Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Posts In A Day Despite All The Paperwork =|

Came across this article regarding that Little Dude from SHINee being bullied at school.

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The ending paragraph amuses me very much.

"Ahh what is he even doing in that environment to begin with he’s a MALE IDOL he can’t be charming all the ladies at night on Music Bank and walk into the school the next day without someone giving him problems!!"

Damn right.

Little Dude can't be gyrating his hips like that:

...and not expect that other guys will want to harass him.

Not condoning schoolyard bullying at all. Hate it to the core in fact. Although I was not exactly a victim of bullying, but I was definitely a target from time to time as a kid. Until I got taller and bigger, and people started worrying that I would sit on them.

Anyway, Little Dude is cute! In a cartoon-y, little brother sort of way. Wish I have a younger brother like that. Can you imagine the amount of free gifts we can get at home?

For this face, tell me you are not willing to give him everything your pocket money can buy! And this is the hair colour I am seriously coveting.

And some SHINee love. Awww!

Not really obsessed about them, yet or otherwise, just find them a pleasant enough boy band with a few really nice songs and pretty good dancework. And of course Little Dude. 너무 귀여워~~~