Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puppy Tale

Accompanied my Landladies to the pet shop today, and we are going to welcome a new friend into the household tomorrow! I am so excited!

Getting a puppy is something that they have been thinking about for a while, and I am so glad that I am a part of this entire process as well.

Adding a new member to the household is such an exciting thing!

But choosing a puppy is not.

A couple of weeks back, me and Jasu were out and we stopped by this pet shop, during which I uttered the infamous words "你不要跟它connect!" that would later become a constant reminder (and source of jokes) throughout the entire puppy selection process.

We went to a couple of places and really looked at quite a few puppies just so the Landladies can find a puppy that they can CONNECT. Me, I absolutely refuse to participate because I know that I connect with puppies too easily and will feel sad if we have to leave them behind.

So finally in one of the shops, where the Landladies spent the longest time trying to decide between two brother Schnauzers, I busied myself playing with this really large dog (forgot which breed) which belonged to the owner. Somehow it's not that bad if I already know that the dog belongs to a good owner who takes great care of it.

And she is really adorable and very docile. I secretly calls her Dolly, and she doesn't seem to mind at all. She has this really demure and regal character about her. She was in this really huge cage and at first look I was really kinda afraid of her. But the moment I walked near her cage, she stood up and started shaking her butt at me. So cute! INSTANT CONNECTION!

Anyway, after spending a lot of time deciding which puppy they have the most connection with, they finally made a decision. And that is where the sad part comes in. The brother that they did not pick seem to understand that he was going to be left behind and started looking really depressed.

Sigh... It was so sad! Even though I tried my best not to look at the two puppies at all so that I won't feel bad, the melancholy little puppy still tugged at my heartstrings. I squatted in front of its cage and told him not to be sad, that someone will bring him home very soon, and that it's not that we don't want him but that we can only choose one.

Also don't know if he understood me or not because I spoke to him in English, maybe its a Cantonese puppy?

Ahhh, poor little puppy. I really hope a good owner picks him soon and that maybe one day I will get to meet him in the streets or something.

That said, its still a joyous air when we got home because we are all excited about welcoming the puppy tomorrow. Jasu said that we really need a man in the house, it's too full of "阴气". Haha! And I totally agree!