
Dance Work: 8.5
Image: 7.5
Entertainment Value: 7.5
Market Potential: 9
Final Score: 82%
Comments: Weeee, the SHINee boys! Which I stubbornly pronounces "sheen-nee". They have become a little guilty pleasure of mine recently. I think they have the exact kind of sound that I like. Almost every song is easy on my ears. And amazing dance moves. They look so damn fluid together. I think the reason is because they are all so young, their limbs are still quite rubbery. Especially Little Dude! Image wise, hmmm, they are ok I guess, more cute than good-looking, but I don't really know what they are trying to do with their hair. But they are still young, so they probably can get away with it. Haven't seen a lot of their videos, but they seemed fun and humourous, which I like. High marketing potential because let's face it, they are damn young, still a lot of energy and fire left to keep the engine going for a while.

That's about it, I think. I actually also like B2ST, or is it Beast?

I don't know what is Kikwang doing. And maybe I don't want to know! Is that even his hand? Ok, I really don't want to know!

Because I don't really know them that well yet, except they have a few really good songs, I can't really grade them. But yup, they are pretty cool too.

Phew that was long! Gone were the days when there was only Shinhwa to follow. Boy am I old! And of course, for Shinhwa, that must be honorary mention!

Dance Work:10
Entertainment Value:10
Market Potential:10
Final Score:100%!!!
Comments: Haha! How about that! No, it's not fair and it's definitely not accurate, but it is simply just not possible for me to grade them. Because they are the first and only Korean male group, and the only celebrities, I did the whole fandom thing for. I went to the airport to see them, I shouted "Shinhwa changjo" during the concert at them, I even wore the fanclub t-shirt to show my support for them. That's about the extreme I can do for any idol(s). It's my absolute limit. I know very well that their time as the hottest group is over, and there are a lot of better ones coming out every day. But to me, Shinhwa is still the best. Kinda like an old friend that you keep in your heart forever, going to them once in a while when you need a good cheering or when you just want to find something familiar that reminds of who you were and the good times you had.

I think that in itself is pretty damn great

PS: No spellcheck because this entry is so damn freaking huge! I am a monster!

10227 Days

After living for 27 years, 11 months, 30 days, I realised that I only have one passion in life.

To play.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking To Do

Feeling very blue today. Not exactly sure what is the definitive cause, but I know that it has to do with a few different issues at the same time.

One of which is my impending birthday next week and the sudden realisation that, even though I am inching precariously close to the big three o, I am not going exactly where I want to go in life.

I used to have all these aspirations and hopes of how life would be like at 30, and I don't think I am anywhere close and probably will not be in the next couple of years.

It is a very depressing thought.

I have always been trying to experience different things, and I think I have managed to have a mixture between the usual course, the off-beaten route as well as the unorthodox way while growing up. I went through primary school, secondary school and polytechnic like any kid in Singapore. But after that, I chose to go for two different private degrees just to see which one would suit me better. Then after graduation, instead of finding a related job, I went into a different field before quitting after six months to go overseas. And in a totally unexpected change, I landed in my current company doing what I am doing now, which is even more unrelated to what I studied than my first job.

It's like if my first job was a distant cousin, my current job would be of a different nationality all together.

Although my current job is comfortable for me, in terms of job scope and remuneration, but I just can't help but feel that I should be working hard to realise my dreams and not stay in my comfort zone just because it's easier.

Oh well, there is no quick fix or answer to this. I really have to sort it out in my own due time.

But hey, I met up with the girls from old Sistic, Zhen, Lydia and Dav, and we had such a great time chatting and laughing that I feel so much better already. Old friends catching up is so wonderful even though it seems to be taking place just once a year. But our persistence in meeting up for this AGM is something I find really commendable and treasure a lot.

Meet up soon, ladies!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guilty Thoughts

Today during an interview, I said something to a candidate and after the session, my boss told me I shouldn't have said that to her because it seemed to have affected her morale.

