Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Nice Realisation

It's been days since I came back, and to my pleasant surprise, I am no longer the emotional wreck that I was when I was in the US.

It is a really nice thing to realise about yourself.

And the better realisation is that I seem to have come into this newfound contentment about my life right now.

Compared to the expectation that things will never be the same and that I will hit rock bottom when I come back from the States, it is really, really very nice.

Of course life is not perfect. I miss the days in US terribly, there are still issues and a lot of things that I have to figure out and/or let go of, but at least I am feeling so much happier now.

I guess the Japan trip really helped alot. There is just something about travelling on your own, even for a couple of days that really uplifts the spirit. Doing whatever you want to do, going whereever you want to go. Eating only when you really want to and stopping to take in the surroundings whenever you feel like it.

It is just simply fucking fabulous.

I guess there are some people who just hates being alone, and have to be crowded by people most of the time, but I will always be that person who needs to be alone for a while from time to time. And trust me, being the foreigner who seems to be speaking some weird language really makes you feel really really special. Especially when you meet a cute stranger, and he went "Oh, you speak English? Wonderful! Can you help me with this?"

And of course the meeting up with friends is really really awesome. So far I have only met up with my Pinkies twice (hehheh) and with some of the guys I roomed with in OKC (WEST RENO BOYS!). Meetings with the Pinkies is as always damn fun. And it was really nice to meet up with the guys. After spending 6 weeks in their constant company, I really do miss them, especially when I was in Japan.

So suffice to say, life is really good at the moment. And the only thing I will ask for is for it to last as long as it can, for a long long time.