Friday, April 20, 2007

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine!

Ok, most people should know this. You know the thing that guys do; kinda slapped their palms together, and then swing in to pat each other's backs?

What in the world is that? I mean who even came up with that stuff.

A couple of years ago, you hardly even see people doing that. But now it's EVERYWHERE. Most guys don't even need a preamp, they just go in for it. It's like an unspoken word or something.

It's really weird because when not planned properly, the abovementioned chreography can be uncoordinated and become extremely awkward. And the smooth execution of it by almost all guys I know is something very fascinating to me. Do they rehearse in front of the mirror or what?

So anyway, I thought about it and I can really only think of one plausible reason why guys do that. Which is that these guys really want to hug and pat each other on the back for gawd knows whatever reasons, but the idea of chest touching chest is just too gay for them to take, so they have their arms between them. That's it! For security reasons! -_-

But gotta admit though, when executed by the right people, it really does look cool. Kinda like a brotherhood thing or something. Maybe that's what it really is, a brotherhood, manhood thing. Because we girls definitely do not have cool stuff like that, we are stuck with silly air kisses, that I don't really know what is the use for, or clumsy hugs that is, more often than not, an invasion of one's personal space. Honestly, I don't get it! If anyone needs arms in between a hug to break the touching of "things", it's us women! What with the barriers we have and whatnots!

It's just not very fair, is it? =]

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Applause May Not Be Entirely Inappropriate

The best criticism to everything that is wrong in the music industry today. Leave it to Alanis to make a big thing out of nothing. Beautiful.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eaux Gazeuses

Sparkling, sparkling water.

Yeap, that pompous little drink that those snotty people seems to insist on drinking, which probably explains why they always behave like they have a ball of air stuck in their anal area, obstructing prolonged normal human behaviour...

And I have developed such a taste for it! Ever since I drank a $10 bottle at Crystal Mirror, that costs about 3-4 times lesser at the supermarkets, I have developed this urge to get a bottle everytime I go to the supermarket to get water. Which is almost everyday; I am a big water drinker.

So from a 80 cents mineral water drinker to a $2.50 sparkling water lover. Yaay! I am snotty too!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Manatees are no longer extinct!


That is good news indeed!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Comparison Or None?

Chatting with one of my friends, who is a guy, today and he mentioned to me he thinks that Wu Zun (of Tokyo Juliet and Hanazakarino Kimitachihe fame) is really handsome.

I agree with him but told him that I am not really that into him. There's another guy who kinda holds my attention at the moment. Hehheh, a certain Chris Richardson from a little show call American Idol. He really caught me by singing one of my favourite songs during the semis.

Anyhooo, I told my friend that. And his reply was "wtf ang mo?".

Hmmm, I am beginning to see a pattern here. I realised that whenever people realised that I am kinda into Caucasian guys, there are two kinds of responses.

Females: "Yeah yeah! Ang mohs good! Handsome!"

Males: "WTF? Ang mohs? What's wrong with Asians?"

Oh boy. Just for the record, I don't JUST like Caucasians loh. I like all men loh. Muahahaha, that doesn't make me look too good, huh. Oh well, most females I know go gaga over good-looking men. Throw in a buff body and it's whatever goes. So I am a norm, okay?

ANYWAY, as I was saying, there is nothing wrong with Asians! Just that very few Asian men have the tough, manly, dirty sexily scruffy look that seems to only afflict Caucasian guys and which really attracts me. Sigh... Okay, let's take a look.

The above-mentioned Wu Zun. No doubt he is INSANELY handsome, but...

23, this guy is 23. But don't you feel like Wu Zun is kinda younger with his flawless and hairless complexion?

I actually don't really like Chris Richardson when he is all intense like this. I much prefer him smiling. Keke. So cute. But anyway, the point is that if God somehow performs a (impossible) miracle and I get to choose between these two, I would definitely go for Chrissy. It's kinda like comparing a rock and porcelain. Of course, girls like it hard. =P

Okay, just to prove a point, let's go to another example.

One is an expert in Martial Arts, but who do you think look like the tougher guy?

I am very much aware that this is, by no means, a fair comparison. But if you really think about what I said here, you will realise that it is somewhat correct and accurate. Even if a little. But then, people already has me pegged for some angmohsiao. *shrugs* Pretty much nothing I can do about it. ^_~

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Season 6

Finally got caught up with watching American Idol Season Six. Woohoooo. Personally, I am rooting for LaKisha Jones for American Idol. I think she is really a role model for all us plus-size women! She is really the embodiment of big and so damn beautiful, not to mention her talent!