I couldn't stop thinking about it after that, not just because I made her feel bad, no matter how unintentional it may be, but that I did not even realised it. I think I am someone who is fairly empathic and intuitive towards others' feelings. It's just disappointing to learn that I can be that oblivious.

I think ever since my promotion I got a little bit complacent, and perhaps somewhere along the line, I forgot how nerve-wrecking it can be to go for interviews. I should really try to be more compassionate and put myself in their shoes more.

It's just not that easy when you have to interview so many different types of people and although there were some really good ones, there was just some of them that were really plain tedious to sit through. How to be considerate when all you want to do is to scratch the table in sheer frustration?

This is very humbling for me. Thank goodness the rounds of interviews are coming to an end soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Countdown To 28

Ever get this thought that you are still not exactly sure what the fuck you are doing with your life?

A thought so burning that it practically drills a hole in your brain.

That's exactly what I am thinking now.

Rum Tum Tum Tum

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon caught in controversy over child sex offenders comment during debate

Came across this while I was meandering online for some Kpop juice. It's apparently old news being revived because sometimes people just need to find something past to argue about in order to release all the pent-up residue anger inside of them.

But oh! So exciting! The exchange of words between fans and anti-fans is so engaging and dramatic! This caught my interest because, for a change, it actually involves a real social issue and there were some good insights and comments made.

Although I would hardly call this "caught in controversy", it is barely even a controversy. If there is anything that Lee Joon is caught in, it would be his recent vomiting (idols vomit too??!!??!) and subsequent admission into the hospital, hardly a harmless comment he made months ago, which is not exactly without sense either.

Sometimes people talk with their emotions instead of their brains. At that point of time, he probably focused on how he would feel if he were to lose the ability to exercise his right to reproduce, rather than the sex offender part.

There is nothing wrong with that. He is first and foremost an entertainer. This guy lifts his shirt and gyrates his hips regularly as part of his profession, because it is what the fans want and it sells his work. His job is to sing, dance, act and drive the fans nuts with his sex appeal, which he does really well, not be the most articulate, most argumentative, most politically correct person around.

People need to stop getting their panties into a bunch and concentrate on his abs, I mean, his talent instead.

That said, I am not condoning sex offenders, neither am I defending him because I support him. If anyone came off great here, it's G.O. I am very impressed with his response. I would never have pegged him for being such a smart cookie, knowing what to say at the right time.

Tough luck, Joon. But it's okay. You are still cute.

Note: As usual, because people are so annoyingly sensitive, which is probably what sparked off this non-existent "controversy" in the first place, I shall point out that this blog entry is about the situation of the celebrity in relation to a controversial topic, and not the topic itself. If you ask me, all sex offenders should just be locked up forever. They can fuck each other if they want. It's the offenders that everyone should be angry at, not a comment made by a celebrity before due consideration. He is what? All of 23 years old? Tell me you never met anyone that young who had never said a single stupid thing. And don't give me all that nonsense about impressionable young kids who may be influenced by him. People are not worried that these young kids are looking at the "Oh Yeah" video and replaying the scene where Lee Joon lifts his shirt over and and over again, but they are worried about this? Ludicrous! Young people are not that easily influenced nowadays, please. If they are, then they are pretty much screwed anyway.

The. End.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day to all the attractive and cute people who are happily attached in the world!

And the not so attractive and cute ones, it's okay. Let's hang in there! =D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Pain

니가 없는 하루가 왜이리 힘든지
살 수 없어 살 수 없어 가슴 가득 love pain

Friday, February 11, 2011

Me + Brownie + Gingi

My adorable plushies that never fail to make me smile during a stressful day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Posts In A Day Despite All The Paperwork =|

Came across this article regarding that Little Dude from SHINee being bullied at school.

Click here to read

The ending paragraph amuses me very much.

