Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few Things We Got Here

Having a bout of myalgia in my neck since last week, which hasn't fully recover at the moment. Haha, myalgia. A fancy medical term for what we cheenapoks call 扭到. Basically twisted a muscle or something somewhere, which in my case is le cou sauvage (ohh I can almost feel the French people just vomiting at my horrendous usage of their beautiful language).

Am really feeling the ravages of age. I don't used to suffer from these ailments for so long. Now it's been more than a week, and I still cannot move my neck freely without wincing. Bleh. And yes, I am allowed to call myself cheenapok because I am indeed a cheenapok. And no, no one else is allowed to call me cheenapok even if you are a cheenapok. The world is unfair like that.

So anyhoo, during my time of sabbatical (3 days mc), I decided to catch up on my Doctor Who episodes. Never really completed Series 3 with Tenth Doc, David Tennant, so I did it and currently moving onward with Series 4.

Love Doctor Who. There is a belief that once you got into the Doctor Who universe, you can never fully get out of it. It is so true for me. Some of my friends consider Doctor Who a low-budget TV series with predictable plots. But I think that is the formula for the wonderfulness that is Doctor Who.

It reminds me of simpler times, where a mixture of good plus cheesy acting, a sprinkling of fake as hell props, some expected good-triumph-evil ending is exactly what you need on a lazy afternoon, trying to take your mind off the pain in le cou sauvage. And predictability is not always bad. It can be enjoyable and also make the episodes with the cleverer plots and unexpected endings so much more precious.

Oh, and I watched Titanic 3D yesterday with my 20 year old Small Friend, whose first comment when the movie ended was "I never realised that Jack was so hot." After which she flat refuse to believe that he was the same actor in Inception. Hahah! Not sure to feel sad or glad for good ol' Leo.

Still loving him as Jack. Jack is simply such a wonderful character, ain't he? His love for Rose was so deep and so selfless. Good Leo for being able to bring this character to life. He has become somewhat a "serious movies only" actor with all those intense roles that he is doing nowadays, but people of my era will probably never forget him as Jack Dawson.

Titanic, Titanic. After so many years, the movie still manages to move me in such a fundamental way. Especially the musicians, the musicians always gets to me. I cry every time I see them playing to the last.

Titanic after 100 years, but never forgotten.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Having a headache. Wish I can go home and zzzz, but I am afraid that will not provide any form of joy for me.

Gone is my old queen-sized bed and in its place, a single FLAT mattress which might as well have been the floor.


Must have patience. Improvements will come soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Thank You

Create laughter, in sorrow.
Invoke inspiration, in hopelessness.
Effect calmness, in anxiety.
Compel courage, in fear.
Bring light, in gloom.

For as long as it will last,
You give me peace.
-- Hensen Moer

Monday, April 02, 2012

Blah Blah

Oh dear is it April already? What happened to January, February and March?

Kinda feels like the past few months passed by in some sort of a unproductive whirl. I don't even recall doing much of anything apart from reading. And playing the Avengers game on FB. And eating a lot of unhealthy food. And sleeping.

This is not good for me.

I cannot even remember the last time I put on make-up, a nice dress and wore heels for a night out. Just trudging along tiredly everyday in my worn out flats, thick glasses, ragged clothes, hair with outgrown roots mocking the hair colour I painstakingly try to achieve with many long sessions in the salon. Even my nails looks crappy.

Such a vision of wondrous beauty, aren't I?

This will not do. Something needs to be done.

Okay, after this long weekend. Something will be done. No more lazy.