Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Day!

Bonus time came early this year, and I received mine last week! Yaay! I really wanted to buy something to reward myself, so after some contemplation, I decided to get myself...

...a little paper bag with that glorious mark of the devil.

And the black box... Getting hot now.

Getting hotter...


My very first branded purse! In a colour that I absolutely love! Heehee! I am usually not that much of a brand-conscious person, but a purse is something that I can potentially carry with me for a long time, so I really wanted to get something real nice. Thought of getting a Burberry initially, but Pau advised me to look at a few different ones first before deciding, so we spent the entire afternoon at Marina Bay Sands, looking at all the different brands. Such an atas afternoon! And this Prada caught my eye and crawled into my heart. Nothing else I looked at after strike my fancy at all.

And the sales associates from Prada were really wonderful. They were helpful, friendly and made me feel like an esteemed customer. Fact that I had the look of a woman who was determined to get her Prada today may contribute to that, but still, it was a nice experience. Getting a little inkling why some people spend their lives chasing after brands, but it's definitely not something I want to, or can even afford to, indulge in too often. But still, love my new purse! <3 <3 <3

And then, to end the day, following what I did last year, I bought myself a celebratory B&J's ice-cream!

Reading back on last year's entry, I do feel glad that I managed to buy the things that I really wanted since last year. Being able to achieve your personal wants with your own "able-ness" is a really nice feeling.

I still feel like a kid all the time. Every time I give my parents money or pay my own bills, I have this strong feeling of surreality. But maybe, just maybe, my new purse has gotten me a little closer to mental adulthood. =D

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am very upset! How can Cooter kick Alcide in the nether regions?

Does he understand how precious that area is to a lot of women around the world?

Two Reasons Why True Blood Is BETTER Than Twilight

Reason #1 - Vamp vs. Vamp

Reason #2 - Were vs. Were

Need I say more?

Seriously, the True Blood guys make the Twilight guys look like weeping school yard boys. Who says younger is better? Of course I know the series and the movies are targeting totally different age groups, but still...

Joe Manganiello totally brought back my interest in True Blood. Thought he was kinda cute, although a little creepy, in How I Met Your Mother, but in True Blood, now that's what I am talking about. Sex appeal through and through. I am terribly sorry, Eric Northman, you are still very sexy, but I don't love you anymore. Everything just went downhill and further on down after you started moping after Sookie. Now even Bill Compton looks like he has more balls than you, although you still have the better haircut.

What is it with Sookie and her ability to reduce men into pudding? Tsk tsk tsk.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thought Of The Day #15

Once a relationship is over, it's over.

There is no need to constantly replay every single moment, every single argument, every single situation that spiralled out of control, trying to understand exactly what went wrong. You can analyse it to death, go into the next one, repeat the same shit, but end up with a happy ending instead.

The worst thing you can ever do is bring an old relationship into your new one.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am really fucking angry.