Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Hair

Behold! New hairstyle!

Finally! Had my hair straightened and gotten some bangs. The bangs are thinner than the last time I got them, not sure if that's good or not. But my hair grows out eventually anyway, since I am too lazy to do anything than just let it grow.

Don't I look like a blardy blockhead from certain angles? Heehee. I really do believe that hair-straightening makes you lose brain cells. I feel like a 10 year old. Hoho! So much for being young again.

Got my sleep disrupted by several phonecalls from Shuen Lyn calling to confirm the Thailand trip. WHOOPEE! We are definitely going to Thailand, Bangkok. I love that place, great shopping, very nice and courteous Thai people. The ones that I met the last time I was there were so friendly and helpful. Some of the guys there actually open doors for the ladies and wait for them to pass, even if they don't know you. I encountered quite a few guys like that when I was there. Good luck trying to find guys like that in Singapore, especially if you are not a pretty lady. But the nice security guy at my workplace opened the office door for me yesterday, and waited for me to go in, so I guess there ARE A FEW of those in SG.

Anyway, when I finally thought that I can go back to snooze, Jasu called. I don't really remember what she told me now. Hmmm, I remember something about dinner, Eric Bana, then Christian Bale, Batman Begins 2, and I think she will call me again. So I take it that I am having dinner with Eric Bana, then Christian Bale will be calling me to discuss about me starring in Batman Begins 2. Hmmm, think I better call her again to confirm the timings. ^__________________^

Jasu's doing Aviva again today. We did Aviva together yesterday, and it was so tiring, I don't know how she can survive all five days. Ha, HEY JASU! IF YOU ARE READING THIS WHILE DOING AVIVA, STOP SLACKING AND GET BACK TO WORK! Hehheh, I think I better go get ready, I need to go do some mysterious shopping. Ha. Am I mysterious enough?