Apart from her, I absolutely adore Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks. Melinda is so shy! Everytime I see her, I just feel like hugging her. And Jordin is such a pleasure to watch. Fantastic, fantastic singers, I kinda fluctuate between the two of them and LaKisha for American Idol, but I just feel that LaKisha really has that magic about her.

But I am absolutely certain, whoever wins, the three of them will have amazing careers. Anyone of them makes American Idol, I will support!

Ahhh, the guys are kinda lacking this year. They are really good but compared to the girls, they don't really shine as much. Just my opinion. =]

And is it just me or is Simon actually sweet this year? ?_?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yaay! I Got An A!

I was going to be a snob and blog about the A I got in Psychology, that Aik Leong say would be "criminal" if I did not get. Bwahahaa, but I decided to blog about Cranberries anyway.

My awe for them is so very much renewed.

I used to like Cranberries a lot. They are a wonderful band with a lot of insightful and powerful lyrics that had been a great source of inspiration to me when I was younger. Yet, I have forgotten about all of that. I don't know why, but as time goes by, they just kinda ceased to be that prominent to me.

Until today.

I was a fan of them during their "Bury The Hachet" days, and for a while after that. But with the exception of "Ode To My Family" and "Zombie", I have heard very few of their earlier songs before "Hachet". And how stupid I was. I got to listening to one of their first few albums "No Need To Argue" today, and it is simply amazing. I know it is an old album, but fantastic music never gets old. It is just that great, especially the track Yeats' Grave.

W.B. Yeats is one of my favourite poet and the song just seems so much more poignant when you know a bit about Yeats, his life, his muse and his inspirations. Simply a beautiful, beautiful song.

Goes to show again that time has no ravages on music created akin to art.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Post

I was talking to a friend who recently got married, at age 24, and she told me that she is beginning to think that she had made the greatest mistake of her life.

When I asked her why, she said "He is just not the hero that I always imagined marrying."

So apparently in less than six months of married bliss, all the shiny veneers were dropped.

I took a good look at my friend, who used to be a bubbly and active person who only lived life the wild way. She looked... for lack of a better word, off-colour. Gone was the dark sultry eye make-up, rosy cheeks and lusciously-glossed lips.

With light makeup that barely covers the eye bags under her eyes, she looked tired and washed-out.

Being curious and extremely busybody, I asked my friend to elaborate.

"My husband... Husband. God, I will never get used to it. He cuts his toe nails in bed!"

I could almost feel her pounding on the keyboard just to get the sentence out over to me in MSN.

"And he burps in bed. When I am lying next to him! Do you know how disgusting that is?"

As she continued to regale me with the little details that seems like a molehill when you are dating but suddenly becoming a mountain when you living together, I cannot help but feel that she does seem to be kicking a fuss over small things that can be easily resolved with a little communication.

And I told her so.

Then she finally said what was bugging her most about being married, "I don't think that I really love him. I don't think I can spend the rest of my life with him."

Ahhh, okaaaaay. So it's not just really about the toe nails or the burping. Guess I get it just a little. Sometimes, people who have been in a relationship for too long, will choose to proceed to the next natural step, marriage. But few of them really evaluate whether they are just following the flow or if they really want to get married.

And the saddest thing is, everyone thought that they are the perfect couple, the ones really destined and meant to go the distance. I really hope that they can work out their differences, whatever those might be.

Friday, April 06, 2007


I am sure that almost everyone have something that I call a secret depraved indulgence. Something that they harbour deep within themselves without letting anyone know. Why? Because it is a secret so delectably sinful that they share with no one for fear of judgement and the possibly morally destructing nature of it.

Just the thought of such an indulgence, something that I call to mind from time to time, that feels like trespassing beyond the picturesque boundaries of an enticing decadence.

How nice would it be if we are not confined by the restraints of decency and decorum, and be free to explore freely this very clandestine pleasure that is frowned upon.

And so I take the first step to confess this little secret depraved indulgence of mine.

I... am eating nutella...

From the jar...

With a spoon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something That Made Me Go Hmmmmm...

Reading through my past posts and I found this post. Hmmmmmmmm, I seriously do not remember if I wrote it or "cope" it from somewhere. I am pretty sure I wrote it but I cannot for the life of me remember why I wrote it.