"Ahh what is he even doing in that environment to begin with he’s a MALE IDOL he can’t be charming all the ladies at night on Music Bank and walk into the school the next day without someone giving him problems!!"

Damn right.

Little Dude can't be gyrating his hips like that:

...and not expect that other guys will want to harass him.

Not condoning schoolyard bullying at all. Hate it to the core in fact. Although I was not exactly a victim of bullying, but I was definitely a target from time to time as a kid. Until I got taller and bigger, and people started worrying that I would sit on them.

Anyway, Little Dude is cute! In a cartoon-y, little brother sort of way. Wish I have a younger brother like that. Can you imagine the amount of free gifts we can get at home?

For this face, tell me you are not willing to give him everything your pocket money can buy! And this is the hair colour I am seriously coveting.

And some SHINee love. Awww!

Not really obsessed about them, yet or otherwise, just find them a pleasant enough boy band with a few really nice songs and pretty good dancework. And of course Little Dude. 너무 귀여워~~~

Thought Of The Day #8

Learning not to survive according to the expectations and judgment of other people and live the way you feel is right.

I think...

That on a general basis, SHINee has better songs and better dance work than MBlaq. But MBlaq looks way better as a group.

Only Taemin from SHINee caught my eye and that is only because little dude's got really smooth and flow-y hair in the Lucifer MV. I want his hair colour!

In fact, I want his whole look. He is so pretty. But so young! Again so young! I am beginning to harbour feelings of loathing against all these cute young boys. WHERE ARE ALL THE HANDSOME MEN ABOVE 25? When I was 22, 23 years old, I had Shinhwa, all older than me. So who can the 22, 23 year old ladies go to now, when all the cute ones are so depraving-ly young???

Lazy to post pictures, go Google.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Am Steve Tyler

Been conducting quite a few interviews recently, and I commented today on Facebook that I feel like I am a judge on the American Idol panel.

And this is what happened:

MPY: which judge are you.
HJ: Steven Tyler. She matches up to his energy and insanity.
MPY: and the hair.

Heh? Ok, I maybe agree on the energy and the insanity, and maybe maybe the hair, but but but... my mouth got so big meh??!? Let's see.

This is Steve Tyler.

This is me.

Aish! I think really got resemblance wor! 완전 카리스마, ok!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


A new Korean boy band (do people still use this term nowadays?) that I "discovered" during the CNY holidays. Yes, I was THAT bored. They are produced by Jung Ji-Hoon, the Rain man himself (rain go rain it's raining it's raining~~~) and their name stands for Music Boys Living In Absolute Quality.


Hahahahaha! What's with these Korean boy band name expansions? So ludicrous! And they are not the only ones. What super star singers united as one lar, what boys to search for top lar. Never fails to crack me up! Whatever happened to awesome names like Shinhwa (!!!) or Big Bang (BOM!) that simply just means what it means.

Anyway, now let's look at this MBlaq video.

AHHH! My brains are about to explode! So handsome!!!

There are no fancy dance work or crazy experimental make up and costumes. They all look like any regular boys you see on the streets. But oh oh oh! I literally squealed watching this video! And I can't really explain either. The song is really just quite alright.

But they look damn good can! Can't even pretend that I like them for their talent. Honestly, I am straight off in it for the eye candy.

Especially this dude.

G.O.! Okay, not the best picture. In fact, when I first researched the group, I really disliked him immensely. There is just this greasy playboy quality to him that is not attractive.

But! When you take off all that George Michael facial hair and change the hairstyle...


Really like this look. He looks like a mini carbon copy of Rain, no? Although a lot of people seem to consider Lee Joon the mini Rain of the group, considering that he acted as teenage Raizo in Ninja Assassin, but I think G.O. really looks more like Rain. I also really think Mblaq is just a way for Mr Bi to indulge in his own hotness by molding cute young boys who resemble him to become even more like him.

