Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bish Air Love

Well, it has finally happened!

I tried my best to prevent it from happening. Said no whenever people asked me to give it a try. Frowned at them in disbelief when the same people told me how much they love it and how funny it is. After all, as someone who spent years watching sitcoms almost exclusively, I thought I have seen it all. That nothing new will amaze me.

But I was wrong. You can't hide from a good thing forever, for it was bound to catch you someday. And now my internal organs are at risk.

And there you go. I have become a Running Man addict!

Thanks to the off-season period of all my favourite TV series, and finding no new engaging source of entertainment. I decided to give it a try. Sigh.

I am laughing so hard at almost every episode that I really worry for my internal organs. They might just implode any day. Meh.

But like the wise person always says (and by wise person, I really mean myself), if something brings you so much laughter that you can actually cry from it, why would you not want to love it?

So yeah, I love Running Man. I am not very far along yet, only about episode 40 something, because I am kinda OCD like that and need to watch everything from the beginning, but so far, I am seriously loving it.

And one of the reasons why I love it?

That blasted gust of BISH AIR that makes celebrity faces go like this:

I love this BISH AIR thing. I want to marry this BISH AIR thing and have a lot of little BISH AIR thing babies!

I mean seriously, anything that makes people's faces go like that? ME LIKEY!!!

Veddy much.