Apparently, it was not something particularly memorable but still emotionally-troubling enough for me to actually write something about it.

Or maybe my mind is trying to block it out?


Plateletpheresis (The Last Episode)

Finally had the plateletpheresis today! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I know it will be difficult to explain the whole process, so I took pictures! Piccie piccie! I will have you people know that it was not easy to procure these pictures, okay? I had to do it discreetly because I don't want the staff nurses to laugh at me because I was so suaku until I have to take pictures.

This is the machine that will suck out my blood! Blood sucker!!! Noisy leh this thing. Kept beeping! Hehheh, actually is because I kept moving my arm and the machine did not detect any blood flow. I am quite a restless person, and it felt weird not to be able to move my left (dominant) arm whenever I want to. So I moved it anyway and... *beep beep beep*

Look the huge needle! So big! So big! Actually it was kinda creepy seeing such a huge needle poked into my arm. But it was kinda funny too, to see my blood zoom through the tube which was lying on my lap. *zoooooom zoooooom*

The TV! It's good that they have a TV for each donor. Got HBO leh! But I ended up watching my Ah Bale in The Prestige on my mp3 player.

The ward in general. The staff nurses are all so nice. They really made me felt at ease during my "ordeal". Keke. And seeeee my toeeeees???

After 1.5 hours! My platelets! Godspeed, platelets! Do your best! Save lives! *waves waves*
Platelets: "So corny, this person. Finally we are free of her! Weeeeee!"

All in all, the procedure was not as complicated as I thought. I did felt all of the possible "side-effects" such as feeling cold, some tingling especially on the lips and also nausea. And immediately after the procedure I felt woozy, but that went away after one of the nice nice staff nurse made a super nice cup of hot milo for me. It's really nice loh, not like those machine ones, blend and tasteless.

And not only was the staff nice, they were also alert to any possible problems that may arise during the procedure, checking up me from time to time to make sure that I was alright. They also had a doctor gave me a simple checkup because I was donating platelets for the first time.

So this is my account of my very first plateletpheresis experience, and I don't think this will be my last. There isn't really a demand for people to donate platelets until someone actually needs them because platelets, unlike blood, cannot be kept for a prolonged period of time (only about 3-5 days, I think). So when the need arises, I would definitely do it again.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Plateletpheresis (Part 2)

Ahhh, finally found some time to blog. Went to the company retreat chalet on Saturday, and only got home around 10+ yesterday morning and slept all the way through. I love sleeping through the day when you haven't slept at all the previous night.

Had to work 5.30 - 10.00 today, so didn't have the chance to blog until now. Just reached home. SO HUNGRY!!! Just a few more minutes to go before I can eat my food at 12 am. Today is 15th of the Lunar month, so I can't eat meat. But at 10 pm at night, where to find vegetarian food? So I have to wait. My long-sufferance in being a twice-a-month vegetarian is not being unable to eat meat, but being unable to find food without meat in a meat-loving country like Singapore.

Anyway, about the plateletpheresis on Friday, which some of my friends are asking about. Actually only three people ask lar, but still is some mah. More than one = some. Keke. Ooo, as of now is four! Because Ivy just asked! It's officially SOME!!!

Anyway, I went to SGH and proceeded to the Haematology Centre. The staff was very friendly, and it kinda helped me get over the nervousness of it. I guess I am a little bit of a needle-phob.

Anyway, they did all the neccessary registration stuffs and told me to wait. Then one the staff took out the NEEDLE *dum dum dum* and walked towards me. The good thing is I am no stranger to needles anymore, so I turned to the wall and starting reading this news article about people who falsely declare their sexual history, and was convicted because of that. No worries there, the furthest my sexual history ever went was watching two couples trying to get it on in their car in a multi-story carpark. Safe!

So the staff drew out two little test tubes of blood and started to stick labels on them. It was surreal seeing my own blood rolling around in the tubes, a kind of detachment as if it was somebody else's blood.

The friendly staff then slapped a plaster on my arm and said "Ok! You may go now!" Wah, I could almost feel the "gua gua gua" music in my head. Apparently, before we can even donate platelets, we must do a blood screening first. Grrr, tell me earlier lah! Make me nervous for no reason.

But anyway, the staff called today and told me to go down for the donation this week. So guess I have no STDs or any funky disease and is ready to go for one plateletpheresis!

And now the nervousness begins anew...