Not complaining at all. I enjoy the view very much. But really, they just get younger and younger, don't they? Not great for this lao char boh.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Highlights Of The January

开工大吉 tomorrow!

So much to do in February! What with my birthday coming up - thisgalisgettingolderbythesecondohshit - and Wyn's wedding. I am very excited about her big day because it's the first big wedding of the Pinkies, so we all get to wear our standardised bridesmaid dresses and do the gate-crashing thing together for the first time! I am looking forward to it so much that I actually ordered two dresses online for the dinner at night, just in case.

Anyway, I know I have been tardy in updating my blog recently. Seems like so much had been going on in the later part of January.

Some friends from Macau came to visit, so I went around sightseeing with them, looking at Singapore through the eyes of a tourist. I even visited Singapore Flyer and the Universal Studios, where I had a lot of fun! I am seriously considering visiting Japan's USS too because I enjoyed myself so much.

I have to say again that I am really proud of my sunny (albeit a little rainy recently) little island. Although I would not say it is a super awesome place for tourists, we are after all a wee bit tiny, and the shopping can be expensive, but we are a fast-paced, rapidly developing city that still retains a lot of local flavour and culture.

Then there was also Wyn's hen's night, which I thoroughly enjoyed even though I went a little later than the others because I was out with my Macau friends. It's been a long time since we went clubbing, and the spirits were high because we were celebrating such a happy occasion! I won't lie, there were plenty of body-twisting and butt-shaking. =D

And last but not least in the highlights of January, I blogged about having a bout of good news a couple of weeks ago, and I am now finally able to share it. I have been promoted to Assistant Manager, wef 1st February! *self-applause, self-applause*

It may seem silly to be so excited over a promotion, people get promoted all the time, but it's the first time for me, so I am really happy. It kinda feels surreal because it all happened very quickly, pretty much in line with how I got into this company in the first place.

Going into this job, initially as a contract staff, it was really just a temporary stint for me at the time. I was in Macau when the offer came, trying to take a break from what I can only classify as a burnout from life, and I thought it would be a good idea to come back home for a bit, earn some cash and see where I go from there.

And it was the most challenging job I ever had. Late nights with severe lack of sleep, high levels of stress while at the same time having to be independent and also coaching my own team of staff, I had to learn a lot of different things very quickly. There were days when I only had maybe two or three hours of sleep for weeks running, and all I had to keep me going was the adrenaline rush that came with the stress and the bite of the deadlines on my back.

It is not something everyone would want to do, and definitely not something anyone can do. Even with my best-compatible-with-stress work nature, I broke down more than once in my two years on the job.

Yet, I really like it. The great sense of satisfaction of a job done in such an environment is so addictive. So much so that I immediately decided to stop fooling around like a useless bum said yes when they offered me a permanent position. And here I am. From a 3-month contract staff to an Executive last year, to becoming Assistant Manager this year, it really does feel like quite a journey for me.

And there is, of course, always someone to thank. My dearest Manyzer, Miss Jocelyn Ong Ah Lian (haha!), who made the call to offer me the contract job and also recommending me for the perm position. I consider her to be one of my mentors in life and I am truly thankful to her, not just for offering me a job, but for inadvertently pulling me out of the slum that I was in and given me a stepping stone in my career.

I learned a lot from her, and although we definitely had our differences, we did build up quite a good rapport while working together. She is someone who really knows my personality and character well, and has also become a very good friend to me. I really miss her now that she has gone off to graze in other pastures. MANYZER!!! YOUR EXEC MISS YOU!!! *awkward silence moment because we both hate moments of greasy, mushy gestures and/or declarations*

Heh. That went on for a while, so as per usual, to keep your interest, how about two pictures?

Rendezvous In SG with Macau friends

The aforementioned body-twisting, butt-shaking ladies! WOOT!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Greetings

How the days fly. It's already February. The month of Moreen!

LOL! Every February is the month of me. Let's celebrate.